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Autumn Separates

::K:: available at C'est la vie ! Yellow Checked Shirt LB, Allusions - DuskTweedish Men's , terri.tees - Ghost Tank Sub-o , IHS - Autumn Orange Sneakers

I found several great separates to make one nice looking fall outfit. I started out with the Yellow Checked Shirt, which a Lucky Board find from ::K:: in C’est la vie!. This comes in both men’s and women”s sizes. I then picked up the Dusk Tweedish Men’s Slacks that can be found in the Sub-o-matic past notices at Allusions. I decided that I needed a tee underneath the open shirt. I had received the Ghost Tank from terri.tees as a sub-o gift a few days ago. Unfortunately, this is not redeliverable, but join the sub-o for future gifts and notices for free items in the store. And finally I put on my Autumn Orange Sneakers from In Her Shoes to finish off my Autumn separates look.

* ::K:: available at C’est la vie! – Yellow Checked Shirt ($0L)
Lucky Board

* Allusions – Dusk Tweedish Men’s Slacks ($0L)
Sub-o-matic    (in notices)

* terri.tees – Ghost Tank ($0L)
Sub-o-matic (no redelivery)

* In Her Shoes – Autumn Orange Sneakers ($0L)

* Poses – OoO Studio
Not Free

Fab Carson


Varsity Blues

One week into school and Carson has a football injury!  Thank goodness for the Cast Out group pose from WetCat.  The pose includes the bench, crutch, cast, and pen.  We decided to show our school spirit in the blue baseball jackets from sf design.  These gifts end in less than a week, so get them now!  The Shawn skin is a past group gift from Belleza and is available in the male gift box in the lobby.  I am wearing the August Sophie skin for Exodi group members.  Belleza has a L$250 enrollment fee and Exodi costs L$750 to join.


*SF Design: Male Baseball Jacket (L$0)

*terri.tees: Planitary T-Shirt (SOM – L$0)

*Just Because:  Bikers Blue Jeans (Past MM Gift)

*In Her Shoes: Black Sneakers (L$0)

*Lelutka: Seth Hair (Past SOM Gift)

*Belleza: Shawn Skin (Group/Fee – L$0)


*SF Design: Female Baseball Jacket (L$0)

*Jane: Intrinsic Tank (L$0)

*SUI BUTTON: Summer Denim Shorts (Group/Fee – L$0)

*HOC Industries: Sneaker Wedges (L$30)

*Poetic Colors: Gray Sky Eyes (L$0)

*Raspberry Aristocrat:  Jane Hair (Not Free)

*Exodi: Sophie August Skin (Group/Fee – L$0)

*WetCat: Cast Out Pose (Group – L$0)



Noob on the Beach

It’s time for some fun in the sun at my beachfront home. I grabbed my Noob Checklist T-shirt from terri.tees. Afterall, who’s gonna see me at home? I’m also wearing the dollarbie from INDI Designs. The Leighton Green Camo Shorts are part 2 of the latest puzzle.

terri.tees - Noob Checklist Tee

Wetcat has released the latest group gift. Join the group and get the Summer Comes! Poses with Props. Three poses are included. Try the innertube pose (above), or the shovel and pail pose. The sandcastle is not included.

INDI Designs - Leighton Green Camo Shorts

Or, have a watermelon snack after some hard play in the sand. Thse are fun poses for any beach setting.

WetCat Builds & Poses - SummerComes! Poses w Props


*terri.tees – Noob Checklist Tee ($0L)

*INDI Designs – Leighton Green Camo Shorts ($1L)

*WetCat Builds & Poses – Summer Comes! Poses w/ Props ($0L)
Group Gift


Let the Shirt Do the Talking

Here are some shirts that need no comments from me, I’ll let them speak for themselves. 🙂

terri.tees - Lag For Lent t-shirt ($0L)

terri.teesLag For Lent Tee

ASS - Sexsi tee

A:S:SSexsi Tee

*terri.tees – Lag For Lent t-shirt ($0L)

*A:S:S – Sexsi Tee ($0L)

*Poses – estetica -Not Free-


Naughty and Nice

Naughty or nice…why do I have to choose? Be both in the Naughty and Nice T-Shirt I found under the Christmas tree at terri.tees. Get the newest gift at sf design. The Duffle Coat will keep you warm while working or playing. It also works well for the ladies. On the advent calendar at 22769 is the Green Scarf. The scarf is only available today, December 5th. Hurry down to get it.

sf design duffle coat terri.tees Naughty or Nice t-shirt 22769 green scarf advent (2)

Wilson’s Designs is taking part in another holiday hunt this month. Their hunt gift for the Holiday Fantasy Hunt is the Red Sheer Shirt and Black Pants. This outfit is perfect for a romantic night by the fireplace. Happy Hunting.

