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Seeing Spots at MS

MS is a shop I was not familiar with until the other day, but I might just be stopping by there more frequently. I’m not all that lucky with lucky chairs, but camping chairs I can do! Luckily, MS has a camping Chair with a gown that is perfect for red carpet events — and for a mere fifteen minutes of your time.

Note: When I camped for this dress the camping chair was available to anyone, I noticed this morning though that it is now group only.


If you’re one of the lucky types who scores big with lucky chairs and boards, MS also has a stunning satin gown and a cute white dress up for grabs. The letters change every two to three minutes.. so you probably won’ t be waiting around for your prizes long. I’m still waiting on that hot red number…


MS:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/eot%20Devil%202/211/94/22

Good luck!


Freebie Ring

Sometimes SL glitches and doesn’t deliver notices or designer subcribe-o-matic gifts. Whn I saw that STC had dropped a sweet dress on subscribo members.. and I didn’t see it in my inventory I hopped on over to the shop to check the history for the subscribo members.  While I was there, I saw a “Freebie Ring” sitting near by. Well, being decked out in full neko gear at the time, my insatiable curiosity got the better of me (besides.. it did say “Freebie!) and I clicked it.

Well, long story short, not only did I get a niiiice sequin dress that is just perfect for the coming holidays, but I got a landmark to another shop in the ring with yet another freebie! Fun stuff! I followed the ring for a few stops, and picked up a very nice studio home, a beachy outfit, and some garden goodies for my new studio home.

stc-sequin-greenThough you can start the Freebie Ring in any of the participating shops, I’ll hand out the landmark for STC, since that’s where I hopped onto it. Have fun following the Freebie Ring and collecting some nice stuff from the generous participating shops!

Sweeter Than Candy:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Arrakis/86/202/32