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Goodies Galore

Just a few things to brighten up your SL shopping trip on the last Saturday before Xmas.

First off, I was honoured that the very lovely Ayanna Slade of AQUA allowed me to preview her new release today! The Lust dress in silver-white is on offer right now for 1L! I took a picture of me wearing it for Ayanna and she included me in the notice that went out to her group!

Isnt it gorgeous! Its available in other colours at the store too, so don’t forget to look around! There are lots of other offers there too right now and remember to slap that Midnight Mania board! The hair is from Magika and is called Jaime. It is one of the styles that is available in the second floor sale for 10L. The adorable Fa(un)tasy Antlers are an Xmas gift from Needful Things and can be found under the Christmas tree. The Elf Ears are a dollarbie from Buried and the skin is the Happy Holidays Group Gift skin from Curio which can be found by joining the Gala & Rita Design Announcement group and searching notices.

Next The oBscene have put a pack of skins, hair and cute Xmas themed Lingerie in their group notices as an Xmas gift to its members. There are 4 tones including a very pale goth skin, which of course, makes me very happy.

As you all know, I love Pixeldolls and so I took a trip back to their store to show you some of their 10L Sale items. It ended up more sci-fi themed than I intended, but at least if you are an RP’er in SL these might appeal to you.

This is the one of the two Anti Hero Bodysuits called Galaxy. It comes in several layers and it has 3 different lower outfit options including one legged and shorts.

This is the other Anti Hero Bodysuit available. Again this comes in sooo many layers and with different ways to wear it including a halter top and shorts.

This is the Plugsuit in white which is tintable so you can make it any colour you want. There are other shades there which are also tintable, which will give you darker versions of whatever colour you chose to tint it. For 10L a set you could get them all! All of these pictures were taken in the amazing <a href=>Insilico</a> group of sims and are untouched in Photoshop. Just cropped and my name added to them, which is how all of my blog pictures are done.

If you loved Slave Leia in Star Wars then these may appeal to you. They are called “Triple Threat: Escape!” and they are very similar to Leias outfit when she was at the mercy of that nasty old Jabba the Hut!

The broken chain bracelets and the choker come with the outfits too and there are lots of colours to choose from. The skirt is a system skirt, but because there are slits up the sides, it actually works very well and there are bikini bottoms underneath so you don’t have to wear the skirt at all. These outfits may not be new to alot of you around SL, but they are worth a remention as I think they are awesome and for 10L you cannot go wrong.

Next up is another outfit from Pixeldolls that is on offer for 10L, worn with another of the skintones from The oBscene group gift.

Worn with the Jaime hair from Magika and The Fa(un)tasy Antlers Xmas gift from Needful Things.

And lastly, if you are a member of the VIP group of Tuli then you will have recieved a set of gorgeous Eve skins as an Xmas gift from the wonderfully talented and generous Tuli Asturias which as also a preview of her new skins coming soon. If you arent in the group, then you will need to pay a one off fee of 250L to join.. but believe me it is totally worth it and you will also be eligable for further gifts if you stay in the group. Once you have joined you simply check the notices.

You get seven skin tones in the pack, from their gorgeous gothic skin colour to their sumptious dark skin tone, both of which I am wearing here. They also come with 3 eyebrow colour options.

I am wearing skin tone 3 in this close up of the face. The features are just exquisite. The hair worn with these skins is another from the second floor 10L sale at Magika called Dream.

So that should keep you busy for a little while! Happy shopping!


*christmas gift*

Are you getting ready for christmas?! A cute outfit and a pose-christmas-giftbox.. omg cute! Enjoy xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

Everglow – christmas gift box with 3 poses – 1L

picture taken at Taunt Island (behind chuculet dollarbie shop)!

*[chuculet] sexy sant girl outfit in red*

*[chuculet] sexy sant girl outfit in pink*

 [chuculet] sexy santa girl outfit – red and pink- 5L$/each (includes outfit, boots and bangles)

[chuculet] at a piece of candy Mall

[chuculet] bigstore at Taunt mall

other items shown: Atomic – skin vip gift honey baily 2; hair from Miel.


xxx Farah

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Rockberry Gifts & a Curious Kitty

I got an IM from Renee to go and take a peek under the Christmas tree at Rockberry as a little bird told her there could be some surprises in store. And sure enough there were. Five cute little boxes, each one containing a Dollarbie gift.

