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Hello gorgeous! It’s group gift time! Today I’m showing you one of the group gifts from Missnoise, and it is not the only one ’cause they have various group gifts over their store. I’m also showing you one of the hairs as group gifts Little Bones is giving out, just check their past notices and you’ll get them. The coolest thing about this group gifts is that for both of them, the group entrance fee is 0L. \o/


Hair: Senocular by Little Bones (Group Gift – Entrance fee 0L) Includes bracelets.
Outfit: Tiger Outfit by Missnoise (Group Gift – Entrance fee 0L). Hair already posted by Xantheane on an amazing post about all the goodies on hair we have right now. Click here to check it out.

Have fun getting goodies! XOXO 🙂

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I first found Izumiya back in April when I did the Bunny Hop Hunt for Easter and I was amazed at the goodies there were available there. Sadly I lost their LM and couldnt remember the name. I got an IM from a friend earlier today and she mentioned the store and gave me a LM. As soon as I landed I squeeled with glee as I remembered it from the hunt! Since then there has been alot more added including full outfit sets for 25L each for both males and females, some of which match each other for ultra cuteness!

First for the guys.. There are some awesome sets here for 25L each and they are perfect basics too that you can mix and match with your current wardrobe. The outfits have numbers rather than names and under each picture you will find the outfit number.

This is outfit M09. I love plaid shirts on a guy. I don’t know why.. but yummeh!

This is outfit M11. I love the fluffy fur collar.

This is outfit M13 and it also comes with a cardigan to wear to keep the winter chills at bay.

Outfit M14 is so cute and I love the little waist bag that came with it, though it was hard to find a pose to show it.

M16 looks so snug and cosy warm. This one was Nao’s favourite because he said he could skulk around looking moody in it *laughs*

Now for the girls. Again all of these are 25L for a full set.

This is Outfit 17 and matches the M19 outfit, so you can both look cute and fluffy together!

I love the shorts on Outfit 19. They come patterned or plain and the little purse worn around the neck is adorable.

Outfit 21 also comes in another colour at the store with a blue skirt, if orange isnt your colour.

I love the sloppy oversized cardigan on Outfit 23 and all the layering of the tops makes you feel so toasty warm.

This last ouftit was put together from some of the freebies from the 2nd floor of the store. There are alot of little goodies upstairs all for free for both men and women, including pose sets for both males and females which are great use for modelling.

The little white kitty shoulder pet is so sweet!

Other Info

On Nao:
+ Elf Ears by Buried ( Dollarbie – past the Christmas tree and inside the store entrance on a table )
+ Fate II skin by Buried ( not free )
+ Danny Hair by Buried ( not free )
+ Bolt Sneakers by House of Curios

On Whisper:
+ Elf Ears by Buried ( Dollarbie – past the Christmas tree and inside the store entrance on a table )
+ Happy Holidays Elf Gift Skin by Curio ( join the Gala & Rita Design Announcement group and check the notices )
+ COCO Black Boots group gift by COCO ( go to the store, join the group and click the snowman by the Group Gift wall )
+ Fa(un)tasy Horns by Needful Things ( not free )