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Quickie: BISHWEAR-SCANDAL and Biedermann? Tres Beau!

Bishwear DESIRES freeBISHWEAR-SCANDAL offers 2 enchanting, breathtaking gowns! For free – but only today so you better hurry. Sparkle Gown and Desires Gown are both located into the store. Go downstairs, there are big signs behind the stairs.

The gowns come with pants, underpants, jacket (shirt), gloves (manicure), stockings, skirt, flexiskirt and Sparkle Gown with a boa, too.

Bishwear SparkleBishwear DesiresBishwear Desires

I matched the Sparkle Gown with Smooch Kitten Heels (SSUS) and Biedermann`s Hair for You in pink. The Desires Gown I matched with Biedermann`s Hair A Gift for You , Red Diamond Slippers and Slip Pearl Earrings in black by Tres Beau Designs. You will find these freebies (earrings comes in black and white) into the Tres Beau Store next the entrance (big blue boxes with snowflakes sitting on the ground). At your landingpoint your are right in front of the big sign with the Red Diamond Slippers, click the sign and buy the shoes for 1 Linden.

Bishwear Sparkle freeTres BeauTRES BEAU

Euterpe Skin – Another Skin Mod LF0 (La Reina Hunt 1 L)

La Reina 201/125/23

Red and black Diamond Slippers, Slip Pearl Earring black/white (o L)

TRES BEAU Designs, Lace 65/169/23

Hair for You Pink, A Gift for Your Hair (0 L)

Biedermann´s Hair, Blue Quill 225/153/58

Sparkle Gown, Desires Gown (0 L)Fab Hazel

BISHWEAR-SCANDAL, Cecil 125/70/257

SMooch Kitten Heels (FashConRezDayGift o L)

SSUS, Redux NW 149/196/23

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Take your ELEGANCE HAT and go for a hunt at LA REINA


This funny sign (and 3 other different signs) I´ve found at the hunt at LA REINA. The sign is part of the gift from D!FF which is including the cute SCHWEET HEARTS TEE, I´m wearing in the pincture.

La Reina Schweet Tee D!ffVeschi La Reina

La Reina Hunt will last until February, 17th. Find the hearts with great presents made by the designers of LaReina. The hearts are pink, sometimes tiny, well hidden and you have to look hard. If you find one, buy it for 1 Linden. I wasn´t able to find all the hidden hearts because of not enough time and bad lag. Hope you have better luck than I do.

What I found are 4 beautiful skins (Thalia, Euterpe, Melpomene- all Another Skin CF0 mod, Another Papillon by mela´s) by , Willow in Plum with matching clutch from Shapes by Kira, Round And Abouton Rose by VESCHI, Valentine Silks from QC Designs and the mentioned goodies by D!FF.La Reine Euterpe SkinMelpomene Skin La ReinaThalia Skin La ReinaAnother Papillon Skin by mela`s La Reina
The little Elegance Hat I´ve found at ELEGANCE HATS for free. It´s located inside the store on a small table. If you are a hat addict check out the store, there are another beautiful and unexpensive hats.

Elegance HatSilks QC La ReinaWillow Dress La ReinaWillow Dress chocker clutch La Reina

Skins “Vivi” (Another skin LF0 mod):

Thalia, Euterpe, Melpomene (hunt gift, 1 L a skin)

La Reina 201/125/23

Skin Another Papillon by mela`s (hunt gift, 1 L)

mela`s, La Reina 150/134/24

Elegance hat (Valentins Freebie o L)

Elegance Hats, Ivalde 59/126/35

4 Valentine signs, Schweet Hearts Tee (hunt gift, 0 L)

D!FF Main, La Reina 199/135/24

Willow in Plum Dress (hunt gift 1 L)

Shapes by Kira, La Reina 147/219/24

Round And Abouton Rose (hunt gift 1 L)

Veschi Main, La Reina 207/177/24

VDay Silks (hunt gift 1 L)Fab Hazel

QC Designs, La Reina 201/26/23

Black Stiletto Boots (group gift o L)

Blaze, Blaze 68/125/53

ADA shoes No 2 red, black (o L)

ADA Store, Fontaine 39/104/50

Tintable Metallic Lycra Tights (0 L)

G.L.A.M., Viva La Glam 110/104/24

Red hot pants (part of Artilleri Ingrid group gift 0 L)

Artilleri, Artilleri 92/123/26


Quickie: HANG THE DJ! Grab your almost free PJ (`s)/JOJO`s/BEWITCHED HAIR

Hang the DJ Music is my hot hot sex PJHANG THE DJ! offers just for the next 24 hours a “MUSIC IS MY HOT HOT SEX” Ladies PJs for just 1 Linden. This offer ends at Midnight SLT on Feb 14th/08 – so don´t miss it!

You will find this item only at the mainstore, it´s a big sign located at the entrance.

If you´re done with grabbing PJ´s tp over to JOJO`s Designs and take a look at the amazing jewellery. Yes, and of course there´s also a freebie: a diamond heart pendant for the ladies and a choker1 for the men. The boxes are sitting on the ground next the entrance.

