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December Advents

FabFree’s December 2020 Advent Listing Is Ready!

What is an Advent Calendar? Well according to Wikipedia “An Advent calendar is a special calendar used to count or celebrate the days in anticipation of Christmas. Many take the form of a large rectangular card with “windows” of which there are usually 24: one for each day of December leading up to Christmas Day. One is opened every day leading up to Christmas. The calendar windows open to reveal an image, poem, a portion of a story, or a small gift.”

In SL, the advent calendars are loaded with gifts. The following stores have advent gifts out this year. If you find a store with an Advent calendar and it is not on this list, please send a notecard with the information to Aline Passiflora. Please include a direct slurl that leads to the calendar, so that I may find it easily.

Happy Holidays!

Aline Passiflora & The FabFree Team

  • NOTE:  This list will be updated on a daily basis with new locations and information updates!




* 4 Seasons Event (December 1st – 24th/ free)

* 1313 Mockingbird Lane (December 1st – 24th/ free group calendar / free to join)

* Abranimations (December 1st- 24th/free group calendar / Group is free to join)

* Akaesha (December 1st – 24th/ free/ Calendar gives you a landmark to where daily gift is located)

* Alli & Ali Designs (December 1st – 24th/ free)

* Amazing Creations (All month group calendar / Group is free to join)

* Amigo U.F.O. (December 1st – January 1st/ free)

* AmigoUFO Creations Airport Hangar Shop (December 1st – January 1st/ free)

* Amore & Amore Designs (December 1st-24th / free group calendar / free to join)

* Appliqué Chic (December 1st – 25th/ free/ male & female calendars/10L for past days gifts)

* Ari-Pari (December 1st-25th / free group calendar / free to join)

* Arrthos Creations (December 1st-24th / free)

* Arueil Design (December 1st – 25th / free)

* Aspen Nights Premier Dance Club (December 1st – 25th / free)

* Baboom (December 1st – 24th / free group calendar / free to join)

* BellaBee Design (December 1st – 24th / free group calendar / free to join)

* Blackbird Lace (December 1st – 24th / free group calendar / free to join)

* Black Angel Store (December 1st – 24th / free group calendar / free to join)

* Bohemian Beauty (December 1st – 24th / free group calendar / free to join)

* Byrne (December 1st – 25th / free group calendar / free to join)

* Celestina’s Weddings (December 1st – 25th / free group calendar / free to join)

* ChiC Buildings (December 1st – 24th/ free)

* Christmas Delights (December 1st – 24th/free)

* Christmas Gift (December 1st – 24th/free)

* Christmas Lane (December 1st – 24th/free group calendar / free to join)

* Christmas Wonderland Event (December 1st – 24th/free)

* Christkindl Market & Advent (December 1st – 25th / free group calendar / free to join)

* C.M.D. Art and Furniture  (December 1st – 24th / free)

* Coloccini Design Christmas Market (December 1st – 25th / free)

* Coveted (December 1st – 24th / free)

* Creations Gifts (December 1st – 24th / free group calendar/Free to Join)

* Christmas Store at Dench Designs (December 1st – 24th / free)

* Divia’s Home & Garden (December 1st – 24th/free group calendar/free to join)

* DM Design (December 1st – 24th / free group calendar / free to join)

* Donni’s Dollies (December 1st-25th / free group calendar / free to join)

* Drama Libre (December 1st – 31st / free)

* Dust (December 1st-24th / free group calendar / free to join)

* DW Design (December 1st – 24th / free)

* Eclectic Stars  ( December 1st – 24th  / free)

* Emerald Couture (December 1st-24th / free group calendar / free to join)

* Emerald Man (December 1st-24th / free group calendar / free to join)

* Emma’s @ Blue Moose (December 1st – 24th/ free)

* Entice (December 1st-25th/ free group calendar / free to join or 25L for non members)

* EscalateD (December 1st – 24th / free)

* Enchantress (December 1st-24th / free group calendar / free to join)

* Fashion Fantasy (December 1st – 24th / free)

* Fashion Fantasy for Men (December 1st – 24th / free)

* Fatal Fashion (December 1st-25th / free group calendar / free to join)

* Firelight (December 1st-24th / free group calendar / free to join)

* Flying Arts (December 1st – 25th / free)

* Forest Mall (December 1st-24th – two boards : free /free group calendar)

* Formanails (December 1st – 24th/free)

