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It was all over the FabFree group chat yesterday.. Belleza have dropped the group membership fee until MIDNIGHT SLT 18th February… and the very lovely owner/creator Tricky Boucher, has set out group gifts at their store of a whole set of Alyson skins for women and Thomas skins for men. You can find them just inside the main door to the left on a counter. Follow the huge pack of green dots on your mini map if you really arent sure! Though I suggest once you are in the group, you keep it as one of your “Im never gonna leave!” groups because Tricky is a doll with group gifts.. its totally worth a space in your groups forevers.

Tarsis blogged the male skins earlier, but I thought I would drag Nao in to model them again with me considering he has just come back off of being on holiday for like.. ever.. So I pouted and he agreed. Hooray!

The Alyson skins are so so pretty. You get 5 skin tones in the pack, all with hairbase and cleavage options. The Thomas skins also come in 5 skin tones.

Also worn in the pictures, are the Red Lust dress from Aqua that is currently on sale for 5L just find the picture instore to buy. Nao’s shirt is from INDI Designs and is week four of their puzzle outfit that you can find on the second floor.. His pants come from Glam Affair and are 10L in the sale room. He is also wearing the new freebie hair from Uncle Web which can be found on the counter across from the tp point!

Other items
+ Kaze Hair by Truth ( not free )
+ Ashia Ballet shoes by SLink ( not free )
+ Nao’s Boots by Hoorenbeek ( LeLook! Xmas freebie no longer available )
+ Eyes worn by both by Poetic Colors ( ex-freebies, new ones added all the time)
+ Both shapes by me


Belleza Group Gift

Alot of people ask about Belleza Group Gifts and I know we are a freebie group and some people argue we shouldnt blog about groups that you have to pay to join to get the gifts. However I argue this… the group fee is substantially less than what you pay for some items, especially in groups like Belleza where you often get skin gifts. Plus, it is a one time fee so if you stay in the group, you are rewarded with gifts throughout the year. When you think about it, it really is an investment and you are getting amazing deals if you can afford the group fee.

So it is with this, that I am telling you guys about the current group gift from Belleza which was bestowed upon group members and those who choose to join the group and pay the 250L fee. The very generous Tricky Boucher gave out an Xmas gift of absolutely gorgeous skins. A set of Alyson skins in 3 tones and a set of Thomas skins in 3 tones. So there is something for the girls and the guys.

I love how cute the Alyson Skins are!

This is Nao wearing the Thomas skins. They are just jaw droppingly yummy. He is also wearing the freebie Joshua shape from Heartsick which is found inside a bag on the table inside the store. They are also modifyable so you can tweek them.

If you want an unbelievably awesome skin – particularly you guys.. then this really is the deal for you. If you can afford it, get in the group and get these skins while you can. They were submitted yesterday so there are 14 days on them as SL only keeps group notices for 2 weeks.

Other info
+ Whisper and Nao’s hair is the freebie male hair from Uncle Web that you can find behind the counter on the shelves.
+ Whispers lingerie is the Millais set from Lovelace @ Pixeldolls ( not free )


Heartsick Opening Gift

Its unlike me to me be late in blogging something as yummy as free skins! But RL took a bit of a priority yesterday so Im a little behind with everything.

You remember the Pure Morning skins I blogged last week that were the prize in the Burning Chrome Midnight Mania board? Well they finally opened the new skin store called Heartsick and as an opening gift they set out a whole new fatpack of skins as a freebie for the girls aswell as a freebie of 2 cute male shapes for the guys.


The make up is called Dark Shines and comes in 6 tones, all with cleavage and freckle options just like the Pure morning fatpack did. I am wearing the Aether tone in the main picture which is the lightest tone.



And here is Nao modelling the male shapes for me. He is wearing the Belleza Ewan group gift skin (250L join fee) which is still available as I write this.

The shape on the Left is the Jasper shape and the shape on the Right is the Lucus Shape. The differences are mostly facial. Lucus is more softer and rounder whereas Jasper is more chiselled around the jaw and cheekbones. The body shapes are both well proportioned with sleek muscles rather than being overly bulked out. Both come in 4 realistic heights from 5ft 8 – 6ft 2, but both are Mod/Copy so you can make yourself SL tall if you really want to.


Also worn in Nao’s pictures:

+ Hair in Left picture Free Reed hair from Uncle Web
+ Hair in Right picture, Group Gift 1L Hair from Find ASH
+ Group Gift jeans from LikeA Follow the red beacon to co-ordinates 168, 51, 22
+ Group Gift 1L Scarf from Find ASH