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Skin of Bronze, Heart of Glass

Tamiron Forge - Nemo

By sea or by air, these Steampunk Joe’s are ready at a moments notice. Nemo by Tamiron Forge is outfitted in leather (possibly squid hide) from his hat to his boots.

The only thing keeping him alive is his Steampunk Animated Heart from Hudson Clothing Co. The squid may have taken his heart, but he got his hide.

Hudson's Clothing Co.  -Steampunk Animated Heart

Keeping the airship aloft is the Steampunk Engineer from Unzipped. He’s easy to spot with his goggled captain’s hat, scarf and jacket.

Unzipped - Steampunk Engineer Outfit

A near disaster in the engine room left him for dead, but with the Aether Heart from Timeless Curiosities he was back on the job in no time. His bronze features are the Christian Skin from Styles by Kira. It just goes to show you, even the toughest looking men have glass hearts.

Style by Kira - Christian Steampunk Bronze Skin, Timeless Curiosities - Aether Heart

Find these gifts and more on the Steam 6 Hunt.

* Tamiron Forge – Nemo ($0L)
Steam 6 Hunt

* Hudson Clothing Co. – Steampunk Animated Heart ($0L)
Steam 6 Hunt

* Unzipped – Steampunk Engineer Outfit ($0L)
Steam 6 Hunt

* Timeless Curiosities – Aether Heart ($0L)
Steam 6 Hunt

* Style by Kira – Christian Steampunk Bronze Skin ($0L)
Steam 6 Hunt

* Poses – Diesel Works
Not Free


Super Villain (In Training)

Timeless Curiosities - Dr Calamari Sinister Aether Rifle, SR Leatherwerkx - Scrunched Leather Top Hat, NaCrS - asked Skin and Super Villain T-shirt, Never Ever!  Leonardo Jeans

I’m pulling guard duty at Camp Sinister, the training camp for super villains in training. it’s my second year and I’ve moved up from lacky (first years) to underling. With any luck and not being used in an experiment, I’ll move up to henchman next year. The standard issue weapon for guard duty is the Dr Calamari Sinister Aether Rifle from Timeless Curiosities. We raided the Sinister Steampunk Hunt and got an armory full of them.

I also have my Super Villain in Training T-Shirt from NaCrS. The Leonardo Jean are from Never Ever! and are worn by the underlings that want to evil inventors.

 NaCrS - Super Villain T-shirt, Never Ever! 0 Leonardo Jeans

NaCrS also has the Masked Skin in the hunt gift. The Scrunched Leather Top Hat given to all students at Camp Sinister is the hunt gift at SR Leatherwerkx.

Scrunched Leather Top Hat, NaCrS - Masked Skin

I can’t reveal our secret loaction for fear of my life, but I can show you the grounds. The Sinister Skydome can be found at Dark N Crazy Finest Furniture, also part of the Sinister Steampunk Hunt.

Dark N Crazy Finest Furniture - Sinister Skydome

* Timeless Curiosities – Dr Calamari Sinister Aether Rifle ($0L)
Sinister Steampunk Hunt

* SR Leatherwerkx – Scrunched Leather Top Hat ($0L)
Sinister Steam Hunt

* NaCrS – Masked Skin and Super Villain T-shirt ($0L)
Sinister Steampunk Hunt

* Never Ever! – Leonardo Jeans ($0L)
Sinister Steampunk Hunt

* Ziva’s Underground Footware – Steamship Pilot’s Boots ($0L)
Sinister Steampunk Hunt

* Dark N Crazy Finest Furniture – Sinister Skydome ($0L)
Sinister Steampunk Hunt

* Poses – Long Awkward Pose
Not Free


Steam Me Up, Scotty

SparkWorks Steam Minion MK V

Greetings human, I am designated SparkWorks Steam Minion MK V, but my human supervisors call me Scotty.  My function is to load crates onto the waiting airships. Oh how I wish I could fly away on one of the ships. If I put myself in one of the crates, I who would load me? I’ll take a look inside a crate and see what is so important I have to work nonstop.

SparkWorks Steam Minion

The crates are filled with Timeless Curiosities  Hot Air Balloons. I’ll fill one up from my smoke stack and leave this life of slavery behind. The world looks much nicer from up here.  🙂

Timeless Curiosities - Hot Air Balloon

* SparkWorks –  Steam Minion MK V Avatar ($0L)
Steam 5 Hunt

* Timeless Curiosities – Hot Air Balloon ($0L)
Steam 5 Hunt

* Poses – Embody Shapes & Poses
Not Free

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