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TeaLane is Back to School

TeaLane is know for great everyday fashions. I especially like that the clothes I find at ~TL~ have a bit of a tomboyish look to them without sacrificing femininity. Just because I don’t always act ‘girly’ doesn’t mean I’m not all girl.

Tealane Back to School Goodies

Left to right are Charcoal Cynthia, Pink Savoir Pirate Lolly, and Heart Shelby. At 10L$ each, these outfits are amazing deals!

TeaLane also has some 10L$ skins for you at the Car Wash sale. Just look at some of the pretty skins available for only 10L$

Farlan skin (left), and Agave skin (right)These beautiful skins are all about the make-up, wonderful when paired with Avarice hairstyle from Bishwear and dollarbie wrap tops from Rock Me Amadeus.

Birch Skin - Regina (left), and Lady Gaga Skin (right)

Post by Shangreloo Kuhn

Fabfree 5000 Members!

Fabfree members have been getting the star treatment lately (if you’re in the group, you know what I’m talking about).  Designers have been tossing gifts our way, and they are fantastic! Thank you!

Lookie here what Teagan Blackthorn, the Tea of TeaLane sent us..

Fabfree 5000 Skins from ~TL~

Starting at the top left, and moving clockwise:  Jade Skin (Fabfree green!), Birch Skin, Honey Skin, and Sugar Skin. Hurry and join Fabfree to get these great skins!

~TeaLane~ at the Hair Fair

~TeaLane~ has some wonderful new hairstyles for you at the Hair Fair. 50% of all style will go to Locks of Love.
Each color pack costs $100L.
Each fat pack costs $500L
All hair is no transfer.

Wearable color demos are free. – no mod/no trans
Wearable style demos are $1L in special food textures. (bacon, cottoncandy, creamsicle, ketchup&mustard, m&ms, pb&j, skittles, smores, strawberryshortcake, sweettarts) – no trans

Shown above is Oria hair in deep yellow (not free). See all the rings on the hair? Each is colour change by script. So cool!


Evangeline (not free), a wonderful hat with hair attached. Love the cute little chignon in the back.


Shown above is Sumaiya hair with the gift skin and outfit from ~TeaLane~. This hairstyle also features scripted colour change rings.. I love this feature.

And don’t forget to grab the gifts at the ~TeaLane~ booth. Included are a pack of skins, and this so cute outfit I’ve shown above.

hairfairtl3Shown above is Juiced (not free), an edgy Mohawk style from ~TL~. And you didn’t think ~TL~ was alternative enough.  pshaw!


Lucky Chair at TeaLane

I pop into TeaLane once n a while just to take a peek at the new stuff there. Popping in was lucky for me last night, I got the lucky chair! Woot!

tlThe items in the lucky chairs at TeaLane rotate, and they’re great gifts. The Berry Sylvia Gown reminds me of the burnout velvet that is so pretty.. but a pain in the derriere to work with. This dress can go from pretty and ladylike to downright goth depending on the accessories you wear with it.. so many great looks for free.

TeaLane:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Granymyr/246/190/42

~ Shang

More Kiss Hunt Goodies!

This time they’re from Crystal Queendom (on the left) and Tea Lane (on the right)!  All these pretty red clothes with sparkles and flounces.. oh my! These are the kinds of clothes that make a girl feel, well.. like a girl. No grunge here, no punkish unisex outfits you can swap with your significant other — nope, these clothes are girl clothes all the way.


In the Tea Lane lips, you also find some hair, eyes, and skins (the Tea Lane lips are simply filled to the brim with great gifts).


Look for the lips in both shops. They’re big, they’re red, and they’re hidden. Not so well hidden that you’ll never find them.. but a fun kind of hidden. So join the fun, and pick up some great gifts like these along the way.

Crystal Queendom:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/River%20Island/168/206/732

Tea Lane:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Granymyr/246/190/42

~ Shang


Merry Christmas from Tea Lane and Nooby Doo!

Tea Lane has some cute, cute cute hair that will really brighten your Christmas, as well as the coming New Year! You can still find all these under the tree (1 L$ each) at Tea Lane and Nooby Doo.. hurry though!

This ‘Cindi’ hairstyle comes in two hat colour options both with, and without, the festive candy cane decorations which makes this hairstyle yummy all year round!


If caroling is part of your Christmas festivities, this dress is perfect! I feel pretty without being too prissy in this dress.. a perfect look for my more tomboyish nature.


Skating after caroling? Or maybe just skating? Try these on for a festive fit to the holiday spirit. They come complete with a skating animation — yay!


And last.. but certainly not least (I love mohawks after all!) is a cool minty green skin.. and look at this.. a candy cane mohawk!


/me dies and resists the urge to eat it so that she can wear it next year too.

This cute variation of the Cindi hairstyle is at Nooby Doo under the tree (along with some other gifts), and is definitely something I’ll be wearing with the neko ears I got in the POE hunt.


Tea Lane Christmas Goodies:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Granymyr/243/189/40

Nooby Doo Christmas Goodies:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Granymyr/204/137/28