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More Pirate Booty!!!

“Come to me….” she said in a gravelly  voice that made my skin crawl. “come…. to…. me…” I shook my head no as I stood frozen in fear on the sand slightly away from the dock itself.  There she stood, this walking skeleton dressed in her pirate garb…. There was no way I was going near her at all….. and then….. I found that I had become her….. the wind…. blowing me apart…

I woke to find myself covered in a cold sweat, my hands clenched against me as if i was trying to hold myself together….  *picking up a pen, I began to write*

Avast me Hearties!

Here we are on a second post of the SKULL-n-BONES hunt…. This post will be from where we left off  in my post “Skull N Bones – The Pirate Hunt 3 – The Beginning….” and continue on till  number 50 on the list!!  I know… “INSANITY!!” You say… well, I be lookin out for you mate!  Want you to see all the booty from this hunt for sure…. soooooooo

slap on your pirate hats…. and lets get lootin!

Oh and…. No bad dreams for  you 😉

_______________SKULL-n-BONES Hunt Credits________________

From the main pic:

The Avatar: [Saddle Ridge] – Undead Pirate – Female (L$ 1) (You also get the male version with this….This is 039 on the BONES3 Hunt.)

The Scene: ~*~*Sweet Revolutions*~*~ Small Forgotten Pirate Island (L$ 1) (The ~*SR*~ Small Forgotten Pirate Island, is a part of a complete scene. You can set up the island as standalone or you can reieve the special offer for Hunters.  They are offering the full scene for L$ 699, which is L$ 300 less than what you would be charged if you didn’t pick up this gift…. Details are in the hunt box.  This is 035 on the BONES3 Hunt.)


_______________SKULL-n-BONES Hunt Credits________________

Fireplace/Art/Candles: [ Dreamscapes Art Gallery] – *Safe Haven* Set (L$ 1) (Comes with the art right above the right place, the candles and the fireplace itself…all of which casts of a pretty glow…  This is 024 on the BONES3 Hunt)

Dwarf: *United InshCon Mainstore* – Pirat Dwarf v SnB Hunt (L$ 1) (This guy makes some interesting sounds 😉  I’ll leave it at that… This is 023 on the BONES3 Hunt)

Artwork: [ ROYAL THAI GALLERY ] – MINI – Black Widow Nude from Vietnam (L$ 1) ( This is 027 on the BONES3 Hunt.)

Animated Artwork: [ Moonlight Pointe Creations  ] – Moonlight Travel (Framed Dark Wood) (L$ 1) ( This picture looks like water is flowing down it…. very cool. This is 043 on the BONES3 Hunt.)


_______________SKULL-n-BONES Hunt Credits________________

outfit:  [Les sucreries de Fairy] – Skull and Bones hunt gift for women (L$ 1) (This is 026 on the BONES3 Hunt)

necklace: ~ghee~ 7 Seas Unisex Necklace (L$ 1 ) (This is 041 on the BONES3 Hunt)

earrings: [!ELEMENTAL JEWELRY] –  Gold Hoops (L$ 1) (Comes with two different versions of earrings.  This is 022 on the BONES3 Hunt)

pirate bootsKastle Rock Couture – :KR: Treasure Cove – Black Pearl Outfit (L$ 1) (Includes a sword, the hat, belt, boots, top and pants. This is the first stop
on the BONES3 Hunt.)

Hair: LaNoir Soleil Designs – Pirate Dreads (L$ 1) (Comes with two hats as well.  This is 083 on the BONES3 Hunt.)

NON-Hunt Stuff

skin: [Curves]  – August gift – Women (FREE) (This is a (Curves) Group gift.  This group is free to join. Dont have room to join the group???  You can also pick this up for L$ 10 on the Marketplace @ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/August-Curves-Gift-Women/5179369?)


_______________SKULL-n-BONES Hunt Credits________________

Hat: [ Tamiron Forge ] – Pirate  Hat with Hair (L$ 1) (Comes with black hair as well.  The hat/hair is one piece.   This is 036 on the BONES3 Hunt.)

