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The Snowflake Experience

The Snowflake Experience opens today. There are 62 stores each with special items that donate a portion of their profits to Toys for Tots. Along the way there are little candycanes, each containing a special gift for you!

The sim is split into four seperate areas, each with a little theme and there are some strewn around the main landing area too. I have split the hunt items down into these areas to try to make it easier for you to know where to look. There are some items that I havent found so you will no doubt find more… and I am sorry if I get a little mixed up with some items being in other areas, but I tried to make it as simple as possible for you, so forgive me a few probable mistakes as I have been the queen of mistakes recently with SLURLS.

The main landing area

+ Cozy Henley Snowflake Sweater – aRAWRa
+ Trashionista Pose – Magoa (1 of 2 – both prizes offer sets of poses)

+ Snowflake Experience Skybox – Estetica

+ Poseable Penguin – La’Licious

The first area is where the little stone cottages are:

+ Fallen Snow Pullover – Sassy Kitty Designs

+ Snowflake Pendant – ICED

+ Mara Jumper – Izbizarre (2 to find)
+ Pack of Cardigans – Izbizarre

+ Chill Dress – T-Junction
+ Tote Bag – Berries

+ Pine Trees – Mudhoney

+ Its snuggley time – Baffle

+ This is a FREEBIE at the Baffle store NOT inside a candycane.. but its so cute I had to show you

+ Happy Snowman – Cleo Design

The second area is where the little log cabins are

+ Snowflake Sweater – Rezlpsa Loc
+ Holiday skirt – Jazumi
+ Green Shoes – Cero Style

+ Hooked Snowflake – Acide

+ Centro Earring – LoQ

+ Snowflake Shirt – Its Cake
+ Spencer Trousers – Paperdoll

+ Noel Chair – What Next
+ Candles are a free gift in the store there

+ Imagine All.. sYs (2 to find)

The third area is where the gingerbread houses are:

+ Berry Mini Dress – Sweeter Than Candy

+ Sweetpea Vintage Sweater – Hollipocket
+ Fir Nibbler – Hopscotch

+ Holly Ugg Boots – Indie Rose

The fourth area is a little Toy Town and is so cute! This area is more for the child avatars of SL and has childrens stores and gifts.

+ Inner Bohemian Make up – Tasty

+ Christmas Deco Antlers – Jillybean

+ Bear Gloves and Earmuffs – Cute Bytes (found in 2 canes)

Be sure you take a look around all of the stores and please if you can make a donation to the charity Toys for Tots as it is an amazing charity.

+ Yum Skin by Curio ( not free )

+ Official Curio Cleavage by Luck Inc ( not free )

+ Lasting hair by Elikatira Designs ( not free – 220L )

+ Frozen Eyes by Umedama ( Free )

+ Black Ankle Boots by GField ( not free )

+ Poses by Lovesick, Del May, Flowey, Marukin, Don’t Freak Out!, Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses


*Tara Sofia*

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

The sofia skin from Tasty comes in 3 different skintones, which have minor subtle differences. I definately think i should have adjusted my mouth to this skin, cause it doesn’t look the way I want it too. I think I am more a pouty kind of lip person.. or something… lol!

Farah for FabFree

The prim jeans parts are also attached to the lower leg! It’s like with the different layers, you can add up on the prims too. Just rightclick the prim you want to wear and click Add.

Farah for FabFree

The heels come with a HUD to change the skintone to yours. You wear the HUD > zoom in all the way on the part of your legs right above the heels > righclick the HUD > edit > in the Texture tab change the color to your own skin tone. My skintone was in the orange/brownish corner. When done editing, left click the HUD and the skintone will change. It took me less then 2 min.!  Btw… the pink heels are still available as a groupgift!!

