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Happiness and Prosperity

Pausing in the Meadow

Happy Thursday, Fabulouses!  I can’t think of a better way to start the day than a stroll in a meadow sprinkled with wildflowers.  Too bad I don’t have access to something like this in RL!  Thankfully, Ripley and I stumbled across this little slice of heaven on the Cherishville sim.  Isn’t it just lovely?

Fortune Will Smile on You

I picked up this gorgeous strapless dress as a free Chinese New Year group gift (hence the Chinese New Year greetings) over at Zenith Fashion.  With rich, gold accents, an asymmetrical hemline, and an elegant floral textured fabric, this frock will hug your curves.  I especially love the diamond shaped accent piece that drapes down the thigh.  The generous designer included five color options (blue, purple, red, rose and white) all designed specifically for the Maitreya mesh body, plus a texture change faux fur stole (5 selections), which I opted not to wear for my photo.  This has got to be one of my favorite recent additions to my inventory, and the best part is it was completely free!  To pick up a copy for yourself, you need to be a member of the Zenith Fashion group, however, joining the group is also free.  Along with this lovely outfit, you can still collect past group gifts as well.

As much as I have enjoyed my interlude with the friendly horses in this tranquil environment, it’s time to drag myself back to reality, and get ready for work.  At least I only have today and tomorrow before I get some more time off.  This is definitely one sim that I’ve landmarked for return visits.  If you get a chance, I’d highly recommend checking it out.  Until next time, happy shopping!

~ Kat (and Ripley)

Kat is wearing…

Mesh Body:  Maitreya Lara

Mesh Head:  Vista Lia

Head Applier:  YS&YS Miki

Eyes:  IKON Triumph Eyes in Coffee

Hair:  Truth Hair Makena

Dress:  Zenith Fashion China Cuihua Dress (free gift for Zenith Fashion group – 0L/0L to join)

Heels:  KC Couture Lucy Heels

Pose:  aDORKable Poses (store closed)

Sim:  Cherishville


Get Your Goat!

Gong Xi Fa Cai, my dears! And for the non-Mandarin speaking FabFree-ers that’s -> congratulations and wishing you prosperity!
Today is the Chinese New Year ushering in the Year of the Goat: a year of luck and prosperity for everyone. And if you were born in 1979, 1991, 2003 or 2015 😉 You are especially lucky, peaceful and kind!


One of my ‘go to’ designers is Zenith Fashion and they haven’t disappointed me today. This is the 2015 Chinese New Year Dress Group Gift by Zenith Fashion. This lovely dress and crown comes in both pink and red. I chose red since it’s the color of luck, happiness and prosperity, and it is also used to fend off misfortune. Along with the gorgeous dress is a second Group Gift: this little cutie the 2015 year of the Goat Doll! You get three little goats in different sizes in both wearable and rez versions.

Zenith has a bunch more past group gifts out for pick up and the group is free to join!  So Happy New year to all, may your RL and your SL be blessed with happiness, luck and prosperity!

SkinLumae – Alaska Mulled Wine – (Free/0L/past Second Life Frees and Offers gift)
EyesIkon – Hope Eyes in Field and Passion
Hands and Feet + nailsSlink mesh Casual Hands and Mid feet and the Basic HUD
HairLittle Bones – Feline, first shown by Pru here(Free/0L/Group is 100L to join)

Dress and CrownZenith Fashion – 2015 Chinese New Year Dress – (Free/0L/Group Gift group is free to join)
Goat Plushie Zenith Fashion –  (Free/0L/Group Gift group is free to join)

Location – A Refuge for Peace in a Chinese Garden

My new name card for the blog


Greedy Hunt

Because this post is so big, I’m not going to say much about them. I have listed almost all the items in This Greedy Hunt. It runs July 11 – August 11. I’m just going to give store name, item name and slurl’s. All items are $0L for this hunt. The only things I’m going to credit at the bottom is hair and poses.


