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Autumn Living

Just BECAUSE League Outfit, Duh! Men's  Black Tassled Loafers

I’m not going to lie. I’ve been trying to get this outfit for more than a week. The group Midnight Mania Board has been very unforgiving at Just BECAUSE, but with lots of patience, I finally won the League Outfit. This can be worn long-sleeved or cuffed and the jeans come with various cuff styles. I’m also wearing the Men’s Black Tassled Loafers from Duh! that is only $25L.

Stop by The BoatHouse and find the Falling Leaves Hunt gift. The Autumn Living Table comes with lots of accessories.  Each Pillow has a different animation. One even gives you a guitar to play. You can also click the binoculars for your set to wear. The food and drinks will also give you goodies to snack on as you enjoy your autumn picnic.

BoatHouse - Autumn Living Table

* Just BECAUSE – League Outfit ($0L)
Midnight Mania (Group Board)

* Duh! – Men’s Black Tassled Loafers ($25L)

* Boathouse – Autumn Living Table ($0L)
Falling Leaves Hunt

* Poses – Long Awkward Pose
Not Free

Fab Carson


Meet Me in the Stacks

sf design - Blue Baseball Jacket

We won’t get caught, trust me. The librarian never leaves her desk. 🙂 Get ready for the school year with the Blue Baseball Jacket, the free gift from sf design.

I was sorting my gifts from the Make Him Over Hunt 6 and put together an academic look, at least for a jock. The Basic T-Shirt is the MHOH6 gift from Back&Writer. The Wrinkled Jeans are the MHOH6 prize at Wicked Gear. KamreK Creations hunt gift is the Black Boots. Find the Men’s Watch on the Ocio Xtreme Hunt at The BoatHouse.

* sf design – Blue Baseball Jacket ($0L)

* Back&Writer – Basic T-Shirt ($0L)
Make Him Over Hunt 6

* Wicked Gear – Wrinkled Jeans ($0L)
Make Him Over Hunt 6

* KamreK Creations – Black Boots ($0L)
Make Him Over Hunt 6

* The BoatHouse – Men’s Watch ($0L)
Ocio Xtreme Hunt

* Poses – OoO Studio
Not Free

Fab Carson

Sheer Grunge

Tellaq - Fishnet Tank Top ---   BoatHouse - Men's Watch

I went crazy on the Midnight Mania boards yesterday and had lots of goodies waiting for me this morning. The board at Poison gave me the Grey Tartan Jeans. I got the Fishnet Tank Tops in five colors from the Tellaq Avatar Creations Midnight Mania board.

I also stopped by INDI Designs and picked up the Leighton Sheer White T-Shirt for just $1L from the puzzle board. And the Men’s Watch is just part of the Ocio Xtreme Hunt gift at The Boathouse.

Poison Grey tartan jeans ---   INDI Designs Leighton Sheer White T-Shirt

* Poison – Grey Tartan Jeans ($0L)
Midnight Mania Board

* Tellaq – Fishnet Tank Top ($0L)
Midnight Mania Board

* INDI Designs – Leighton Sheer White T-Shirt ($1L)

*The BoatHouse – Men’s Watch ($0L)
Ocio Xtreme Hunt

* Poses – BeScene Poses
Not Free

Fab Carson

Livin’ the Sweet Life

With summer vacation just a couple of weeks away, I thought I’d find some relaxing things to do this summer. I may spend some time on my Houseboat that I found at The Boathouse. 🙂 This is the hunt gift in The Perfect Couples Hunt. This includes several poses and furnishings. And before I get asked, the bird is not included.

The Boathouse  - Boathouse ($0L)  Perfect Couples Hunt

I also found free air transportation. The Paper Airplane is a free gift at Lievens. It is only 2 prims and has 5 poses.

Paper Airplane

I also plan on spending plenty of time in my Treehouse. I also found this at Lievens for just $1L. The treehouse is 27 prims, for those of us who are prim conscious, and there are also rugs included with poses that are 6 prims.

Lievens. Tree house  ($1L)

*The Boathouse – Houseboat ($0L)
Perfect Couples Hunt

*Lievens – Paper Airplane ($0L)
*Lievens. Tree house ($1L)