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Sweep me off of my feet

I have a ton of dresses and gowns to show you so grab a few (or all!) and head to the dance floor!  Sascha’s Designs group members receive great gowns each month.  Group members were given the golden ball gown with the battleship skirt.  Additional skirt options are available for L$75 each.  Some of the additional skirts can be seen below.

May 2011 – Swooshy Skirt (L$75)

May 2011 – Grande Skirt (L$75)

May 2011 – Fluffer Skirt (L$75)

The Sascha’s Designs group recently reached 15,000 members and the sub-o and in world group members were sent this gorgeous violet gown to celebrate.  The gift includes the fluffer, grande, low flexi, and swooshy skirt (shown below).  The 15,000 member gown and the golden May 2011 gown are both available for Sascha’s Designs group members.  There is a L$50 one time enrollment fee to join the Sascha’s Designs group and group members instantly have access to the gifts shown as well as past gifts.

The cream color Payne gown is the newest group gift for Bliss Couture members.  This gown will surely turn a few heads.

Stroll the beach in the blue Hibiscus gown at !N ROMANO.  This dollarbie gown is available for FabFree group members to celebrate 20,000 group members.

Seldom Blue has the beautiful black Stephanie cocktail dress available for only L$1.  The tan Lae skin is the newest lucky chair gift at the.oBscene.  The makeup is absolutely stunning and I haven’t taken this off since I won it last night.


*Sascha’s Designs: May Gown & 15,000 member Gown (Group/Fee – L$0)

*Bliss Couture: Payne Gown (Group – L$0)

*!N ROMANO: Hibiscus Gown (FabFree Group – L$1)

*Seldom Blue: Stephanie Cocktail Dress (L$1)

*N-Core: Sense Heels (Group – L$0)

*Me.hair: Patricia Hair (Not Free)

*the.oBscene: Lae Skin (Lucky – L$0)

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)




Goodies Galore

Just a few things to brighten up your SL shopping trip on the last Saturday before Xmas.

First off, I was honoured that the very lovely Ayanna Slade of AQUA allowed me to preview her new release today! The Lust dress in silver-white is on offer right now for 1L! I took a picture of me wearing it for Ayanna and she included me in the notice that went out to her group!

Isnt it gorgeous! Its available in other colours at the store too, so don’t forget to look around! There are lots of other offers there too right now and remember to slap that Midnight Mania board! The hair is from Magika and is called Jaime. It is one of the styles that is available in the second floor sale for 10L. The adorable Fa(un)tasy Antlers are an Xmas gift from Needful Things and can be found under the Christmas tree. The Elf Ears are a dollarbie from Buried and the skin is the Happy Holidays Group Gift skin from Curio which can be found by joining the Gala & Rita Design Announcement group and searching notices.

Next The oBscene have put a pack of skins, hair and cute Xmas themed Lingerie in their group notices as an Xmas gift to its members. There are 4 tones including a very pale goth skin, which of course, makes me very happy.

As you all know, I love Pixeldolls and so I took a trip back to their store to show you some of their 10L Sale items. It ended up more sci-fi themed than I intended, but at least if you are an RP’er in SL these might appeal to you.

This is the one of the two Anti Hero Bodysuits called Galaxy. It comes in several layers and it has 3 different lower outfit options including one legged and shorts.

This is the other Anti Hero Bodysuit available. Again this comes in sooo many layers and with different ways to wear it including a halter top and shorts.

This is the Plugsuit in white which is tintable so you can make it any colour you want. There are other shades there which are also tintable, which will give you darker versions of whatever colour you chose to tint it. For 10L a set you could get them all! All of these pictures were taken in the amazing <a href=>Insilico</a> group of sims and are untouched in Photoshop. Just cropped and my name added to them, which is how all of my blog pictures are done.

If you loved Slave Leia in Star Wars then these may appeal to you. They are called “Triple Threat: Escape!” and they are very similar to Leias outfit when she was at the mercy of that nasty old Jabba the Hut!