The hair I´m wearing in the pictures I found at BEWITCHED HAIR by hunting littlel pink hearts. These hearts are placed around the inside of the store, if you find one click it and buy it for 1 Linden. You will get great hairstyles in Valentine colors. Unfortunately I have not had enough time to hunt all candy hearts, I´ll show you only two hair styles, Liza and Francesca. But there are 10 little pink hearts to find!

Bewitched Liza Pink Candy hunt

I need a break – put on my hot hot PJ´s *wheeze*

Bewitched FrancescaJOJO´s

Cher´s RezDay Skin (Updated, group gift 0 L)

Talisman 230/192/24

Music is My Hot Hot Sex-PJ´s (1 L)

HANG THE DJ!Main, Retrology 228/46/40

Ladies diamond heart pendant, men´s choker1 (both 0 L)

JOJO`s Designs, Boing 130/217/22

Hair Francesca sunset, Hair Liz pink (candy heart hunt, 1 L a hairstyle)

BEWITCHED HAIR, Lemon Island126/124/23

Fab Hazel


Quickie: BLUEBELL brings a floral touch to DONNA LULU and TALISMAN

Bluebell free KANDICEBLUEBELL has opened a new branch at Grafton Plaza. There I have found the amazing floral KANDICE Dress which is for free still today (according to the notecard).

I matched it with shoes in pink/black by DONNA LULU, which I have won on a Lucky Chair at the store. There are a lot of Lucky Chairs!

The cute necklace I´m wearing is from a Lucky Chair, too. It´s the sculpted heart choker Romance by TALISMAN.

Hurry up to get the KANDICE Dress and good luck with the chairs!

Talisman necklace lucky chairDonna Lulu shoes Lucky Chair

Cher`s RezDay Skin (Updated, group gift o L)

Talisman 230/192/24

KANDICE Dress (0 L)

Bluebell & Grafton Plaza, Odessa Luxurious 175/172/22

Necklace sculpted heart choker ROMANCE (lucky chair o L)

Talisman, Talisman 189/81/28

DONNA LULU shoes Mod 108/Pto/Pink (lucky chair 0 L)

Snallygaster 40/190/79

Quickie: Red, hot, dangerous ARTILLERI

artilleri Ingrid group giftARTILLERI gives out a sexy skintight highwaisted skirt in bright red, black top and matching earrings (in red and black) as a group gift. Ingrid comes with prim skirts in 2 sizes. But in my opionion you can wear it without the prim attachement as hot pants, too. To get this gift you have to join the group.

Do a search in groups for the group called Artilleri. (When I do a group search I use the phrase artilleri and it is the 3rd choice). Join this group. It is free to join. Go to the Notices. Sort the Notices by date. Go to the one dated 02/12/2008 with the subject A Little Valentines Gift. Click Open Attachment. You are now the proud owner of a box with Valentines Gift from artilleri. Find a place that allow build. Unpack your box. This item is only going to be available as long as it is in the notice archives.

Don´t miss it, highwaisted pants and skirt are a rare find!

Artillerie group gift Ingrid earrings


Another Skin Re brow 2, lust (0 L)

Another Shop, Lippert 74/176/178

Chinese SpringFestival Female Hair (0 L)

Chinese Impressions, Imelza 33/118/22

Ingrid Outfit – skirt, top, earrings (group gift 0 L)

ARTILLERI , Artilleri 92/123/26

Black Stiletto Boots (group gift o L)

BLAZE, Blaze 68/125/53






Fab Hazel

NYTE´N´DAY Undies + K&M`s Retro Bikini

nytekmneu.jpgNYTE´N´DAY has an amazing dollarbie – Hearty Freebie Tank & Undies. There are different layers (shorter, longer) in hot pink, white and black – so you can mix and match to your personal taste.The item is located at the entrance hall, take a look at my pic.


Kryptonia Paperdoll (designer and owner of Splashing Doll Skins) was so kind to tell me about her new freebie at Hot Silly Peppers Lab: K&M Valentine Freebie, a cute retro bikini and a heart necklace.

Male HairChinese Impression 2008 Gift ( 0 L)

Chinese Impressions, Imelza 33/118/22

Skin light nude candy (1 L)

A Piece of Candy, Taranatha 183/146/44

Hearty Freebie Tank & Undies (1 L)

Nyte`n`Day Clothes/Skins, Nyte N Day 120/92/28

K&M Valentine Freebie, Retro Bikini + Necklace (0 L)

Fab Hazel


At first the Quickie: the cutest VALENTINE AO is located at SUGAR MILL left the entrance on the wall next the easel. Hurry up, it´s only there for a limited time and costs 1 Linden now! The red little heart is included, just wear it. I show you some poses of this AO in the pictures.

Angels Alchemy Alienbear Sugar MillGreat Valentine goodies are given out from Angels, Alchemy and Alienbear – a very very special Valentine gift!