In one of the boxes you will find a set of cute little sweaters in four colours. The colour I chose to show you was the Rust colour. In another box there is a set of Rockberry Baseball shirts that come in six colours. Here I am wearing the barbie pink colour. Yeah I know right.. me in pink again!



Another of the gifts is this cute chair and table set, complete with a rug and a mini table top Christmas tree, so even if you have a tiny space you can still put a tree up!


And if you have a larger space – this bigger tree is in another of the gift boxes!

There is also a gift box full of wooly socks in the same colours and patterns as the sweaters.

If you love Curious Kitties then they have just set out a new Group Gift and a special new winter themed freebie!

These are the Group Gifts. A pack of two really cute oriental style shirts. One in black and one in red and black. The spinning ball with the adorable kitten on top is the second Group Gift.

This is the Winter Cutie outfit. You get the shoes, legwarmers and the scarf too in the outfit and it really is just so snug and warm looking. You won’t want to wear anything else when you are out in the Christmas snow!

And as a surprise last addition to the post, because I got the notice just before I hit publish.. is this sweet little gypsy style top from Indie Rose which is set out as their new Group Gift. Its so soft and feminine. I love it.

And also upstairs in the Bargain section, there are these cute cropped cashmere cardigans set as a Dollarbie in one of the little purple bags on the table.


Other Info

+ Mistletoe & Wine Peace On Earth free skin fatpack gift from Heartsick
+ Ink hair from !Lamb ( not free )

Crazy Clothing Gifts and Bargains!

I heard there was a gorgeous Christmas Gift out from Crazy Clothing so I asked for a tp to take a look. I had never been here before and I always love finding new stores.

These are the Gifts available on a little table just a little way inside the store:

This stunning Christmas themed lingerie set is a Dollarbie and is inside the Red and Black gift box. Surely no man could resist you as his Christmas presant when you are wrapped up in this! The bangles worn are another of the Dollarbie gifts on the little table and are in the little gold bag.

Isnt this adorable! I love it! It reminds me of a cute little fairy – it even comes with a little wand! This is the last little gift on the table and is in the little grey box with the red ribbon and is completely free.

After scooping up the gorgeous gifts, I decided to wander around the store. There are some really cute outfits here, and if you go upstairs, there is a discount section with loads of outfits for under 100L, most of them for 10L – 20L! I picked a few of them to show you:

From Left to Right:

Tarja – 10L
Army – 50L ( I couldnt resist it! )
Sky – 10L ( comes with a crop version of the top aswell )
Blossom – 10L

This is just a small taster of whats available and its worth checking out if you are on a budget.

Other info

+ Mistletoe & Wine skin by Heartsick ( free and part of the Peace on Earth hunt gift at Burning Chrome )
+ Get Forward hair by Bishwear ( not free )
+ Colour change Sneakers by House of Curios ( not free )

Goodies for you

Im useless at coming up with titles sometimes. So forgive the lameness of this one! Just a few things for you to get your teeth into before I make a hot mug of cocoa and go off on my round of festive gridwide hunts.

Aqua has just released a new gorgeous gown called Festivity. It comes in a wide range of colours and each one is on special offer in store at the moment of 100L, but there is also a Purple version of this gown in the Midnight Mania board right now and this yummy Navy version on sale for 10L!

The hair worn in this picture is from a Dollarbie fatpack called D.A.N.C.E by Tiny Bird and you can find it propped up against the new releases board.

Aqua are also taking part in the Candycane Hunt and they have a really cute outfit as their gift which I just love to bits. The shrug cropped sweater just looks so snuggly and cords are always a favourite with me.

The hair and armwarmers worn in these pictures are part of the Peace on Earth Hunt gift from Burning Chrome and there is also an adorable fatpack of Heartsick skins called Mistletoe and Wine inside the gift box. I am wearing the Aether skintone from the gift. I love the green eyeshadow and the lips are so kissable. Perfect for all those Christmas smooches.

