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Mer-Elf Creations

The white satin medieval embroidered Triskele gown from Mer-Elf Creations is stunning.  This beautiful gown is only one linden at Mer-Elf Creations.

The pink Valahari gown is only 5L.  The iridescent shimmery gown is absolutely free.


There are also four dollarbie medieval gowns at Mer-Elf Creations.  These gowns come in blue, cream, orange, and rose.



All the hair is from the lucky chair at Diversity.  Each prize comes with three different colors.  The Faith skins are the latest group gift to the TULI Update Group.  The skin comes in the dark, light, and tan tones.  The poses are from Long Awkward Pose.  The red and black Mermaid wear comes with both red and black fins.  This costume is a dollarbie at Mer-Elf Creations.


*Mer-Elf Creations: Medieval Gown (L$1 – L$5)
SHIKOKU ( 210/174/22 )

*Diversity: hair (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Addictive ( 45/168/294 )*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (L$0)
Festivale ( 53/197/27 )



Group Lovin’ from Coquette

Join Coquette for gifts that are too sweet for words, so just look at the picture. This cute bikini/pareo gift also comes with matching shoes!

coquetteTold you. =P

Stop in Coquette and sign onto the subscribo, then sit back and get some great thank you gifts. Btw: Don’t miss the sales in Coquette for jaw-dropping prices on fantastic quality shoes, clothing, and accessories.

Coquette: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hope%20Springs/173/188/26


Luck Men @ RFyre!

rfyre41rfyre7RFyre has this awesome gothic outfit for the men in the lucky chair.  I made my SO stalk the chair 3 days for this prize.

The RFyre Dark Betrothal men’s ensemble comes with a black sculpted top hat, white linen shirt, black satin shirt, black pants, and a dark trench long and medium trench coat option.

This outfit is fabulous for men and with a little adjustment, looks great on women too!

All the poses used are from Striking Poses.  I’m in desperate need of more male poses, so I’m about to head over to striking poses and drop some lindens on some poses!




The RFyre lucky chair changes every 60 minutes.  Join the Fabulously Lucky Chair group for help changing the letters.

Good Luck!


*RFyre: Dark Betrothal Ensemble (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Isle RFyre ( 82/99/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$50)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )





I met an SL-celebrity today.. just ‘out in the open’… lol… noo but seriously… like in RL, i almost faint, my heart-rate raises and all.. when I see a celebrity.. well this happend to me just today when I met: Tuli Asturias… from ::Tuli::…  and!! Valentino LittleBoots from >>Foam<< (who are both in this post also ;))yay! And I am soo sad.. cause i forgot to take a snapshot for proof…. cause I totally fainted… lol ;).. anyhooo…. back to business and freeness:

 Farah for FabFree

First up are these *Faith* exclusive groupgifts skins from Tuli (yay!). I don’t know how many times I can say it.. but these are gorgeous! Foam is a new hairshop in town, with great new – other than seen before – hairstyles… check it out!

Tuli – Faith Groupgift exclusive – 0L (groupgift; 250L to join)

Foam – The Lioness – 0L

 Farah for FabFree

Last up in this post is Uma skins from Rockberry, which I’m sure are inspired by the SL-celebrity blogger Uma! Anyway… whatever the inspiration was.. these are soooo lovely!

 Rockberry – Uma exclusive groupgift – 0L (groupgift in notices )

Hair shown is also from Foam but not free.


xxx Farah

FabFree Monthly Flickr Contest: May 2009

FabFree Monthly Flickr Contest: May 2009

This month the FabFree Monthly Flickr Contest is a little different from usual, as our HQ is being revamped/rebuild… and will be back all hot and stylish, but more about that later!

** For this month it is not neccessary to use a requiered item from the FabFree HQ **

** For this month the challenge is just to use as many free (or almost free) items from any of the FabFree Group Designers  as possible from top to toe! **

Find the FabFree Group Designers by joining our FabFree Group inworld and look in the Members &Roles tab or Notices tab! (tip:  lots of freebies in notices to use for the contest! ;))

FabFree Montly Contest Rules

FabFree Flickr


**have fun**

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FabFree Monthly Flickr Contest: And the winner is…

The winner for the FabFree Flickr Contest for April is:




Picture credits:

Dress & Flexi wings – Evie’s Closet – Oubliette (179, 181, 37) – Apple Fairy Wing – Group Gift

Hair – Waka & Yuki – TSUKIJI (164, 205, 22)- Dear Waka – Special gift

Flower (right ear) – Eolande’s – Ohana Isle (204, 55, 21) – Hibiscus 3.0 petite Drama Queen – Subscription gift

Bracelet (left) – Waka & Yuki – TSUKIJI (164, 205, 22) – Accessories A – Free

Bracelet (right) – CCD – HollandCoast 2 (85,116,22) – Pure Butterfly Collection – Free

Manicure & Pedicure -Skin Within – Skin Within (124, 128, 28) – French Manicures & Pedicures (Bellina) – Free

Skin – Cupcakes – Le Zoo (39, 187, 22) – Seduction Alabaster – Group gift

Eyelashes – Alady – Alady Island (45, 54, 22) – Free

Face light – Ilse Illuminator 5.4 – Xstreetsl – Free

Necklace, earring – Eolande’s – Ohana Isle (204, 55, 21) – Basic Essentials Jewelry set – delicate pearl (Gold)

Shoes – none!

Location – Isle of Wyrms


About Funn Jewel:

– what’s your favorite color?
Light blue, like my eyes

– what do you like to wear in SL? (clothing, accessories…. everything)
Anything that enhances the look that I want from the day, from playful to ordinary to mundane to grand but was never really into fantasy dresses or wings like these. I do not prefer huge ball gowns and aim for something sculpty, something flexi and something sexy without showing too much skin. I love hair from Waka & Yuki and I love my accessories, a must such as eyelashes, a smile, face light (since my graphic card isn’t great the maximum my viewer can be set to is medium and the face light illuminates my face perfectly although I discovered to my horror if the settings is maximum my face is simply much too bright!), fair skin with not very dramatic make up such as those from Rockberry and shoes, loads of shoes from Maitreya, Tesla & anything free but high quality. For transportation, I went overboard with buying a horse and I love anything by Arcadia Asylum. Basically I love everything I buy whether for free or for a fee.

– how do you like to spend time in SL?
Creating stuff, exploring, just looking around. These days I spend my time hunting for dragons ever since I saw an ancient Seawolf dragon that left me in awe and made me understand why Second Life rocks.