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Walkin’ on Sunshine…


I try to avoid posting so soon after Love posts, but since this one is a limited-time offer, I’m making an exception. Today through February 15th, you can pick up this Valentina E Marilyn Dress in sunshine at their Liberty City location. You need to join the Liberty City News group to get the dress, but it is free to join, so no worries. (Note: I originally posted that the dress was only available today, but I found out later that it’s available until the 15th. Good news, right?)

My skin is Megan Green by Together Inc., and you can pick it up on sale for 10L. Several other versions of Megan are available for 79L. I apologize for the shadow across my forehead (below); I didn’t notice it was there until I finished taking all the photos, but I promise it’s not a flaw in the skin!


My Antique Gold jewelry is from La Galleria… that’s right, the home and furniture store! Owner Pamela Galli is always very generous with the gifts, especially for holidays, and she’s offering this pretty jewelry as a free Valentine’s Day gift. You can also find the set in silver, as well as several other Valentine’s Day gifts, all for free. My clutch bag is a free gift from *Septem Essentia*; you’ll also find a black clutch in the box, as well as both colors in a handbag version. Finally… this gorgeous hair from >TRUTH< is available for 88L at this month’s round of Collabor88. And no, I did not leave off any numbers… 88L! 😀

I’m walkin’ on sunshine… and don’t it feel good!

* * * * *

Serena is wearing…

Skin – Together Inc. Megan Green (10L)

Eyes – IKON Utopia Eyes Pale Sepia (not free)

Eyelashes – *Redgrave* 6-Natural (not free)

Hair – >TRUTH< Hollana (88L / Collabor88)

Nails – Izzie’s Mettalic Gradient Nails (not free)

Dress – Valentina E Marilyn Dress (group gift / 0L / free to join)

Shoes – [elikatira] Move Pumps (on sale 70% off)

Jewelry – La Galleria Antique Gold (free / 0L)

Bag – *Septem Essentia* Crystal Flower Clutchbag (free / 0L)

Poses by aDORKable (not free)

Location – Cupcake Sim

Home Sweet Home

Seasons Palette Hunt - CUBE

Free house anyone?  This modern and bright home is 100% free from CUBE as they are participating in the Season’s Palette Hunt.  Simply locate the Season’s Palette Hunt icon at the CUBE store and you will be gifted with this house that is decorated with rich colours a few furniture pieces and cool artwork.  The water fountain outside is included as well.



Chillin in this house today, inspired me to go colourful with my ensemble!  The outfit I am wearing today is the Rahel Outfit from Together Inc. that is a very complete outfit including the shirt, pants, bracelet, earrings and shoes.  It comes with several different layers such as different style shirts, skirt prim etc so you’ll never get tired of this one!  This is a Womenstuff Hunt prize and is available until the end of the month.

Together / Modish

The skin I am wearing with such beautiful hues of pink is a The Glamour  Is Hunt prize at Modish.  The prizes in The Glamour Is Hunt are 10L each and the hunt runs until March 15th.

Modish = The Glamour Is Hunt


Love is wearing…

Skin – Modish Glamour Is Hunt Pale (10L / The Glamour Is Hunt) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aozora/189/9/1257

Eyes – IKON Utopia Eyes  Light Blue + Rust (not free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hot/227/92/39

Hair – Exile Adelle (not free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Covet/188/144/33

Outfit – Together Inc. Rahel Outfit (free / 0L / Womenstuff Hunt) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bramant/224/156/22

House – CUBE Season’s Palette Hunt (free / 0L / Season’s Palette Hunt) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aloha%20Village/75/122/1091

Poses by Viviane Fashion – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sweet%20Turtle/191/174/28


More of MHOH1 – Pastels

This fabulous sparkly skin from Skintimate inspired me to show you a few more pastel items from the Make Her Over Hunt!  You can pick up the Skintimate Diamond Dust Skin in Peachy Tone for free at The 75L Skin Store by joining the 75L Skin Store in world group (free to join).  They even through in the cleavage 🙂

artme_002Onto the MHOH items!  Remember to activate your MHOH group tag before you try to pick them up or you will click and click and… nothing will come! Reila Skins is the designer of the light pink sweater dress below called Hot Winter Girl Pink and is #15 in the hunt.  The second photo below is #60 in the hunt and is from ArtMEfashion.   It includes the baby blue Vintage Top and Lazy Summer Belted Skirt.