The free AMOR DRESS (Alchemy) comes with sooo many options as 3 skirts and 3 scripted skirts (SS), long top (jacket layer), pants and so on. Matching AMORE ANKLE STRAP SHOES (Angels) with sexy walk option and the AMOUR NECKLACE & EARRING SET (Alienbear) completes your VALENTINE outfit.

Dress, shoes and jewellery are pictured on the wall.

alchemy-valentineao.jpgalchemy-va-shoes.jpgalechemy-va-hair-skin-necklace.jpgAlchemy Angels Alienbear Sugar Millalchemy-va-schmuck.jpg

Skin: Cher´s RezDay Skin (Fabulously Free in SL, 0 L)

Talisman 230/192/24

Hair: Calla TouchToFit Hair, spanish confetti (group gift, 0 L)

Calla, Callatropia 125/193/23


ALCHEMY MAIN Store, Emilia 38/84/61


ANGELS, West Sunset 208/125/22


ALIENBEAR GUPTE, Le Bear Castle, Bratz 194/239/29

Sugar Mill VALENTINE AO ( limited time, 1 L)

SUGAR MILL, Gateaux Boulevard 176/99/27

Fab Hazel


First, I would like to remind the ANOTHER FUNDRAISER skin project – as far as I know it ends today. I decided to buy some of the skins, they are all great! 50 Lindens are an affordable amount and you´re doing something good, too. Read all about it here: http://anotherfundraiser.blogspot.com/.

One of the skins I bought is the NUCLEAR Skin DREAM, I´m wearing the skin in the pictures. And this reminds me that I have to go to NUCLEAR´S BOUTIQUE to look if there´s something new. It was!

Another Fundrainser Nuclear Skin DREAMNuclear Men´s Shop Free Gift for Him, Pants and tee in gray and tanNUCLEAR free Holiday Dresses in white and red

The free item of the week is the cute LITTLE BO BEEP Dress. It comes with shoes, socks, top and pants in different layers, skirts in different sizes (and Memory Skirt, too), an animated crook and Reginald the lost sheep.Nuclear Boutique Little Bo Beep Dress free

The free Valentine´s gift is the Sweetheart Ruby Gown – it´s amazing! Comes with glitch pants, tops, shoes and flexy skirt. A very elegant and feminine gown – make me feel like a Diva 🙂

Also still available are the free L`Oreal skins and the free Holiday Dresses in white and red. All goodies are located on the wall or in bags at the usual place. Take a look at the clearance items on the wall next the freebies!

I found some freebies for the guys, too. There are the Free Proton 4Him Pack with hair in bronze, brutale brunette, burn and raven. The Gift for Him includes basic jeans in tan and gray and matching tees. Lucky girls, we can wear it, too – I like it, just my style.

NUCLEAR free Valentines Gift Sweetheart Ruby Gown NUCLEAR free Valentine gift SWEETHEART RUBY GOWN shoes texture

Little Bo Peep Dress, Sweetheart Ruby Gown, Holiday Dresses (0 Linden)

NUCLEAR BOUTIQUE Quality Hair, Archipelago Wild 189/211/6

Gift for Him jeans and tees, free men´s hairstyle Proton (0 Linden)

The Men´s Shop at NUCLEAR, Archipelago Wild 206/190/7


Fab Hazel


Quickie: News from FLUKY and INGENUE

Ingenue offers another adorable lingerie set located inside the store left to the entrance on the wall: Be Mine – Romance Red. How could I resist? Be Mine …….. just 1 Linden and it is mine now!

Fluky gives out a very pretty dress located at the entrance stairs (right in front of you at your landing point): Pepto Pink comes with glitchpants, skirt, t-shirt, sweater and hood. I have to say I really like Fluky´s stuff – casual, cute and well done!

Fab Hazel

Ingenue, Lingerie Be Mine in Romance Red (1 Linden)

INGENUE, Born 99/49/32

Fluky, Pepto Pink Dress (1 Linden)

FLUKY, Gateaux Boulevard 96/138/22

Al Design, Black Ballet Flats (1 Linden)

Al Design Studios, Quest II 136/112/21

Ingenue Lingerie Be Mine Romance RedFluky  Pepto Pink


Valentine Treasure Hunt and other goodies @ GIZLAND

Today I found a nice little shop named Giz`z Gizmo`s at Gizland. When you step into the store you will find 3 freebie boxes right in front of you including the Memory of Maureen-Dress, a Giz tank top and a bikini.

Memory of Maureen Dress

Giz Bikinigiz-tank.jpg
There`s a Valentine Treasure Hunt going on, too. You have to find 13 boxes scattered around Gizland. Each box (tiny boxes, open your eyes!) contains a piece of 3 new released outfits. And take a look at the new released outfits inside the shop – they are great!

While hunting the boxes don´t forget to enjoy all things Gizland offers to you: places to take a rest, cute animals, swings and so on.

SKIN: Bazy Emmie Skin (not longer available for free but Jeisa and Keira Skins are still 1 L)

bazy @ the LOLO Mall149/240/21

Bikini, tank top, Memory of Maureen-Dress (all for 0 L)

Giz`z Gizmo`z at Gizland, Anala 214/200/76



Fab Hazel