Outfit/Necklace: [ IO ] Elizabeth Pirate Oufit (L$ 1) (Sweet Revolutions and this gift comes together in one gift.   This is 035 on the BONES3 Hunt as well. )

_______________SKULL-n-BONES Hunt Credits________________


Noooo, he’s not my new boyfriend… *laughs* but he did give me my hat… sadly, it was a wee bit big for me 😀  Honestly, I just stuck him in there to give reference so you could see i was in petite mode 😀

Petite Outfit:  [ Black Petal Designs ] – washed ashore shirt/shorts (L$ 1) (This is 044 on the BONES3 Hunt. )

Pirate Hat:  [ SR Leatherwerkx for Creators ] Tricorn Pirate Hat  (L$ 1) (This is 028 on the BONES3 Hunt. )

Squished People boxes: [ Whatz ] – Absent-minded NPCs (L$ 1) (These things babble on endlessly about how they don’t have to worry about their hair anymore and how now they get to hear gossip…. Gratefully, they DID include a silent one…. Dead NPCs are much better when they are quiet /nod.  This is 027 on the BONES3 Hunt. )

Fire Brazer – [ Chrome Armory ]  Fire Brazer (L$ 1) (This comes with three animations built in, warm back, warm hands and “it’s cold”. Obviously it comes with a height adjustment as well 😀 This is 033 on the BONES3 Hunt. )

Other Credits

Petite AvatarPETITES +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Elves TAN (L$ 1500) (You can find the demo on the marketplace @ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DEMO-Petites-Female-tiny-mesh-avatars-Fallen-Gods-Inc/3117430)
hair: /Wasabi Pills/ PETITE – Monique (L$ 110) (I found this on the Marketplace @ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Wasabi-Pills-Monique-PETITE-Mesh-Hair-BLACKS-Pack-for-Yabusakas-PETITES-MESH-AVATARS/4032189)
mesh breastsLolas – Tango – Mesh Breasts (L$ 1750)


_______________SKULL-n-BONES Hunt Credits________________

Flying Boat: [ Wicked Beauty Fantasy Decor ] Flying Pirate Boat (L$ 1 ) ( You can captain your boat and fly your friends around 😀 This is 031 on the BONES3 Hunt.)

Glasses: [ U:Refined {U.R.} Fashion Designs  ]               (L$ 1 ) ( This is 031 on the BONES3 Hunt.)


_______________SKULL-n-BONES Hunt Credits________________

outfit: [ Sin Original ] skull & bones Ladies gift (L$ 1 ) ( This is 032 on the BONES3 Hunt.)

necklace: [ Top Katz ] 3 strand unisex anchor choker (L$ 1 ) ( This is 050 on the BONES3 Hunt.)

treasure: [ Tree House Treasures ] Treasure Chest Hiding Place (L$ 1 ) ( This is 025 on the BONES3 Hunt.)BlogPost_81H

_______________SKULL-n-BONES Hunt Credits________________

table/chair: [ Athy Designs Furniture ] Pirate Table & Chair (L$ 1 ) ( This chair has 8 animations built in. This is 038 on the BONES3 Hunt.)

Little Ship: [ Decadent Courtesan ] The Jolly Roger  (L$ 1 ) ( This boat flies around your head in a circle… Dont watch too long, you might get dizzy and fall overboard!! This is 034 on the BONES3 Hunt.)


outfit: [  .:[ NMD]:. ]  Amy Booty Outfit  (L$ 1 ) ( This is 046 on the BONES3 Hunt.)

hair comb: [ Iron Tiger Jewelry ] ~IT~ Pirate Wench Hair Comb ( L$ 1 ) ( This gift also comes with a CodPiece for the males. This is 030 on the BONES3 Hunt.)

