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Nothing but steam…

Ok, not the ideal place for my radiator to spring a leak, but I’m have to make due.  I saw a house a mile or so back. I could go there and ask for help, but it did look old and abandoned. maybe I should walk up ahead and made find some help.

Maybe I should have stayed with the car. The farther I walk the foggier it gets. Today I’m wearing the Wyatt Open Shirt a FREE group gift at Ashbury. The group is also FREE to join. I’m still wearing the Brooklyn Pants (with a different texture) from TentatioN  I modeled yesterday [HERE] along with the Barcelona Shoes by A&D Clothing.

The fog is starting to thin a bit. I think I see someone up ahead. They seem to be wearing a fedora and a striped sweater. I made it to my destination, this has to be Elm Street!


Carson is wearing…

Mesh Body: ADAM – Male Mesh Body
Mesh Head: Catwa – Daniel v2.13
Head Applier: Labyrinth – Tylar
Beard Applier: Nivaro – Jawline
Hair: no.match – No Cloud
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Evening
Shirt: Ashbury – Wyatt Open Shirt (Group Gift FREE/ 0L / 0L to join)
Pants TentatioN – Brooklyn Pants (SLF&O Group Gift Free 0L/ 0L to join)
Shoes: A&D Clothing – Barcelona

Pose: Diesel Works

Sim: Outbreak



Brooklyn Bridge is Falling Down

Brooklyn Bridge

Crazy Dayz…

Every year, around this time, I’m a bit stressed. It’s crunch time at work… I’m always tired and a grumpy cat. Every little thing gets under my skin. It’s times like this I tend to wander off by myself because, trust me, I’m my own best company. But, I know in just a few short weeks, the stress will be gone and I can take a nice long (and well deserved) break.

Cross that bridge when you come to it…

Today, I found the Brooklyn Outfit at TentatioN. This is a for the SLF&O group members. Not a member? The group is FREE to join! This outfit comes with a texture changing HUD for both the shirt and the pants for several different looks to suit your needs. On my feet I have the Barcelona Shoes from A&D Clothing. This also includes a texture HUD for different laces and soles.

Countdown… T-4 weeks…


Carson is wearing…

Mesh Body: ADAM – Male Mesh Body
Mesh Head: Catwa – Daniel v2.13
Head Applier: Labyrinth – Tylar
Beard Applier: Nivaro – Jawline
Hair: no.match – No Cloud
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Evening
Outfit: TentatioN –  Brooklyn Outfit w/HUD (SLF&O Group Gift FREE / 0L/ 0L to join)
Shoes: A&D Clothing – Barcelona

Pose: ProPose

Sim: Glanduin



Morning run

Morning run

Back to basics

I’ve been stuck on dresses and skirts lately and while there’s certainly nothing wrong with indulging your more feminine side, it’s time to do away with frills and fringes for something more sporty. Early morning jogs are perfect for chasing away the blues of being stranded on a deserted island and speaking of perfection the Neva outfit from Tentation was just the thing I needed for this outing. It’s always a good idea to stock up on basics for those days when you just want to slouch around at home or go for a run with your polar bear cub and the Neva outfit with it’s baggy off shoulder sweater and comfortable leggings afford just that. After spending days with pastels the cool gray and off-white color scheme of this outfit were a nice change and I did like the eye-catching asymmetrical pattern on the front of the sweater. The sizes for the Neva outfit are as follows;


  • 5 Fitmesh sizes (XS-XL)
  • 1 size for the Belleza mesh body
  • 1 size for the Maitreya mesh body
  • 1 size for the Slink mesh body


  • 5 Fitmesh sizes (XS-XL)
  • 1 size for the Belleza mesh body
  • 1 size for the Maitreya mesh body
  • 1 size for the Slink mesh body

There are also separate alpha layers for the sweater and leggings available in the folder should you decide to wear these articles of clothing as separates. Otherwise, there’s also another alpha layer included should you want to wear the entire outfit together for the day. The Neva outfit costs just 10L and can be found with other great low-cost outfits and gifts at the Tentation main store so take a while to poke around and who knows what might catch your fancy.

