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It’s Dirty Work… But Somebody’s Gotta Do It


Serena decided that this would be a good day for me to go outside and clean up the yard, so here I am… stalling. For starters, the snow is starting to melt, and the ground is a sludgy mess. Plus, it looks like the dogs have left some “presents” around for me to clean up. So basically, it’s a mess out here. Thank goodness I have my new Wellies… at least, they were new when I put them on. Anyway, these awesome, mesh boots are the latest group gift from SF Design (100L to join), and come in clean as well as dirty versions. My clothes – pants, jacket, and hat – are the current group gift from Ydea (free to join). They come with a pair of shoes, but I didn’t want to get them all muddy out here.


Can you believe I got this skin for 1L? That’s right – I picked up Mikael Warface Milk from P E A U on the Marketplace for 1L. And my eyes are a free, wearable demo of Insufferable Dastard mesh eyes; buy the box on the counter for 0L.

I guess I’ve stalled for long enough now. Off do do battle with the great outdoors!

* * * * *

Gavin is wearing…

Skin – P E A U Mikael Warface Milk (1L / Marketplace)

Eyes – Insufferable Dastard Reflections Sunset (free / 0L)

Eyelashes – [: B!ASTA :] MICKEY B: Natural Lashes for Men (10L)

Hairbase – *Redgrave* Tyler (not free)

Pants, Jacket, Hat – Ydea Karl (group gift / 0L / free to join)

Boots – SF Design Rigged Wellingtons Dirty (group gift / 0L / 100L to join)

Shovel & Pose – Magnifique Zombie Hunters (10L)

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A New Ydea

Hi everyone!  I thought I’d drop by and give you a quickie to let you know that Ydea Designs has released their latest group gift.  This should appeal to all you streetwalkers. It’s a nice mesh zip-up camouflage hoody with nearly destroyed jeans.  I found the sneakers by Energie  at  the “I Love SL” store (although they’re not free, they are a steal at 50L!) The pose is the newest member gift from Stakey (100L to join).  Get on over to Ydea and Stakey and get your free stuff!


Cal is Wearing:

Ydea Rican – Ydea Designs November member gift (free to join/0L/free)


Pose – Stakey “On Bended Knee” member gift (100L to join/oL/free)


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Accessorizing with Earth Bangles!

Nov4 Orange Hunt_001
Whew!!!! I know there are so many hunts going on right now, and here I am adding one more to your list. Do you forgive me? Here, let me sweeten the pot, this hunt is also free and doesn’t require any group joining. Also, the hunt is all in one store, with 11 items to find. This hunt is called the Orange Hunt at Earth Bangles, and it ends on November 7th, so you definitely want to make your way on over soon enough. It really shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes are so to find all the oranges and increase your options on accessories. With all that said, lets take a gander at some of the things I found.

Nov4 Orange Hunt_003
Lets check out the orange flats and ankle warmers, the flats and warmers are package together but you do not have to wear them at the same time. I love wearing heels just as much as the next fashionista but I had to give the balls of my feet a break before I end up with blisters. I can definitely rock these flats for a simple day hanging out with the family.

Nov4 Orange Hunt_004
Moving up from the shoes the next thing is the purse, bracelets, and rings. The rings come for each hand and the same goes for the bracelets. If you click on the picture you can notice that the ring is a nice burnt orange colored flower, while the bracelet is a sweetly shaped heart.

Nov4 Orange Hunt_005
Then we have this oh so cute tear drop pendant necklace that adds some fabulosity to a very simple outfit.

Nov4 Orange Hunt_006
Lastly, are these earring that I feel in love with, because of its simplicity and the green leaves at the center.

Sometimes its the accessories that makes the outfit, and partaking in the Earth Bangles Hunt, you can pull together a really nice fall look with all their goodies.


Get The Look

Accessories and Shoes

#1- Mi Corazon Bracelets
#3- Possibilities Rings
#4- Sbrena Shoes
#5- Times Sq Bag
#9- Calla Gabah Earrings
#11- Loo Paiya Neclace Set

All accessories and shoes located at the Earth Bangle Hunt


Tank top and Pants- Ydea Group Gift – $0L to join group

*Ydea* Leonora Top

*Ydea* Torres Pants


*Cupcakes*- Emma- Mocha- Rune 10L (mainstore is going through renovations when I went to revist, so below is the link to the temporary store. Additionally, this skin is not at the temporary store, but maybe it will be back once the mainstore is back)

Hair- Not Free

Vanity Hair:: Jioni-Browns – 299L

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Ydea is All It’s Cracked Up to Be

(Day 2 in the Crack Den) I woke sometime during the night to the sound of someone rummaging through my bags. I guess when you live on the streets, you get a sense of where you can find “treasure.” It was a  young kid and as soon as I snatched the bag from his hands, muttering “scram kid,” he gave me a wide-eyed look and took off. I figured I better get on my way since I’m sure he would be bringing back friends soon and they’d be much larger and not so easily frightened.  I went through my bag and tried out some clothes that I’d picked up at Ydea Style – free gifts for their members. I slipped on the Neal outfit, which included white-belted jeans, a rolled-up sleeve buttoned shirt with button-flap pockets, and sneakers.  I looked myself over and although I looked sharp in it, I realized that with the white belt I might as well advertise my presence with a neon sign.

I dug further into the bag and found another member gift outfit from Ydea… this one called Dalton. Dalton and Neil are the latest gift releases and I found them on their back wall in the main store. Dalton’s outfit included some nice looking  ripped jeans and a loosely buttoned long-sleeved shirt that blended in better for this part of town. It also came with shoes more suitable for running and a razor necklace – both of which might come in handy. As I made my way along the deserted streets in the pre-dawn twilight, I noticed the light of a nearby street lamp glinting off my necklace and made me realize…  what am I thinking?  I swapped it out and put on another necklace that I picked up as a free member gift from Grasp. This one had a skull and cross, which might not have been as badass-looking as a razor blade but at least it couldn’t be used against me.


