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Fabulous Finds 09.29.22 Edition


Free Gift @ Neo Japan/No Group join Required by Gabriel

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Marvelous Night For a Moondance

FF@15 pixel box skirt_001 (1)

As I stand here looking out the window of my loft I am a little sad that the FabFree at Fifteen event is ending at midnight tomorrow. Aline did an outstanding job of wrangling the designers who were gracious enough to participate. It means a lot that FabFree has been around for so long. We have the designers and FabFree team to thank for bringing you all of the goodies. In fact, if you’re so inclined a short thank you note to the designers who set out gifts would be appropriate. I think I can speak for the entire FabFree blogger team when I say “We love showing our finds.” Working on the blog is a labor of love for us. So though our celebration ends tonight there will be many more posts to come.

A Little Boho

Pixel Box has been around many, many years. The designs there lean towards steampunk, Goth, and Victorian style. I do confess I hadn’t visited the store in a couple of years so I was very pleased to find it still open and participating in FabFree at Fifteen. Now that my nap is over I’m ready to run the streets of SL and get some dancing in tonight. This evening I’m wearing the Steampunk Rustic Long Skirt. It is nicely textured and has great details like the buttons on the skirt. For this post I’ve paired it with the top from Tiffany Designs Kaylin shorts outfit.

Skirt Sizes

  • Belleza Freya & Isis
  • Legacy & Perky
  • Maitreya & Petite
  • SLink Hourglass

That’s it for my FabFree at Fifteen posts. Hope you had as much fun as I did.



Skirt – Pixel Box Steampunk Rustic Long Skirt ($15L for FabFree at Fifteen)
Top – Tiffany Designs – Kaylin Shorts Outfit
Headpiece – Gypsy Chic Headband with Flowers 


Body – Maitreya Lara
Head – Lelutka Kaya 3.1
Eyes – theMars-Rainstorm Eyes 
Shape – Lilo’s Fit Lelutka Kaya [Maitreya]
Skin – Nuve Angie Skin Tan
Tattoo –[CAROL G] Lace – Underboob Tattoo 
Nails – Maitreya hud
Hair – Rama Salon Jamora Hair ‘Gingers Colorant’ ($77L for 7 Days Sale)
Eyebrows – Nuve. Amanda Eyebrows – Lelutka Evo X
Eyeshadow – Booty’s Beauty – Mi Gata Eyeshadow BOM
Lipstick – Booty’s Beauty Firah Lips 2 BOM 

Pose – Luane’s World Spring Queen
Location – private


I Let My Guard Down

I Let My Guard Down
My sale shopping over the weekend was… excessive. It’s pretty much summer for me all year round in SL, and this time of year everyone else turns to summer too. It’s a rough time for my wallet! At least it was all on sale, right? My overindulgence is not the point here though. What is, you ask? My fabulous dress, that’s what!


I stopped by Tiffany Designs and was immediately greeted upon landing by a new free subscribo gift! But that’s not what I’m wearing today. Then I walked inside and followed the sign to “group gifts” (who wouldn’t?). There are two groups with separate free gifts, one is paid and the other is free to join. But that’s still not what I’m wearing today. Because then, dear reader, I wandered upstairs. Even MORE free gifts! This time in the way of additional free gifts for both the free and paid store groups, free lucky boards (again, some for each group), and free gifts for the various shopping groups that you see around the grid. Yeah, I changed my mind on what to wear a few times. Tiffany Designs, to me, means gorgeous gowns but there’s really so much more. I finally settled on this sexy slinky little slip dress and I have no regrets. It’s the free gift for the Maitreya Gifts, Sales & News group which is free to join.


  • Belleza Freya
  • Kupra
  • Kupra Bimbo
  • Kupra Kups A
  • Legacy
  • Maitreya
  • Maitreya Petite
  • Perky
  • Perky Petite
  • Reborn
  • Slink Hourglass
There’s also a HUD of colors to choose from. I hope you have as much fun discovering all the prettiness at Tiffany Designs as I did!

The Sales

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention some of the gorgeous sale items I’m wearing as well. You know it’s gonna be a good time when both Deetalez and Stealthic got in on the weekend sale action. And you’re in luck because these luxurious locks are still on sale at Stealthic, so get ’em while you can!

Allison is Wearing…


Dress – TD Lilla (Free Group Gift for Maitreya Gifts, Sales & News/Group is Free to Join)
Earrings – Vibing Maia
Rings – kunst Maria
Necklaces – CHAIN Shanna


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Avalon
Skin Applier – Deetalez Venice
Hair – Stealthic Lavish (60L per color for Happy Weekend)
Pose – babyboo

Say Yes to ANOTHER Dress!

Tiffany Designs: Nia

I love love love weddings.  If you’ve read some of my previous posts like this one, you know I am always trying to help a girl say YES to a cheap dress!!!  And, who knows, one of these days Angus might even propose!  He definitely gets a lot of practice suiting up in his tux!

Let’s Dish the Dress!