* G!A (December 1st-24th / free group calendar / free to join)

Go Frock Yourself (December 1st – 24th/ free)

* Grumble (December 1st – 25th/ Free Group Calendar/ free to join /Previous Days Gifts 50L)

Happy Day! Parties Christmas Market and Advent Calendar (December 1st – 24th/ free)

*  Happy Hippo Building School and Resource Centre (December 1st – 31st / free)

* Harambee Advent Calendar 2020 (December 1st – 31st / free)

* Helping Haven Gateway (December 1st-24th / free group calendar / free to join)

* HHVET Victoriana (December 1st – 25th / free)

* Illustrious (December 1st – 24th/ free group calendar/free to join)

* Justice (December 1st – 24th/free group calendar/free to join)

* Kaleidoscope Island – Advent Calendar 2020 (December 1st – 24th / free / Previous Days Gifts 35L) 

* KingbalStores (December 1st – 25th / free )

* Kim’s Kreations (December 1st – 24th/free)

* Klassy Kids (December 1st – 25th/free)

* Levi’s Tip Jars (December 1st – 31st/free/Free hunt & gachas on sim as well)

* Ma’De Style (December 1st – 24th/ free group calendar/free to join)

* M&M Style (December 1st – 24th / free )

* MishMash Fusion (December 1st – 25th / free)

* ML Design (December 1st – 24th/ free group calendar/free to join)

* MoCap Dances (December 1st – 24th / free)

* Moondance Boutique (December 1st – 24th / free)

* Moonlitecat Creations (December 1st – 24th / free)

* Moonstar (December 1st – 24th / free)

* Mountain Lion Amusement Park & Club  (December 1st-25th / free group calendar / free to join)

* NUTS Inc (December 1st – 25th/ free  /two calendars – one male, one female)

* NYNE (December 1st – 24th / free)

* Pat’s Schatulle (December 1st-24th/ free)

* Pink Camel (December 1st-24th/ free)

* Pink Mango (December 1st-24th / free group calendar / free to join)

* ROA Fashion (December 1st-24th/ free)

* Roped Passions (December 1st – 24th/free/ previous days avaliable for 50L afterwards)

* Royal Pain (December 1st-25th/ free)

* RR (December 1st-24th/ free)

* Sands Design Advent Calendar and Hunt (December 1st – 31st/free/hunt and gachas on sim as well)

* Sapa (December 1st – 25th/free)

* Sapphire Rock Club (December 1st – 24th / free)

* Sapphire TV (December 1st – 24th / free)

* Sapphire Rock Club (December 1st – 24th / free)

* Sensual Delights Slave Auction and BDSM Community (December 1st – 24th/ free group calendar / free to join)

* Simply Dvyne Photography and Poses (December 1st – 25th / free /  previous days available for 45L afterwards)

* Simply Shelby Advent Calendar (December 1st – 24th / free /  previous days available for 10L afterwards)

* Skye Qi Vintage Apparel Emporium (December 1st – 24th/ free group calendar / free to join)

* Starshine Design(December 1st – 24th / free)

* Stunner Originals (December 1st – 24th/free group calendar/free to join)

* Sway’s (December 1st – 24th/free hunt-style Advent Calendar)

* The Sissy Bar 2020 Advent (December 1st – 24th / free)

* Tiar (December 1st – 25th / Free)

* Timeless Textures  (Dec 1st -25th/ free/  10L the next day)

* Trendzy Apparel (December 1st – 31st/free/ Hunt on sim as well)

* USC Textures (December 1 – 24th / free)

* Vagrant (December 1st-24th / free group calendar / free to join)

* Venge (December 7th-24th / free group calendar / free to join)

* Virtue (December 1st-24th / free group calendar / free to join)

* Virtual Diva (December 1st-24th / free group calendar / free to join)

* Wellmade (December 1st-24th / free group calendar / free to join)

* Whymsee (December 1st – 25th / free group calendar / free to join)

* X-Clusives Animations Mega Main Store (December 1st – 24th/ free first day/ 99L thereafter)

* Xeolots (December 1st – 24th / free)

* X-Radio (December 1 – 24th / free)

* Yasum Design (December 1st – 24th / free group calendar /  free to join)

* Zerkalo (December 1st – 24th / free group calendar /  free to join)



* !gO (December 1st – 24th group calendar / Group is 50L to Join)

* 7 Deadly S[K]ins (December 1st – January 1st / 1000L to join in December / Gifts for non-group members on weekends)