skin – ::TASTY::-Sofia Toasty Simple Natural  – 0L (subscribogift in history )
hair – Long and Layered (Brown) – 0L (from inside the invenotry Library Folder)
eyelashes –  [chuculet]  eyelashes – izza – 1L
jeans – *Mentine*- Boyfriend Jeans – not free (50L)
tattoo – *Felicity* Tattoo – Floral Group Gift (Tattoo Layer)- 0L (Group Gift )
heels – *Felicity* Tara – Blue Leather – 0L (Group Gift )
poses – Glitterati Breast Cancer Poses


xxx Farah


The picture was taken at alirium.  My guy and I have date nights (yes, after over two years we still date and have loads of fun together!).  He and I went sim exploring the other night and discovered the absolutely beautiful alirium sim!  All four seasons are represented on this sim.  Oh and we did find a few freebies down the water well!

The beautiful Natalia dress is available til midnight tonight at My Precious for only L$10.  The Sofia skin was sent to the Tasty sub-o members in the coco fluff, creamy milk, and toasty skin tones.


*My Precious: Natalia Dress (L$10)
Agnes Finney ( 74/142/26 )

*Ingenue: Citron Vintage Rose Heels (MM – L$0)
Lo Lo ( 213/77/22 )

*Tasty: Sofia Skin (SOM – L$0)
Cite des Ases ( 52/218/22 )

*Hair Solutions: Keyanna Hair (Not Free)
Elite Castle Island ( 193/210/25 )

*ImpEle: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Holland ( 95/101/25 )




For the Love of… Science

For the Love of…Science started August 22nd and continues until September 28th.  The FTLO group is a new group of hunters and designers.  Each month the hunt theme will change, but the group will stay the same.  .:it’s Cake:. is the starting location for the “For the Love OF…Science” hunt.  In no particular order, here’s all of the prizes in the hidden “For the Love OF…Science” Robots.

Gato – Love Science Mini Dress (It looks like a beaker!)

Intrigue Co. – Surgical Gloves

Boof – Gaggle Goggles, Mouf Test Tubes, Nerdy Lab Coat (includes male version), Poison Beaker

Magoa – Science Dress

Actchio – Sci-fi Superhero hipster tattoo (also includes a classic version that looks great on guys!)

Ticky Tacky – Melatonin Makes Me Mellow Necklace

SwanSong – Pewter Maleeha Sandals

aRAWRa – A Little Robotic & Down and Nerdy Mini Dresses

Butt-err – “Wish you were here” tattoo

Garage – Hair Ponytail (comes with 8 colors)

Imani – Kaat Green Eyes

Leafy – Science of Sleep Skin (gift also includes 11 poses)

Acid & Mala Creations – Pink Slices Cami Dress (several ways to wear)

AtomicBambi – Romaana Pale Skin

Posh – Vicious Hypnosis Hair (Comes with 3 colors)

Tasty -Nerdorable Glasses, Shorts, Socks, & Tee

Beauty Killer – Poison Barrel BackPack

Muted – Cyber Glam Shoes

.:it’s Cake:. – Center of the Universe Shirt & Universe

Colorism – Roll-Up Jeans

Sars – Ceremonial Head Bra (also includes 5 gestures!)

Medley – Capsleeve Striped Shirts in Green & Pink

Kitsch Me – Red Robot Necklace

Ello Poppet – Dottie Skin (includes Petite Asian Girl Shape)

99 Elephants – Little Robot

Casa Del Shai – Blue Vneck Tee & Newsboy Cap (comes with 4 colors)

Herbalys – Mini Flying Bot

RIPE – Saturna Intergalactic Planetary Space Vehicle

LiQSuM – “Sexy Science Party” Shirt & Pants, “Science!!” Shirt & Capris (includes shirt for the men)

RIPE – Saturna Intergalactic Planetary Space Necklace & Earrings

Relentless Couture – Paint Pot Skin (4 skin tones)

C.Smith – Dark Grey t-shirt

KoQStar – White Henley Shirt (looks very nice on men!)