Lastly, there is this gorgeous Dollarbie dress from Malt who have just opened up a satalite store in LeLook

There are two skirt options in the pack so you can wear it as a dress like I have or you can wear it as a top over pants. I adore the little shrug! Me and shrugs eh.. I can’t get enough of them!

Xmas with Ztique, LalaFoo and DarkMouse!

I wanted to wait until Dec. to start posting on Christmas-items but this one I can’t wait for even one day! I always think they start to early with all these Holiday-season-madness… especially in SL!! Ah well… It’s almost December… sooo it’s ok for me now… I guess!!


I went to Lala Foo to get the items from the Lucky Chair, but I wasn’t lucky I guess…. but I did find out about the great sale she is having! Everything is marked down to 25L, which is amazingly cheap for Lala Foo! Yay! I got the cute babydoll-dress and some amazing stockings!

I don’t like a lot of xmas-thingies… but these cute shoes are way to beautifull not to blog about! They are the christmas-gift from Ztique-shop and are called “All Wrapped Up” in Green Velvet. They come with a handmuff for cold hands! (I had no idea what a hand muff was… but just wear it! It’s gorgeous!)

The necklace i’m wearing is from DarkMouse… a big shop with jewelry and furniture. The necklace is the Christmas-freebie for the Holiday-season… really great job, very detailed! Next to the X-mas gift there is also another box with amazing jewelry-dollarbies!

Lala Foo – BabyDoll Crimson – 25L,  Stockings – 25L (sale till Dec. 15th?)

Ztique – All Wrapped Up Heels – 1L

Dark Mouse – Christmas Balls Necklace – 0L, More Jewelry in gift-box (not shown here) – 1L

Other links:

Zero Style – Hair “You” – 0L (all color pack)

Belleza – Skin – 0L (groupgift)

Ruffian –  Silver Bangles – 1L

xxx Farah


I´m VANILLA DESIGNS from tip to toe

Reading the tip hotline today I found a post from Vanny (Vanilla Vought) the designer und shopowner from VANILLA DESIGNS. Freebies and a lot of other stuff all under 100 linden sounds good to me. Last but not least Vanny wrote she loves our blog – so I caught head over heels the next tp to the store and found myself in heaven. Well, take a look at the pictures.


There were boxes with sculptied chains for left and right hand, scultpy hats (olive plaid, red plaid, jeans plaid), Happy New Year Heels Pack (gold and silver), french manicure (hand, feet), black gothic hair (short, long), body oil, poohh tanktop and if you missed an xmas-outfit grab the Miss Xmas box. All for free!

vanillasentaury.jpgAnd don´t forget the free Sentaury Outfit – it´s lovely, I like the pants very much. I matched it with the free xmas-heels in silver.

Because I´m skin addicted (how does it come, oooh?) i bought a demo of the soft Vanny Skin (comes in ocean, forest, pinky, danger, natural eye make up) and felt in love with it. Skins are located on the second floor, take the tp.

Before I left the shop I had to grab the cute neko teddy and take a seat in one of the very comfortable chairs. Just mediate for 45 minutes and get a giftcard worth 50 linden, great deal!

What more can I say? Take a look around, see all the beautiful low priced stuff – enjoy the freebies and if you´re really broken take a seat to get a giftcard.


And THANK YOU to all designers all over SL for the gifts they offer to us!

Skin: Soft Vanny Skin Demo (1 linden)

Hair: Gothic Hair (black, short and long) (0 linden)

French Manicure hand and feet ( 0 linden )

Hat: Sculpty hat in olive-red-jeans plaid (0 linden)

Clothes: Poohhh Tanktop (0 linden) – Sentaury Outfit (0 linden)

Shoes: Happy New Year Heels Pack, silver and gold (0 linden)

Teddy: Sweet Neko Teddy (0 linden)

Bracelet: Sculptied chains bracelet for right and left hand (0 linden)


Cherlindrea Edit: The hair shown is called Chu from Kin which you can purchase for $100L a color at Eventide South(110,220,28)

Fab Hazel