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Sleeping in Sunday!

Today I went to {M}Alice and picked up the Saturday Afternoon skirt and top completely free.  The Painting Madness is a great weekend look, especially if you are fixing up your home!

I also grabbed the male Contrast outfit and the English Boy shirts that Carson blogged a few weeks ago, because I wanted to see how they looked on women.  Not bad?

I also picked up the Tipois fatpack of skirts and tops at {M}Alice.  The fatpack gifts come in black, blue, green, pink, purple, and red.

I also picked up the fatpack of kimono tops at {M}Alice.  The Capri pants are in the huge gift pack at *TuttiFrutti*.  The gift contains many past hunt gifts, even a few for the men!

I especially liked the *TuttiFrutti* capris paired with the Sexy Back halters from Mischief Fashions.  These shirts are still in the subscribe-o-matic history at Mischief Fashions .  The white sneakers are L$25 or so at Duh!.

The Spanish Dress pack is in the midnight mania board at Ema’s Secret and comes with cream, myst, pearl, and pink.  The yellow Drops heels are the newest midnight mania gift at Heart & Sole.

Also if you join the Ema’s Secret group you can pick up the Classic bikini at the front of the store.  I think I may overload you all with every bikini I see unless I can get out of this need for swimwear I seem to have lately!

I’ve shown the Veronica Beach skin before.  This skin is still available as a grand opening gift at Onika.  I think the skin would look awesome on a young teen AV!  The chin length mahogany Megan hair is the newest subscribe-o-matic gift for ChiChickie! members.  There’s also past gifts in the sub-o history, so join and check the history!  And Welcome back Chiana!!!


*{M}Alice: Spanish Dress Pack (L$0)
Crao ( 78/178/805 )

*Mischief Fashions: Sexy Back Halters (SOM – L$0)
Mischief Isle ( 59/201/23 )

*TuttiFrutti*: Capri Gift Pack (L$0)
Juicy ( 163/28/25 )

*Ema’s Secret: Spanish Dress Pack (MM – L$0)
Charlestown ( 48/243/487 )

*Duh!: White Sneakers (L$25)
Katachi ( 216/30/22 )

*Heart & Sole: Yellow Drops Heels (MM – L$0)
Heart and Sole ( 47/131/24 )

*ChiChickie!: Megan Hair (SOM – L$0)
Pioneer ( 102/219/27 )

*Onika: Veronica Beach Skin (L$0)
Pymarid Island ( 165/239/23 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



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Join the celebration at The Deck

The Deck is celebrating its first anniversary and there are gifts set out from most of the shop owners throughout the weekend!  I felt like the prom queen stood up on prom night in the Prophecy dress from Lelutka and  The Deck skin from Idiosyncrasy.  The skins come with cleavage options for the tan, pale, and sun skin tones.  The TUE hair is from Miel and comes with blonde, brown, and red.  The azurite and silver Gem Deco earrings and necklace are from Essentia.  The pose used is from Body Language.

BareRose has pink stripe pants and a The Deck unisex tank at The Deck.  The Orchid necklace is from Tori-Wear.  The Neyya heels are from Maitreya at The Deck.

TuttiFrutti has a two pair of Confort Capri pants at The Deck celebration.  Below you can see the Alice capri pants with the fuchsia bra top from Maitreya.  The Sharon bangles are from YS&YS at The Deck.

I keep crashing, so I’ll be back to show you more gifts from The Deck!


*The Deck (L$0)
The Deck ( 78/177/22 )



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Scenes From The MHOH

Here’s a few more items you can find at the Make Him Over Hunt 3. I’m starting out with a colorful selection of t-shirts from DYN Clothing. This tee 5 pack comes in blue, brown, orange, red and yellow. They will have you thinking Spring as soon as you put them on.

DYN #50 t-shirt 1

DYN #50 t-shirt 2

Next, I paired the Red Ribbed Sweater from Style For Him with the TuttieFrutti Basic Grey Jeans. The sweater can be paired with any pants to get the style you are looking for.

Style for him #104 Red Ribbed Sweater Tuttie Fruity #166TF Basic Grey Jeans

Before Sleep’s gift for the hunt is the Casual Dood Pants and Undershirt. This brown combination works well together and comfortable enough to continue my hunting during the remainder of the MHOH.

Before Sleep #168 Casual Dood pants and Undershirt

From Dogstar I found zippered jeans and tank combo. I plan on clubbing in this outfit if I can ever force myself to take a break from the hunt.

Dogstar MHOH #161 zip jeans &zip tanktop

My last find of the day is from Macho Menswear. The Elvis Shirt, Black Jeans and Daily Sneakers (which i have worn throughout the shoot) have a classic, comfortable style. This is going in my wardrobe rotation for sure.

Macho Menswear #145 White Elvis Shirt black jeans daily smeakers (2)

Time for me to head back to the stores for more hunt items. See you there.

*DYN Clothing Grandad Tees #50 MHOH ($0L)
DYN Clothing, Cymru (134, 209, 21)

*Style For Him Ribbed Sweater Red #104 MHOH ($0L)
STYLE FOR HIM, Serenity Cove (59, 133, 22)

*TuttiFrutti Basic Jeans Grey #166 MHOH ($0L)
*TuttiFrutti*, Juicy (236, 47, 25)

*Before Sleep Casual Dood Pants #168 MHOH ($0L)
*Before Sleep Casual Dood Undershirt #168 MHOH ($0L)
#Before Sleep#, Sparkling Star (16, 98, 22)

*DogStar Zippered Jeans #161 MHOH ($0L)
*DogStar Zippered T-shirt #161 MHOH ($0L)
Dogstar Mens Casuals, Jet Lag (30, 143, 21)

*.::Macho::. menswear White Elvis Shirt #145 MHOH ($0L)
*.::Macho::. menswear Black Jeans, #145 MHOH ($0L)
*.::Macho::. menswear Daily Sneakers #145 MHOH ($0L)
.::Macho::. menswear, A New Beginning (28, 37, 22)