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New Blogger Alert! Welcome Back Allison Tobias!

We’ve got another new blogger joining the fold, it’s just that this one has been with us before!  Welcome back to the blogging team Ms. Allison Tobias!  A self-professed lover of words, we’re very excited to have her back to help out with showing off all the grid has to offer!  Please give her a warm and super awesome FabFree welcome BACK!

Aline and the Fab Crew

The FabFree St. Patty’s Day Hunt is HERE!

Hey Fabbies!

The time has come to get your hunt on!  Is luck on your side?  Are you ready to hunt for rainbows?  I bet you are.  We’ve got lots of fun planned for you all, plus lots of fantastic prizes, all under 5L.

There are several ways you can hunt:  Use our list of slurls and hints HERE, or grab the HUD in the FabFree group notices, or at the FabFree Info Hub (or do both!).  However you do it, we hope you have a really fun time, and enjoy the hard work of our fabulous designers.

Follow that rainbow!

Aline  and the Fab Crew



New Blogger Alert: Desideria Stockton!


Heyas Fab Fam!

We’ve got a new blogger on our hands!  Please give a warm FabFree welcome to Desideria Stockton (Desi for short!) who will be joining the ranks of the FabFree bloggers. Desi is a self-proclaimed lover of free stuff in SL and has been scouring the grid for 15 years for lucky chairs, MM Boards, hunts and freebies, and loves sharing her finds with others.  We are excited to see what you bring to the table, Ms. Desi!


Designer Search: The FabFree St. Patty’s Day Hunt!

FabFree is looking for designers to take part our St. Patty’s Day Hunt for 2022!

Are you a designer?  Or perhaps you have a fave designer who you wish would take part in one of our hunts?  Either way, check out all the info and how to sign up on our hunts page HERE.

You’ll be able to find all the hints and prizes there a bit later too.

Can’t wait to hunt with you!

Aline and the FabFree crew


Merry Christmas from FabFree!

To our dear FabFree readers, group members, designers, chat mods, volunteers and friends…

We wish you all the best this season!  Thank you for being here, reading our rants, sending us great finds, commenting, and being a part of the FabFree family.  We are ever so grateful that you take the time out of your day to be here with us and we hope that we bring you a bit of joy and sparkle in some small way.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to one and all!

Much love,

Aline, Juli, Gabe, Caroline, Arielle, Jacx and Cre


FabFree December Advent Listing: Super Update!

Hey Hey Fab Peeps!  There have been loads of updates to the FabFree December Advent Listing last night and today, so make sure you are working off today’s fresh December Advent Listing!

Thank you so much to those that have been leaving comments and sending inworld notecards to help us with his crazy 2021 list!  Your help is really appreciated ♥



The FabFree December 2021 Advent Listing is Live!

Good evening Fab Fam!  The day you have been waiting for is almost here as December 1st is just a couple hours away!

The FabFree December 2020 Advent Listing is live!

For almost a decade, Fabulously Free in SL has been posting a December Advent Listing and we pride ourselves in keeping this list up to date on a daily basis throughout the month!  The tradition continues this year with the 80+ stops  (Just to start with!!).  This list will be edited over the duration of December with small changes like link updates and store additions, but it is currently “mostly” complete so you’ll be ready with your list in hand to start your first day of Advent rounds tomorrow on December 1st!

Visit Every Day!

We have our list separated into four categories and itemized it in alphabetical order for ease of use.  As mentioned above, there are updates to this listing nearly daily so it’s best just to keep visiting the page rather than copy and pasting this list into a notecard.  You’ll want the most up to date listing so you can get in on all those sweet advent locations right? 😀

And hey…

If you find an advent location not currently listed on our site, please notecard ALINE PASSIFLORA inworld and I’ll have it added as soon as I can!

GO GO GOOOO – FabFree December 2020 Advent Listing

The 2021 FabFree Advent Listing – Coming Soon!

It’s coming!  On December 1st our comprehensive Advent Listing will be live, and we’re still compiling locations and details for this SL tradition that has been going strong for over a decade.  We are accepting tips and information from both designers and readers to help us get you all the goodies.  Please send any info via notecard to Aline Passiflora inworld to get your event listed (FOR FREE!).

Also, just a little note that if you’re trying to access the list via the inworld posters you may have seen in participating store locations, you’ll find that you’re sent to an old page from 2012….don’t worry, the 2020 list is under wraps until December 1st.

Aline and the Fab Crew


The FabFree Black Friday Listing is Live!

It’s back again this year!  The FabFree Black Friday Sale listing is growing by the hour as more and more stores announce their inworld sales!  Keep checking back as we continue adding sales as they become known.  Do you have a tip for us?  Send Aline Passiflora a notecard inworld with the details, and we can add it to the list!

Check out our list HERE

Happy Shopping, FabFree!

Aline and the Fab Crew

The FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt Takes Off!

It’s time!

The FabFree Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt is ready to go – with loads of 0-5L goodies to be had.  There are plenty of ways you can take part – check out our hunt page HERE, where you can find all the vendor photos, hints and the price of each prize.  You can also swing by our InfoHub to pick up a free HUD so you can easily see the prizes and tp to each shop HERE.  Or, check in group notices in the Fabulously Free in SL inworld group to grab your own copy.

You’re looking for a little neon rainbow at each stop.  A big thank you to Gaze Daddy of Afterparty for crafting this awesome item for us, and a big shoutout to RJ Tungsten for making our poster.

We hope you have an awesome time, and a big big thank you to our sponsors and participants for making this a hunt not to be missed.

Aline and the Fab Crew