Not wanting to litter, I tossed the razor blade in a nearby trash can and realized the folly of my actions when the “clank” of the necklace hitting the bottom of the can at that time in the morning sounded like someone banging a gong.  Sure enough, my buddy from the day before (still wearing the white vest) popped out of a nearby doorway and said, “if it isn’t my fashion consultant… nice threads.”  I didn’t even wait. I stripped down and handed him all of my clothes and to my surprise he handed me his jeans. He pointed up the street and said, “I’d go that way if I were you.”  So half naked,  in an Akeruka skin “Neo” (free member gift this month), I finally escaped the crime-ridden streets of Crack Den and made my way back to the safety of  SL shops… well ok.. relative safety.


Thank you for the great tip on this skin, Love!



Cal is wearing:

Free stuff 

Dalton Outfit (shirt, jeans, shoes, necklace, sunglasses (not shown).Free member gift from Ydea Style (free to join/0L/free)

Neil Outfit (shirt, jeans, sneakers). Free member gift from Ydea Style (free to join/0L/free)


Skull and Cross Necklace – member gift from +Grasp+ (free to join/0L/free)


Skin – Akeruka “Neo” monthly group gift (free to join/0L/free)


Eyes – Mayfly Deep Sky Eyes London Fog (0L)


Not Free

Hair – Truth  Liam Raven Streaked (not free)



An All Hallow’s Eve

You never know who or what’s going to show up at your doorstep on Halloween. So I wasn’t completely surprised when I heard a commotion and stepped out on the back porch to find Freddy Kreuger and Tiger Lady clashing claws. I wasn’t sure who was going to win but I wasn’t sticking around to find out. I did get the info on the goods though. It seems that Freddy does all his clothes shopping at Ydea (including his wicked claw), and the tigress found her Wild Fursuit by Plausible Body on the SL Marketplace.

I heard the front door knockers and quickly closed – and locked the back door and rushed to the front, grabbed the bowl of candy and opened the door to see who was there. I dropped the bowl in shock, candy scattering everywhere   when I was greeted by two skeletons (mesh avis by Plausible Body) holding out their bags open. They were surrounded by little critters that rushed in and scarfed up all the candy and took off down the porch steps into the night followed by their undead escorts.


I found myself out of candy and any desire to answer the door for the rest of the evening. So I curled up in front of the fireplace with a good book and a glass of beer, ready to enjoy a quiet evening when I heard from the shadows, “bleh bleh bleh…”

Drea is wearing:

Wild Fur Bodysuit by Plausible Body (Marketplace) (FREE)


Wildcat makeup by Vlena Spiritweaver (Marketplace) (not free/100L)


Shoes – Quinella Gray IIIII by Chocolate (Marketplace) (not free/100L)


Hair – Jina Fab-u-lous (not free/150L)


Love and Cal are wearing:

X-Rayted Skeleton avi by Plausible Body (0L/donations accepted)


Love and Cal’s Pose:

 Sparrow Tree Trick Or Treat Pose (1L)



Cal (as Freddy Kreuger) is Wearing:

Ydea Kreuger (member gift/free/OL)

incudes mesh shirt, pants, shoes, hat and claw


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Cruisin’ USA

Ydea - Cruise USA

With Independence Day just around the corner, I realize that my Summer vacation is almost half over.     😦  But I’ll still celebrate the holiday in the new group gift from Ydea. The Cruise USA outfit has mesh shorts with blue star spangled cuffs, a flag inspired shirt and white sneakers. I think I spy a beer in still in the cooler.


* Ydea – Cruise USA  ($0L)
Group Gift

* Poses – Long awkward Pose
No Longer Available



One Thousand Shades of Carson

Ydea - Conan

Inside the door of the men’s section at Ydea is the Conan Outfit. The gray camouflaged chambray shirt group gift comes with faded gray jeans, a cowboy hat and boots.

Just to let you all know, I’m celebrating my 1000th post on FabFree. I just wanted to send a quick tip of the hat and a thank you out to my FabFree family past and present, to all the designers that make the gifts available, to the hunt organizers who spend countless hours and don’t get the credit they deserve, and to all the readers because if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be doing this.


* Ydea – Conan Outfit
Group Gift

* Poses – Long awkward Pose
No Longer Available



Cowboy Carson

Ydea - Manaus Outfit, Duh! - Men's White Cowboy Boots

I’ve gone country (sort of) in the newest gift from Ydea. The Manaus Outfit combines a cowboy look with a modern flair. The white pants and hat complement the colorful open print shirt. My White Cowboy Boots are a $25L find at Duh! I think I’m ready to do some boot scootin’ now.


* Ydea – Manaus Outfit ($0L)
Group Gift

* Duh! – Men’s White Cowboy Boots ($25L)

* Poses – Diesel Works
Not Free


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Hiding in the Shadows

Ydea - Hoodie Outfit

This month’s group gift from Ydea is a Black Hoodie and Jeans Set. The form fitting hoodie comes in a jacket layer only and the jeans look well worn on the knees. Remember group members of Ydea can also get past group gifts.


* Ydea – Hoodie Outfit ($0L)
Group Gift

* In Her Shoes – Black Sneakers ($0L)

* Poses – Long Awkward Pose
Not Free


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I’m No Angel

Ydea  - Angel

I may not be an angel, but I can wear the Angel Outfit from Ydea. The newest group gift for men combines a red shirt with a leather vest and pants. Who said all angels were good?


* Ydea – Angel ($0L)
Group Gift

* Poses – Essential Soul
Not Free