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Dark Alice!!!

Ever wonder what it may have been like being in the queen’s shoes?  The entire kingdom against the Queen of Hearts and the malicious army lead by an precocious child named Alice…

The new Glam hair from Orage Creations is the inspiration for this blog post.  The Glam Hair in the chili shade is a dollarbie at Orage Creations.  The Heart Queen skin and Valentine skirt are both absolutely free at Orage Creations.  The top is actually from the black mini dress at The Vinyl Cafe.  The black mini dress is free for The Vinyl Cafe group members.  The Delux Top Hat is from Tesla.  All the hats on the second floor are free.  I sized the hat down a bit and rotated slightly and it was perfect!  The Hearts & Love earrings and necklace are the pick reward at Dark Mouse.  The pick reward gifts rotate each day, today is on pick reward 3.  If you miss it today can still get the gift when it rotates back.

Now, Off With Her Head!!!

If you get the chance definitely visit the Dark Alice Wonderland Park sim!  It is filled with amusement rides and wonderland scenery!

Psst… I challenged Harper Beresford to create a look around the dollarbie Glam hair and you can see what she came up with here.


*Orage Creations: Heart Queen Skin (L$0), Glam Hair (L$1),
Orage Creations ( 247/246/22 )

*The Vinyl Cafe: Black Mini Dress (Group – L$0)
The Dominion ( 202/202/30 )

*Dark Mouse: Hearts & Love Jewelry Set (Pick Reward – L$0)
Taber ( 90/184/23 )

*Tesla: Deluxe Top Hat (L$0)
Tesla ( 42/31/65 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )

*Dark Alice Wonderland Park
Kleio ( 19/85/22 )



Willie Wonka? Mad Hatter? Depp!


I’ve been trying to win this skin for a week to show you and my letter finally came up last night. The Johnny Depp Shape and Skin is on both a Midnight Mania Board and a Lucky Chair at Tellaq Avaar Creations. The place has been busy with people waiting to get this skin. The skin is very detailed and will let you go from pirate to candymaker is seconds.

Depp Shape and Skin

The Myself formal Suit was given to FabFree members over the weekend from Myself. It’s still in the group notices if you want to grab it. by The NVM Quinn Hair Fatpack comes from Savoir Hair for just $1L. and to top it off, the Deluxe Top Hat came as a freebie from Tesla.


At Dressing Aphrodite I found The DA Tomcat Plaid Suit. It is part of the Giai Hunt that lasts until May 3rd. This has a quirky Deppish charm about it and who would question what Johnny wears?

Dressing Aphrodite Tomcat Plaid Suit

The poses are from Heartless Homes. Candyland was among seven different picture boxes for only $10L.

*Johnny Depp Shape and Skin MM and Lucky Chair ($0L)
TELLAQ AVATAR CREATIONS, Tropical Breeze (49, 62, 23)

*NVM Quinn Hair Fatpack ($1L)
Savoir Hair, TenFifteen (135, 73, 27)

*Tesla Deluxe Top Hat ($0L)
TESLA, Tesla (64, 73, 54)

*Myself Formal Suit FabFree Group Gift ($0L)
Myself – Clothes & Accesories, Fashion World (99, 115, 22)

*DA Tomcat Plaid Suit Giai Hunt ($0L)
Dressing Aphrodite, Aloha Sunray (17, 32, 446)

*Candyland Picture Box ($10L)
Heartless Homes, Sand Dollar Isle (195, 63, 22)


The Pink Chair

The pink Delight sofa chair is in the lucky chair at Tesla and it is freaking awesome!  This chair has several great stand and sit animations!

The blue Cherie hoodie is the Ducknipple Heat Wave Hunt gift.  The black winter shearling boots are free from sf design.  The adorable braided pigtail Nora hair in the knit beanie is the Heat Wave Hunt gift from IrEn.

Oh and also at Tesla you can win this Crazy Mouth Avatar!  Seriously if you win this don’t chase me around because a big mouth licking it’s lips is super scary!


*Tesla: Sofa Chair (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Tesla ( 64/74/54 )

*Ducknipple: Cherie Hoodie (HWH – L$0)
Ducknipple ( 102/129/24 )

*Cilian’gel: Black Jeans (Past FabFree Gift)
Valefar ( 41/196/292 )

*sf design: Black Boots (L$0)
Penryn ( 46/115/36 )

*IrEn: Nora Hair (HWH – L$0)
Hi5 ( 182/210/31 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 118/122/597 )

*Blowpop: Elizabeth Skin (Not Free)
Boudoir Isle ( 45/104/23 )




OMG, I LOVE this skin!

These two Giselle dresses are free from UnPick after a 50 minute camp for each.  The black Elise2 Mary Jane heels are free from Tesla.  The jewelry worn is from the Twinkleberry lucky board.  The Summary hair comes in a fat pack of colors for a dollarbie at UnPick.

(UP) GF Giselle[black](UP)GF Giselle[white]

Still in need of a few good swimsuits this summer season?  The golden olive strapy bikini was a gift to SYSY’s sub-o group members.  From the lucky chair at OPIUM Everyday you can win the green and gold “Raquel” bikini.  The pale Heather skin is absolutely stunning from CIPRIA COUTURE.  This skin was delivered from the Designer Showcase Network system.  If you are already a group member of the DSN and didn’t receive this skin, try the redelivery Designer Showcase Network system.  The system randomly gives a gift from the data base, so you may not have gotten this skin and you might get it in the future.  It’s all random.  The site states:  “The network creates random subscriber/creator pairs each day for every single transaction. There is no “creator of the day” who’s samples get sent to all subscribers. Instead, the system tries to cover as much creators as possible with the daily transactions. Provided the designer does not change their sample, your friend might receive the item tomorrow, next week, or even in a couple of months.”  For more info check out the DSN FAQ Page.

sysy'sOpium Everyday

The floral Hawaiian bikini is in the CIPRIA COUTURE subscribe-o-matic.  There is also a midnight mania bikini, so be sure to register for that!

Bikini - Floral Hawaiian (CIPRIA COUTURE)


*UnPick: Giselle Dresses (Camp – L$0)
Brackish ( 101/148/331 )

*Tesla: Elise2 Mary Jane Heels (L$0)
Tesla ( 48/29/54 )

*SYSY’s: Golden Olive Bikini (Sub-o – L$0)
Rigby ( 128/206/24 )

*OPIUM Everyday: “Raquel” Bikini (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Le Zoo ( 226/222/31 )

*Twinkleberry: Jewelry (Lucky Board – L$0)
Brackish ( 79/101/331 )

*UnPick: Summary Hair Pack (L$1)
Brackish ( 86/134/331 )

*CIPRIA COUTURE: Hawaiian Bikini (Sub-o – L$0)
Zanzibar ( 82/48/23 )

*DSN: CIPRIA COUTURE – Heather Skin (L$0)
Takalo ( 240/218/144 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (L$0 – L$50)
Festivale ( 53/197/27 )