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Smiley faces all around

Smiley faces all around

Hello there to all you Fabulously Free readers! I’m Sheidey (but please just call me Edi) and I enjoy mulling over hunt hints, slapping midnight mania boards and long walks on the beach especially if they lead to a Kraken-themed unlucky dip. Truth be told, I hemmed and hawed a little over what to feature on my first post of this wonderful blog. Wings? No. Dress and boots combination? Maybe for later. Broken unicycle? Wait. How did that get into my inventory?

Mysteries aside, I finally settled on the hunt that’s running concurrently with the Fluffy and Fierce event. If the ‘cute with an edge’ look is right up your alley then hop on down to the event and pick up the hunt hint notecards from some of the participating merchants. The hunt item is hidden in their respective main stores so while you’re hunting you can get distracted by all sorts of lucky letters, group gifts, weasels, etc etc…It’s so much fun!

The outfit pictured is the Bring It On batwing set from Blasphemic that comes in five mesh sweater sizes and system layer ripped leggings with an Omega applier as well as appliers specific to popular mesh bodies. It also includes a studded belt that comes with a resizer hud. I love the laid back look and feel of the outfit and paired it up with a pair of boots that I got off the Midnight Mania board at Psychotic Neko. I do believe that it’s the first set of boots in my Second Life closet to have claws. Definitely made for walking.

Smiley faces all around headshot

To tie the whole look together, I’m wearing the Cella hair from Damselfly that you can get for free at the Crossroads event and the new group gift from WoW Skins called Angy. The simple hairstyle and fresh-faced skin just adds to the casual factor of the whole outfit. It was a lot of fun putting this look together and I hope you had fun reading my first post just as much as I enjoyed writing it!


On Sheidey…

Skin- WoW Skins Angy (free group gift/ 0L/ 400L to join)
Hair – Damselfly Cella (0L @ The Crossroads Event)
Outfit – Blasphemic Bring It On Batwing Sweater Set (Fluffy and Fierce Hunt Prize/0L)
Boots – Psychotic Neko Digi Boots (Midnight Mania prize/no group join needed/0L)
Pose – An Lar The Glory Series (0L/Marketplace)

Sim – Private location



The Lovecats

The Neko Sim Hunt runs from 30th July – 29th August, you are searching for little red tulips! Though be warned… the tulips are ALL OVER THE SIM, not just inside the participating stores. Also some stores have more than one gift. You will know if they do because the prize will say (1 of 3 ) for example.

The gorgeously girly Love Floats Mini dress and the After Party skirt with the Mami tank in Lime are the two prizes from Sn@tch

The Low Denim Jeans, the Denim top and the Fallen Angel tail and Ears are the prizes from Sassy Kitty Designs

The Stretched Tank is the fourth prize from Sassy Kitty Designs and the Graphik necklace worn is the prize from LOULOU&CO and comes in 3 colours

The Pink n Fluff Neko set are the prize from FlufferNutterz

The Skinny Fluff tail is the prize from Psychotic Neko

The Strapped Fluffy tail is the prize from Acid & Mala and comes in large and small

The Im Yours Undies and Bracers are the prize from My Pinkie Skull The stretched tank is the prize from Sassy Kitty Designs shown earlier. The Spring Neko pack that includes the ears and tail is the prize from b.nuts

The Neko Collar, Overalls and tank top and the facial piercing are the prizes from Shitz N Giggles

The Korean Flowers tattoo is the prize from Moloko

There are two prizes from Phoebe, a lip piercing for males and this facial piercing for females

The Commando Bikini and Belt are the prizes from Tw@tty C@ke and the gold wings are the prize from Bedlam

These cute socks are the prize Bubble and come in 4 patterns

The Girly Backpack is one of two gifts from JNMT and comes in two sizes

The hair is from Shag and is their contribution to this weekends Project Themeory. It comes in three colours in the pack for 75L. There is also a guys hair there for the same price which looks uber smexy.

