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Care goes …. “off to the Beach”

When I was growing up, The Beach Party movies on our black and white television were some of my favorite flicks, that and Elvis movies… but I digress…. (eeps, showing my age!!)  When I saw that “the Wash” sim was having a beach party @ The Wash (112, 82, 23) , I just had to run on over  and though i didn’t run into Frankie Avalon or Annette Funicello (sad face), I did find quite a few items there…. I made myself my own beach retreat with just three of the merchants stuff I snagged, along with some Marketplace items I found.

Some cute outdoor items


TSYI’s L$50 skin … me trying to show both back and front of it 🙂
BlogPost_33BThe different colors to choose from…


Beach Party Credits

PixelPerfection – The Skin You’re In!

Mainstore LinkGigli Rendezvous/103/88/3976

Beach Party Link: The Wash/112/82/23

skin: BP~TSYI! Cynthia Lt Tan Frost Cleavage (L$ 50) (Comes with two versions with or without cleavage, tattoo layers for brows, different colors. Prim lashes included)

bikini – BP~TSYI! Mesh Bikini  (L$ 10) (Comes with 10 mesh sizes of top and bottoms, There are  3 different colors to choose from each L$ 10)

Hat/flipflops – BP~TSYI! Summer Hat and Shoes  (L$ 10) (Three different colors to choose from to match the bikini, each pack of hat/shoes L$ 10)

[LPL] Low Prim Living

Main store link: Tamura/244/182/22

Beach party link: The Wash/168/52/23

Dock: [LPL] –  Dock with Side Rails (L$ 10)

Chair: [LPL] –  Chloe Colorchange Chair (L$ 10) (12 different colors to choose from, no mod/no copy, 1 sit)

Pillow:  [LPL] – Kailua Dock Pillow (L$ 10)  (has pillow texture changer (click shadow to change texture) , and 8 different animations/poses to choose from.  It also remembers the last animation!)

Other Credits

hair/Wasabi Pills/ Lory Mesh Hair – Cinnamon (The Arcade) (L$ 50) (This is from a Gacha @ The Arcade Gacha event, I got four different colors from it @ L$ 50 a shot, awesome deal, and really cute style)

Tent over dock: Koshka Ninetails – summer garden tent (L$ 5) (Found on Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/summer-garden-tent/631277)


In this next picture you can see the necklace up closer, along with a shot of the bikini.


Beach Party Credits

[LPL] Low Prim Living

Main store link: Tamura/244/182/22

Beach party link: The Wash/168/52/23

fire bowl :  [LPL] – Firebowl (L$ 10)

TLB The Little Bat

Main Store Link: Obayifo/165/92/43
Beach Party Link:  The Wash/152/82/23

necklace: !TLB – Anchor Necklace (L$ 10)

bikini: !TLB- Lola Swim Suit Pack (blue/purple/red/white) (L$ 10)

Other Credits

skin: Glam Affair – Lulu 01 ( The Arcade ) (L$ 100) (This is from a Gacha @ The Arcade Gacha event)

Beached Raft: Headhunter’s Island – Crashed Tiki Wooden Raft (L$ 1) (Found this on the Marketplace:https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PROMO-Crashed-Tiki-Wooden-Raft-perfect-as-a-function-beach-decoration-friend-chill-out-meet-place/484758)

Beach House: ::Creative Decay:: – ^Tacora^ Beach Home (L$ 299) (Found this on the Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Tacora-Beach-Home-Fully-Furnished-Spring-Break-Style/3653052)


Beach Party Credits

[LPL] Low Prim Living

Main store link: Tamura/244/182/22

Beach party link: The Wash/168/52/23

folded towel :  [LPL] – 1 Folded Towel w/ Rose Petals  (L$ 10)

umbrella/chairs :  [LPL] –  Shelly Beach Chairs & Umbrella)  (L$ 10) (Chairs have 10 animations built in)>>BE AWARE<< these are NO COPY, so once you use the rezzer, you need to pick them up and place them into the correct folder or they will just end up in your object folder and you will go nuts (Like I did) trying to find them again!!)

Beach Towel :  [LPL] – [LPL] Shelly Beach Towel with MLP  (L$ 10) (Has 3 single animations and 3 couple animations built in, click to rez balls)

Other Credits

cooler: DW Surf Co – FREE BEER COOLER from DW Surf Co (FREE) (Click to get a drink!! Found on the Marketplacehttps://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FREE-BEER-COOLER-from-DW-Surf-Co/4243406)

Bag: THE Beachstore – Beach Decor: Fallen Over Beach Bag (L$ 10) (Has rolled up towels, glasses, hat, sunscreen, lays on side to look like items are spilling out… very cute 🙂 Found on the marketplace:  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Beach-Decor-Fallen-Over-Beach-Bag/1916575)


Beach Party Credits

[LPL] Low Prim Living

Main store link: Tamura/244/182/22

Beach party link: The Wash/168/52/23

rocky fire :  [LPL] – [LPL] Campfire Logs with Rocks  (L$ 10)

TLB The Little Bat

Main Store Link: Obayifo/165/92/43
Beach Party Link:  The Wash/152/82/23

dress: !TLB – Anchor Dress (L$ 10) (Mesh dress that comes in 5 different mesh sizes.  There are four different colors to choose from @ L$ 10each)

Here are a couple more The Little Bat styles being sold there!  First is a flirty little pocka dot summer dress…

There is also this mesh tank top and shorts outfit.


Beach Party Credits

TLB The Little Bat

Main Store Link: Obayifo/165/92/43
Beach Party Link:  The Wash/152/82/23

flirty dress: !TLB – Dottie Dress (L$ 10)  (Comes in four mesh sizes, four different colors to choose from for L$ 10 each)

TankTop/Shorts Outfit: !TLB – Dottie Dress (L$ 10) (Comes with Four different mesh sized tank tops, Four different colors to choose from L$ 10 each, also comes with painted shorts (pants layer))

[LPL] Low Prim Living

Main store link: Tamura/244/182/22

Beach party link: The Wash/168/52/23

star fish :  [LPL] –  Starfish 4-Pack  (L$ 50) (The pack contains 4 different colored starfish with shadow effect. 2 prims each, red/blue/green/orange)

Totem Pole :  [LPL] – Tiki Idol Pole (L$ 10)

Well, for only have hit 3 different stores to post, this was pretty long huh? *grins* I hope you all find something you like there at the Party, and have an amazing day!!! Also, Huge thanks to Count Burke of Dreamworld who let me use one of his beach parcels to take my pictures 🙂  *big hugs to all* …………………..till next time………………………..care ❤


Fun in the Sun!!!

Hey there you fabulous ones!!!   So the weather is warming up, and here in Second Life we get to explore both the Land and Sea in one swoop!  So put on your favorite bathing suit, whether it be a bikini or a wetsuit and head on over to the Sand and Sea Expo for some fun in the sun!!  (Your windlight preference is your choice, but the default is awfully pretty)  (Love posted the linkies how to get to both sides in her post  “The First Annual Sand & Sea Expo – 2013!”)

I spent my day exploring the beach side of the Sand & Sea Expo (Beach Entrance)  (Truth had just done my hair and I didn’t want to get it all frazzled and soaked!! ) and wanted to share with you some of the sights!!

Soooooooooooooooooo, I tore you guys out a page from my photo album so you could explore some with me! (You can click on the page to see it more up close and personal!)


There is all this fun and so much more, so hurry on over and enjoy all the sights and merchants that are there!  You can also use your luck to get some gifties as well…. I snagged a few from the beachside and ran home to my sim to make me and mine a little island paradise Mon!!  (Oh, and that Trike in the picture above, bottom right with the blue pin is one of the gifts you can get…. see credits)



GIFTIES   —[These are items you have a chance of getting from the Beachcomber Event (see Love’s Post for more information!->>HERE<<-)

Album’s Water Trike:  Triumphal Yacht Club –  Water Trike V7 (FREE) ( This is so much fun to ride, it has all the gadgets and makes some steam particles and everything!! )

( A.)    Boat Bottle .:CHEZ MOI:. (FREE) ( I set this on the beam on the side of my new little hut! which you can see in the lower left pic C. )

( B.)    Raft:  The Beachstore – Lover’s Raft (FREE) (This has six couple animations as well as a single solo male and female one)

( C.)    Old Chest, Tall Table, Woven Rug, Chair, as well as the fruit on the table:  Headhunter’s Island (FREE)  ( The Old Chest has 4 animations, as does the Chair, all single poses, which you just sit on to activate the menu 🙂  If you click on the mango tray, you get a mango drink to sip!! ) 

( D.)    Clock:  What Next – Beach Hut Clock (FREE) ( This clock tells you the actual SL time…. cute and handy! )

( E.)    Water Texture: blue waters v2 box (FREE) ( This is a textured and molded flat surface that I put just under the water on my parcel, it gives it that tropical water feel… )


Bikini / shorts: Yes My Love – American Bikini Set Version 2 (FREE) (This comes with the MESH shorts (6 sizes) and with Lolas Tango applier.)

Headhunter shack: AleyMart – Headhunter Village Big Hut (13 prims)  (FREE)

Smaller hut:  AleyMart – Headhunter Village Small Hut (6 prims)  (FREE)

My New Little Hangout Hut: ShellyMay – Beach Shack  (L$1)

Plant: Q Creations – Areca Palm in a pot – (L$1)

You can also pick up the Palm Tree from The Beachstore on the Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Cuddle-Palm-Promo-Item-Couple-Menu/1529413 (L$10)

Skin: Al Vulo! :[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Aisha ] – [ Peacock sunkissed The Dressing Room FUSION ] (L$70)  ( used in post with the Lolas Tango applier that comes with it 🙂 )

Hair:  TRUTH  Zuzka –  black & whites (L$75 @ sale(Truth has extended their sale till the 10th of May!!! make sure to head over and get the hairs you want and crave!!! ————->>> HERE <<<————-)

Mesh Breasts:  Lolas Tangos

Hope to see you all at the Expo!! …………………..till next time……………………….Care ❤


I love it when Al Vulo puts out a new group gift!!  /me jumps up and down cheering!  Al Vulo group members can now pick up the Tabata skin in 1968 Hippie bronze.  The group is free to join.  I am accidentally also wearing a freckle layer that I was wearing before photos…  oops.. I hate when I do that.. lol  but, just so you know – the Al Vulo group gift is not freckled across the nose.

 I picked up the flower clip in my hair on Marketplace for 10L at The Beachstore.  When I was looking around at the other items The Beachstore had in their marketplace store I was pleased to find out that they have a ton of beach furniture and avatar accessories under 10L.  I picked up the Romantic Pier for 10L.  It has a few couples cuddle animations and is just 15 prims.  It does have The Beachstore Logo on the wood, but hey – I don’t mind at that price!


SAKIDE recently released these smexy Lasting swimsuits and you can get the navy for free in the midnight mania board if you can lock it down at 150!  You get both the solid and the striped version.


Love is wearing…

Skin – Al Vulo  – Tabata-1968 Hippie bronze (free group gift / 0L / free to join) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ReMix%20Yo%20LIfe/178/160/1351

Makeup – Al Vulo Debbie Freckles (included with Debbie / not free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ReMix%20Yo%20LIfe/178/160/1351

Eyes – IKON Horizon Eyes V2 Turquoise (previous group gift / no longer free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hot/227/92/39

Hair – Wasabi Pills Veronika @ The Vintage Fair (not free) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CHIC/231/207/23

Hair Accessory – The Beachstore Hair Clips / Flower Hair Clips (10L / marketplace) – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hairclips-Flower-Hair-Clip/1701761

SAKIDE Lasting Swimsuits Navy (free / 0L / midnight mania board) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dark%20Tranquility/128/76/24

Poses by Glitterati – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glitterati/95/161/21

The Beachstore Romantic Pier (10L / marketplace) – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Romantic-Pier-Promo-Item/1532135