* ALB Dream (December 1st – 24th/ group calendar/group is 250L to Join/ free gifts for non group members on 1st,6th,13th, 20th, 24th)

* Allura Christmas Market & Mainstore (December 1st – 26th / group calendar / 100L to join)

* AppleTini (December 1st – 24th / group calendar / 50L to join)

* Arcane Spellacaster (December 1st – 25th / group calendar / 150L to join)

* A Touch of Magic (December 1st – 24th / group calendar / 200L to join)

* BackBone (December 1st – 24th / group calendar / 500L to join)

* Breaux Willow (December 1st – 24th / group calendar / 50L to Join)

* By-MK (December 1st – 24th / group calendar / 10L to Join)

* [CIRCA] Living (December 1st – 24th group calendar / free to join  – L$0 – L$75 per gift)

* The Crystal Clothing Co. (December 1st – 25th / 25L per Gift on Marketplace)

* DUST (December 1st-25th / group calendar /group is 50L to join)

* EED Home & Garden (December 1st – 24th / 25L per day)

* EscalateD (December 1st – 24th / group calendar / 99L to join)

* Essenz (December 1st – 24th / group calendar / 350L to join/50L for non-group members)

* Feral Youth (December 1st-24th / group calendar / 500L to Join)

Grafenwalder (December 1st – 24th / group calendar / 300L to join)

* [Kumiho] j!NX (December 1st – 25th/ group calendar/250L to Join)

* Kushi Textures & Mesh (December 1 -25 / 10L to join /gifts can be purchased for 50L after the date)

* Happy Tot December 1st – 24th/ group calendar/50L to Join)

* Hope’s Creations (December 1st – 25th / 5 -20L per day or free with 250L group join fee)

* Le’La (December 1st – 24th/group calendar/50L to Join)

* Lovecat Store (December 1st – 25th/group calendar/50L to Join)

LuluB! (December 1st – 25th/group calendar/20L to Join)

* Lyrical B!zarre Templates (Dec. 1st – 24th group calendar / 150L to join)  

* MadCatCreations Boutique Advent Holiday Event – December 1st – 24th/group calendar/ Group is 1L to Join)

* Ma’De Style (December 1st – 24th /group calendar / 30L to join)

* MELANGE Holiday Advent Calendar (December 1st – 24th /group calendar / 30L to join)

* Meva (December 1st – 24th  / group calendar / 100L to join)

* Minimal (December 1st – 24th /group calendar / 250L to join/gifts can be purchase for 50L after the date)

* Monomania (December 1st – 24th /group calendar / 50L to join)

* Naughty Bits Erotic Furniture (December 1st – 25th /group calendar / 250L to join)

* OMY (December 1st – 24th /group calendar / 250L to join)

* The Reckless Angel 2020 Advent Calendar (December 1st – 25th/ 10L per day)

* TipToes (December 1st – 24th/ group calendar/1L to Join)

* Paper.Sparrow (December 1st – 24th /group calendar/group is 150L to Join/gifts can be purchased for 50L after the date)

* Safira (December 1st – 24th/ group calendar/group is 50L to Join)

* S&B Fashion (December 1st – 24th / 50L per day)

* Salt & Pepper ( December 1st-24th / Group Calendar/ 300L to join)

* Selene Creations( December 1st-24th / Group Calendar/ 150L to join)

* Sexy Princess (December 1st-24th/  Group Calendar/ 150L to join)

* Spirit & Kitja (December 1st-24th/  Group Calendar/ 50L to join)

* Stone’s Works (December 5th – 25th /group calendar/group is free to join/ prizes 99L)

* Tiar (December 1st – 25th group calendar / 20L to Join)

* Vicarious Youth (December 1st – 24th group calendar / 149L to join)

* WoW Skins (December 1st – 24th group calendar / 199L to join)

* Ysoral Jewelry (December 1st – 24th group calendar / 190L to join)

* ZK Store (December 1st – 24th group calendar / 200L to join)



* Altamura (December 12th – 24th/free group calendar/free to join)

* Art & Fashion (December 12th – 24th/free group calendar/free to join)

* Artisan Fantasy (December 14th – 25th/free group calendar/free to join)

* BabyMonkey (December 13th – December 25th/ free)

* Ballade 8 Days of Christmas V (December 18th – 25th / free for one day/ 20L thereafter/ Last Year’s gifts 10-25L ea)

