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Fantasy Faire 2010

The Fantasy Faire 2010 is underway. In association with the American Cancer Society, it aims to raise money to fight and spread awareness of Cancer in all its forms. There are nine sims for you to explore and there are heaps of goodies.. you will be spoilt for choice.

Today I wandered on the Elvencourt Sim and the Wings Wands Wonders sims but will do posts on other sims during the week.

There are lots of freebies available including a mini hunt where you are searching for little ribbons around the sims.. but I do encourage all those who can to be able to make a donation in one form or another.. no matter how small. Merchants have special items up for sale using Charity Vendors where all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society and there are donation kiosks dotted around the sims if you feel you cannot afford to buy something but would like to help the fight against cancer.

I will be showing you a mix of both free, low priced and Charity Vendor items. If you get the chance please please do visit and help to make this event a success.

Evies Closet is the main sponser of Elvencourt Sim. There are two 50L gowns here and a free munch fairy for all visitors!

This is one of Evies Relay for Life Donation Items called Fable. In a sumptious purple which, you get a full gown plus the options of a mini and a lingerie version.

The outfit costs 500L and all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

Haven Designs have a dollarbie gift by their subscribo matic of two tops and a set of earrings and they have several Donation kiosks with items of different values.

I bought the Limited Edition Selah dress for 350L which was made by Tyranny Designs and the Flix RFL Exclusive for 100L.

Angelwing have this adorable Fae set called Anakarina for free inside their stall

aswell as a vast array of gowns, silks and medeval inspired outfits. They have two gorgeous Donatation gowns out also

Both are 200L.

7 Selections have a set of freebie wings if you click the book in their stall. There are three in the set, but here are two of them. The textures wouldnt rez on the third as SL loves Mondays and so refused to work properly for me *pouts*

They come with a HUD so you can change their size and make them move or static. They also have two sets of wings up on Donation Vendors.

This is the darker set for 100L which also comes with a HUD. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

Material Squirrel have two donation items out one of them being these gorgeous wings for 199L.

They really are absolutely stunning and they really do shimmer!

More to come soon!

Other info
+ Elle Skin BR Fair 10 by Belleza ( not free – 1200L )
+ Audrey II hair by Jolie Femme ( not free )
+ Elf Ears by Gauged ( old hunt item )
+ Poses by Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses


Material Squirrel

I love wings, I mean I really, REALLY love wings. Bing a pilot in my first life, I’ve always bemoaned the fact that I can’t really fly with out artificial wings, so Second Life really lets me live out that fantasy of being able to fly. I’m always on the lookout for a good pair of wings, and Material Squirrel has some of the nicest ones I’ve found. Their wings come with a handy HUD that allows me to adjust my wings in a number of ways, but the thing I love most about them is the way they fold up on landing.

Kala Bijoux of Material squirrel is giving away wings as a thank you to people who put Material Squirrel in their Picks and who subscribe to the Material Squirrel subscribe-o-matic group.  Now.. on to the picture..


Everything I’m wearing in the picture was free! Yes, you can have great fantasy looks for absolutely nothing more than the time it takes to look around.

Let’s star t with my evil alter ego:

  • Hair:DG Innovations (Necromancer)
  • Skin: Sin Skins (Etheria~Pomegranite)
  • Eyes: HBS  (Sun Fire Eyes)
  • Goth Swimsuit: Random give away from B@R
  • Skirt: Amplify (Black Grunge’cess Skirt)
  • Shoes: Maitreya
  • Wings: Material Squirrel (Karyl Demon Wings)

Now, the angelic me:

  • Hair: Exile (Love Song Champagne)
  • Halo: The Body Politik
  • Skin: Domestic-V (Madame Winter)
  • Eyes: MMS (MM-Blue Eyes)
  • Lingerie: Blacklace
  • Shoes: SKG Shoes
  • Wings: Material Squirrel (Winter Frost Wings)

Now.. how to get your free wings:

Material Squirrel:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Winged%20Isle/21/107/47

Go to Material Squirrel, and join the subscribe group by clicking on the sign in the shop.  The Karyl Demon Wings are no longer available in the History, but Kala will be giving out wings from time to time, so DON’T leave the group. It doesn’t take up a group spot anyway, so why would you want to leave it?   =)   Now that you’re a member, add Material Squirrel to your picks, then come back after approximately 24 hours have elapsed.. and pick up your Winter Frost wings. Make sure your profile is set to be search-able by checking the “Show in Search” box at the bottom of your profile.