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Giving Thanks

Tainted Designs - Alumni

As Thanksgiving in the U.S. winds down, I thought I’d show two more gifts from the MENStuff Hunt. The Alumni Outfit is the hunt gift at Tainted Designs. The green sweater and blue jeans also comes with boots, glasses and a visitor’s tag.

Legal Insanity has as their hunt prize, the MENStuff Gift Jeans and V- Neck Shirt. The jeans and shirt have a matching design.

Legal Insanity - MENStuff Gift Jeans and V- Neck Shirt

I just wanted to give my thanks to all the designers and hunt organizers that take their time and talent to make quality hunts possible for everyone to enjoy. And I also want to thank the readership of Fabulously Free in SL. If it weren’t for you following Renee, Love, and myself in our free fashion foray, we wouldn’t be here.   🙂

* Tainted Designs – Alumni Outfit ($0L)
MENStuff Hunt

* Legal Insanity – MENStuff Gift Jeans and V- Neck Shirt ($0L)
MENStuff Hunt

* Poses – Avante Poses
Not Free


My Little Demon

Tainted - Demon

If you haven’t taken part in the SinAsylum Hunt, you should. There are lots of great gifts to be found like the Demon Avatar from Tainted Designs. The SinAsylum Hunt continues through October 31st.

* Tainted Designs – Demon Avatar ($0L)
SinAsylum Hunt

Fab Carson


Taste of SL Fall Hunt!

The Taste of SL Fall hunt began October 1st and ends October 15th.  There are 41 stores participating in the TOSL hunt so it should be a fairly easy one.  For location hints check out the Taste of SL blog.  I’m showing everything from the hunt except one.  I haven’t found the Stakey gift…  but if you find it leave a comment and give me another hint besides the one on the Taste of SL blog.

#2 Embody Pose – MF Fall Pose (It took Carson hours to get all the leaves out of his hair!)

#14 Cleo Design – Autumn Garden/Blanket/Apple Basket/Garden Sofa/Table & Chairs (not shown)

#22 BOUNCE – Kate Top/Jeans/Flats

#39 NaCrS – Damn Kitty  (Moren) Skin

#25 Clutter – Fun in the Harvest Field (has several poses)

#17 [Insatiable Fashions] – Mixed Tape Hoodie

#23 PNP – Runway Poses

#38 DCNY – Harvest Button Down Shirt

#5 Cracked Mirror – Autumn Flats

#24 Zoe’s Garden – Hay Bale Lounge

#20 The Lemondrop Shoppe – Black School Sweater

#29 Izzie’s – Bandage Leggings (Black & Red)

#9 .:CoLLisions:. – Breath of Autumn Necklace

#6 Marmalade Jam – Fall Coat Rack

#15 Tranquility Way Station – Vintage Library Chair/Table/Lamp

#35 Wall Candy -Aster Flower Prints

#27 [ SAKIDE ] – Time for Fall Sweater/Willow Skirt/Acorn Clogs

#4 Magnifique Poses – Into The Wind Single Pose

#21 Candy Crunchers – Autumn Fades Dress

#8 Sweeter Than Candy – Alexa Mini Dress

#11 Baby Monkey – Silver Ultimate Aurelia Heels

#33 Lacuna Store – Padlock Necklace

#19 J.P.D - Fall Memories Dress
#12 CS Shapes - ROSAMUND Shape

#1 Alexohol – Hot Cider Sweater/Hummingbird Dress

#34 Heart & Sole – Patched Winter Heels

#28 Acid & Mala – Falling off face Glasses

#40 eXpression – Check Mate Pose

#31 Tainted Designs – Girls & Guys Night Out Outfits in Brown

#18 Just A Pose –  Autumn Reunion Couple Pose

#7 Dreamscapes – Autumn Garden Oak Tree

#10 AlterEgo – Purple DramaQueen Outfit

#32 Blacklace – Teddy Bear/Bra & Panty Set

#3 Virtual/Insanity – Pearl Ring

#16 Minuet – Make it Rain Shirt

#37 Bonne Chance – Denim Skirt

#30 Outrage! – Blue Sweater Dress

#26 Crackberry – Witchy Poo Stew

#36 [Sleeping Koala] – Autumn Flowers Top

#41 Pink Outfitters – Moleskin Sera Military Jacket

That is all of the gifts in the Taste of SL Fall hunt except the gift at Stakey.  I looked everywhere for the TOSL bag and just couldn’t find it!  Several of the pictures were taken around the Stakey store.  It’s absolutely beautiful there so look around!


