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Laying On The Beach

Hemp On The Beach Blog Photo

I was going through the boxes of all the gifts I got from “Seraphim’s 2nd Anniversary Event” when I stumbled upon these beautiful mesh hemp bikinis by [ SAKIDE ]. I’m only showing off one of the three colors available in the box so don’t think this is the only color! The color I have on is called Rose which is just a perfect mix of pink and purple for me. The other two colors included are Lime and Green which are also great vibrant colors.

Well I’m off to get some more Vitamin D. See you all later!


Goldie Is Wearing:

Hair: TRUTH – Wanda Light Blondes: (New/ Not Free)

Skin: Glam Affair – Cleo Artic: (Not Free)

Bikini: [ SAKIDE ]@S2AE – Hemp Bikinis: (Free Anniversary Gift/No Group Join Fee)

Hands: Slink – Hands Casual: (Not Free)

Feet: Slink – Medium Mesh Feet: (Not Free)

Fingernail&Toenail Appliers: *League* – Natural French Manicure: (Free Gift)


Lounging Around

Not your typical house wife blog photo

I’m Back!

Did you all miss me? I bet you did. Okay let me get to the beautiful lounge around the house outfit I have for you all today. The shirt and pants are both free gifts together from “Leri Miles Designs” for the Seraphim turns two event. This event offers many and I mean many gifts for free from the tons of designers that offered a gift for this event. The way to get all these gifts is to join the free Seraphim group and just slap all the boards and get all the many gifts.

The socks you see me under my loose fitting jeans arm from “Lark.” The clothing layers for the socks are 25L a try in Lark’s gatcha, but the owner has nicely set out the “Slink Avatar Enhancement” appliers for free just in case you had played the gatcha before she put them out.

Well time to get back on my feet and getting around to find more freebies for you all.



Goldie Is Wearing:

Hair: TRUTH – Sadie Light Blondes: (Not Free)

Shirt And Jeans: Leri Miles Designs@S2ndA – Bellina Sweater And Summer Jeans: (Free Anniversary Group Gift/ No Group Join Fee)

Sock Appliers: Lark – Socks White: (Free/ Free Slink Feet Appliers Only)

Nails: Slink – Nails For Default Hands: (Not Free)

Nail Applier: *Tori-Tastic* – Lace Nail Set 2: (Not Free)

Feet: Slink – Mesh Feet: (Not Free)


Pardon My French

french swinging blog photo

Hi all! Late night post from me. c:

I have been wanting to show you this gift available at my favorite skin store MY UGLYDOROTHY for quite awhile, but haven’t had an outfit to wear it with until now. The free group gift (no join fee) from MY UGLYDOROTHY is the beautiful skin on my face. I know that sounds odd, but the gift is only the face and all the add ons such as the blush,lipstick, and eyeshadow. If you want to have the body to match the face you will have to get the base which she has for sale right above the gift.
french swinging blog photo 2

The two different outfit sets I am wearing for both the photos above are from [ SAKIDE ] as a free hunt prize for the “Excuse My French Hunt.” This hunt is full of great designers that are all french. When you find the hidden prize in [ SAKIDE ]’s mainstore you will get both sets of these outfits which include: 2 mesh tied tops in 5 sizes, 2 pairs of leggings in 5 sizes, and 2 cute colored pairs of ballet shoes. A full outfit for free!

Before I forget I want to tell you all that I will be away for the next few days so I will not be able to blog any review packs sent to me. So if you want you can wait for me to get back or go and send it to one of our other fabulous bloggers.

See you all soon!


Goldie Is Wearing:

Skin: MY UGLYDOROTHY – 2013 Group Gift: (Free Group Gift/ No Join Fee)

Hair: TRUTH – Candy Light Blondes: (Not Free)

Outfit: [ SAKIDE ] – St Tropez Outfit: (Free Hunt Prize)



There Is Such A Thing As A Sexy Nerd

R2D2 Blog Photo2

Hey All You Readers!