Other Credits

Hair: Analog Dog – wound up egg – Freeball hair (FREE) (Can be found on the beach at the Analog Dog Sim @ Analog Dog Hair/103/185/21) This was blogged by Love in her post “Who Doesn’t Love A Bubble Full Of Free Hair?” back in May :)


_______________SKULL-n-BONES Hunt Credits________________

barrel furniture set: [  Bayview Market ] Pier/Deck, Furniture Set (L$ 1 ) ( Comes with a pier / deck, 2 barrel chairs, and a barrel style table with candle in a skull and bones votive.. This is 029 on the BONES3 Hunt.)

treasure scene: [ ThatChick ] ~tc~ Pirate’s Treasure Throne  ( L$ 1 ) ( This has 17 animations built into it. This is 045 on the BONES3 Hunt.)

rowboat: [ Piddler’s Perch ] [PP] Captain’s Escapade Boat  ( L$ 1 ) ( This have five female animations and five intimate couple animations. This is 037 on the BONES3 Hunt.)

ottomon: [ Prim Fusion ] Black Ottomon  ( L$ 1 ) (This has 8 female relax sits and 7 male.  It also has 6 couple animations built in.  This is 049 on the BONES3 Hunt.)

fountain: [ Imagine Flowers and Garden   ] Anchor Fountain ( L$ 1 ) (This is 040 on the BONES3 Hunt.)

Used throughout post:

skull textures: [ Peeps ] Pirate Skull Gold Textures ( L$ 1 ) (This is 048 on the BONES3 Hunt.)

… whew…..

That will do it for now *grins* I hope you all found something in this post that caught your fantasy.  Go out there and get some booty!!

erm…. *big hugs*…………………..till next time……………….care ❤

Last Chance For Romance…

The Winter Romance Hunt, that is! This hunt is for Petites,  Minikins, Littles, Immortals, and other small, mesh avatars. The prizes are not free, but are only a petite 5L. Unfortunately, the hunt ends TODAY, so if you want any of these great gifts, you need to get hunting NOW!


On the left I’m wearing the Appasionata Gown from Kastle Rock Couture Petites (#6). On the right is the Fantasie Dress in Silver from Bitsy Boutique (#1), sized for Petites, Immortals, and Minikins.


My necklace and earrings are not from the hunt, nor are they free… but they are on sale as part of the My 60L Secret Weekend Sale at Petite !Elemental Jewelry. I’m guessing that means they will only be on sale this weekend, so there’s something else you need to hurry to scoop up! The jewelry is texture change, with silver and gold metals, and 4 different types of gems and beads. I know you can’t see the earrings because they’re buried in my hair, but they look just like the large gem hanging on the necklace. There is also a WRH prize at Petite !Elemental Jewelry (#12), but can you believe I forgot to wear it for the pictures? 😦 It’s a cute set of His & Hers bracelets… go get them!


This sweet, beaded snowflake gown with the fur stole is from Sister Fate Petites (#8). There is also a handsome prize for men in the box. The Shiny Bench Set in Green is from ~Geniwian~ (#18), and includes the bench, coffee table, rug, and vase of flowers. The bench has sits for couples as well as singles.


This comfy Winter Romance Loveseat is the prize from PRIME Petite (#4). It includes 3 couples animations, and offers a glass of wine and reading material, if you feel so inclined. My pajamas are part of the prize from Sweet Petites (#15); there is also a matching pair for males. Wow, I really need a pedicure.


Also in the box from Sweet Petites is this cute snowflake bra and Panty set. For the men, there’s a pair of matching boxer shorts. My Mexican Snowman Belly Ring (inset) is the prize from Top Katz (#44).


Before you head out into the cold, be sure to pick up the prize from Ema’s (#27). Included are the sweather, jeans, scarf, hat, and boots. There’s also a prize for the men. Tiny hands can be warmed by the campfire with this prize from ~winged creations~ (#22). It includes the campfire and 2 stumps, and has several animations.

There are LOTS more prizes in this hunt, but there was just no way I could photograph them all and still get the word out to you today. Be sure to visit the official blog for hunt clues and photos of some of the prizes.

* * * * *

Serena is also wearing (not previously mentioned)…

Petite Avatar – Al Vulo Livia Fairy (not free)

Eyes – Al Vulo Imagine (not free / included with avatar)

Hair – Tameless Ronnie Petite (not free)

Necklace – !Elemental Petite Dark Aurora (on sale / 60L)

Earrings – !Elemental Petite Dark Aurora (on sale / 60L)

Poses by Glitterati and Label Motion (not free)

Those Summer Nights


It seems that both Love and Renee are having connectivity issues, so I’m taking the night off and enjoying some fireworks at 2012 Summer Town, USA  to celebrate the first official day of Summer. I wanted to show off my patriotic colors and found them at Top Katz as part of the I’m Independent Hunt. I’m wearing the unisex U.S. Flag Tank and Stars & Blue Striped Pants. The outfit also comes with red pants and a Union Jack tank. For the ladies, there is also a flag navel piercing.

