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Thanksgiving Presents at Crush Row Shops at Doll City!!

The Crush Row Shops are really great shops with high-quality stuff. There are all different goodies to grab hidden inside little thanksgiving-turkeys (buy for L$1). The ‘Goble goble giveaway’ as the shopowners call it is from 21 nov. – 27 nov.! Put on your walking-heels and head over to Doll City to grag your own goodies!

Look for these little turkeys (buy for L$1)(btw aren’t they cute <3):


Get Thanksgiving Presents at Crush Row Shops at Doll City!!

An impression of what there is to find:

Shown below: *BOOM* Thanksgiveaway (yurtleneck-Hot Cocoa),  +*Concord Clothing*+ ( skin, eyes and brows), +plus (Purple sunglasses), Sn@tch (turtleneck dress and tights – brown), Role Optic – Titanic Glasses (i think they’re for Men?)



Shown Below: Whimsy – Skin and Blue-striped sweater


Shown Below: Truth – Top Men and Woman


Not all the Shops at Crush Row have turkeys in their shops and I even found some of them weren’t possible to buy! Hope this will change. Also I didn’t show off all the items I found.. as the ones above are the ones I really liked!

Other freebies also available in some stores!

Other Links:

[C&H] – Hair (wind blown) – 0L, also hair available for 1L and 30 minutes-camping hair.

Truth – Izzy – Ponytail – 1L (fatpack), and Balmoral Pumps – 0L (fatpack)

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Tons of Cute Dresses!

Way-too-cute dresses!

*: Lo*momo :*>>> This shop is toooo cute! The owner is Japanese, it says so in her profile (I am assuming it’s a woman.. sorry if u are not! SL should really have gender with a check-box next to it for F of M on the profiles…anyway… )! This shop is soooo cute! It’s all in pastel colors white and pink and cute little japanese-like-avies(assuming again.. they look japanse.. ) on the pictures. Let’s get to the point… i’ve collected some way-too-cute dresses at Lo*Momo: black-lace-mini-dress (0L), furry scarfs (group gift, join group then click the box in the store), fur dress blue (group gift), black-white-checked-dress (ty-1000-members group gift, inside shop), flower dress brown (lucky board, upstairs), rose dress (lucky board, upstairs).




Fab.Pony also has a cute babydol Panther-dress (charcoal)… it takes 50 min. camping… yes you got to work for it.. but it’s really cute!


 AC store has a free dress called [Dreaming girl]… it’s too cute, comes with a necklace ribbon and gloves. Everything is resize-able.. just wear it and click it and use the blue menu!



*: Lo*momo :* – Dresses, Fur scarfs, Heart-shaped Rug – 0L and group gifts

Fab.Pony – Dress – 0L (50 min. camping chair)

AC Store – Dream Girl dress – 0L

Truth – Balmoral Pumps – 0L (fatpack)

 [C&H] – Hair – 0L, also hair available for 1L and 30 minutes-camping hair.

Shoe Fly Shoes – Beach Club Wedges – 0L 

On the Catwalk – Fair Mod Skin – 0L (lucky chair)
[LAP] – Free poses – 0L

Killer Boots and Sexy Looks!

EvA Footwear

These are the most amazing free sculpted boots I’ve ever seen! I’m soo excited! They are really beautiful! These [Free Dalmation Boots] from EvA Footwear comes with completely menu driven features like walking sounds, AO and sole-color changing options! Just click one of the boots while wearing them!



The boot have been made in one piece so matches all poses of your ao.  The boots fit everyone, one size fits all!

Go get those boots at EvA Footwear! – 0L


Line has a few new group gifts available at their shop. They are at the main entrance right next to the “join the Line Group”-sign. Join the group then touch the pictures to get the freebies from Line. The group gifts are hot! I matched them with my sexy hot boots from Eva Footwear!



The tank tops [grey and blue] from Line are really hot cause they are see-through! Nice matching pair of skinny jeans and shorts (or wear as a lace-denim-skirt)!

Get the group gifts from LiNe! – 0L(group gifts)

Also in these pictures:

Maitreya – Sculpted Scarf – 0L (on the table with other freebies & cheapies)

Analog Dog – Free Milli Hair (it’s red but I changed the color to 111, 88, 70.. make it more brunette-ish)- 0L (previously blogged by Renee here)

On the Catwalk – Fair Mod Skin – 0L (lucky chair)

[LAP] – Free poses – 0L

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Lucky Group Gifts and Oh So Many Shoes!