Other Info
+ Beestung Skin by Pink Fuel (not free)
+ Sneakers by House of Curios (not free)
+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses

Chase of the Beast Hunt

The Chase of the Beast hunt started on the 1st and is a hunt dedicated to fables and animals in fairytales. You are looking for a piece of parchment with a feather quill as the hunt object and there are 53 stores involved so its a nice little hunt for you to do. The parchments are reasonably easy to find along the way so you shouldnt be held up for too long while searching.

I finished the hunt in about 7 hours and below are a preview to some of the hunt prizes you can find. There are loads of goodies! Again as with all hunt previews, there are no SLURLS, just store names.

The starting point is at LOULOU&CO

This amazing shoulder armor complete with a little Raven pet is called “Le Corbeau et le Renard” and is LOULOU&CO’s hunt prize.

.: HLD :. has given us this Red Queen inspired dress as their hunt prize.

This complete Red Riding Hood outfit is the hunt prize from My Pinkie Skull.

Ducknipple has made this demonic heart choker for their hunt prize. I love the little horns and tail on the heart!

Acid & Mala Creations have given us this gorgeous Elf avatar called Fantasia. You get the skin, a shape and the ears. Im wearing my own shape with the skin.

Gauged have made these highly customisable pierced and stretch lobed Elf Ears called Stary. They come with a hud so you can change the pattern on the ear plugs and they are preloaded with skintones to match most skins. However you can also tint the ears using the hud so whatever your skin you will be able to match them.

This adorable Cheshire Cat scarf is the hunt prize from Panda Express while the “Who Ate” dress is the prize from The Seahole.

From left to right, this picture shows the hunt prizes from Sassy Kitty Designs with their Little Red Riding Hood outfit on the left, the Cheshire Cat set including tail and ears is the prize from PARADISIS in the Middle and on the Right is the Cheshire Cat set from NOSOTR@S Designs which also contains a male set.

This picture shows a mix of hunt prizes. The Dragon Neko Tail is the hunt prize from Psychotic Neko. The cute Bagheera on my head and shoulder are from ::Ragdoll’s Cut:: and comes with a Large Bagheera Chair also which isnt shown. The Lovely Bones headpiece is from Tarnished while the Mr Fox T-shirt and absolutley amazing Fox Belt comes from N-Creation.

This adorable cropped hairstyle with Kitty Ears is the hunt prize from ++AY.LinE++ and comes in 4 colours. You also get the whiskers shown!

Indyra Originals has this beautiful dress called Fable as their hunt prize and I am wearing it with the Tommelise Crown from PERTURB/ation. You also get the Tommelise chair inside PERTURB/ations hunt prize…

Other Info

+ June skin by Curio ( not free )
+ Backslash hair by Magika ( not free )
+ Corset worn in first picture is by LeLutka and is part of an old Group Gift not available any more
+ Skirt worn in first picture is from the LUNATICA dress by Glam Affair and can be found for 10L in their sale room
+ Top worn in first picture is the Jacket layer from an original outfit created by Claire Qork (a sneak peek of an upcoming freebie outfit) worn over the white camisole freebie from Fri.Day found inside the store on the shelves.
+ Black Sneakers by House of Curio

She’s So Unusual, but Sweeter Than Candy!


fabfree-dress-stc1fabfree-exclusive-dress-stc1Farah posted the adorable coral FabFree dress from Sweeter Than Candy earlier today, but I have more free gifts to show you from our fabulous Candace Morgwain.

The FabFree dress is available for Fabulously Free in SL group members only, so activate your Fabulously Free in SL group tag and click the gift box!

The pink Retro Dot pumps worn with the FabFree dress are from the lucky chair at She’s So Unusual Shoes.  There are four new Retro Dot pumps in green, orange, pink, and purple as lucky chair prizes.


The blue and pink Sleep Tight Shorts & Tank Jammies are comfy for lounging around all day with your special someone.  The Jammies are sweet, yet sexy.  These Jammies are free on the back wall.  Look carefully, they are mixed in with regular priced items.

