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Carried Off…


When Xandra Bressig asked me to go to a club opening last night I got all giddy over doing something besides my normal wandering around… FR3SH opens it’s doors with a crowd waiting to dance…. Sadly, I got a lil bit tipsy and found myself being carried off by a newbie … 😦 Gratefully, I had found some goodies throughout the day so I can show you that while I recover from trauma…


noobie holding me: [ kawaii anime ] -DeminAtions- Walking Noob shoulder (FREE) (This is found in a giftie from the Kawaii Anime store, it is called “Funny Things” and you can pick it up in the main store, on the left shelf as you enter…)

bow rings: SL Fashion Week Group Gift – .olive. Bow Rings (FREE) (This is the SL Fashion Week Group Gift )

Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: Gothic Kiss Spots & Squares Tattoo (FREE) (You can pick this and many other freebie / lowbie tattoos on their front counter…)

Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::.Trudy-III(tan)LB (FREE) (This is one of the Freebie Lucky Board skins…. Stay awhile and collect them all…. Clar blogged this skin in her post “Lucky Treasures @ Mother Goose’s” )

Hair: [ CLAWTOOTH ] Clawtooth shopping bag: You Say Tomato (ALL COLORS) (FREE) (You can pick this up in the main store, it is pretty much a hair that is used to demo all the colors… I think it’s adorable… To find it, go into the mainstore itself, then it’s a BIG sign that rests on the left side front corner)  (Clar used this hair in her post “Fantastical Affaires” back in April )

Elbow  Socks: [hate this] elbow socks – plain-unwashed – female  (FREE) (You can pick up these on the back wall… These are a wearable demo… They come with Black/White and these dirty ones :) ) (to buy, LEFT click and select “Deliver”, or you can reclick select “Buy” pay L$ 1 and it will reimburse you back the L$ 1)

shirt: *Epic Dollarbie* Mesh Cute-Tee {Heart.Face-Baby.Pink} (L$ 1) (This was one of the past gifts for the opening of the FR3SH Club…sadly i should have gotten my post up last night so everyone could get this… *feels bad* )

SLINK nail appliers: //elephante poses// Cruel Summer Slink Nails (L$ 1) (This was one of the past gifts for the opening of the FR3SH Club… )

Earrings: Pure Poison – Tiger Earrings – The 24 Dollarbie (L$ 1) (You can find this at Pure Poison’s location at the 24″ event at the me. location in the women’s section.  See the billboard map above HUSH to know where it is at the event. )

Pink Socks: .::Mother Goose’s::. basic  color socks set (L$ 1) (You can these in the baskets on the right as you TP in, there is a whole section of dollarbies/freebies/lowbies )

Shorts: {.::LRH::.} Frayed Medium Denim Shorts *MESH* (L$ 1) (I found these on the marketplace @ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LRH-Frayed-Medium-Denim-Shorts-MESH/4201819)

Full Body Pose: //elephante poses// Sunrise Forever (L$ 3) (This is the hunt gift for the Tickle Me Prop Hunt brought to us by Sour Pickles Hunts… 

Kicks: ::Duh!:: Women’s Sneaker Boots – Black Out (L$ 20) (I absolutely LOVE this shoes… such a total win and what a great price…. I found this on the marketplace @ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Duh-Womens-Sneaker-Boots-Black-Out/968902))

Mask: NONKO 2012 *omen*set (L$ 20) (You can get this at the Japan NONKO location, comes with two different ones…)

lipstick: HUSH – Natural Lipsticks (L$ 30/gacha) (You can find this at HUSH’s location at the 24″ event at the me. location in the women’s section.  Hush is one of the big stores near the landing point… Look for the BLINDING neon pink area…. )

The finger nails: [SLINK] Slink Enhancement Fingernails (for default hands) (L$ 150These are for the normal avatar. They allow you to wear the SLINK appliers, and can be sized.  They can be found near the mesh hands display on the wall next to them…)

Well, I hope you guys are able to check out the FR3SH club, that is if you like great dance music and really great DJs… but watch out for those noobie grabbers…. They might carry YOU off…. *big hugs*……………….. till next time………………care ❤


So much power can’t be contained…


I’ll be honest…. I have been trying to find “something” to write to you all about but I was/am brain fried and broken…. Well.. Thanks to Xandra Bressig, owner of the Sour Pickles store… She pointed out this great little black dress by !Soul.. and I ran with it from there…. so.. <big hugs> to her for helpin a sista out… 😀

(I snapped the top picture @ Salimar.  All I did was add a frame and my name to this… the rest is all windlight and what is there already right on the entrance ramp *grins*… check it out… way cool….)


Dress:  !Soul ~ Mesh Dress Black + Lolas Tango MP Gift (FREE) (I got this on the marketplace @ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SoulMesh-MP-Gift-IW-Info-Gift-5000L-Info-Photo-Contest/5171923)

by buying the Marketplace Gift for free you will get a folder with:


– !Soul ~ Mesh Dress Black + Lolas Tango MP Gift (Box);
– a picture with infos about In World Group Gift;  (Love showed us this in world gift in her post “Smoked Fish” on the 4th…)
– 5.000$L Photo Contest Info (Logo and Box);
– Landmark to !Soul Shop

Eyes: LaNoir Soleil Designs: Amethyst Eyes – Subscriber Gift (FREE) (Get by clicking on Subscriber Kiosk at Main Store… comes in large and small size.)

Collar: BeBe DeSiGnS – BB-Collar-grey (L$ 1) (omgosh.. Totally love this collar, it is COPY/MOD…. and comes as a basic gray …. I dropped a freebie silver plate texture I found at USC Textures on one of the lucky boards.  I used this texture on the main collar part and made the top of it black… I think it matches quite nicely and yeah… fits great… I found it on the Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BB-Collar-grey/4881105)

Leggings/Bangles: Izzie’s – Leggings black/silver (pants) (L$ 10) (These two items are part of a Clearout package found on the desk @ Izzie’s main store. Love showed a couple of other pieces of this package in her post…. “O.O Izzie’s Has A HUGE Clearout Package for 10L!” way back in April!)

Skin: :  [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Fujiko] – [Red Sunkissed TDR ] (L$ 70) (You can get this at The Dressing Room – Fusion @ Imogen/208/149/27 It comes with Eyes, lashes, the skins and Tango Appliers)

Tattoo: [White~Widow] TwoMoons (L$ 200) (This can be found on the marketplace @ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/WhiteWidow-TwoMoons/5083683)

Applier: [White~Widow] TwoMoons Lolas applier (L$ 50) (This can be found on the marketplace @ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/WhiteWidow-TwoMoons-Lolas-applier/5083691)

Boots: J’s Mainshop Studded Long boots (Black) (L$ 450)

I “finally” was able to get into the Collabra88 Birthday where I found this great hair by Wasabi Pills, and these great poses by exposeur….  *laughs* That’s not ALL I bought, but let’s just say… It took ALOT of control not to buy a ton more ❤

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Claudette (L$ 188) (This is an unrigged hair that you can change the hair band color as well as resize it.)

Poses: {.:exposeur:.} Back To Black set (L$ 88) (This can be bought at Collabra88  as well… You get 8 poses and their mirrored versions.) 

mesh breastsLolas – Tango – Mesh Breasts (L$ 1750)

And that is all this very mind blocked woman has for you today… *big hugs*…………..till next time…………………care ❤