Today I went with a Sci-Fi look inspired by my favorite poet, R2D2. My favorite quote of R2D2s is: “Beep Bloop Blop Bleep Boop.” Gosh, He has such a way with words. Okay I’ll get over my pity love affair of R2D2 and get back to showing you some fabulous items! The dress of R2D2 I am wearing is from *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* for the “Sexy Nerd Hunt” that just started. *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* offers a gift for both genders inside their hidden prim. Maybe Cal will show off the male gift to you all soon *wink wink*. Another “Sexy Nerd Hunt” prize I picked up are the nerdy glasses resting on my nose from EBMod. The glasses have 2 versions in the pack, an unscripted version and then a RLV scripted version is included also.  How much are these hunt prizes may I ask? They are all only 5L each!

Okay well this nerdy girl is going to go admire the R2D2 posters hanging upon the walls…. I mean go looking for freebies for you all!


Goldie Is Wearing:

Skin: MY UGLYDOROTHY – Miu Tone 1: (New/Not Free)

Hair: TRUTH – Candy Light Blondes: (New/Not Free)

Dress: *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* – Artoo Dress: (Sexy Nerd Hunt Prize/5L)

Glasses: EBMod – Nerd Ed: (Sexy Nerd Hunt Prize/5L)

Hands: Slink – Casual Hands: (Not Free)

Hand Skin Appliers: MY UGLYDOROTHY – Tone 1 Slink Applier: (New/Not Free)

Nail Appliers: *Tori-Tastic* – Lace Nail Set 2: (New/Not Free)


Cupcakes On The Beach

Cupcakes On The Beach Blog2

Hey all you fabulous readers! I’m back with more fabulous items for you all.

The beautiful cupcake wedges you see strutting down the boardwalk are the latest group gift out at [Gos] Boutique. For the moment the group is 500L to join while this gift is out, but it is well worth it! If you want to wait to get in the group once this gift is taken up on June 26th the fee will go back down to 50L till there is another gift.

The tote bag I’m using to hold all my accessories is a cute little dollarbie I found on the marketplace in Simply Sexy Fashion’s marketplace store. The bag originally had a yellow strap, but I changed the strap to white so I was able to show off the cute plaid tote straps.

Well I’m going to soak up some sun and then get back to searching for more fabulous items for you all!



Goldie Is Wearing:

Hair: TRUTH – Zuzka Light Blondes Swedish: (This Hair Color Is No Longer Available/Not Free)

Bikini Top: Paper.Doll@The Arcade – Ruffly Kini Peach: (Not Free)

Bikini Bottom: Paper.Doll@The Arcade – Ruffly Kini Lemonade: (Not Free)

Tote Bag: Simple Sexy Fashions On Marketplace – Yellow/Red Tote Bag: (1L)

Wedges: [Gos] Boutique – Cupcakes Lolita Espadrilles: (Free Group Gift/500L Join Fee/Available Till June 26th)





Two Of A Kind

Double Cotton Candy Blog Photo

Two Golds?!?! The world must be ending! Kidding.

But both of us are showing off the subscriber gift from Haste. You get both different colored dresses in 5 sizes each for just being in Haste’s subscriber. I don’t know how long these dresses will be in the subscriber’s history so you better run and get them before they’re gone!

Well both Golds are off to go and find more stuff for you all!



Goldie Is Wearing:

Left Goldie

Hair: TRUTH – Noemi Colours: (Not Free)

Dress: Haste – Lazy Summer Dress Blue: (Free Subscriber Gift)

Right Goldie

Hair: Elikatira – Studio Colours(Tinted): (On Sale/Not Free)

Dress: Haste – Lazy Summer Dress Green: (Free Subscriber Gift)




Just Me And My Tank Tops

somnia light tank blog

I’m back! I told you all I would be back with more items from Somnia at the Beach Party so here it is! This whole post is about the 4 packs of tank tops available at Somnia’s display. The tank top you see above is in a pack of 9 different colors for 10L. I didn’t have time to put on all of the tanks so I decided to put the colors in the pack on the left side of the photo. I did this so you would be able to know what colors are available in each set.
Somnia Light Sheer Tank Blog

This tank you see above is the light sheer tank set also available for only 10L! I did the same with the color options display on the left side in this photo also. So go and check on each photo to see every color available in each pack!
somnia dark tank blog

Above is a different set of the tank tops colors in which the colors are darker and more dense. This set is also only 10L for all 9 colors in the pack!
somnia dark sheer tank blog

This is the final set I am going to be showing you all in this post. This set is called “Dark Sheer” and just like all the other sets shown above it is only 10L for all 9 colors!