Wilson's Holiday Fantasy Hunt


*sf Design – Duffle Coat ($0L)
sf design , Penryn (88, 103, 36)

*terri.tees – Naughty and Nice T-Shirt ($0L)
terri.tees, twilight (125, 120, 25)

*22769 – Greeen Scarf -Advent Calendar- ($0L)
22769 Casual Couture , Sunny Island (110, 31, 22)

*Wilson’s – Red Sheer Shirt & Black Pants – HFH- ($0L)
Wilson’s Designs for Men, Banquo (40, 200, 21)

*Poses – Glitterati -Not Free-
Glitterati, Glitterati (128, 174, 22)



Skinny Spiders and Fat lil’ Bats

Are you still looking for just the right costume for Halloween? Who says you have to be the superhero all the time? Sometimes you just want to be bad. OKEY DESIGNS has the Venom Costume on the wall as a group gift.

OKEY Venom Costume -Group Gift-

terri.tees is always sending out goodies to the sub-o group. The Scary Shirt comes in both a t-shirt and tank cut. The sub-o gifts are not redeliverable, but join up for the next cool gift.


An unfortunate event happened this week and the Make Him Over Group was disbanded. But out of the ashes, a new men’s group, Menstuff was formed. Schwarz gave the new membership the No Drama Boxers. This is still in the notices. Join the new group and get yours.

Schwarz- Menstuff Group- Gift  Drama Free Boxers

!BANG has a free Halloween gift. Wear My lil’ Fat Bat to hug him and squeeze him and name him George. (Sorry, old Bugs Bunny reference there). But it’s cute and cuddly none the less.

!bang - My lil' Fat Bat

*OKEY Venom Costume -Group Gift- ($0L)
OKEY DESIGNS Mainstore, Bay Atoll (123, 95, 21)

*terri.tees Scary Tee & Tank -Sub-o -($0L)
terri.tees, twilight (125, 120, 25)

*Schwarz Menstuff Group Gift ($0L)
Schwarz , The Centurion (137, 147, 22)

*!bang – My lil’ Fat Bat ($0L)
!BANG , Lo Lo (24, 126, 22)

*Poses – Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)


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Cozy For Fall

If you slap the midnight mania board at Sangre Noir, you could win the Fall Cozy Outfit. Not only do you get the brown turtleneck and pants, but also a pair of boots to keep your feet warm.

Sangre Noir Fall Cozy for MM Board

Take part in the Diversity Hunt at 5th Tower Studio and find this nice Bracelet. While there, check out the gift table and pick up the Savage Heart Tattoo and Sunnies.

5th Tower Savage Heart Tattoo Diversity hunt Bracelet,  Sunnies

Also on the gift table are the Sol Flower Tattoos.

5th Tower Sol Flower Tattoo

There are free t-shirts galore at terri.tees. Spread out in the gift area are 10 different Halloween Tees to choose from. Various styles come in the Skeleton, Sophisicat, and Scaredycat. All shirts come win both t-shirt and tank styles.

terri.tees Halloween Shirts

Also included is the Winking Pumpkin T-shirt. The group gift at Upper Man are the UM Jeans. These are most definitely worth joining the group.

UM Jeans group gift  terri.tees Winking pumpkin tee

*Sangre Noir Fall CozyOutfit -Midnight Mania Board- ($0L)

*5th Tower Bracelet – Diversity Hunt- ($0L)
*5th Tower Savage Heart Tattoo ($0L)
*5th Tower Sunnies ($0L)
*5th Tower Sol Flower Tattoo ($0L)

*terri.tees Halloween T-Shirts ($0L)

*UM Jeans -Group Gift- ($0L)

*Poses – Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)


Get Exiled

I had a tip from a reader that I should check out Exile for a few free hair styles to show you. Each of these hairs come in many colors but I chose the chocolate to show you. The Brady Hair is my favorite of the three.

Exile Brady Hair

The Knight Hair is more carefree and has a bad boy feel to it.

Exile Knight Hair

The Carter Hair has a sweeping part that almost covers your eye.

Exile Carter Demos

Also at Exile was a free outfit. The Black Shirt and Ripped Jeans w/ Belt will look good on any guy. The [ JP ]:dsg. MultiChange Sneakers, which is their group gift, has three colors to choose from.

Exile Free OUtfit Gift [ JP ]dsg. Sneakers  MultiChange  GROUPGIFT

The Gun Crazy Tank is a sub-o gift from terri.tees. it also comes in a t-shirt as well. I got the AQUA Men’s PB Dark Blue Jeans from AQUA’s Midnight Mania Board. The Luxory Hunt 2 is starting tonight and stylesucks hunt gift will be the Sucker Belt. It comes with and without a resizer so you have the option to adjust it how you like.