Name Pending – Moose Knuckle Tee

Acide – Bones Necklace (includes male version)

Sonic Death Monkey – Science Academy Polo (includes short & long sleeves shirts)

Tweedle – Alien Antenna

Shush – Tweed Corset Top & Skirt

nestle my bosom – Heart Tattoo

COOL BEANS – FTLO Science KeyChain

paper.doll – TerryCloth Jumper

Bottle Bird – Goff Petal Skirt, Fractal Leggings, Team Dawkins Shirt, Team God Shirt

RezIpsa Loc – Dork & NeRDy T-Shirts

Republica – Helix Standing Shelf (with Accessories)

Kitsch Me – Dopamine Molecule Shelf

Cuca Designs – Science Table & Chair Set

abode – The Bachelorette Skybox Home

Croire – Cumulonimbus (on wall)
Cheeky Pea – Geeky Science Desk

Sugar.Snap.Me – Home Chemistry Scene

There are also shapes in the Dead Carrot and Seren Shape Co. For the Love of…Science gifts.


*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 129/175/23 )



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Garden Flowers

JILL has a new gift out!!!  The white summery lace dress is located near the new garden area and is available for everyone.  The Lola skin is included in the ORTA sub-o gift along with a pretty rust Isabella dress and chocolate Estelle bag.

Looking for something a casual for these hot summer days?  Pick up the latest group gift for COCO DESIGNS members.  The gift contains denim shorts and two tees. And yay the tees have my RL age, just in case I want to go around advertising that.

TASTY sub-o members recently received the fuchsia Margot bikini, bikini sash, and blue Cupcake skirt.  The Designing Nicky Ree sub-o members were sent the Bobby the Chicken T Shirt yesterday.  A male version was also sent, so guys pick that up!

If you’re into one-piece swimwear, the !Doux Couture sub-o group sent out the neon green suit yesterday.  Both Whisper and I have told you about the white Prelude XtremeHeels from N-core.  The heels are available throughout the summer for group members.

The multicolor Dream eyes are a sub-o gift for Hani members.


*JILL: FGD Dress (Group – L$0)
Kapia ( 170/88/22 )

*COCO: Tee & Denim Shorts (Group – L$0)
COCO DESIGNS ( 112/88/521 )

*TASTY: Margot Bikini & Cupcake Skirt (SOM – L$0)
Cite des Ases ( 43/219/23 )

*Designing Nicky Ree: Bobby The Chicken T Shirt (SOM – L$0)
Tropical Orchid ( 229/127/31 )

*!Doux Couture: Vintage One Piece (SOM – L$0)
Lendrum ( 47/247/727 )

*N-core: Prelude XtremeHeels (Group – L$0)
Heels ( 166/116/26 )

*EMO-tions: Fable Hair (Not Free)
VALHAL ( 219/199/503 )

*ORTA: Lola LeLutka Skin (SOM – L$0)
Heartless City ( 195/91/45 )

*Hani: Dream Eyes (SOM – L$0)
Quilassito ( 176/50/24 )

*ImpEle: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Holland ( 95/101/25 )



~Gone Fishing~

Wow busy, busy, busy!  Been checking designer applications all day and needed a break.  What better excuse to strip down to nothing but a bikini!  I think the designers in SL have caught my swimsuit fetish cause there sure are a lot of them around right now!

The Olivia skin and black polka dot bikini are just a few of the prizes in the 7 seas fishing game at Adam n Eve.  Other prizes include male swim shorts and bikinis in purple, red, teal, and white.  All items are transferable so you can swap them out or win a few for friends!

Cilian’gel Boutique has reopened and is participating in the Beach Loving Hunt.  There is a gift for the ladies and men as the hunt prize at Cilian’gel Boutique.  The gift for the ladies is shown below.  The Victoria jewelry set is from Burroughs Jewelry.  Each piece is an introductory price of L$99.  The earrings (which I’m wearing but are hidden behind the hair) are free for  about 24 more hours.

Pick up an issue of the Too Sexy Magazine and flip to the Cynful ad for the rosy pink Too Sexy bikini.