I know Shangreloo told y’all about the wonderful lucky board dresses at Ms, but I had to go check them out for myself!  By now you should know that I have a thing for ball gowns, so I waited until I won every one of the gifts!  After getting back home and opening the boxes, I couldn’t believe my luck, because these really are some wonderful gowns.  I won the red evening gown, white satin gown, and the brown coat from the lucky board.  The lovely red gown comes with a red rose pearl necklace, the fancy white dress comes with a white rose necklace and white satin gloves, and the brown jacket comes with the muffler to keep you warm!

red-evening-gown-ms white-satin-gown-ms ms-coat

I hear ya… You all want to know where the blue outfit I have under the jacket is from, right?  This gift was given to SYSY’s subscribe-o-matic group.  If you haven’t joined this subscribe-o-matic group, you should!  The group wont take up any precious group space and the designer often gives out wonderful gifts, like this blue set.  Search the subscribe-o-matic history and grab the November 19th gift.  It includes the 70’s print blue tank, black pants, and black scarf.  If the scarf isn’t enough to keep you warm on this chilly winter nights, the warm wool brown scarf and wool socks are still on the counter in the main store.  After you get all the goodies at SYSY’s, head over to Prism Haute Couture and grab the winter weater Patagonia gift.   The pink knit sweater, skirt, and leggings are free and surely will keep you warm on those colder SL days.  Also, grab the weekly free gift from G&N Quality Design, it is this classy white shirt and checked black Bonnie skirt set.

sysys-fabulous-fashion-gift-blue-set free-gift-patagonia-by-journey snapshot_002

At Elle! you can grab two nice outfits from Santa’s bag.  Go to the second floor and find Ol’ Saint Nick and get your Christmas gifts.  If it is warmer in the region of SL that you are in then these gifts are perfect for you!  The Dixie denim outfit is perfect for a casual stroll down the beach and the purple Alice outfit is great for a night out with friends.

dixie alicia

Ready for the Holidays?  Head over to EXXESS Designs and grab the dollarbie Christmas Gift.  This scarlet outfit is perfect for those winter nights.  The outfit contains dark stockings, gloves, boots, and furry earmuffs .


All of the other shoes I am wearing are all from are from Shoe Fly Shoes.  These shoes were the group gift from previous months, but if you didn’t get them no worries because you still can!  All of the past gifts are in the Shoe Fly Freebie Ring.  There are eight past shoe gifts that you can get from the Shoe Fly Freebie Ring.  Autumn Camo Ankleboots with Bullet, Black/Red Mules, DooMee Mules, Lavender Super Strappy w/ Bling Jewell, Red and Black Plaid Buckled Pumps, Red Uber Pumps, The Moody Boots, and White Wedding Xcstacy with Bow Train.  You can touch the ring and get a gift once per day.  The past group shoes will be available in the freebie ring until the end of the month so get them while you can!

golden-autumn-camo-ankleboot-with-bullet-sfs black-red-single-strap-mules-sfs

black-doomee-mules-sfs lavender-super-strappy-with-bling-jewell-sound-heels-sfs

red-and-black-plaid-buckled-pumps-sfs red-uber-pumps-sfs

white-the-moody-boots-sfs2 white-wedding-xcstacy-with-bow-train-sfs1

Also, the new group shoe is near the Shoe Fly Freebie Ring!  Make sure to grab the Texture Changing Beach Club Wedges.  These shoes have the option to change the color of the beads, wedge, and the upper texture!  There are so many options available which makes this the ultimate shoe to have because it is several shoes in one!





*Ms: Lucky Boards (L$0)
ECS ( 39/103/30 )

*SYSY’s: Blue 70’s print Tank & Black pants (L$0 – Sub-O)
Rigby ( 67/183/24 )

*Prism Haute Couture: Patagonia by Journey (L$0)
Tampa Bay ( 101/42/23 )

*G&N Quality Design: Bonnie Skirt Set (L$0)
Pepita ( 107/136/23 )

*Elle!: Dixie and Alice outfits (L$0)
Nightfire Blue Angels ( 15/182/34 )

*Exxess Designs: CHRISTMAS GIFT (L$1)
EXXESS ( 130/172/26 )

*ShoeFly Shoes: Group Gift Shoes (L$0 – In Freebie Ring)
Greystone ( 216/230/92 )

*Blowpop: *blowpop* Mellie3 Nekkid Skin (L$0)
Fuzzy ( 237/168/36 )

*Pelle Occhi: 8 different eyes (L$0)
Venus ( 239/90/28 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$1)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )