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Pretty in pink……Isn’t she?

I love 80’s music and movies, and while I was technically around then, I was not old enough to enjoy it then as I do now. When I saw the new OMG Room group gift from Brii Underground, I am sure you can imagine why ‘Pretty in Pink’ instantly popped into my mind.


The current round of the OMG Room just started, and like always, there are 2 new group gifts up for grabs, one of them being the **ASTREA PINK SUMMER STYLE COMPLET OUTFIT** from Brii Underground. As the title says, this is a complete outfit, which includes the super cute, super short, mesh dress, in standard sizes, a pair of footed sandals with texture change HUD for skin and nails, a makeup layer which includes lipstick and eyeshadow, 2 tattoos, with a WowMeh applier version as well, and a pretty silver and pink necklace. I am only wearing one of the 2 tattoos, the leg tattoo, the other is a back tattoo (not pg :P), and I am not wearing the sandals, as I had another pair of shoes I wanted to show you, which I will get to further down in this post 🙂 This really is a cute dress, and while it is nothing like the dress Molly Ringwald wears in the movie, I certainly do feel pretty in pink with it on. The group is free to join, and the gift is free, you just to have your tag on.


I made my way over to the new round of The Dressing Room Fusion, and I was quite excited when I saw what MINA Hair has put out. The Ilse Hair is rigged mesh, but it is editable, and while I got the black and white pack, I wanted to stick with my pink theme, and have my hair tinted pink. I love when rigged mesh hair can be tinted! Like all new MINA Hair, you get a materials enabled version, for those of you who like shine, and a non-materials version. As I mentioned, I got the black and white pack, but there is also an ombre pack available, both set at L$70.


Another of the recurring events we love, is winding down it’s final days of the current round, The Cosmo Room, and while I did not get a pink pair of shoes there, I did end up with a pair that comes with a texture change HUD with so many options, that I was bound to find a combo that would work with my look.  For only L$70, the EMPORIUM – Alanis Heels for SLink High feet, are a great deal, as the addition of a texture change HUD makes it more like you are buying many, many pairs of shoes. I opted for the white look, to compliment the white polka dots of my dress, but there are lots of colour choices, including a leopard print for the insole of the shoe. Have I mentioned lately how much I love shoes in SL? In case it’s been awhile, I’ll do it now….I love, love, loveeee shoes in SL. OK, all better. So, don’t wait to go get these, if you don’t already have them, this round ends on Sunday, Aug 3.


So there you have it, my version of ‘Pretty in Pink’. I thought I would leave all of you with the title song for the movie, I can’t be the only one with this stuck in my head, can I? Mwahahaha!!!!

Until next time, TTFN dudes!

What is Calle showing you…

Dress, Necklace, Leg Tattoo, and Makeup Layer -Brii Underground Wear **ASTREA PINK SUMMER STYLE COMPLET OUTFIT** (free OMG Room group gift/free to join)
Hair – MINA Hair – Ilse (materials) (tinted pink) (L$70 @ current round of TDR)
Shoes – EMPORIUM – Alanis Heels (L$70 @ current round of The Cosmo Room, ending Aug 3)
Bracelets and Earrings – included in the ::JK Style:: Erika Outfit (L$1 @ current round of OMG Room)
Mani and Pedi – *MC* Slink Fingernails – Watermarble – (hands & feet)
Ring – :*:CPD:*: Necromantic Sugar Skull Ring (Blacklight)
SLink foot Tattoo – Letis  Tattoo : HUD Slink Feet : Butterflies Lilies : FEET (L$1 on Marketplace)
Eyes –  IKON Promise Eyes – Silverleaf(right) & Fjord(left)
Hands and Feet – SLink
Skin – [PF] Harley <Vanilla>
Brows – Soiree – Sloane Brows #Ebony

Poses – Vestige Jessica 1


Barefoot ballerina

Hey fabbies! It’s me again!
A friend of mine pointed me to this really adorable shop that just re-opened on an absolutely drop-dead-gorgeous sim, and to celebrate, they have a pack of 6 really lovely ballet poses set out as a new gift, as well as 2 other gifts which, from what I understand, were around before the move!