Tasty sub-o members received a fatpack of Tahitian bikinis in the aqua, berry, bluegray, brown, and cherry colors.

Feel a bit patriotic?  Pick up the Independence bikini, flip flops, and swimming ring at Viviane Fashion for only L$10.

The sexy 4th of July bikini is the newest sub-o gift at Glam Couture.  You must be a current subscribe-o-matic group member and touch the sign to receive the gift.  The bikini is a special price of L$25 for non-members.

There are three floral Lani one-piece swimsuits available absolutely free at Indie Rose.  While there slap the midnight mania board for the pink Moana bikini.

Also while out and about today I picked up the L$50 Friday special from Doppelganger Inc..  This is a huge special with something for the guys and girls!  Carson blogged the awesome board shorts earlier, but they look great on women too!  The white basic cami is a gift at Fri.day.

There is also an aqua color Lana dress included in the Doppelganger Inc. L$50 Friday special!


*Adam n Eve: Olivia Skin & Polka Bikini (Fish – L$0)
Genesis ( 80/209/22 )

*Cilian’gel Boutique: Got Flower Power? Bikini (Hunt – L$0)
Relleri ( 4/237/29 )

*Cynful: Pink Too Sexy Bikini (Too Sexy Mag – L$0)
Ooot Ooot ( 72/65/24 )

*Tasty: Tahitian Bikinis (SOM – L$0)
Cite des Ases ( 75/188/23 )

*Viviane Fashion: Independence Bikini (L$10)
Plethora ( 183/114/28 )

*Glam Couture: 4th of July Bikini (SOM – L$0)
Xalapa ( 21/143/41 )

*Indie Rose: Independence Bikini (L$0)
Tohono Island ( 54/198/22 )

*Fri.day: White Basic Cami (L$0)
Friday ( 147/130/32 )

*Doppelganger Inc.: Lana Dress & Board Shorts (L$50)
Bill ( 218/191/43 )

*In Her Shoes: Back to Basics Flip Flops (L$0)
Vignette ( 126/113/57 )

*Burroughs Jewelry: Victoria Jewelry (Not Free)
Ohana ( 70/115/24 )

*Amacci: Carletta Hair (Not Free)
Amacci ( 203/96/22 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 129/175/23 )




I close my eyes and just let it all fall in line

Some goodies for you to get your teeth into! Hooray!

Renee already showed these beautys the other day but I couldnt resist showing them to you again as they are uber smexy and daring. You can find the Baby Got Lace Dress as the subscribo gift at Sassy Kitty Designs. Join up and check the notices. Both are in one parcel.

Imabee are part of the Good Sh*t hunt and you will see their prize in my next post, but while you are there seeking the soda bottle, don’t forget to pop into the Freebie Cafe and join the group to get this adorable free skin called Lucy – First Sight Love. The eyes worn in the picture are the freebie eyes you can find at Poetic Colors called Cosmic Dream and are so pretty. They have gorgeous little stars in them.

The Starlight short necklace worn in the picture above is currently free for the next 72 hours at Burroughs and you can buy the matching earrings and bracelets there also for 99L during this time.

There is also a longer version of the Starlight necklace and non dangle earrings available for 99L as part of the same offer. These really are gorgeous so get them while you can!

If you are in the mood for some real statement pieces, then you really need to get over to GaNKeD where you can find the Mistress Jeans and Belt set as a freebie set out by the couch near the tp in point. The Mistress jewellery set which includes necklace, bracelets and bellyring are also set for free and can be found down the stairs to the left.

Another quickie from the Geekgasm hunt is this t-shirt and glasses set as the prize from Tasty

And while I was scouting skin places I found some dollarbie tops at Tres Blah. If you walk through to the stair well, there is a little vendor on the wall that contains them all. I fell in love with this hearts t-shirt so I thought I would show you it.