The blue and pink Sweet Hearts Pumps were the latest group gift for Sweeter Than Candy subscribe-o-matic members.

If you aren’t in this group, join for free (don’t worry it wont take up any of your SL group spaces).  Check the history for #4 to get these heels.

bluepink-sweet-heart-exclusive-heels-stcLast night, I was talking to Candace about the heart and bow pumps and told her how excited I was after receiving the gift.  There are four different colors of these shoes in my inventory and they have ALL been gifts to subscribe-o-matic group members!  Candace said she was in a girlie mood when she made these pumps.  We should send her thoughts of sugar and spice and everything nice, so that she might be inspired to make yellow/orange, green/yellow, yellow/blue, pink/yellow, green/pink, and any other cutsie color combination imaginable!



stc-bunny-hop-gift-tattered-womensstc-bunny-hop-gift-tattered-women-back-viewThe orange Tattered skirt ensemble is the Bunny Hop hunt prize at Sweeter Than Candy.  This gift comes with a barbed wire cuff, barbed wire fish collar, frayed orange fish top, frayed orange skirt, hand bandage, tattered orange socks, and a bandaid for the tummy!

The orange Retro Dot pumps are also in the lucky chair at  She’s So Unusual Shoes.

This outfit was in serious need of a neko tail and the Snack tail from Psychotic Neko seemed perfect.  This tail comes with many functions and even has a rat attached to it!  You can win the tail from the Psychotic Neko midnight mania board.  There are also several tail prizes to camp for and a hunt going on in the pavilion of shops.  If you’re nekolicious don’t miss this hunt.


The adorable Bubble Chairs are from the lucky chair at HPMD.  This prize comes with 6 bubble chairs and 6 poses!  The other poses are all from Striking Poses.

All of the hair is from W&Y.   W&Y added to the free hair wall.  There are now 15 hair styles that are either free or L$1, the W&Y monthly group hair, and the Bunny Hop egg upstairs!  BTW, the Bunny Hop gift has a style for the ladies and for the men!



*Sweeter Than Candy: FabFree Exclusive Dress (FabFree – L$0), Sweet Heart Pumps (Sub-o – L$0), Pink/Blue Jammies (L$0)
Anders ( 169/65/28)

*She’s So Unusual Shoes: Retro Dot Pumps (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Thistledown ( 202/122/25 )

*Psychotic Neko: Snack Neko Tail (Midnight Mania – L$0)
Oddjob ( 155/185/51 )

*W&Y: Hair (L$0 – L$1)
TSUKIJI ( 151/225/23 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Infinity Skin Studios: Elizabeth Skin (Not Free)
Boudoir Isle ( 34/93/26 )

*HPMD: Bubble Chair (Lucky Chair – L$0)
HappyMood ( 104/119/31 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$50)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )



Dark Secrets of Psychotic Neko

The secret Shang didn’t want anyone to find out about…


Psychotic Neko and the shops at OddJob have a few gifts for you, all you have to do is teleport on over, look around, catch a lucky chair (or both of them!), and camp for grrreat tails. Don’t forget to check the present under the Christmas tree.. you might just find a way too cute green tail with pretty sparkly lights that you’ll want to chase around all night long.

I picked up three tails: the colour change one shown, a leopard tail, and the pretty green Christmasy one. The outfit I’m wearing is from CMorane – Creations.. and I love it! It’s one of several gifts you can find scattered around Oddjob.

Psychotic Neko:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Oddjob/150/185/51

CMorane – Creations: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Golem%20Oyland/94/123/26

Please note that the above LM for CMorane – Creations takes you to their main shop, and not to their Oddjob location.

Skin: From Obscene, CrushRow hunt. I believe it’s still in the shop as a gift. Might be a dollarbie.

Hair: From !Mingo!. Not sure if it’s still available, I’ve had this hair for a while, and it’s one of my favourites. Worth a look-see though.