The outfit below is from Together Inc and includes so many pieces!!  Hunt item #76 includes the outfit, bracelet, tattoos and also the matching pink wedges.  mhoh5


Love is wearing…

Skin – Skintimate Diamond Dust @ The 75L Skin Store (free group gift / 0L / free to join) –  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amaradia/8/234/34

Eyes – Fashism Eyes Sunrise Pale Green (not free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jewelry/47/208/38 

Hair – [69] Jessica (not free / closing sale till 10/20) –  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SIXTY%20NINE/69/69/691

Outfit #1 – Reila Skins Hot Winter Girl Pink (free / 0L) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nightfield/17/193/750

Outfit #2 – ArtMEFashions Vintage Top & Lazy Summer Belted Skirt (free / 0L) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Caledon%20Moors/42/127/23

Outfit #3 – Together Inc. MHOH Gift (free / 0L)  – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bramant/223/149/21

Poses by Tram (free group gift / 0L / free to join) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Camomile/230/2


Together Inc.

Before I show you anymore of the gifts from the PouPee hunt, I want to show you a couple great gifts that can be found at Together Inc. …the gifts are exclusive to group members but the group is open enrollment (L$0)!

The first outfit is the female group gift (there’s also a male gift worth checking out as well) and it has a corset and a pair of ripped jeans.


The second is a cute summer outfit, exclusive to group members, for only L$10! A cute modifiable prim halter top (with black pasties to wear underneath) and a pair of tattered hotpants!


Group Gift [female] / Together Inc.: (L$0 – Group) ~

Summer Outfit / Together Inc: (L$10 – Group Only) ~

Hair: Honeycomb Roots / !lamb: (L$50 – Fifty Linden Friday) ~ http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lula/108/106/34

Fabulous Temptations

I was looking through my inventory today and came across this sexy little black dress.  The black Lara corsage dress is L$10 at Together Inc. through the holidays.  The green leather Wylie heels are a new gift for Felicity members.  There is a L$25 one time enrollment fee to join the Felicity update group.  The green Fabulous Dots mini dress is a group gift for Temptation members.

The Ornament poses are from Glitterati.  Don’t forget, there is a huge sale going on at Glitterati right now.  Single pose packs are L$100, Friend poses are L$75, and Couple poses are L$50.



*Together Inc.: Lara Dress (L$10)
Bramant ( 223/95/21 )

*Temptation: Fabulous Green Dots Dress (Group – L$0)
IW5 ( 230/229/21 )

*Felicity: Green Wylie Heels (Group – L$0)
Emerald Bay ( 211/202/302 )

*EMO-tions: Juliet Hair (Not Free)
HAIR ONLY ( 125/131/23 )

*Exodi: Isolde #18 Skin (Lucky – L$0)
The Warehouse ( 165/170/23 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$100)
Glitterati ( 100/154/21 )



Reasons to Be Happy!

Be Happy has several new gifts in store.  The black dress is the new gift for August.  This dress has just enough sex appeal to get anyone’s blood boiling!  The multicolor ankle boots are a past group gift from N-core.  The boots have been blogged several times before, but they are great and still available!

Find the pink rose at Be Happy for the pretty Abby yellow dress with black flowers.  The adorable Wynter hair is L$50 at at Kyoot.  This hair comes with black, brown, and cream options for the hat color.

The beautiful Isolde skin will be sent to the Exodi group today in the #17 makeup.  This makeup has violet lip and eyeliner.  Wouldn’t this look be great for an 80’s party!!!  The Isolde 17 skin comes with dark and light brows, optional cleavage, and freckles.  The skin tones are Cachet, Corneille, Nuit, Soleil, and Vivante. There is a L$250 one time enrollment fee to join the :: Exodi :: VIPs group.

If you’re looking for some seductive swimwear to wear poolside, slap the midnight mania board at Together Inc..  The string bikini is available in other colors at only L$99 during this new release.  The silver and turquoise hoop earring and double choker set are only L$10 at Sirens Song.


*Be Happy: Black Dress (Group – L$0), Abby Dress (Hunt – L$0)
Nevia Bay ( 170/59/4002 )

*Together Inc.: String Bikini (MM – L$0)
Bramant ( 223/104/21 )

*Sirens Song: Earrings & Choker (L$10)
Underhill ( 172/104/21 )

*N-core: Ankle Boots (Group – L$0)
Heels ( 166/116/26 )

*Kyoot: Wynter Hair (L$50)
Silent ( 97/130/2003 )

*:: Exodi :: : Isolde Skin 17 (Group – L$0)
Exodi ( 169/133/29 )

*ImpEle: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Holland ( 95/101/25 )




[ ! ] is having a skin and shape special this weekend. You can get the Joaquim Skin and Shape for just one linden. (I used my own shape for the photo). I found the Dura-Boy Hair free gift at DURA. Stop by Together Inc. and slap the lucky board for the Punkscape Jeans. The number is set low, so you should have no problem getting these jeans. The Red  FeverTank Top was a free gift from F2H for men. The Moon and Stars Chucks were also a free gift from Made In The UK.


Rhedd Night Designs is throwing a party tonight and is giving as a party favor the RND Sunglasses. Check the FabFree notices for the time and location.The RND RS Belt is also from Rhedd Night Designs, but is not free. Oops, I’m late for the party. See you there.

