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A couple more things..

Lemania Indigo.. the very name brings up images of glamour and elegance.

The retiring dollabie for 08 August is the very hot Sherbet. This dress will be going up to the dressing room area later today, and will stay there for a few days before disappearing forever.

Sherbert, from Lemania Indigo Designs

Sherbet comes with a short system skirt for those high lag clubs. Shoes are included, but I couldn’t help pairing this party dress with the very saucy Verve stilettos from Maitreya.

August Moon Hunt

Saturday was the start of the August Moon Hunt at Lemania Indigo Designs and The French Farm.


There are  30 moons out for you on the Lemania sim and on either side of the main buildings all the shopkeepers have been busy creating for you! LAST COUNT THERE ARE OVER 40 more MOONS FROM THEM!!

Paris ____, from Lemania Indigo Designs

To start the hunt just teleport to anywhere at Lemania Indigo designs.. and start looking! Buy the moons you want for 1L$ each.

The August Moon Hunt will  run thru August 31st.

Have fun!

Post by Shangreloo Kuhn

Milk and Circuses

Ok, so it’s really bread and circuses.. but I’ve changed it to fit my needs.

As many of you have probably heard (and you have heard if you read my blog with any regularity), most of the Rezzable sims are closing up shop and leaving Second Life. Greenies will remain, and King’s Rezzable.. but nothing else will remain.

So, today I’ve chosen to showcase the designs from Lemania Indigo and Lestat Reuven at Crimson Shadow and the Carnival of Doom.

Ringmaster, by Lemania Indigo Designs


Standing in an empty big top, I have the ringmaster’s stand all to myself. Center stage, I play to a non-existent audience.

Ringmaster is the current retiring dollarbie from Lemania Indigo Designs. You know the routine; it’s 1L$ until it’s gone.. and once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.


How appropriate that something by a designer named Lestat should be photographed at Crimson Shadow. This was one of the first goth sims I discovered when I first started exploring Second Life. I’ve come back so many times since then: for the ambiance, for the wonderful lucky chair prizes (though I never did win one), for the recent Crimson Shadow hunt, and now for the sale as it’s closing for good.

Milk AD is a wonderful mono-tone gown, and I feel other-wordly in this dark sim. The Milk AD gown is the weekly dollarbie from The French Farm, and the Milk AD shoes shown above are 200L$; they’re not free, but they do match the gown flawlessly.



Cool Cat, on the right is a scarf set with a leopard print top and pants is a fun and sexy outfit made by Summer Loon.

This outfit is out today, Thursday, June 25th at about 11 am and will be in the shop in the gift section for 24 hours at which point it will be moved to the changing room where it will stay for 7 days before being retired for good. Cost is 1L$.

The belt shown is not included, it is a past gift from Callie Cline.. but looks so perfect with this outfit!


The sassy mini skirt and halter set on the left is weekly group gift from The French Farm.


Today’s treasures from Lemania Indigo include a really minty cool springtime dress, milk chocolate, and a frothy pink confection.

Is your mouth watering to hear more?

18may2009 li

  • First up is Spring. This dress is so pretty.. so perfect for a forest fae, and it comes complete with the Leaf Face Paint skin. This is available at The French Farm Midnight Mania.

18may2009 li2

  • On the left is Dear Cupid, the retiring dollarbie. Get it now for only 1L$.. because tomorrow it’s gone forever.
  • On the right is Milk Chocolate (yum!), the new Midnight Mania prize from Lemania’s castle. You might remember this one from the hat hunt. If you didn’t get it then.. now is your chance!

Spring: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Eros%20Island%20I/236/98/29

Dear Cupid (1L$): http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lemania/127/182/31

Milk Chocolcate:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lemania/127/141/31