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Updating our FabFree ’30’ days list!


Calling all designers, creators, our fabulous readers and group members!!

We are updating our FabFree ’30’ days list and we need your help!

~FabFree '30' days list~

We LOVE our new SL residents and are happy to share all the cool places, on our FabFree ’30’ days list, where they can find free items to help them adjust to their new SL experience.  However, there is nothing more frustrating than to click a link only to find the location no longer exists, the business moved, you can’t find the items or it is just the wrong link period!  We have heard your frustrations and are taking steps to make sure our ’30’ days list page stays updated with the correct information and corresponding links.

Starting this week, I have taken over coordinating the ’30’ days list and every Wednesday I shall be making my rounds to ensure all locations providing free items to our new residents, who are under 30 days old, are up-to-date; with correct corresponding links.

I need YOUR help though!  If you are a designer or a creator and you offer a FREE package/gift certificate or items for new SL residents, who are under 30 days old, and you are not yet on our list…please contact me inworld and I shall put you on our list.  If you are one of our amazing FabFree readers or group members and you know of a place that offers these items, and it is not already on our ’30’days list, please feel free to also contact me inworld.  It would be most helpful if you could put it in a note card…I get very busy and my brain forgets things…so a note card is a great way for me to have something to reference.  If we have a new place to add to our list, I will highlight them in a post; as well as highlighting all the other fantastic contributors on our FabFree ’30’ days list.

Thank you for helping to keep the list fresh and current for all our wonderful new Second Life residents and thank you for all the support you give FabFree every day…we have absolutely the BEST readers and group members!

Happy shopping!


3 thoughts on “Updating our FabFree ’30’ days list!

  1. Hm I’m not sure this is like really super helpful. But I think teaching new players how to look up creator profiles might help. I no longer hang onto landmarks. If I want to find a store I have something from I check the creator’s profile picks. 99% of the time they have a valid link to their store in their picks. Even adding creator names next to the land marks might help. Unless you think that is like violating creator’s privacy somehow…. Anyway! Maybe someone can find something helpful in all that.


  2. Hi Melissa! Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to our call for help. Your idea has a lot of merit…the two drawbacks I can see are that we would be adding steps to finding the LM to a place and one of our goals, in creating the list, is to make it as easy as possible for new players to find all those great FREE items…and it might encourage the new resident to contact the creator instead of using the picks tab or the LM we provide on the list. I love that you mention teaching new players how to look up creator profiles…actually, one of the places on our list, Caledon Oxbridge University, provides residents (new and old) with a wonderful interactive learning experience…that takes each resident through various teaching modules; focused on everything from how to use your camera controls to creating a customized avatar. Thanks again for your wonderful idea! ❤ ❤


  3. Oh great i cant wait for the update – im back after 2years with new account and i lost everything
    … So waiting … thank you for the post