* Cosmopolitan Advent Calendar 2020 (December 15th – 24th/free group calendar/free to join)

* Dark Water Designs / Dark Knight Decor (December 12th – 24th / free / 25L thereafter)

* DSR (December 13th – 24th/group calendar/invite to join group after a purchase / free for all 13th – 16th/Adult Gifts)

* EBento (December 11th – 25th/free group calendar/free to join)

* Ellen’s Stuff ( December 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th  / free)

* Insanity’s Own IOM Advent Calendar Holidays 2020 – (December 5th – 25th / free)

* Glitter (December 10th – 25th/free group calendar/free to join)

* Hutspot (December 13th – December 24th/ free)

* Jumo Advent Calendar 2020 (December 12th – January 1st / free)

* LozMac Designs (December 13th – 24th/free group calendar/free to join / last three days group is 10L to join)

* Lybra 12 Days of Christmas (December 25th -January 5th / free to join)

* NoShot (December 13th – 24th / free / 1 Male & 1 Female Gift per Day)

* Petite Mort & Oubliette (December 14th – 25th / free)

* Poema (December 12th – 24th / free)

* Rose Your Life (December 12th – 24th/ free)

* Sassy Sweet Poses (December 1st – 15th / free)

* Twelve Twisted Days (December 13th – 26th / group calendar/free to join)

* Two Moon Gardens(December 12th – 24th / free)



* Afterparty (December 18th – 25th  / group calendar / 10L to join)

* Chic Moda (December 18th – 25th  / 50L each day)

* Chop Zuey’s 12 Days of Christmas (December 13th – December 24th group calendar / 350L to join/ some gifts for non-members)

* Dreamscapes Art Gallery (November 29th, December 6th, 13th, 20th & 24th /group calendar / 100L to join)

* LUX AETERNA (December 12th – 24th  / group calendar / 50L to join during advent)

* monaLISA (December 12th – 24th  / group calendar / 50L to join)

* Tone 2 (December 1st – 25th / group calendar/ 500L to Join/ 12 gifts placed intermittently until Christmas)

* Zuri Jewelry 12 Days of Christmas (December 14th – 25th / group calendar / 299L to join   – 25L for non members)


229 thoughts on “December Advents

  1. Wow, that was a ton of work, well done Lovely One…. ❤ care


  2. Thank you… Whew – I need a drink.


  3. Mad City is almost having an Advent as well….. the group is free to join…


  4. Thanks Care – adding to the list


  5. AMD & AMT & QHI sends you to a plot for sale, and 22769’s 13 days of christmas sign says: [11:42] 22769 ~ Twelve Days Of Christmas: The Twelve Days of Christmas Event, starts at Midnight December, 13th!


  6. Thank you for the tips Luvvable!


  7. Kinzart Kreetures is doing one but it’s just furries avi and accessories


  8. The Mrs. Santa Christmas Market is also having and Advent calendar of sorts, look for gifts with the days numbers on them in the different stalls. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kikai/177/53/751


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  10. Cherrylicious, thank you for the heads up about Kinzart Kreetures – adding that one right now 🙂


  11. Thank you Shellie Pearl for sending in the tip about Mrs. Santa Christmas Market – they do have a pretty cool advent!


  12. JCNY: Just to clarify, I have been there a lot this month at their christmas tree……… They just changed the gifts again in the boxes that you can buy under the tree, they also changed all the gifts in the lucky presents as well! Go get em !!!!! :))) I might assume they will be changing the gifts again before christmas arrives, however I am cannot confirm this.

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  13. Thanks for the heads up Tammie!! ❤


  14. There’s an advent at WoW skins, it’s using the KittyCats calendar and you get a gift for you and a kittycat.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. There’s an advent at GeMyles, the gift is free, but the group is currently 250L to join. Just find the gift with the current day’s number on it.


  16. There’s a store called Stelloane – i found it by accident but it had also a A. Calendar if u wanna add it to your list
    * ** Stelloane ** * Mainstore, Million Island (152, 83, 452) – Moderate


  17. Mad Hattery has some sort of advent calendar too, offering a funny xmas themed hat per day (25 L$ each):


  18. Thank you Pixel! I have confirmed The Mad Hattery and have added it to the listing.


  19. Hi Auroramous! Thank you for letting me know about the advent at GeMyles. I have added it to the listing. Goodness this is getting to be a long list!


