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Mia Snows me over with a frosty winter skin

I love Mia Snow skins — they’re so different, and her latest gift offering is no exception. Stop by Mia Snow to pick up two Jack and Jill Frost, wonderfully icily textured skins that will make you shiver just looking at them.

miasnsow-frostyYou find the package of skins on the dessert tray in the middle of the shop, near the stairs. Buy it for 1L$.

Mia Snow: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hwang/120/96/244



Mythec (Note: No longer available)

For those medieval/goth fashion fans, Mythec has an Advent calendar that will give a gift a day until Christmas. Think of it.. 25 additions to your wardrobe!

The first item I picked up are blue neko eyes (2 Dec). The eyes were still available when I checked this morning, so you can still can get them if you hurry. The 1 Dec gift was no longer available to me, so I can’t show it to you.


The 3 Dec gift is a vinyl lace-up pant set. Hair in this picture is from Laqroki (0L$).


Just teleport to Mythec, turn left inside the doors, and you’ll see this gorgeous white outfit.


For the Advent calendar, turn left past the display for this outfit, and turn right to walk through a bit door, the calendar is in the back.

Thank you to Carina and Aeldyn for correcting me on the information in this post so that the rest of our Fabfree readers can find these gifts more easily. Fabfree readers are the best!


Note: Skin is a past gift from Stella di Roccia. White hair is Zorya GenII (silver) from Tekili-Li, and was not free. Metis skates were a Thank You gift from Dark Eden, and were previously blogged.


When I tried to teleport to Mythec this morning, the sim was no longer there. This note was in Mythec group messages:

“I´m sad to say that Mythec in the style you know it, doesn´t exists any more. Linden deleted the avatar from KiraLightwind Merlin without telling the reasons. Mythec without Kira is no Mythec anymore. You can leave the group, we will meet us under a new logo and a new name. Those who love my designs will find me, so keep your eyes open. Thanks a lot for your loyalty and lots of fun for the future. KG Kira”

I apologise for any inconvenience the dissoution of Mythec has caused Fabfree followers trying to locate the items I have posted.


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Mimikiri has moved to it’s own sim, and to celebrate, there are gifts of a sweet pink dress with matching SOlbers shoes. Just teleport in, go in the main door, and turn to your left, the gift boxes on on the counter, just click.. and take. This outfit is pretty, feminine, and oh so ladylike.

Just make sure you get there before the week is out, because after that.. it’s gone.


Also shown is hair by Maitreya, and skin by Blacklace.

Mimikiri:    http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mimikri/125/129/22


Lemania Indigo Christmas Prezzie Hunt

Ok.. so maybe not a hunt since you just walk around the sim and pick the outfits you want (1L$ each). Warning, there are A LOT of presents to be picked up, I saw at least 50!

Lemania Indigo has a lot of hunts in and around her shops, and I hadn’t been to her sim in a while. I’m glad I stopped by, because I was able to pick up two cute outfits, one to suit my fantasy fashion taste, and the other for the Who in me.

lemaniaindigoThe first thing I picked up was this Desiree Fairy outfit, which inicludes the wings, in Dragon and Rose. The entire outfit is included, and the wings alone are worth more than 1L$. Skin shown is from the Jarnia skins gift box, Hair is from Helena Stringer Mausoleum.

Next thing I got (I just couldn’t resist) was the Cindy Lou Who outfit. Although the outfit comes complete with a Cindy Lou Who hair, I’ve worn the Tekuteku X’mas Special (cream) hair, which was not free.

lemaniindigo2Lemania Indigo Designs : http://slurl.com/secondlife/S%20Crystal%20Springs/189/123/22


Jarnia Closing Sale (30 Nov)

Jarnia Underground Fashions is closing its doors today. There are some nice free items, and everything in the store is 50% off. If you are a fan of Jarnia Fashions.. go there today, it’s your last opportunity to stock up on some of their great looks.

Note: In the skins freebie box there are several male skins.

Capri outfit and skins shown are all Jarnia freebies. Hair is by Exile, shoes are by Maitreya.


Jarnia Underground Fashions:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sezuan/18/8/28



House of Nyla

House of Nyla has a cute freebie out, this one is Christmas themed (spank me Santa). Nyla doesn’t put out gifts often, and her designs are always drop dead gorgeous. Her Naughty Santa outfit brings to mind the song “Santa Baby”, by Madonna.

This outfit comes complete with the dress, hat, jewelry, gloves, and boots. It doesn’t get much better than that!

nylaHop on over to House of Nyla and grab this cutie before it’s gone.  And to see some of her real life designs at her website, www.houseofnyla.com. I just love how she’s paired real life models wearing her real life designs with their Second Life counterparts.


Dark Secrets of Psychotic Neko

The secret Shang didn’t want anyone to find out about…


Psychotic Neko and the shops at OddJob have a few gifts for you, all you have to do is teleport on over, look around, catch a lucky chair (or both of them!), and camp for grrreat tails. Don’t forget to check the present under the Christmas tree.. you might just find a way too cute green tail with pretty sparkly lights that you’ll want to chase around all night long.

I picked up three tails: the colour change one shown, a leopard tail, and the pretty green Christmasy one. The outfit I’m wearing is from CMorane – Creations.. and I love it! It’s one of several gifts you can find scattered around Oddjob.

Psychotic Neko:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Oddjob/150/185/51

CMorane – Creations: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Golem%20Oyland/94/123/26

Please note that the above LM for CMorane – Creations takes you to their main shop, and not to their Oddjob location.

Skin: From Obscene, CrushRow hunt. I believe it’s still in the shop as a gift. Might be a dollarbie.

Hair: From !Mingo!. Not sure if it’s still available, I’ve had this hair for a while, and it’s one of my favourites. Worth a look-see though.