     Patchwork Heart –  Bakery Bliss – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Buttermere/70/185/33



ATYPICAL – Kawaii Summer Samich –  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hyades/18/202/283

 Zenith Fashion – Dice Bracelet & Ring –  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Shinyokou%20Garden/200/24/22



LEO-NT – My Yummy Nose  – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sezuan%20Moloko/162/157/22

Razzberry – Diamond Sugar Tongue – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sezuan%20Moloko/162/157/22

Shiva – Eyes – 5 different colors – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Daggertooth/205/22/3802


Natural has 2 different gifts out, the Cherry Girl Dress and the Cherry Girl Bag/Zukin set – http://slurl.com/secondlife/TOYOSU/209/163/3501

.Picnik collage

Xplosion – SweetFlower Dress. 2 versions plus  2 bra’s and 1 panty – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Xplosion/130/126/32


Chop Zuey – Summer Solstice Bracelet (I thought it was a ring) –  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Chop%20Zuey/41/136/26

Croire – Olive Cameo Ring – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Meow/180/52/34


Ragdoll’s – Fatty Patti Avatar. It comes with shape, eyebrow hairbase and the 2 bunnies – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ducknipple/148/240/22


Ragdoll’s Fatty Patti Avatar’s face is beautiful! The shape is modifiable, I may have to keep wearing it. Oh, the little bunnies heart actually beats.


SM:USH – Hot Mess T-Shirt – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mysterious%20Isle/161/128/29

artMEfashion – LazySummerShort – http://slurl.com/secondlife//32/136/2


V Tattoo Store – Bombshell Baggy Sweats – http://slurl.com/secondlife/V%20TATTOO%20STORE/45/126/86


Circus Noir – Floral Dress – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Aquitaine/112/72/2

Suzy – Tartan Check Shoes – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gilgamesh/122/90/53


Acid & Mala Creations – Greedy Tongue – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Malula/129/124/46


Divalicious – Greedy Dress – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Threshold%20Envy/127/166/38


Shiki – Blossoms Dress – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Shiki/95/152/22


Bella”s Boutique – Purple Strap Top & Lilac Jeans – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mishka/224/13/25


American Bazaar – Cupcake T-shirt & Funny Animal Skirt – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Angels%20Base/107/97/23



Teased Up – Store Girt ($0L) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lula/108/114/36

Color Testers – Store Gift ($0L) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lula/108/114/36

EMO-tions – Amanda in Naturals – Group Gift ($0L) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hells%20End/149/155/25


Long Akward Pose – not free – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Festivale/84/101/26

Olive Juice – Freebie ($0L) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hide%20and%20Seek/61/201/30

Glitterati – Long Hair Poses (not free) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Glitterati/113/155/21

aDORKable Poses -not free – http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Deck/123/188/22

Lauria – TOSL hunt ($0L) –  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Zanarose/18/197/24

Hazy Shade of Winter


With more group slots than ever before, load up on your favorite stores to take advantage of the great group gifts that can be found. At Zenith Fashion , you can find the Sweater Jacket & Pants. This comfy and cozy outfit looks great and shows off my legs. 🙂 Grab this and the other group gifts that are still available at Zenith Fashion.



*Zenith -Sweater Jacket & Pants -Group Gift- ($0L)
Zenith Fashion, Shinyokou Garden (194, 17, 22)

*Poses – Long Awkward Pose – Not Free-
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)


Open up my eager eyes

Allure Mirror has a group gift of this cable knit sweater. You need to pay 20L to join the group, then wear the tag and slap the little poster below. Also pick the necklace up for 1L there.

Zenith Fashion are taking part in the Diamond Mine Hunt with this gorgeous dress. Epic are also taking part with this raggedy scarf as its prize

Hyper Culture are part of the Diamond Mine Hunt also with this chunky knit sweater dress

Sassy Kitty Designs  are in the Diamond Mine Hunt with this gorgeous cocktail dress that also comes with matching boots (not shown)

and they are also taking part in the Fashion Autumn Hunt with this gorgeous outfit. The boots worn are also included.

AngelsDemons Creations have this outfit called Gothic Spring as their new group gift. You can join from my profile as the joiner in store is a little difficult to find. The group is called Aliza Karu Style.

All of the hairs in this post are from Amacci. They have introduced a new colour pack for all of their hairstyles. The Crazy Colour packs are all 35L until the end of November so if you like a little colour in your life, make sure you check these out.

+ Ayame Anniversary Hunt Skin by Heartsick ( not free 10L )
+ Peridot eyes by Umedama ( not free )
+ Goth McQueen boots by Megg Demina – Heroes of Fashion ( not free )
+ Poses by Lovesick, Del May, Flowey, Marukin, Don’t Freak Out!, Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses


Make Him Over Hunt 4 #131 – 140

OK, I’m getting tired, 140 stores in less than a week *WHEW* Here are locations #131 – 140 on the Make Him Over Hunt 4.