  20. Thank you for letting me know about Stelloane, MiaRose! Unfortunately I was unable to locate a calendar at their shop. Can you give me a better description of it’s location please?


  21. Thank you Wrath! I have updated the page 🙂


  22. Wow Love, you continue to AMAZE me! Thanks so much. The FabFree bloggers have always done an awesome job – your posts on free hair & skins are soooo appreciated. Hugs to all of you!


  23. MiaRose was right about Stelloane. This is the SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Million%20Island/154/85/452 (which is just above the fireplace, in the room in the back)


  24. The Stelloane advent calendar is on their fireplace in the salon area


  25. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Million%20Island/153/83/452
    sorry /o\ didnt know how to correctly copy the lm


  26. Thanks so much Pixel, Auroramouse and Miarose! I found the Stelloane calendar and have updated the page 🙂 Keep those tips coming!


  27. Thanks for your sweet words Cre! Hugs!


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  29. Awesome, thank you for all the effort n putting this together!


  30. I’ve also seen one at Dreamland Designs http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Michigan%20Bay/177/168/27 Free, no group


  31. Thank you Jadziya! I will check it out 🙂


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  33. Thanks Julie – I will check it out!


  34. We would like to know whether it’s possible to add to your advent calendar list our shop GLITTER.
    Gifts are free. It’s just needed to join GLITTER group which is also free.
    Thank you!


  35. Glitter has been added today! Thank you Syra


  36. Thanks, Love! My head is spinning as I wonder how I’ll get to all of them & still have time to hunt!


  37. Put on your running shoes Cre!


  38. Yasum is a confirmed! I went there today


  39. Thanks Heather! I have updated the list with Yasum confirmed 🙂


  40. That Slurl below for Stelloane can’t be right? It drops me on the roof of a private home.


  41. Thanks for your comments Remi! Stelloane was removed.


  42. many thanks!
    Alice Project Winter Advent
    Alice Project Winter Advent Poster
    KittyCatS (3 dec)

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  43. Hello! Kaleidoscope Shopping Mall. Advent Calendar for 25 Days. 8 stores are giving free gifts each day for free no group needed. Previous gifts are available for small fee. https://www.flickr.com/photos/amzersh/30547549633/in/dateposted-public/


  44. Thank you Ersel & Nady! I will update the listing with your suggested locations 🙂


  45. Timeless Textures has an advent calendar and so does ~Lantian Flox~ Also, ~LF~ gives a hud (with LMs to various other advent calendars connected to their event)


  46. Thanks Moonbeam 🙂 Timeless Textures is on the list, but I need to add Lantian Flox. I had it on the list from last year, but removed it when I couldn’t find their calendar. I will go back and see if I can find it now!


  47. Hi Love ~ the LM for !Go is incorrect am not inworld so cannot give you new one ~ but ty for all you do


  48. Thanks Starr! I’ll update right away!


  49. Free Advent at Formanails! It’s set to GMT so is a day ahead http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Formanails/137/192/31


  50. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Formanails/137/192/31 Free Advent at Formanails! Set to GMT so it’s a day ahead


  51. “Special Moments” in the list is now empty land for sale ;(


  52. Thanks for the heads up on the Snowpaws link! {hugs}


  53. Thanks again Remi! Formanails has been added to the list!


  54. Thanks Remi! I’ll check out Special Moments. I appreciate your help!


  55. Please add the Moondance Boutique Advent calander, Group needd 50L to join http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Comhar/208/60/23


  56. Thanks for the note Moondance Boutique! I will update with this info


  57. Baby Monkey is doing 12 Days of Christmas starting today. Free for all. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lionheart%20Timon/212/213/29


  58. Thank you Lysana! I’ll make sure I update with Babymonkey!


  59. AlterEgo group is not free to join, in fact it costs 4000L! Lol.


  60. Thanks for the update Griseldis! I will update the info


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  62. Good Lord!! I can’t wait! I wish someone would make a HUD like the Advent-ure one a couple of years ago. I’ll have to see if I can edit it. Made things so much easier. (P.S. If I knew how to make one I’d give it a try.)


  63. That would be cool! I’m afraid it’s out of my skill set!


  64. Do we know which ones of these will change at 4pm SLT because the owners are in a Germanic area? I have: Caledon Oxbridge Gateway (free), CMD Art and Furniture (free), Cleo Design (Free), Formanails (free), Needful Pixel (Free), and Tiar (Free) any else? Also are there 2 boards at Abranimations? Every time I click on the box it tells me I have to be part of the group.


