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No Strings Attached to THIS Dollie!

It’s time to get out of your box and discover some great finds in the No Strings Attached Hunt.  This grid wide Dollie Hunt began today and will last all month long.  The hunt has 50 stores participating.  You will find the list of participating stores and hunt locations on the official blog http://trinsfilthythings.blogspot.com/.  Now how about a look at some of these goodies!

The Pink Clara dress is from LIKKA*HOUSE.  The eyes are from Rozena Skin and come in black dye, french pink, green oxygen, and smoothy blue.  This Dolli hair is from Battle Angel and has 7 different colors to choose from.  The pale Jana skin is from Cryptic Dolls and is the perfect skin for any dolly!

At Dirty Dollies the prize is a pink jumper skirt set and matching rag doll!

The black and white Carny outfit is from Distorted Dreams.  This gift includes the adorable little hat and matching boots!

Gothic Passionate Dreams has a red and black dress for all the Bratt Dollies out there!

Dark Water Design has the dark purple dress, headband, and tiered heart doll key in the No Strings Attached Hunt gift.

The hunt gift from Grim Bros. has the little green doll dress which includes two skirt lengths.  The Smashed Lauren skin, Bleeder Rotten eyes, Bunned hair, and Dolli-fied Shape (not shown) is in the gift from F’d up.

There is an very cute pink dollie dress at The Dollhouse.  The Glitters Roseberry skin from Magic Burst includes a chute shape (not shown) and Glitter Rose Dolly Key.

The orange dress is from Broken Doll.  I accessories with a platinum and fire Starburst Antique brooch from Amaranthus and Flower Drop earrings from Star Kindler Designs.

I picked up the black Swirly Dolly dress from A Netherworld.  The pink Extra Scoop dress is from Flirt Boutique.  The black I Remember ribbons on my wrists are in the hunt gift at Sakura’s Originals.  The Sakura’s Originals gift also includes a Heart Doll key for the women and a Zydrate Gun key for the men.  The Very Berry Freckles skin is in the No Strings Attached gift at Wretched Dollies.  There is a male skin in this gift as well!

There is a Voodoo Doll t-shirt at T Junction.  The hunt gift also includes a really cute t-shirt for the men, which I sent Carson after.  The tasty Little Megan Dolls are from the No Strings Attached hunt gift at Dead Bunny.

There are several dolls in the No Strings Attached Hunt.  The Marion Raven Hair doll is from Nightshade, the VooDoo doll is from K&G Designs, and that’s me in the Lonelymare Avatar from PinkMares House!

And be the ultimate Tiny Doll AV with the No Strings Attached gift from The Dolly Box.  This avatar is TINY and comes with its own AO.  The Tea Tray set is the gift at Jenna’s Whimsey and should give an idea just how tint the avatar is!

This is just a small portion of the gifts in the No Strings Attached Grid Wide Dollie Hunt!  The start location for this hunt is at The Dolly Box.  Also, There is a “Dress Me Up” Dolly Contest!  The “Dress Me Up” Dolly Contest is for the No Strings Attached hunters ONLY.  See the official No Strings Attached blog for more details.  http://trinsfilthythings.blogspot.com/


*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 129/175/23 )



I really must add… Whisper normally features hunts on the FabFree blog and dang that was a lot of work!  Major props to Whisper for all the hard work she has put into showing us past hunts!

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LVS Garden Sweethearts

Just in time for Mardi Gras LVS & Co has the Mardi Gra Princess gown available when you join the sub-o group.  I know many of you will be happy, because the curls are back at Hairy Situations!!!  Sheltered Heart makes some of the best curly locks in SL!  The curly Boogie Nights in the Frappe color is one of the styles in the new release gift at Hairy Situations.

While you’re at LVS & Co pick up the Garden Sweethearts(tears) dress for L$30 today only!  The adorable dress is near the front counter at LVS & Co.  The Flor Light Knee-High Jane socks are a past sub-o gift from MIEL.  If you missed these socks (which btw, come in a fatpack of colors) you can still get the socks and other gifts from the sub-o history!  The short Marcie hair in grey is another hairstyle in the new release gift at Hairy Situations.  I showed you the San Lauren Bella skin a few days ago.  This skin comes in a dollarbie pack from AlexanderHunter’s Couture along with 5 skin tones in the Bella skin and 5 in the Vanessa skin!

Don’t forget to get the Withered Willamina dress that Whisper posted a few days ago.  Join The Dollhouse sub-o group to receive this mauve colored dress!  The cotton candy colored Melody curly ponytail is the new release gift from Hairy Situations.  The red Velvet flats were sent to the Duh! sub-o group in January.


*LVS & Co: Mardi Gra Princess Gown (Sub-o – L$0), Garden Sweethearts (L$30)
LVS Drive ( 9/143/22 )

*The Dollhouse: Withered Willamina Dress (Sub-o – L$0)
LVS Drive ( 13/224/22 )

*MIEL: Flor Light Knee High Jane Socks (Sub-o – L$0)
Cupcake ( 232/210/37 )

*Duh: Velvet flats (Sub-o – L$0)
Katachi ( 215/70/22 )

*Hairy Situations: New Release Gift (L$0)
Fleets Cove Beach ( 37/95/22 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 118/122/597 )

*AlexanderHunter’s Couture: Bella Skin (L$1)
Second Style Island ( 28/188/23 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



LVS Drive Mini-Hunt

All this week LVS Drive is celebrating its re-launch and all the shop-owners are partying Alice style.

Or is it Wonderland style?

Whichever it is, don’t miss it! There are dollarbie playing cards packed with presents, a mini-hunt, special dollarbie offerings in shops.. and oh my! Don’t be late for this one!

Card Suit Dollies from The DollHouse

Show above are two dresses from The Dollhouse, these are part of a sim-wide mini-hunt at LVS, Clubs and Diamonds. Shown below are Spades and Hearts.

Dresses from The DollHouse

To make the hunt easier, start in LVS, pick up the first clue, then follow the clues. They really do make the mini-hunt easier.

The wonderful Paw Print boots worn in these pictures are from Demontik, These unisex boots are only one of their gifts in the Twisted Hunt.

Post by Shangreloo Kuhn