Top Katz - U.S. Flag Tank and Stars & Stipes Pants, Top Katz – Silver Rocked Hi Tops

The Silver Rocked Hi Tops can be won on their Midnight Mania Board with a low target. I also found the 3 Strand U.S. Flag Male Choker at Top Katz for just $75L. I’m kicking back and plan on enjoying the rest of the show. Enjoy your summer!

Top Katz - 3 Strand U.S. Flag Male Choker

* Top Katz – U.S. Flag Tank and Stars & Striped Pants ($0L)
I’m Independent Hunt
* Top Katz – Silver Rocked Hi Tops ($0L)
Midnight Mania Board
Top Katz – 3 Strand U.S. Flag Male Choker   ($75L)

* Poses – Embody Shapes & Poses
Not Free


Geisha Love

PeKaS UrbaN Geisha love

I’m going geisha (sort of) in one of the items on the Midnight Mania Board at PeKaS. The Geisha Love Outfit comes with two-toned jeans, a graphic tank and a belt. Another Midnight Mania find are the Silver Rocked Hi Tops at Top Katz. My skin and hair can both be found on the Make Him Over Hunt. Urban Republic has donated the Hugo Skin for the hunt and Amacci has the Samson Hair as their hunt prize.

PeKaS UrbaN Geisha love back


* PeKaS UrbaN – Geisha Love ($0L)
Midnight Mania Board

Top Katz – Silver Rocked Hi Tops ($0L)
Midnight Mania Board

* Urban Republic – Hugo Skin ($0L)
Make Him Over Hunt

* Amacci – Samson Hair ($0L)
Make Him Over Hunt

* Focus Poses- Casual Men Poses ($0L)
Make Him Over Hunt


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The Orient Express

Silk Road

It’s time once again to take a ride down the Silk Road on the Silk Road Hunt 3 that begins today and runs through the end of June. This year’s hunt features many great gifts with a flair for the Orient. Top Katz is offering a Men’s Kimono. The earth toned print also includes a belt.

Top Katz - Men's Kimono

Find the Violet Kurta at 22769 Casual Couture. This mesh design comes in standard sizing to fit most avatars. My rickshaw driver is ready, so I’m off to more stores along the Silk Road.  Happy hunting.

22769 - Violet Kurta (mesh)

* Top Katz – Men’s Kimono ($0L)
Silk Road Hunt 3

* 22769 – Violet Kurta (mesh) ($0L)
Silk Road Hunt 3

* Poses – Diesel Works
Not Free


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Silver Bullet

2KILL4 - Wolf Jacket & T Shirt, Top Katz - WIL Pants, Darkfold Designs - Silver Wolf Chopper, AKERUKA -Adrian Skin

Take a ride on the Silver Wolf Chopper, the Werewolf in Love Hunt gift from Darkfold Designs2KILL4 also has a gift in the hunt. The Wolf Jacket and T Shirt is perfect for a moonlight ride. The Werewolf In Love Jeans are just part of the hunt gift from Top Katz.

2KILL4 - Wolf Jacket back

AKERUKA’s new group gift is the Adrian Skin. The skin is accented with dark eyeliner and a goatee. There is a group fee of $250L to join the AKERUKA group, but new gift skins are available monthly.

AKERUKA -Adrian Skin


* 2KILL4 – Wolf Jacket & T Shirt ($0L)
Werewolf In Love Hunt

* Top Katz – Werewolf In Love Pants ($0L)
Werewolf In Love Hunt

* Darkfold Designs – Silver Wolf Chopper ($0L)
Werewolf In Love Hunt

* AKERUKA – Adrian Skin  ($0L)
Group Gift  ($250L Joining Fee)

* Poses – OoO Studio
Not Free


What’s In Your Basket?