  65. Hi Danielle! Thank you for visiting FabFree and for your comments 🙂 Unfortunately I have no idea which calendars change at what time as participating designers are from all different time zones. I imagine most will change by Second Life Time, but some may be random based on when it’s convenient for the designer to change the day. Abranimations has been edited on the list to reflect that it is free for group members, but does have a free group join.


  66. TIAR AND YASUM are out? cant find anything

    Liked by 1 person

  67. Hi Sugary! I had both of those locations confirmed by the designers, themselves. If you can’t find it, please contact them. It’s possible it just didn’t rez.


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  69. I found some more for the list hun! CHRISTMAS MARKET The Tropical Sands Mall, CMD Art and Furniture, CNZ, Christmas Delights, Creations, Drac, [HC] Hopes Creations, Kwaad Teven Products, Lady Smythes Lawn And Garden, and Secondlife Winter Wonderland. I’m pretty sure they are all free, but you might need to make sure. If you need the LM’s let me know and Ill get them to you in game. Sorry if I missed one you already have and put it on here.


  70. there s a calendar too on meva, one for guys and one for girls


  71. Thank you Landra! Meva is on the list 🙂


  72. Wow! That’s plenty more, yes please.. if you have LMS, do send them to me in a notecard inworld! Thank you Danielle! I appreciate your help!


  73. Update… I found a few of them, but need LMs for CNZ, Christmas Deslights, Creations, Drac, Kwaad Teven Products & Second Life Winter Wonderland please!


  74. Thank you so much for all your hard work it is much appreciated!!!


  75. Hey i hope i did not just miss it, but there is also: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nori/132/198/24 that seem to have something there
    The Pink Instutude


  76. My pleasure Kim! Thanks for visiting the list!


  77. Thank you Red2blaze! I have that one on the list now – as CNZ under the free listing 🙂


  78. 😮 wow, incredible, for girls there is no gift in any store in the whole year !, pffff second life is totally feminist, and still live complaining, the day that there is a good gift for boys will be by mistake …


  79. Amadeo, Carson has been blogging all kinds of fabulous free items for men on the blog 🙂


  80. Can you add USC Textures to the list please hun? It’s free and you can get the days you missed!


  81. Done! Thanks Danielle!


  82. wowu all are fantastic thank you for doing this an the store working hard too get us free gifts i love it♥♥♥ thank you again♥


  83. Thank you for using our Advent listing Patricia!


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  86. Thank you for all your hard work, Love! And just in case you need more: here’s another huge list of advent calendars, many of which aren’t on the list here, yet: http://www.teleporthub.com/freebies/advent-calendar-2018-complete-store-list/


  87. the group at allure is not free cost 100L


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  89. My pleasure Cravenbunch 😉 I appreciate the link, but just as I have worked very hard on this list, Teleport Hub has put work into theirs, so I won’t use it as a reference, but if you’d like any particular locations on our list that aren’t, please feel free to notecard me inworld and I will add them 🙂


  90. Thank you for mentioning FabFree 🙂


  91. Thanks Arial – I’ll update that!


  92. The link for yasum drops me on an empty lot, everything was loaded and nothing there


  93. Appeltini requires you to be in the group.


  94. Thank you! I have updated Appletini with the group 🙂


  95. Thanks Fury! The Yasum SLURL has been corrected


  96. Thank you for all your hard work xox… i just tried 3 times to get to Yasum though… the lm takes you to the groud where there is nothing, i flew up to the co-ordinates of the lm but there’s nothing there either … I read here its confirmed, but think maybe the url needs to be checked again please?


  97. Ignore my comment i see now its fixed 🙂 ty! The other comments were not showing for some reason when i wrote mine 😀


  98. Yes, all fixed! Thank you for letting me know though – I like to keep this list as up to date as I can 🙂


  99. The info of Vanilla Bae is wrong, the group is 199 to join, so NOT free


  100. Thanks Imrpolibra! I updated it over the weekend 🙂 Thanks for the heads up!


  101. MonaLisa advent already started from day 1 .


  102. Sweet E’s has started a male advent calendar for her free mens group.


  103. Thank you Kimtotten! I have it on the list 🙂


  104. Hi Love, The SURL for Baby Monkey is incorrect. It should be http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Keraxic/69/231/25


  105. Thank you Cre!! I have updated the SLurl 🙂


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  107. Thank you for mentioning FabFree!