But let’s not forget about the pink

As in sneakers. If you’ve been following the developments on the Fabulously Free in SL group gift list, you’ll know that Ollie’s Follies have updated their gift to a darling pair of pink camo sneakers. Not only are these a great girly update to the classic camouflage pattern but are classic feet friendly as well. In the gift package, you’ll receive a great alpha layer for your feet and these sneakers come equipped with a resize script making refitting a breeze. Should you happen to kill the scripts before you’re happy with any changes, however, permissions are set to copy so you can simply rez out another pair and start over. The Flowerbed Camo sneakers come free with your FabFree group tag and as always there’s no cost to join the group. While you’re at the store don’t forget to hit that no group needed midnight mania board and keep your fingers crossed for that 100L gift card prize. For a closer look at those sneakers check out the group gift listing page {HERE}.

And that’s a wrap. I really have to go see if Commander hasn’t stuck his nose into one of these houses looking for breakfast. Till later guys!



On Sheidey…

Skin- 7 Deadly s{K}ins Willow
Hair(with Beanie) – Lock & Tuft Ayla (Past FLF)
Eyes –  Mesange Athena (0L/No group tag required)
Outfit – Tentation Neva (10L)
Shoes – Ollie’s Follies Classic Sneakerz Flowerbed Camo (0L/Fabulously Free in SL group gift/No joining fee required)
Hands – Slink Casual

Pose: Elephante

Location: Meraki Island East



Deadwool & Pie


Walking off the pie…

I admit, I had one too many slices of pumpkin pie 🍰, and YES I made it! So I decided to take a little stroll to burn off some excess holiday calories. When I was out waiting on a bench shopping the other day, I happened to buy a few Christmas presents for myself. Anyone who knows me is astonished that I actually SPENT MONEY on myself or anyone else, (the present I got Love only cost $10L.. shhhh). I have been told ever since I came back that I HAVE to shop at Deadwool. I found out they had the Erik Gloves as a FREE group gift and I was in the door. And that’s where It went downhill from there….

They get you with the marketing every time…

I picked up the gloves and then looked slightly to my left and I saw it… The Mesh Duster… My mind was racing… I want this… I NEED THIS!  The logical side of my brain was saying “You don’t even know if it fits”. I instinctively clicked for a demo. “Great, it fits… no, no It wasn’t supposed to fit.” Time to do the math… I can buy one. OR I can buy the fatpack of three (because I know in hindsight I always wish I gotten the fatpack.. as you will see). So I put down $899L for the fatpack and greedily opened it up like a child opening up presents under the tree.

Baring my chest or not…

I need a shirt to go under the jacket. “The simplest thing would be to just get a shirt here” my mind was in full spend mode at this point. It was time I took control again. I decided I could find a free or cheap option elsewhere. TL:DR I ended up back at Deadwool l and purchased the Hugo black denim shirt for $360L. Yes, I lost that battle with my own brain. Now my brain says I should have bought the whole shirt fatpack… Dang, it was right again. I did manage to save myself some money on the pants. I picked up the Peter Outfit by TentatioN, a FREE group gift at the Menstuff Lounge and used the pants to make this great look.

A&D Clothing - Top Gun Glasses Deadwool - Erik Gloves Mera - Scarf

Accessorize then exercise…

I already mentioned I got the Erik Gloves at Deadwool  (where this long story began). I Also picked up two gifts under the Christmas tree at CosmopolitanA&D Clothing has provided the Top Gun Glasses as a FREE group gift. I finished off the look with the  Meva Scarf another FREE group gift at Cosmopolitan that I previously showed [HERE]. I did use the color change HUD to give it a completely different look. After all this spending, I was a bit stressed out. Now you know why I went on a pie 🍰 binge and why I’m walking to work off those added pounds. It’s such a “chore” to keep your body fit SL. :🍰

Carson is wearing…

Gloves: Deadwool – Erik Gloves FREE Group Gift $0L/$1L to join

Jacket: Deadwool – Mesh Duster Coat- fat pack $899L

Shirt: Deadwool – Hugo black denim shirt $360L

Pants: TentatioN – Peter Outfit Brown Pants @ Menstuff Lounge FREE Group Gift $0L/$50L to join

Accessories: A&D Clothing – Top Gun Glasses w/HUD @ Cosmopolitan Free Group Gift $0L/$0L to join

Accessories: Meva– Scarf w/ color change HUD @ Cosmopolitan Free Group Gift $0L/$0L to join