The “Beach Party” ends in 8 days! So hurry and run on over to Somnia’s display at the Beach Party and pick up these tank tops while they’re only 10L a set!



Goldie Is Wearing:

Hair: TRUTH@Fameshed – Elody Light Blondes: (New/ Not Free)

Tank Tops: Somnia@TheBeachParty – Light/Dark Tanks: (10L Each Color Pack/ 9 Colors Per Pack)

Jeans: [Decoy] – Dana 76 Jeans: (Not Free)

Nails: [Bamboo] Nails – Gradient Nails: (Free Group Gift/No Join Fee)




Patriotically Fabulous

Patriotically Cheap Blog Photo

Hi Everyone!

Goldies back with another item from the Beach Party@The Wash. This beautiful mesh grey tank top with the American flag on it is at K2K Headquarters display at the Beach Party. It’s only 10L for this event and it’d be a crime to miss this  deal.

I’ve been wanting to show you these nails from [Bamboo] Nails for quite awhile, but haven’t had an outfit to put them with till today! You need to run and get these nails before they’re put up to full price. I don’t know how long they will be free.

Well I’m going to get back to searching for great deals for you all!


Goldie Is Wearing:

Hair: TRUTH@ Fameshed – Elody Light Blondes:(New/Not Free)

Tank: K2K Hq@Beach Party – Tank Top Usa: (10L@Beach Party)

Pants: [Monso] – My First Jeans Blue: (Not Free)

Nails: [Bamboo] Nails – Subtle Gradient: (Free Group Gift/No Join Fee)



Sucked Into A Fantasy Part 2

Rainbow Magic Blog Photo

I told you I would be back!

So to carry on showing you all the lucky chair prizes available at * Deviance * I will be showing you the Elementalist that is available in the in lucky chair located in the downstairs area. This is also a full outfit with two available trim options(gold or silver). I am wearing the silver trim above in the photo which is just so exceptionally beautiful I couldn’t not make it the one I wore in the photo.

Playboy Bunny Blog Photo

This beautiful pink playboy bunny outfit I am wearing is also available from the lucky chair in the downstairs area at * Deviance *. It just like all the others it is a full outfit with a cute little bunny tail that I couldn’t get into the photo and a pair of pink ribbon cuffs also that I couldn’t fit in.

Well I covered almost all items in the lucky chair, but one that I could not get to have my letter while it was up for grabs.

That’s the end of this fantasy tale for me!



Goldie Is Wearing:

First Photo

Skin: Izzie’s – Ivana Porcelain: (Free Group Gift/250L Join Fee) Previously Shown By Love.

Hair: TRUTH – Noemi Colours: (Not Free)

Costume: * Deviance * – Elementalist: (Free Lucky Chair Prize)

Hands: Slink – Hands Casual: (Not Free)

Feet: Slink – Medium Feet: (Not Free)


Second Photo

Hair: TRUTH – Noemi Light Blondes: (Not Free)

Costume: * Deviance * – Pink Bunny: (Free Lucky Chair Prize)





Lace On The Beach

Lace On The Beach Blog Photo

I want to tell you all “Happy Summer!”

With Summer comes adventures, movies, but for me it means Summer Fashion. The “Summer Fashion Festival 2013” has open with ever booth having a free gift or a dollarbie! The lace dress I am wearing comes in 2 colors, pink (shown above) and blue (not shown). These beautiful lace dresses are both at “[ SAKIDE ]’s booth for only 1L! The pose I’m using comes in a pack of 3 at “// Elephante Poses //” booth. The 3 poses are only 1 linden and are completely Summer ready for all your Summer photo shoots.

Well I am going to soak up some sun and get me a tan!



Goldie Is Wearing

Hair: TRUTH @Temp.Location – Abra Light Blondes: (Not Free)

Dress: [ SAKIDE ] @SFF2013 – Naive Lace Dress: (Dollarbie@SFF2013)

Shoes: *G-Field* – Bow Strap Shoes “Kate” White: (Not Free)

Pose: //Elephante Poses//@SFF2013 – Get Loose: (Dollarbie@SFF2013)