  108. Caledon Oxbridge University is also doing an advent again this year. Boxes are put out daily and, once they’re out, they’ll be available ’til January. Free and No group needed. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caledon%20Oxbridge/124/80/27


  109. Thanks Aevalle! That one is on the list 😉


  110. You should include GLITZZ, they only let you get the gift of the day (so I lost day 1) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glitzz/125/119/2497


  111. Vengefull threads is no more free to join but 1000L, please correct that.


  112. Thanks Fiona! I will update that information 🙂


  113. I went to double check the group fee, and it is free.


  114. Thank you Angel! I have added Glitzz!

    Liked by 1 person

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  116. Lybra is free and ngn. Also previously missed days can be acquired for free as well. Yasum is group required, free to join. Also there is Baboom group advent calendar, free to join as well.


  117. NYNE is free, ngn


  118. Thank you! Updating that info 🙂


  119. Thank you again Sylvani!


  120. Forest Mall bot boards are free/ngn


  121. Kamiri requires group; free to join


  122. Le Fashion Whore is free, but you need at least 1L to initiate pay on gift. Refunded immediately.


  123. Ma’De requires group/25L to join


  124. Thank you! I have confirmed you are correct about Forest Mall and I am updating that info!


  125. Thanks! Updating the group for Kamiri!


  126. I would also suggest adding a note by Formanails. Their advent calendar is set to GMT, not SLT.


  127. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mauritius/126/67/43 (= ‘;’= Love Cats = ‘;’=) Group calendar. Free to join


  128. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena%20Scarlet%20Rain/56/238/22 *United InshCon* Mainstore ~*Since 2008*~, Free ngn


  129. Creations Gifts http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Thunderstruck/135/164/21 Free ngn. Can buy previous missed day gifts for $5L


  130. Yay- It looks like you were able to add pretty much all of the ones I sent you in world. Awesome!

    For “Stargazer creations”, the advent is not at the Stargrazer Creations store, but the Moeko Store which is on the Stargazer Creations sim. I know- confusing. That advent calendar is also a day behind- so today for example you pick up the 3rd day on the 4th, etc. So the store name is “Moeko”. And it’s totally free. It seems to be Maitreya/ legacy women’s clothes mostly. Hope that makes sense!


  131. Thanks again!! I appreciate all of your help 😀


  132. Thank you very much Syvani for all your help!! I have updated with your info 😉


  133. Whymsee http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Whymsee/213/185/23 group calendar/free to join


  134. ALICE CREAZIONI http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Immensa/142/69/23 group calendar/30L to join


  135. Helping Haven Gateway http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Helping%20Haven%20Gateway/80/64/24 group calendar/free to join


  136. AppleTini is now 50L to join the group. Need the group for the Advent Calendar.


  137. Thanks Holly! I updated that one earlier today 😉 I appreciate your message ♥


  138. The Cave is free. no group required


  139. Thanks for the update on Cave!


  140. Thank you! Helping Haven has been added!


  141. Thanks Syvani! L’oxygene has been added!


  142. Thanks for sending in your suggestion to add this advent – I have checked it out, and added it. 😀


  143. Wow Syvani! You are keeping me hopping. Thank you! I have added Whymsee too!

    Liked by 1 person

  144. I just used the search option in sl looking for advent calendars


  145. Also Moeko doesn’t have a calendar. The shop that does is Morbid Mausoleum


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  147. Sexy Princess is now set to group only. It’s a free group though.


  148. Pingback: Designer Circle 24/19, Pose Fair Winter Holiday, SWANK, 7 Deadly s[K]ins, [*KATE], A Shopping Carol, Fifty Lindens Fridays and Info. on Advent Calendars! | Welcome to Aurora Town Zindra

  149. Thanks for the update on Sexy Princess Lysistrata! I have updated the info


  150. LozMac Designs is doing 12days of giving,, just started. Group join needed but it’s free at the moment. Small store but worth the visit.