*Dura-Boy Hair -Free Gift ($0L)
DURA, Bruda Plateau (114, 43, 1000)

*[ ! ] Joaquim Skin ($1L)
[ ! ] , Lohengrin (39, 205, 104)

*F2H  Red Fever Tank Top ($0L)
F2H for men, Kingsdoms Heart (117, 129, 27)

*Together Inc. Punkscape Jeans -MM Board- ($0L)
Together Inc., Bramant (223, 94, 21)

*MIUK Moon and Stars Chucks ($0L)
MADE IN THE UK, Promise Island (82, 214, 22)

*RND RS Belt Black/Silver -Not Free-
*RND Sunglasses -Party Gift- ($0L)
Rhedd Night Designs, twilight (177, 82, 25)

*Poses, Glitterati, -Not Free-
Glitterati, Glitterati (128, 174, 22)


I Hate Your Negative…

I decided to slip into some casual wear.  Actually the causal mode is because of the fabulous short Jean hair from eha.  The red and white Kooky Lizzy skirt set includes two styles for the skirt, socks, bangles, and a matching boho bag.   This outfit was sent to the aDIVA Couture sub-o members.  The white sneakers from Duh! aren’t free, but extremely inexpensive at only L$25.

Together Inc. has a new look and new group gifts to celebrate!  The group is free to join and there is a gift for the ladies and the men!  For the ladies the group gift includes the black corset and ripped jeans.

Also while at Together Inc. be sure to take a look around the discount room!  There’s lots of cheapies including the denim spank shorts for only L$15!  I picked up the free ihate your negative shit tee at eha for free.


*aDIVA Couture: Kooky Lizzy Outfit (SOM – L$0)
Kings Plaza ( 85/244/24 )

*Together Inc.: Black Corset & Jeans (Group – L$0)
Bramant ( 223/95/21 )

*Duh!: Sneakers (L$25)
Katachi ( 216/30/22 )

*eha: Jean Hair (L$0)
SWITCH ( 113/174/28 )

*Amacci: Felicia Skin (Not Free)
Amacci ( 203/96/22 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 129/175/23 )



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Feeling Lucky, Punk?

Together Inc. has moved to their new store and is celebrating by giving its members the Men’s Group Outfit. This outfit comes with the Black T-Shirt, Ripped Jeans and two layers of Tattoos.

I found the Rieven Hair at Flavor! Designs on the Lucky Chair. This hair comes in a fatpack of seven colors, but there are three different fatpacks loaded on the chair. So hang around and try to get all the colors.

Together Inc Men's Group Free, Flavor! Rieven Hair LC

Also at Flavor! Designs, I found the Cuffed Men’s Jeans also a Lucky Chair find. Yes, I spend my time hanging out at lucky chairs. -sigh- If you get lucky enough like I did, you can get the fatpack of six colors. They are also on the chair as packs of two colors.

At BalAni, I did some hunting on the XXX Hunt. I found the Well Hung T-shirt. This is great for bragging, showing off, or just flat-out lying. 🙂

Balani Well Hung T-shirt, Falvor! Cuffed Men's Jeans LC

Also in the XXX Hunt gift from BalAni, is the Blow Me Shirt. It’s perfect for telling someone off by just pointing to your shirt. It also helps when your boss is being a bit overbearing. Right Renee? -winks-

Balani Blow Me T-shirt


*Together Inc. Men’s Group Outfit -group- ($0L)
Together Inc., Bramant (207, 129, 21)

*Flavor! Rieven Hiar -Lucky Chair- ($0L)
*Flavor! Cuffed Men’s Jeans -Lucky Chair- ($0L)
Flavor! Designs, Ocean Ridge (60, 13, 461)

*BalAni Well Hung T-Shirt -XXX Hunt- ($0L)
*BalAni Blow Me T-Shirt -XXX Hunt_ ($0L)
BalAni, Copley Square (93, 18, 24)

*Poses, Hell Bop Clothing -Not Free-
Hell Bop Clothing, The Wash (90, 73, 22)


Let Go… Together

By now you all know I love gowns and if they are in FabFree green, even better cause I love the color green!  The beautiful Nature gown is only L$10 at Together Inc. until Saturday or Sunday, so go get it NOW!  The i ❤ u necklace and earrings are a dollarbie for the set at Chuculet.  The pink Bitter Rose bracelet is a group gift at FairyTail.


*Together Inc.: Nature Gown (L$10)
Bramant ( 217/163/34 )

*Chuculet: I ❤ u Jewelry (L$1)
Taunt ( 96/135/23 )

*FairyTail: Bitter Rose Bracelet (Group – L$0)
LOVE Its II ( 136/119/22 )

*EMO-tions: Marian Hair (Not Free)
HAIR ONLY ( 125/131/23 )

*Amacci: Giselle Skin (Not Free)
Amacci ( 203/96/22 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 129/175/23 )