Shoes: Gabriel – Shearling Short Boot FREE Group Gift  $0L/$0L to join

Body: ADAM – Male Mesh Body

Hair: Lelutka – Seth N/A (circa 2010)

Sim: Izzies



Step Right Up And Enjoy The Show.

awesome stunt show 1

As a young boy, I witnessed a man in a raggedy, sequined outfit jump over a pair of trailers on his dirt bike, much to the delight of the crowd. Years later, here I am on the shoulder of Route 23, promoting the debut of my own daredevil show. I chose to wear a group gift from TentatioN. It is very casual and sporty, but with the camouflage pattern on the cargo pants pockets and in the lower corner of the shirt, it also says, “I am a warrior.” Sometimes, it’s best to let your clothes speak for you (unless they are going to say “I’m a dork”, then there is no reason to give them a megaphone). This, however, says volumes in a positive, masculine manner.  The gift comes with a color change hud, providing four color choices for both the mesh shirt and the pants. TentatioN is not a free group, though. It will set you back 30L, but this outfit in four colors is worth it.

awesome stunt show 2

I grew up in Los Tres Dolores New Mexico , a town named for a mystical formation of three cacti. For my death-defying entry into the world of show business, I will jump over that local landmark in the greatest riding lawnmower jump in the history of mankind! At first glance a lawnmower it may not appear to be the best choice for soaring through the air, but isn’t a riding mower essentially a helicopter that has been flipped upside down? This very detailed (and shockingly fast) mower is the current FREE group gift from Knight Performance. This store along with the one which shares the building with them (Surplus Motors) are great sources for beautifully detailed vehicles in SL. Both stores are free groups and offer many Midnight Manias, group gifts and discounts. If you have any interest in vehicles on Second Life, you should seriously consider joining them.

If you are going to let your clothes do the speaking for you, this Rockabilly Hunt prize jacket from The Dark Fae positively screams, “Rebel.” Its cool stand-up collar and retro styling including a must see graphic on its’ back are perfect for people who don’t follow the rules, like me (even if it’s because I can’t be bothered to read them). The Rebel Soul Jacket sports versions with and without the t-shirt and comes in three sizes, plus an additional two sizes in fitmesh. Cool style is timeless, and this jacket is perfectly cool! This Rockabilly Hunt prize is not free, but at only 2L, it’s a bargain. These jeans are extraordinary as well, coming from a quickly expanding store called Illi. Currently on their Midnight Mania board, these Midnight Open Belt Jeans are nicely textured and look great, and a big surprise was the texture hud that came with them. Illi gives us 8 denim colors, 4 belt colors and 4 metal accent textures for the belt. That is excellent versatility for a free gift! It does carry a small logo, but it is easy to overlook, given the generosity of this Midnight Mania prize. Also worth noting are my mesh white leather sneakers, fresh from the Wayward Hunt. The prize, from the store United Colors, comes in both men’s and ladies’ sizes and with that touch of blue on them they look fantastic for a FREE hunt gift. I was truly impressed!

awesome stunt show 3

Well, I dressed for success and I did everything right but sometimes that just isn’t enough. Sometimes in life the ramp just isn’t high enough, or maybe the wind shifts, or maybe a lawn mower just isn’t meant to fly. A person could drive themselves crazy sitting back and reflecting over those kinds of things, but not me. I am on to my next great adventure and I hope you will be there with me.—–WHC Riler

WHC is wearing…

Camouflage Outfit – TentatioN Men’s Mesh Camo Shirt & Pants (Group Gift/30L Pay Group)
Shoes – Giomen Lumberjack Boots

Jacket – The Dark Fae Rebel Soul Jacket (Male Rockabilly Hunt Gift/2L)
Pants – Illi Midnight Open Belt Jeans (Midnight Mania Prize)
Shoes – United Colors White Leather Sneakers (Wayward Hunt Gift/FREE)
Eyes – Poetic Colors Pearl – Clear Pond
Skin – Belleza Mathieu
Hair – Dura *Dura-Boy*59(Black)

No riding lawnmowers were harmed in the creation of this post!
Lawnmower – Knight Performance Ride-On Lawn Mower (FREE Group Gift/FREE Group)

WHC Name Card