#131 Soho 103 MHO Gift  Fedora and Scarf

#131 House of SOHO Fedora and Scarf


MHOH4 # 132 - Zenith Fashion Feather Necklace

#132 Zenith Fashion Feather Necklace


MHOH4 # 133 - RFyre Gothic Couture Clothing Wanderer Outfit

#133 House of RFyre Wanderer Outfit


MHOH4 # 134 - Connors Clothing Store Wool Dark Legwarmers  MHOH4 # 136 - ~~Tangled~~Exxxquisite Bare Feet (2)

#134 Connors Wool Dark Legwarmers
#136 Tangled Exxxquisite Bare Feet


MHOH4 # 135  -  .Poise. Poses and Props, Slob Chair, TV and Beer Can

#135 Poise   Slob Chair, TV and Beer Can


MHOH4 # 137 - JORDANS   JEWELRY  Bruin MHO Chocker

#137 Jordan’s Jewelry Bruin MHO Chocker


MHOH4 # 138 - -Divine- & GQ Fashions For Men Large Bone Tribal Necklace

#138 GQ Fashions for Men Large Bone Tribal Necklace


MHOH4 # 139 - Dogstar Mens Casuals Freedom Double Layered Tank Top

#139 Dogstar Freedom Double Layered Tank Top


MHOH4 # 140 - GABRIEL Drape Shirt and Stole

#140 GABRIEL Drape Shirt and Stole


*Make Him Over Hunt 4 Gifts #131- 140 ($0L)

*Additional Poses – Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)


Flying High at Zenith

Zenith Fashions has opened a new store and is giving it’s members the Grey and White Boardies and Grey Tee as a  gift. I think I’m catching Renee’s swimwear mood.


Next to the boardies, I found some other group gifts worth checking out. The Zenith Checkered Shirt is unisex, comes in red and blue and can be worn with or without the tie. Also, there is the Boy’s Blue Sweater that comes with a hoodie.


*Grey and White Boardies and Grey Tee – Group Gift- ($0L)
*Red and Blue Checker Shirts – Group Gift- ($0L)
* Boy’s Blue Sweater – Group Gift- ($0L)
Zenith Fashion Digue Seychelles (140, 18, 21)


Leather and Denim

It’s a denim filled day with a bit of leather thrown in. I popped over to subVersion and grabbed the Make Him Over Hunt gift. I was surprised when i opened it up how much was wrapped up in the tiny package. The first part of the gift included this Blue Denim and Leather combination. Leather pants in both black and blue with a denim shirt and leather vest and you can mix and match the pieces to have several different looks. Completing the look is the Duh! Men’s Grey Buckled Boots which are also part of the MHOH. These boots come with a resizer, which is always welcome for someone like me who hates adjusting the fit.

Subversion Navy Denim Leather composit

The second half of the gift from subVersion wasn’t denim but I had to show you this Pea Coat. It is nicely detailed and should keep you warm after that virtual sun sets. I paired it with the AQUA Boat Club Pants from the Orange set.

subVersion Chalkstripe Pea Coat AQUA Brown Boat Club Pants

Next is the BalAni Hooded Shirt and White stitched Jeans. This is a group gift from BalAni and well worth joining. The jeans can be cuffed or uncuffed. On my feet are my perennial HOC Skootchers.

BelAni Hooded shirt and Jeans

Over at Scars, this Printed T-Shirt is a group Join gift. I like the 3/4 sleeve on this shirt and the texture detailing.

Scars Ptinted T BalAni White Stiched Jeans

Finally from Zenith Fashions is the Grey Hooded Sport jacket. This can be found on the MHOH as well. I love the shirt underneath poking out below and above this hoodie.

Zenith Sport Jacket Grey

*subVersion Blue/Denim/Leather Combo MHOH #96 ($0L)
*subVersion Chalkstripe Pea Coat MHOH #96 ($0L)
SUBVERSION CLOTHES, Impulse Island (54, 175, 31)

*DUH! Men’s Grey Buckled Boot MHOH #81 ($0L)
DUH!, Katachi (216, 30, 22)

*AQUA Brown Boat Club Pants (Orange Outfit) ($10L)
AQUA, Coconut Beach (81, 128, 22)

*BalAni Hooded Shirt and White stitched Jeans Group Gift ($0L)
BalAni Men’s Shop, Serenity Falls Island (203, 143, 37)

*HOC Skoochers Brown/Grey 2 Pack ($10L)
HOC Industries – House of Curios, Upper Fenland (47, 38, 66)

*Scars Printed T-Shirt Join Gift ($0L)
Scars, Killtower (241, 52, 3603)

*Zenith Grey Sport Jacket MHOH #56 ($0L)
Zenith Fashion, Fujin (27, 141, 28)

*Poses, Long Awkward Pose ans Glitterati