AQUA - Men's PB - Jeans - Dark  BLUE AQUA -terri.itees Gun Crazy Tand sub-o gift stylesucks.com -Sucker Belt Luxory Hunt 2


*Exile – Brady Hair ($0L)
*Exile – Knight Hair ($0L)
*Exile – Carter Hair ($0L)
*Exile – Black Shirt and Ripped Jeans w/ Belt ($0L)
Exile, Covet (165, 66, 31)

*AQUA – Men’s PB Dark Blue Jeans – MM Board- ($0L)
AQUA, Second Style Island (220, 100, 21)

*terri.tees – Gun Crazy Tank – Sub-o Gift – ($0L)
terri.tees, twilight (125, 120, 25)

*stylesucks – Sucker Belt – Luxory Hunt 2 – ($0L)
stylesucks, Fasnia (47, 124, 22)

*[ JP ]dsg. – MultiChange Sneakers -Group Gift- ($0L)
[ JP ]:dsg. , JP Isle (82, 105, 31)

*Poses, Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)



Back to School

I’m feeling a bit casual this evening.  Here’s a few outfits I put together to reflect my mood.  The brown Painter shirt was sent to SYSY’s sub-o members yesterday.  The gray capri pants were sent to the Prim & Pixel Paradise sub-o members.  You will find the mySHIBUYAbag for a dollarbie at (marukin).

The terri.tees sub-o members were sent the red gun crazy tee today.  This gift includes a tank version as well.  The black Summer’s End pants are another gift sent to the Prim & Pixel Paradise members.  If you’ve missed any of these sub-o gifts you can pick them up for L$1 this week!  The Beth cap hair was sent to the ChiChickie! sub-o members in the dark Mahogany shade.  The cap is color changeable with the included hud, so you can match to anything!

This week I stopped by Aki-Kimono to check the designer’s app for the FabFree group and I picked up the Japanese textured tank in the pay what you want vendor box.  Pick up the animated cell phone while you are there!

*RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* sub-o members received the red school girl uniform and the one Carson showed below.  This sub-o does not have a redelivery function, but the designer did send a message that the gift would be redelivered tonight because of a needed fix.  Join the group so you don’t miss out on future gifts!


*SYSY’s: Painter Shirt (SOM – L$0)
Rigby ( 179/178/23 )

*Prim & Pixel Paradise: Capri Pants (SOM – L$0)
Farm ( 190/73/46 )

*terri.tees: Gun Crazy t-shirt (SOM – L$0)
twilight ( 125/122/25 )

*Aki-Kimono: Japanese Texture Tank (Pay What You Want)
SHIKOKU ( 141/83/22 )

*RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*: Back to School Uniform (SOM – L$0)
Malabar ( 183/78/22 )

*(marukin): mySHIBUYAbag (L$1)
Horst ( 56/87/27 )

*MIEL: Ant Flats (Not Free)
Cupcake ( 232/210/37 )

*ChiChickie!: Beth Cap Hair (SOM – L$0)
Pioneer ( 102/219/27 )

*Exodi: Isolde #18 Skin (Lucky – L$0)
Exodi ( 169/133/29 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 92/154/22 )



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Tee’s Me

Do you have the Fat Lady?… I remember playing Old Maid as a kid and terri.tees is bringing back those memories in a series of fun t-shirts. Each week they will be featuring three characters from the game on a white t-shirt. This week’s shirts include Laughing Lion, The Fat Lady, and The Strong Man. Get them before the next set is put out.

terri.tees OLd Miad Tee's 3 pack

*BOOM* is offering the RAWR Shark Week Tee for just $1L. This fun 2-pack shirt comes with bubbles or no bubbles. In the package is also a Shark Week gesture.

Boom Shark Week

I got addicted to the gacha machine at WoE . While trying to get the jeans that are the rare item, I picked up the Vega WifeBeater Tanks as well. This tank comes in 6 different colors Grass, Dirt, Mustard, Red Mud, Not Sure, and Smoke so try to get them all.

Woe Vega WifeBeater Grass Dirt Mustard

Red Mud Not Sure Smoke

And sadly, one of my favorite stores is closing at the end of the month. L&H Design is offering many items for no cost. There are still items with a price, so be careful and don’t just random buy. I picked up several t-shirts including the United, Ouch, Hollow and MetalHand Shirts.

LH United and Ouch Tanks

LH Hollow and Metalhand T-shirts

*terri.tees Old Maid Tee’s 3 pack ($0L)
terri.tees, twilight (125, 120, 25)

*BOOM* RAWR Shark Week Tee”s 2 pack ($1L)
*BOOM* , Existence (171, 48, 21)

*WoE Vega WifeBeaters -gacha machine- ($35L each)
WoE Main Store, Exodi (168, 133, 29)

*LH – Untied Tank Top ($0L)
*LH – Ouch Tank Top ($0L)
*LH – Hollow T-shirt ($0L)
*LH – MetalHand II T-shirt ($0L)
L&H Design, Costa Del So (52, 8, 22)

*Poses, Long Awkward Pose and Glitterati -Not Free-