The broken chain bracelets and the choker come with the outfits too and there are lots of colours to choose from. The skirt is a system skirt, but because there are slits up the sides, it actually works very well and there are bikini bottoms underneath so you don’t have to wear the skirt at all. These outfits may not be new to alot of you around SL, but they are worth a remention as I think they are awesome and for 10L you cannot go wrong.

Next up is another outfit from Pixeldolls that is on offer for 10L, worn with another of the skintones from The oBscene group gift.

Worn with the Jaime hair from Magika and The Fa(un)tasy Antlers Xmas gift from Needful Things.

And lastly, if you are a member of the VIP group of Tuli then you will have recieved a set of gorgeous Eve skins as an Xmas gift from the wonderfully talented and generous Tuli Asturias which as also a preview of her new skins coming soon. If you arent in the group, then you will need to pay a one off fee of 250L to join.. but believe me it is totally worth it and you will also be eligable for further gifts if you stay in the group. Once you have joined you simply check the notices.

You get seven skin tones in the pack, from their gorgeous gothic skin colour to their sumptious dark skin tone, both of which I am wearing here. They also come with 3 eyebrow colour options.

I am wearing skin tone 3 in this close up of the face. The features are just exquisite. The hair worn with these skins is another from the second floor 10L sale at Magika called Dream.

So that should keep you busy for a little while! Happy shopping!


Leezu meets Inca Temple

One of the sexiest dresses I’ve seen in a long time is the flirty Magdalena in silver, Leezu’s prize in the Mix&Mingle Hunt.

The delicate Lovely Heart necklace from Inca Temple is a free gift to group members. Just teleport up to the gift area to pick it up.

Jewelry from Inca Temple, dress from [Leezu!]

The skin shown in this post is the wonderful [the.obscene] gift available at their Skin Expo booth as blogged by Farah here.

The Mix&Mingle Hunt is geared towards people that want to have fun and look great doing it. Look for the interlinked male and female symbols as designer goodies are hidden inside of these. They may be hidden *anywhere* inside of the participating stores so do your best looking for them.

The singular rule about this hunt is please do not bother the designers!! They’ve worked hard to put together some amazing freebies for your enjoyment so do them a favor and make sure you buy something from your favorite locations.

If you are having trouble finding a particular hunt gift, we have setup the Total Fusion VIP List to take your questions, along with a list of hints on the blog.

There is a wonderful list of the participating Skin Fair Designers available at Scarborough Flair. Thank you Sasy for putting this together!

Post by Shangreloo Kuhn


Modavia Fashion Week

If you haven’t been yet, go!

Modavia Fashion Week

There are free fashions from some names you’ll definitely recognise.

Start at the central teleport point, subscribe, then walk the perimeter of the event for great freebies and dollarbies. Don’t forget to dress down to help prevent lag for all of us, and remember to check the schedule of events for the week!

There are some nice jewelry sets to be found amongst the freebies.

The Lesley Collection from Secret Garden, for Modavia Fashion week

Shown above is jewelry from Secret Garden, find it in the Modavia Fashion Week gift bags near the runways.

Earrings from Digit Darkes and Baiastice, Pearls from Modavia fashion week gift bag

Good quality jewelry is always a wonderful gift! Thank you!

Modavia Fashion week - Angel Dessous

The event runs 10 – 17 September, 2009

Angel Dessous for Modavia Fashion Week

Guys, there are gifts for you too. You’ll find these in the bag for guys inside any of the show tents. Girls, these look great on us too.

Gifts from Edge, and Shiki Designs, at Modavia Fashion Week event tents

The skins shown in this post are from [the obscene]. They are open in their new location, and there are two gifts waiting for you in the shop – a pack of skins in a variety of luscious tones, and a pack of body sparkles that comes in all layers.

Body sparkles.. how cool!