The red Sarah hair worn in the pictures is by Rezlpsa Loc and was a prize from their Lucky Chair. The skin worn in all the pictures is the new Dahlia skin by Cupcakes in the Retro make up and the Cameo skin tone. This isnt free but it is very pretty so go take a peek as Cupcakes always have some amazing offers on that are worth checking up on.

Other Info
+ In Your Arms hair by Tiny Bird ( not free )
+ Nude Lace Overlay Lingerie by OoEas! ( not free 95L)
+ Blossom Black Lingerie by Lingerie by Hollee ( not free – 60L )
+ Frozen Eyes by Umedama (free found in the room next to the one you land in, on the little table)
+ Poses by Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses


I’m a subscriber!

Felicia Helendale of Felicia’s Fashions just turned 2 years in SL yesterday.  To celebrate her sub-o group members and the Fabulously Free in SL group members were given the purple top and denim short set.  The Alex hair from Dark Mouse comes in a fatpack of colors and is free at Savoir Hair.

SD Wears sub-o group members were given the purple Express Yourself top yesterday.  This is the prefect top to jazz up a simple pair of shorts or pants.

The gray corset top was sent to CandyDoll sub-o members yesterday.  This top comes with a broke version as well that is quite revealing!

A few days ago in the Tasty sub-o group, members were given a fatpack of summer time tanks to celebrate the 1000 member mark.  The tanks come in blue, black, cyan, grape, lavender, pinkish, sea green, white, and yellow.

Delights by Talena sent a peach floral mini dress to the Fabulously Free in SL group yesterday.  This dress also includes shoes and a belt, but I took those off.

Annabella’s Song has a green crop top and Lazy Day Cut Offs as a gift by the stairs.  also head upstairs and slap the MM board while you’re there for a gray bikini.  Today is the last day to get the Mirella heels from Felicity.  These prim feet heels are a group gift for the Felicity members.  I normally don’t even bother with prim feet, but these are surprisingly easy to tint!

The jewelry shown in all the pictures is from the lucky chair at Taber.  The Mussed Up jewelry set includes matching earrings and necklace.  There are three different color pallets to choose from in the jewelry set and it looks like I wore two different earrings.


*Felicia’s Fashions: Purple Top & Denim Shorts (SOM – L$0)
Pioneer ( 161/196/27 )

*SD Wears: Express Yourself Top (SOM – L$0)
Dubya City ( 21/154/25 )

*CandyDoll: Sensacion Corset (SOM – L$0)
Nori ( 150/163/22 )

*Delights by Talena: Peach Floral Dress (FabFree – L$0)
Roosa ( 24/110/27 )

*Annabella’s Song: Green Top & Shorts (L$0)
Royal Palm ( 34/202/1499 )

*Felicity: Mirella Heels (Group – L$0)
Emerald Bay ( 211/202/302 )

*Dark Mouse: Mussed Up Jewelry Set (Lucky – L$0)
Taber ( 90/184/23 )

*Savoir Hair: Dark Mouse – Alex Hair (L$0)
TenFifteen ( 131/47/27 )

*Amacci: Giselle Skin (Not Free)
Amacci ( 203/96/22 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



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Happy Mother’s Day!!!

There’s tons of nice gifts out right now in celebration of Mother’s day.  So here’s some Mother’s Day gifties and a few odds and ends that have been sitting in my blog folder.

This nice navy Precious dress set is free for ~Sassy~! group members.  The ~Sassy~! group is completely free to join and you get several nice options for the gown.  I really like this evening gown and it went straight into my permanent closet.

Ema’s Secret sent the pale pink bra and panty set to sub-o members this morning.  The gift also includes the beautiful brown eyes.  Be sure to join and check past notices because I know there have been many gifts for the men and women that we have shown here before.

Jinkies! has the Mothers Day khakis outfit as a gift in blue and pink.  For all the scandalous mom’s out there, pick up the Scandalous pink latex outfit from the Pick Your Price board.  The Honey Mommy necklace was sent to the Ticky Tacky sub-o group today.  The pretty Calientona hair comes in a fatpack of colors and is the midnight mania gift at Simply Britnee.