Barefoot ballerina_001

Barefoot ballerina_002
Imeka‘s ballet pose pack contains 6 poses that are certain to bring out your inner dancer!

Skyler is also wearing…

Skin – Morphine – Fujin – Ivory – Manga fair exclusive
Hair – Ploom – Pepper – faMeshed item
Dress – Misera – Kiele dress – Lavender – TDRF item
Hands & feet by Slink

Poses – Imeka – Ballet – pose pack – $L0/Freebie!



Care’s Gone Fishin’


Good Morning Fabulousians!!

Yep, I finally did it….. I went and bought myself a fishing pole and ran off to Sn@tch to see what goodies I could fish up….. one of the first items I fished up was this Handy Dandy UltraRare Silver Fishing Hat…. Can I just say, that fishing gives you this weird sense of accomplishment…. *laughs*

Casual Fishing Rod: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/7Seas-Fishing-Game-Casual-Fishing-Rod/4058443

Pro Fishing Rod: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/7Seas-Fishing-Game-Pro-Fishing-Rod-Pack/209237

There is also a DEMO fishing pole (L$ 1) sold at Sn@tch’s GAME ROOM that lets you try out the fishing!! 🙂


Well… after a couple hours (Yes, I said “hours”….. I was watching a movie at the same time 😉 ) I fished up this cute outfit brought to us by fishing at Sn@tch’s pool in their Game Room!…. Not only do you get to fish, but there is a lucky dip, and lots of lucky boards to clickie!! The outfit comes in pieces so you have to FISH up all 22 parts…. (Horns are part of this outfit!) and Yes, I sat there till I did so I could show you all!!  (cause I is crazy like that!!! 😉 )  The outfit is FREE but it just takes awhile to fish up….listen to some music… catch up on a book you like, or watch a movie like I did!! *laughs*

Want to fish up this outfit for yourself?… Head on over to Sn@tach: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Snatch%20City/48/192/29

Also you can buy the 7Seas fishing gear right there…. dont forget bait…. (oddly enough I had no clue how to fish and yeah… dont forget the to get bait!!! it is L$30 for 100 so not too bad.


In the picture you can see a few of the fishies I got: (All the fish kind of swim around your avatar if you add them!)

(7S) UltraRare Fish: Cyber Squid

(7S) UltraRare Fish: Chicken of the Sea

(7S) SuperUltraRare Fish: Silver Flying Fish

and about 100 others, including mermaids, scuba divers…! I even got a few pets that sit on my arms, starfish, crabs, ducks,  and some blueprints that use the salvage you fish up to make stuff… I was able to make the Dragonfly boat in the background of the picture.

I also got this little outfit…

(7S) Common Stuff: Blue Swim Trunks (FREE) (My Nemo trunks!!)

(7S) Common Stuff: Right Boot (FREE)

(7S) UltraRare Stuff: Left Boot  (FREE) (Took me forever to get the Left boot!!! *laughs*)

(7S) Uncommon Stuff: Logo T-Shirts Color (red) (FREE) (Comes with 5 colors –  Blue/Green/Purple/Teal/Red)

(7S) UltraRare Stuff: Gold Sea Urchin (FREE)  (This is the pointy thingie on my shoulder… it is animated and kind of moves it’s eyes around watching things)

(7S) Uncommon Salvage: Crabby Pirate Hat  (FREE) (This must be part of some blueprint to make something else.. but man I think i fell asleep before I could get it hehehe… )


Hair: Alice Project – Wonderland II – Lucky N-Red (FREE) (I swung by Alice Project and saw a “C” sitting on their lucky board…. and this is what I got!!! Yay and stuff!!)

Skin:   Essences – Wednesday II – Golden Bronze 03 (L$ 70) (You can get this skin @ The Dressing Room FUSION, I have to tell you, I never fail to go there and pick up all the Essences stuff they have, because I think they are really well done and look great!!!)

Well, I hope you all have an amazing day….. I wonder how many other fishing spots there are….. *bites her lip* Eeepppsss!!! what have I started….??!!??   *big hugs*……………………till next time………………………care ❤