I was on my weekend rounds looking for EVEN MORE lipstick.  I mean, really, how much virtual lipstick can a girl use???  But, I also had a hankering for a wedding dress that is affordable.  All those Valentine Proposals are nearing fruition, right?  I can’t let you girls hang!  I couldn’t find anything affordable, so I went on over to Marketplace and on my FIRST TRY found this amazing Nia gown from Tiffany Designs for just 45L!

I love that the flexi is optional.  I loved the little shoulder sparkly veil thing, but maybe that’s not your thang.  No worries!  Just detach.  Don’t want the added sparkly train?  Only want it on one side?  Want all the sparkles for your service but not the reception?  NO WORRIES!  Detach, attach, whatever your heart wants!

Tiffany Designs: Nia (flexi)

For 45L, you get a whole lot of dress for a wedding OR just a night out at Frank’s Elite!  So, run over to Tiffany Designs on Marketplace, and pick up this delightful little number!

Dress Sizes

➠ Maitreya
➠ Legacy
➠ Belleza Isis, Freya, Venus
➠ Slink Hourglass
➠ Slink Physique
➠ Classic

Desi is Wearing…
Gown – Tiffany Designs Nia (45L on Marketplace)
Earrings – Ysoral  Adele


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Kaya
Head Applier – Session Skins Candy 
Eyebrows – Finer Threads  Louise
Eyes – Lotus  Royalty

Make Up
Eyeshadow – Heron Flay
Lipstick – Heron Flay
Nails – Maitreya Lara

Hair –  Kuni – Kali

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Queen of the World

Tiffany Mia Gown (Free)

I am the queen of the penguins, the queen of the ice and snow, etc. Hell, I am the QUEEN of the WORLD! Yeah that’s the ticket!

As I hang out with the penguins in the southernmost of the world I rule I perform my greeting maneuver to welcome my subjects. My subjects are wonderful, especially those who supply Queen Creola with lovely gifts. And the best thing about being a self-proclaimed queen is that I get all this stuff for free.

My stunning gown is courtesy of Tiffany Designs. I have been a fan of the creator for many of my SL years. Lucy Hope, owner & designer at Tiffany Designs makes exquisite gowns. Once again she has a free gift for everyone – the Mia Christmas Gown! There are 2 versions of the gown – red and red with green accent pieces. Aside from the gown you also get a glamorous pair of earrings, a head bow and a pair of high heeled pumps (in the vendor on the right lower side of the gown vendor). All you have to do is left click on the vendors to grab this gift.

TD Mia Christmas Gown {Mesh}

Being Queenly

Every queen must have a crown; really it’s in the rule book! My stunning Selene halo is a free gift from Six Feet Under at the Frozen Frolic. It’s perfectly fitting as a crown so I may continue to reign over my kingdoms. You’ll find shopping and free gifts there.

The free hairstyle sitting regally on my head is courtesy of Doux. The Snowflake hair comes with an extensive deluxe color change hud. It’s my royal hair of the day. All of my social media followers will all rush out to get it.

Now I must be off to do queenly “stuff”. You know, get presented with chickens and kiss babies type stuff.

Presenting queenly waves to the readers,


Cre is ruling in:


Gown – Tiffany Designs Mia Christmas Gown (Free, no group join required)
Earrings – Tiffany Designs Diam earrings (Free, No Group Join Required)
Halo – Six Feet Under – Selene Halo at (free gift @ Frozen Frolic)
Shoes – Ahegao Festive Heels 


Body – Maitreya Lara
Head Lelutka EvoX Kaya 3.1 (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join) See Aline’s original post here
Shape – Jael Holly Shape LelEvox – Lilly gift
Skin – Nuve Caramel BOM for Maitreya; Nuve Angie skin browless
Eyeshadow – poema Carols eyeshadows (Free gift at Cosmopolitan/Group is Free to join)
Lipstick – DewyPlush Autumn is Coming (Free gift, no group needed)

Hair – Doux Snowflake Hair (Free no group needed)

Sim – Luane’s World Le Monde Perdu 



Fancy Free

Fancy Free

Oooh, she’s feelin’ fancy today, y’all!  I’m off to the opera, because of course I am on a Monday morning in August.  What are you doing?  Working you say?  Oh right, well – this fancy girl has no time for such pedestrian occupations.  I mean, I even have my lorgnette too peer at everyone imperiously through.  Look out world, the queen of everything is coming!

It’s Free, Tho.

Ok now that I got my ridiculous posturing out of the way, I can tell you all in confidence that the gown was free!  I know, what a terrible snob I am.  Tiffany Designs put this fun dress out free for everyone at their landing point – just click on the vendor, no need to join a group.  I know!  What will they think of next?


  • Freya
  • Isis
  • Venus
  • Legacy
  • Maitreya
  • Ocacin
  • Hourglass
  • Physique
  • Tonic Curvy
  • Tonic Fine
  • Voluptuous
  • Classic Fitmesh
  • Classic M with an Alpha Layer

Let’s go people watch and scrunch up our noses, shall we?