Hell Bop has a gift for all the ladies.  The Ruby overall shorts can be worn alone or with the green Nora undershirt.

Tasty sub-o members received the Loosy Hoodie top in grey and yam color.  The Stretch-Shorts Capri Leggings were sent to the FK Virtues sub-o members a few days ago.

At Schwarz pick up the Exotic outfit for a dollarbie.  This outfit goes back to full price on Monday, so hurry!


*Sassy!: Precious Gown (Group – L$0)
Guillarme ( 26/181/64 )

*Ema’s Secret: Mother’s Day Bra & Panties (SOM – L$0)
Charlestown ( 76/186/486 )

*Jinkies!: Mother’s Day Outfit (L$0), Scandalous (Pick Your Price)
Panther Valley ( 195/162/22 )

*Hell Bop: Ruby Overall Shorts (L$0)
The Wash ( 92/76/23 )

*Tasty: Loosy Hoodie (SOM – L$0)
Starry Isles ( 164/221/23 )

*FK Virtues: Stretch-Shorts Capri Leggings (SOM – L$0)
Paradise Isles ( 161/97/22 )

*Schwarz: Exotic Outift (L$1)
Aerelon ( 26/192/23 )

*Ticky Tacky: Mommy Necklace (SOM – L$0)
Horst ( 49/79/23 )

*Maitreya: Pumps (Sub-o – L$0)
Maitreya Isle ( 224/215/24 )

*Simply Britnee: Calientona Hair (MM – L$0)
Juicy Mirabella ( 184/75/30 )

*Exodi: Lily Skin (L$0)
Zion ( 113/95/758 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )




Subscribe to this

I’ve gotten many sub-o gifts lately and found these gems!  CandyDoll sent the black Summy mini dress to the subscribe-o-matic group members last night.  The In Bloom 3 flowers are part of a sub-o gift from Olive Juice.

The PixelDolls sub-o group received the purple stripe sweater a few days ago. The Flight jeans are only L$17 at GryphonWings.

The TASTY sub-o members received the mud colored C.U.N.T. (CEEUOONEXTTUESDAY) tee.  LOL  I was really expecting something completely different when this gift popped into my inventory.  The red my little necklace was sent to the Periquita sub-o members last night.  There are four necklaces all with different My Little wording.  The necklaces contain the words, “My Little Angel”, “My Little Prince”, “My Little Princess”, and “My Little Princess”.  I’ll let you squint real hard and try to make out which one I am wearing.

I’m loving the MORF red tank from the ROXXSTAR midnight mania.  The yellow rose ballet flats were sent to the Fabulously Free in SL group from Chuculet.  I’m really wondering if these are in other colors and if they are… why Farah hasn’t filled my inventory with them yet!

The Giselle skin was dropped on me from Ms. Carina Larsen of Amacci.  This skin is not free, but is part of the new release at Amacci.  I love the softness of this skin!!!  I am wearing the pink makeup in the fresh skin tone.  It’s absolutely beautiful!


*CandyDoll: Summy Black Dress (SOM – L$0)
Nori ( 150/163/22 )

*PixelDolls: StripeTop (SOM – L$0)
Liome ( 201/62/44 )

*TASTY: C.U.N.T. Tee (SOM – L$0)
Starry Isles ( 159/231/27 )

Isle of Prims ( 170/170/25 )

*GryphonWings: Flight Jeans (L$17)
Friedman ( 99/91/35 )

*Chuculet: Yellow Rose Flats (FabFree – L$0)
Taunt ( 96/135/23 )

*Periquita: My Little Necklace (SOM – L$0)
Elliott ( 78/167/23 )

*Olive Juice: In Bloom 3 (SOM – L$0)
Harold ( 176/78/25 )

*Exile: Hair (Not Free)
Covet ( 185/62/32 )

*Amacci: Giselle Skin (Not Free)
Amacci ( 203/96/22 )