Top Katz Evil Bunny 2 Hunt

Chippendale Carson recently strutted his stuff and showed you the male version of the Evil Bunny Hunt 2 prize at Top Katz, and today I am wearing the female version.  It includes the lavender body suit and matching ears, as well as the cuffs, bowtie and fluffy tail.  This outfit would be fabulous for Easter themed events, or for just hanging around looking sexy!  This hunt runs until April 30th.

The fun Easter Pose Set with the coloured egg basket is from Bebote which I found on marketplace for 10L.

Also take note of this amazing skin by Al Vulo.  It’s called Leilani Goldfish and features gorgeous glossy  lips and shimmery golden eyes.  You can join the Al Vulo inworld group and get this very skin for free!  The group is free to join and they switch the gifts up on a monthly regular basis…  a great group to join and stay in!

Al Vulo Group Gift


Love is wearing…

Skin – Al Vulo Leilani Gold fish (free group gift / 0L / free to join) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ReMix%20Yo%20LIfe/178/160/1351

Eyes – IKON Utopia Eyes Light Blue + Rust (previous group gift / no longer free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hot/227/92/39

Hair – Elikatira Me (not free) –http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elikatira/63/127/34

Bunny Outfit – Top Katz EBH2 Outfit (free / 0L / EBH2) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ratzenberger/162/131/501

Boots – Bax Prestige Boots in Black Suede (not free) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Boots/162%20/125%20/29

Pose – Bebotes Easter Bunny Sexy One (10L / Marketplace) – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Bebotes-Easter-bunny-sexy-one/2098127


Bedroom Bunny

Top Katz - Blue Bunny EB2H tail

It’s almost time hunt those Easter eggs and I thought I’d hide a few special ones in the bedroom. And if I’m hiding eggs I should dress the part. Top Katz has just the outfit as part of the Evil Bunny 2 Hunt. The Blue Bunny what you get when you cross Easter with a Chippendale dancer. The costume consists of a collar and cuffs, blue silk boxers and ears. It also comes with a fluffy tail.

Top Katz - Blue Bunny EB2H

Keeping with my pastel theme, Lash-Ware has a fatpack of Jock Straps and Matching Tube Socks at Mens Select for just $25L. This comes in 8 different colors, black, blue, green, navy, pink, purple, yellow and red. Each color also includes a prim bulge. Hrmmm…. now where should I hide this egg?

LashWare -  Jock Strap fat pack


* Top Katz – Blue Bunny Male ($0L)
Evil Bunny 2 Hunt

* Lash-Ware – Jock Strap/Tube Sock fat pack ($25L)
Mens Select

* Poses – Diesel Works
Not Free


It’s Not Easy Being Green

LashWare - MGH Outfit

March is the month for going green and there’s no better place to find all things green than on the Mean Green Hunt. LashWare has provided the MGH Pants and Miltary Shirt for the hunt.

Find the Dark Pants, Linen Shirt and Green Vest hunt prize at Top Katz. This also includes knee-high socks, but I chose to wear the Black Leather Boots from In Her Shoes just in case I slip off my lily pad.The Mean Green Hunt begins at midnight on March 3rd and concludes March 31st.

Top Katz - Dark Pants, Linen Shirt and Green Vest


* LashWare – MGH Pants and Miltary Shirt. ($0L)
Mean Green Hunt

* Top Katz – Dark Pants, Linen Shirt and Green Vest ($0L)
Mean Green Hunt

* In Her Shoes – Black Leather Boots ($0L)

* Poses – Diesel Works
Not Free


Full STEAM Ahead

Top Katz Steam Outfit

It’s almost time for one of my favorite hunts. The Steam Hunt is now on its sixth cycle and I am excited to see the fantastical creations that have been made for this event. I’m previewing one of the gifts to be found along the path. Top Katz has made the Steam Outfit for the hunt. This red three-piece outfit will have you craving more from the Steam “6” Hunt. The Steam “6” Hunt runs from March 1st through March 31st.

* Top Katz – Steam Outfit ($0L)
Steam “6′ Hunt

* In Her Shoes – Red Leather Boots ($0L)

* Poses – Diesel Works
Not Free