Aline is Wearing…


Gown – Tiffany Designs Ria (Free Gift/No Group Join Required)
Glasses – ChicChica Lorgnette # 10


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Cate
Head Applier –  Glam Affair Cate
Eyebrows– Jumo Britani
Eyes– Euphoric Dolly Babe Eyes
Tattoo – Sn@tch Filigree Sternum Tattoo
Eyeshadow Applier – Pout Day & Night Liner
Lipstick Applier – Lelutka Cate
Nails – Maitreya Lara
Hair – Truth Poetry
Backdrop – Foxcity Ballroom


In Need of Therapy

In Need of Therapy

Shopping therapy is 100% a thing, right?  Sometimes when a mood of ickiness is upon me (perish the thought), all I need is a bit of aisle perusing.  I don’t really need to buy anything (though I usually do) to make the mood dissipate.  Though, I think I’ll have to start calling what we do here at FabFree a bit of freebie therapy…

Well Suited

This really cool top and pants combo from Tiffany Designs is giving me exactly what I need today to stave off any potential ick.  The top and pants can be worn separately (don’t you love the detailing around the hem at the bottom of the pants?) and they come with 6 different colour options in the HUD.  Best of all, this outfit is entirely and completely free, no group join required.  Yeap, you heard me right!


  • Freya
  • Venus
  • Kupra
  • Legacy
  • Maitreya
  • Hourglass
  • Fitted
  • Petite
  • Perky

Now do I really need another pair of shoes? Survey says yes!


Aline is Wearing…


Top and Pants – Tiffany Designs Rina (Free Gift/No Group Join Required)
Shoes – Pure Poison Vanya
Bag – Ariskea Grunge Bag
Glasses – Cae Kim


Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Cate
Head Applier –  Glam Affair Cate
Eyebrows– Jumo Britani
Eyes– Euphoric Dolly Babe Eyes
Tattoo – Sn@tch Filigree Sternum Tattoo
Eyeshadow Applier – Lelutka Cate
Lipstick Applier – Lelutka Cate
Nails – Maitreya Lara
Hair – Truth Poetry
Pose – Foxcity Taxi


Enchanted Wonderland

Coming Soon

Hey FabFree! It’s time to share my take on FabFree’s Enchanted Forest Hunt, which is simply AMAZING! I love fantasy, magic and forests so this is a must- do hunt! You can read all about our hunt going on here

Enchanting Decor

The first few prizes I want to share from the hunt are a few pieces of beautiful decor at Noveny, one of my all-time favourite furniture and decor stores. The hunt items from this lovely designer are whimsical and remind me a bit of Alice in Wonderland. I love that floating clock especially, and it even have a beautiful inscription of the store name on it. In addition to the clock, there are also 2 lanterns, and that awesome tree with the sparkling magical globe inside available as prizes on the cute! These are awesome items, and they cost 5L each on the hunt. The hints to find the 4 items are:

  1. “Let us assist you”
  2. “Don’t have a sweet tooth, you can get caught”
  3.  “Love Love Love, red, sorry love”
  4.  “I’m the bigger one here”

Enchanting Dress

The other item I am showing today is the beautiful Crystal Dress, which is the hunt prize by Ari-Pari. There are 5 versions of the dress available for 5L each, just look for those little fairies and these dresses are yours! The hints to find the 5 dresses are:

  1. “Don’t forget to vote!”
  2. “Watch your step!”
  3. “Feel free to join our group!”
  4. “Twinkle, twinkle little… hedge?!”
  5. “How much is that faerie in the window?”

Sizes Included

  • Hourglass
  • Freya
  • Kupra
  • Lara 
  • Legacy

[Ari-Pari] Crystal Dress Hunt Key

Some matching shoes!

The last freebie I have to share today are some free heels at Free Dove. These are from Tiffany Designs and they are a beautiful blue pair.  

Enjoy the hunt, FabFree!


Caroline is Wearing…

Clothes & Accessories

Dress – Ari-Pari Crystal Dress #2 (5L on the FabFree Enchanted Forest Hunt)
Heels – Tiffany Designs Lily High Heels (Free at Free Dove/ Group is Free to Join)


Hair – Alli&Ali Amaltheia Hair Variety Colors (Available @ Hair Fair
Mesh Body – The Shops Legacy 
Mesh Head – Lelutka Lilly 
Skin – 7 Deadly S[K]ins Lotte Taupe
Eyes– Euphoric Hope Eyes (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join)
Eyeliner– Lelutka Lilly
Lipstick – Lelutka Lilly HD Lipstick

Nails – The Shops Legacy 


Clock –  Noveny Vintage Clock (5L on the FabFree Enchanted Forest Hunt)
Tree Trunk – Noveny Tree Trunk Universe Holder (5L on the FabFree Enchanted Forest Hunt)
Lantern 1 –  Noveny Terrarium Lantern (5L on the FabFree Enchanted Forest Hunt)
Lantern 2 –  Noveny Rusty Lantern (5L on the FabFree Enchanted Forest Hunt)
Jar 1 – Noveny Fantasy Jar Fairies
Jar 2 – Noveny Fantasy Jar Forest