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After my last post, I had to run over to !Mingo! to see if the hair I had blogged was still available. Good news is: It is! Bad news: It’s no longer a camp-for item. Good news: It’s only 90L$!

I’m so glad I went to investigate the situation, because !Mingo! has another cute hair style in her camp chair ( a mere 40 minutes), and a cute goth dress in her other camp chair.. er Panda. So go snuggle with a panda for a little over an hour, and you can get two really nice items.


If you’re in an anime-ish mood, !Mingo! also has a sailor girl costume available in several colour options. Ahoy Sailors!

Skin in the goth picture was a lucky board score from DenDou, It’s the stray cat skin, and is appropriately ‘beat up’ enough to live up to its name, but not so beat up that it’s not still a gorgeous skin. Den Dou lucky board skins change regularly, I’m not sure the stray cat skin is available.. but worth a look to see if it is. Considering my luck on checking the !Mingo! hair, I think I’ll head over to Den Dou and take a look.

Skin in the sailor Shang pic is an old freebie, and I don’t remember when or how I got it (sorry), hair is from The Body Politik, and is a past gift.

!Mingo!:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Peronaut/68/142/45


Dark Secrets of Psychotic Neko

The secret Shang didn’t want anyone to find out about…


Psychotic Neko and the shops at OddJob have a few gifts for you, all you have to do is teleport on over, look around, catch a lucky chair (or both of them!), and camp for grrreat tails. Don’t forget to check the present under the Christmas tree.. you might just find a way too cute green tail with pretty sparkly lights that you’ll want to chase around all night long.

I picked up three tails: the colour change one shown, a leopard tail, and the pretty green Christmasy one. The outfit I’m wearing is from CMorane – Creations.. and I love it! It’s one of several gifts you can find scattered around Oddjob.

Psychotic Neko:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Oddjob/150/185/51

CMorane – Creations: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Golem%20Oyland/94/123/26

Please note that the above LM for CMorane – Creations takes you to their main shop, and not to their Oddjob location.

Skin: From Obscene, CrushRow hunt. I believe it’s still in the shop as a gift. Might be a dollarbie.

Hair: From !Mingo!. Not sure if it’s still available, I’ve had this hair for a while, and it’s one of my favourites. Worth a look-see though.