*EMO-tions: Miriam Hair (Not Free)

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$100)



It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

GizzA Crocodile Biker Jacket, Tainted - Brooklyn Jeans and Shoes

I have one thing to say… TGIF! It’s time to relax, down a few cold ones, and chill. Start your weekend off right in Gizza Creations Silver Crocodile Biker Jacket. This jacket is a group gift to the Avenue Inc.Magazine Group members at the Avenue at Gol location. There is a convenient group joiner next to the gift if you aren’t a member. I am also wearing part of the Tainted Designs Midnight Mania Board prize. The Brooklyn Jeans and Boots can be yours if you slap the board and it locks.

GizzA Crocodile Biker Jacket

* GizzA Creations – Silver Crocodile Biker Jacket ($0L)
Avenue Inc.Magazine Group Gift

* Tainted Designs – Brooklyn Jeans and Boots ($0L)
Midnight Mania Board

* Poses – Long Awkward Pose
Not Free

Fab Carson

We Remember

On this day let us take the time to remember what happened 10 years ago on this very day.  As we look back on the day that Pope John Paul II called “a dark day in the history of humanity.” we must unite as a community.  We must remember the over 3,000 people who perished from more than 90 countries.  The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States will forever be etched on the minds and hearts of people across the world.

Today spend time with friends and family and reflect.  Carson, Love, and I visited the 911 memorial.  The memorial is filled with pictures and names of every person who lost their lives on that dark day.


*Just In The Nick Of Time: Remember Flag (SOM – L$0)

*LVS: Remembering Hoodie (L$0)

*JustB: Frayed Jeans (L$1)

*Raspberry Aristocrat: Fae Hair (Not Free)

*bbqq*:  Light Grey Eyes (Group – L$0)

*Mons: Skin (SOM – L$0)


*Just BECAUSE* Red Tank Top (Melt in the Sun Hunt – L$0)

*Elemental Earth Designs: Remember 911 Necklace (L$0)

*Tainted Designs: Rouge Jeans & Heavy Black Boots (Past MM Gift)

*Lelutka: Seth Hair (Past SOM Gift)

*Belleza: Shawn Skin (Group/Fee – L$0)


*Ms. Artifacto:  NY 911 Shirt (FabFree Notices – L$0)

*JustB: Frayed Jeans (L$1)

*In Her Shoes: Shiny Red Flats (L$0)

*Skintimate: Elena Peach 9/11 Skin (Group – L$0)

*Ms B. Designs: American Flag (L$0)


*911 Memorial



Old School Gangsta

{.Tainted~Mr. Mafia.}

We’re not talking old school, we’re talking about the original. Sunday’s Midnight Mania Board prize at Tainted Designs is the Mr. Mafia Outfit.  This complete outfit includes a shoulder holster and a spare gun tucked the your belt.

* Tainted Designs – Mr. Mafia ($0L)
Midnight Mania Board

* Poses – OoO Studio
Not Free

Fab Carson

Tainted Night Out

Need a night out?  Slap the midnight mania board at Tainted Designs for the navy Girl’s Night Out dress, necklace, bangles, and heels.  While at Tainted Designs check out the Ms. Mafia outfit, including shoes, belt with gun, and leg gun.  This ensemble is a new release and priced at L$150, but group members enjoy an additional 15% off.



*Tainted Designs: Girl’s Night Out (L$0)

*bbqq*:  Light Grey Eyes (Group – L$0)

*EMO-tions: Fabienne & Trina Hairstyles (Not Free)

*Rockberry: Megan Skin (Lucky – L$0)

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$100)



A Night at the Apollo

{.Tainted~Guys~Night~Out.} Navy

Enjoy a night out at your favorite hot spot in the Midnight Mania Board prize from Tainted Designs. The Guy’ Night Out Navy Outfit is on the board today (Saturday) and includes the navy jacket, white shirt, jeans and boots.

* Tainted Designs – Guy’s Night Out Navy Outfit  ($0L)
Midnight Mania Board

* Poses – Long Awkward Pose
Not Free

Fab Carson

In Loving Memory…

Tainted Designs -  In Loving Memory Male Suit

Tainted Designs mourns the passing of one of their models, Ladylara1 Quartz, and have made the In Loving Memory Suit available to group members in the notices. This suit (and for the ladies, a dress) will never be sold or given away again.

In Loving Memory of  Ladylara1 Quartz

* Tainted Designs – In Loving Memory Male Suit ($0L)
Group Notices

* Poses – BeScene Poses
Not Free

Fab Carson

Brooklyn, Baby!


The Midnight Mania Board at Tainted Designs today is the Brooklyn Outfit in orange. Wear it with or without the jacket for different looks. It also comes with ears with gauged lobes and boots. Slap this board before it locks.


* Tainted Designs – Brooklyn Orange Outfit ($0L)
Midnight Mania Board

* Poses – OoO Studio
Not Free

Fab Carson