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*lovely tea*

Like Renee, I used Emerald a lot, but not anymore! I completely switched to the SL viewer 2.1… and I am loving it more and more. I do hope the Lindens will fix all the bugs so it will be an even better experience! I soo love the “current outfit” folder.. it’s perfect for blogging! I just have to rightclick the link in the current outfit folder to find the original item! Amazing!  For now a little quickie, hoping to keep the summerfeeling a bit longer.. as it is getting freezingly cold here in the Netherlands!! Enjoy xxx ^^

 Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

hair – fri.day – – Hilary – Happy Blond – not free
skin – ::: I CE COCO : – [I CE COCO] – Miranda : Lovely Tea : 02(L6) – pale – 5L (on the Miranda vendor sign)
eyelashes – [chuculet] – eyelashes – bella – 1L
bikini – Wanderer the Wind – WTW swim .w orange 2 – 0L (40 min. group camping chair)

xxx Farah


Lingering in my lingerie

Wanderer the Wind @ Nenashigusa Nest has some extremely beautiful lingerie at amazing prices. Evelyn Hartshon gave me the heads up about this place earlier this evening before I crashed and SL wouldnt let me back in. I think it knew I was about to buy up the whole store so it denied me access until I calmed down a little *sneaky SL*

When I did manage to get back in, I snapped up a few of the goodies to show you and tried to keep my head about me.. well you know me and pretty undies. Hey, a girl has to have a collection of something, right?

The first few I have to show you, can all be found stacked on the shelves. This is a small selection of what is available there and there are several other styles at similar prices.

Starting for a dollarbie is this yummy camisole set in purple and turquoise called ver11 sp

Next is this baby pink lingerie set called ver15 sp for 20L

This pretty lacey set called ver32 pink is priced at 25L

This grey lacey set called ver18 sp comes with both the bra and the cropped cami top for 50L

ver27 white is such a cute and flirty night dress and a steal at 85L. You can also choose to wear it without the prim parts as a bustier and panties set, which looks just as sweet.

These last two are found up on the walls of the store and are part of the main store collection, but again the prices are amazing so I had to show you a couple of the styles you can buy.

ver28 C azuki is priced at 60L and comes in a range of colours

ver24 flower white is absolutely stunning and again comes in a range of other colours. It is priced at 70L

Other Info
+ Meadowsweet Yume May Skin by Heartsick ( 50L )
+ Elf Ears by Gauged ( ex-hunt gift .. Elf Ears are usually 300L but there is a 1/2 sale this weekend (thanks Evelyn for that info also) so they are 150L )
+ Maia hair by Truth ( not free )
+ Poses by Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses



This is my cutest shape by far…. she’s cute, sweet… almost like an angel… ‘Rosa’ – new shape at [chuculet]! Not only the cutest dollarbie shape ever, but also the skin is a dollarbie and the hair, eyes and lashes are almoste free.. a whole avie?? ohwwwmmaaiii!

*[chuculet] ROSA shape - 1L$!*

*[chuculet] ROSA shape - 1L$!*

*[chuculet] ROSA shape - 1L$!*

[chuculet] – rosa shape – 1L$ (mod/copy) >>> read on my blog for the full style card

 x Xaida x – beata clear skin -1L$

Junwave – lise hair – oL (luckyboard for groupmembers)

Free Spirit – eyes off nutmeg – 1L$ (whole pack at freebiewall)

Beauty Avatar Couture – eyelashes stella – 1L$ (part of estate gift)

lingerie – version 15 light pink by Wanderer the Wind (not free)


(How about that.. a whole avie for free……… ;)^^)



xxx Farah


it’s your little secret… ssshhsss…

U know that feeling, when u’r wearing a gorgeous lingerie-set, underneath your clothes?… like it’s your little secret… these lingerie sets from Wanderer the Wind (by Tomoe Zenovka) … are just gorgeous… and will definitaly make you feel special, sexy and very fabulous! I really wanted to focus on the lingerie.. so I’m not wearing anything else… xxx enjoy ^^

pic 1
Farah for FabFree

pic 1 available at WTW at starry light mall
shown: lingerie ver3 sp – oL (30 min. group camping (join nenashigusa nest group) )

Pictures below are available at WTW at Trenza

pic 2
Farah for FabFree

pic2: shown from left to right:
ver 18 red – oL (30 min. group camping (join nenashigusa nest group) )
ver 15 light pink – oL (30 min. group camping (join nenashigusa nest group) )

pic 3

Farah for FabFree

pic 3:
ver 11 sp – 1L

Pictures (pic 4-7) below are available at WTW at cherry – mainstore

pic 4

Farah for FabFree
pic 4: ver 6 babypink – oL (30 min. group camping (join nenashigusa nest group) )

pic 5
Farah for FabFree

pic 5: ver 21 dots – oL (50 min. group camping (join nenashigusa nest group) )
eye masks dots – oL (also eyemasks satin version available)

Farah for FabFree

pic 6: bikini – nugikake nr 2 – 1L(also other colors available for 1L)
negligent cardigan gray- 0L (also pink color inside; lucky board)

pic 7
Farah for FabFree
pic 7: ver 12 black – 0L (lucky board)

other items shown: poses by ELISA, Izumiya and RaySkin; skin – seduction – copper by Cupcakes; hair amber by Maitreya; chichi pumps brown by Maitreya


xxx Farah