  151. Thanks Elle! I have messaged the owner of LozMac for advent details.


  152. Zuri’s Jewels is not a free to join group. Join cost is $299L.


  153. Thank you! I’ll check on that!


  154. The group is currently 299L to join, however the sign says that it will be free when it starts on the 14th.


  155. The Zuri’s thing is very confusing. It says free group on the tree, it is currently $299 AND (since I read the comments above mine) the CURRENT (6PM )notecard by the tree states: “✧Instructions to get the 12 Days of Gifts Free if in Zuri Jewelry Group✧
    secondlife:///app/group/478a9b53-5059-d137-3b82-29d30ab14863/about < Join Group
    Group will be shut down starting Dec 14th – Dec 25th."

    So "messy for sure" and reeally needs to be checked on. 😀 Something isn't correct.


  156. Zuri’s group isn’t free to join, it’s 299L


  157. I am fairly certain that when it starts on the 14th, the fee will be free to join, but I will edit my listing if that changes.


  158. I think that will change when it starts on the 14th.


  159. Skye Qi also has free advent gifts for each day of December, at her Vintage Apparel Emporium.


  160. I checked in with the CSR and it seems that the sign says “GROUP FREE” in big letters, but they mean the gifts for the group are free, not the group itself. I have shifted the Zuri into the fee list, and have noted the group join fee. It’s all cleared up now. 299L to join with free gifts or 25L per gift.


  161. I checked in with the CSR and it seems that the sign says “GROUP FREE” in big letters, but they mean the gifts for the group are free, not the group itself. I have shifted the Zuri into the fee list, and have noted the group join fee. It’s all cleared up now. 299L to join with free gifts or 25L per gift.


  162. I checked in with the CSR and it seems that the sign says “GROUP FREE” in big letters, but they mean the gifts for the group are free, not the group itself. I have shifted the Zuri into the fee list, and have noted the group join fee. It’s all cleared up now. 299L to join with free gifts or 25L per gift.


  163. Thank you Siri! I have added Skye Qi 😉


  164. Sexy Princess has always been group required. Also MishMash Fusion has some extra gifties from other shops under the tree now. And LsR has gifts now. 25L to join, but you can collect the gifts available. So far there are 9


  165. I would like to thank you for putting together this Advent list together and keeping it updated for us. Thank you for doing this Love and much appreciated.


  166. My pleasure, Yuko! Thank you for using our list 🙂


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  168. Pingback: Second Life Steals, Deals, and Freebies: What Advent Calendars and 12 Days of Christmas Calendars I’ll Be Hitting This December (2020 Edition) – Ryan Schultz

  169. Pingback: [Ari-Pari] Jelka Dress – Limited Edition | Teleport Hub Live!

  170. Meva’s Advent is 24 days, not 12 as the listing above indicates.


  171. Thank you, already updated! 🙂


  172. A couple I found today that I didn’t see on your list

    LuluB! – Dec 1-25 – Group required, group join fee 20L.

    Spirit Kitja – Dec 1-24 – Group required, join fee 50L.


  173. Pingback: FabFree December Advent Listing – HUGE UPDATE! | FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL

  174. Trying to Tp to Akaesha Designs via the link and i instead get an error saying ‘routed to wrong region’


  175. Pingback: [Ari-Pari] Jolly Holiday Outfi | Teleport Hub Live!

  176. Thanks so much Emma! Added! ♥


  177. Yes, I’m having the same issue… I’ve removed it for now until we can figure out what’s going on!


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  185. Thank you for all your hard work……
    There is also 2 free Advent here….


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  187. Pingback: [Ari-Pari] Clara Festive Hair Bow | Teleport Hub Live!

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  192. Pingback: [Ari-Pari] Christmas Kitty Outfit | Teleport Hub Live!

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  194. DSR’s group isn’t free to join. You must make a purchase to receive an invite. Looks like the Dec 13-16th, you don’t need the group to get the gift but from the 17th through the 24th, it’s group only.


  195. Thanks aevalle! I’ve updated the list 🙂


  196. Also, Crystal Clothing Company is doing their advent in MP this year. Gowns are 25L per day. Days 1-14 are still available for 25L. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/14022


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  198. Pingback: [Ari-Pari] Pastel Christmas Stocking | Teleport Hub Live!

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  202. Pingback: [Ari-Pari] Framed Artwork – Frosty & Friends | Teleport Hub Live!

  203. Pingback: [Ari-Pari] One Sleeve Winter Dress | Teleport Hub Live!

  204. I would like to take a moment to thank ALL the designers for the wonderful gifts. Also to you, thank you so much for all the work you put into this webpage.


  205. Awh thank you so much Cas! And thank YOU for being here, and taking the time to comment. Hugs!


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