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Prayers for rain

In any other life anyone would think you were Buffalo Bill or Ed Gein if you confessed to a skin obsession! Eeek! Thankfully you can get away with saying the most obscure things in SL and on the topic of skins, Amacci have given out this beautiful group gift of a set of three skins in three tones, each with a different style of a delicate rose tattoo already on the skin. Each skin also comes with hairbase and cleavage options.

This skin is in the tone called Fresh. It has the tattooes on the upper arms, one on the breast and one along the small of the back.

This is the tone called Bronze. The tattooes are on the side of the eyes and on the breast again.

This deliciously dark tone is called Coffee. Again you have a tattoo on the breast and a small one on the forehead, almost like a bindi which I think looks beautiful.

Don’t forget to check Amacci‘s hair sale out. All hair packs are 30L each. The hair in this picture is called Madelene and is part of that sale. The lingerie worn in the pictures is from Pixeldolls and is part of their ongoing 10L sale.

Rock Me Amadeus has set out a new dollarbie of a set of cheeky Tiger print tops that will be sure to stop guys in their tracks *smirks* can you see why?

Shown above are the Pink and Blue colours, but you also get green, lilac, orange and purple in the pack. Also upstairs you can find a 10L promotional female shape. The lowrise jeans worn in the picture are from Aqua but arent released yet.. consider this a sneak preview!

Speaking of Aqua they have a retro swimsuit on offer today for 10L called “The Marilyn”.

There is also a male outfit on offer called Wipe Out, along the same swimsuit vibe only shorts and a tank.

If you join the LeLutka group and search the notices you will find this mini dress as a group gift.

There are also a pack of glamourous shades and a jacket for guys in the notices too.

One store I found on my travels recently was a store called Super Possessed. They make awesome clothing for guys and have a small girls range. They also have a Lucky Chair there with some awesome prizes inside. What I am going to show you is from their FREE treasure box of goodies found near the middle of the store. It is stuffed with loads of things from t-shirts, belts, coats and a couple of full outfits to random things like a little Pikachu that sits on your shoulder! The things inside are pretty much unisex.. here are some things you can find..

This is the Team Possessed shirt, shown with the Chanel Fists in the small size. There are a large size in the box for males.

This is the EG-6 Tank, shown with “The Belt

This is the Danger Tank, shown with the Alchemists Belt. This is just a small selection of whats in the treasure chest!

Zeery has some more yummy scarves for you to scoop up and keep warm with while its still chilly out there.. well for some of us..

This is the Purple People Eater scarf and is 5L in store. There is also a male version right next to it. Be sure to check around the store as there are alot more offers.


Nothing like a Sassy A:S:S :p

A notecard sent out by the very talented and always helpful in the FabFree group, Photos Nikolaidis, about the new Xmas Gift at A:S:S made me shoot over to the store with Nao earlier and pick up not only the Xmas gift but also a few of the yummeh goodies found in the Bargain section upstairs. Nao picked up the same things too so we could show you just how unisex they are.

This is todays Xmas gift. I missed yesterdays because, well… Im lame. No doubt. But this one I love!

This is a double pack for free, found in the Bargain section upstairs.. apparently if you are Swedish, then its hillarious. I will have to ask my friend Neph why when he logs in next!

Nothing like snuggly sweaters on a cold Winters day. These can be found on the Pay What You Want wall, up in the Bargain section upstairs.

I do have an obsession with waistcoat vest tops… and this is another to add to my collection! Yay! I love how Ville Valo it looks on Nao though.. yummeh. This is also found up on the Pay What You Want wall up in the Bargain section upstairs

The black and white scarf is a freebie found in the Bargain section upstairs and the other two scarfs are part of the Down the Chimney hunt gift which has other colours and a few other suprises inside!

Also in the Bargain room there are two freebie packs of Male Skins and make sure to take a good look around the store as there are other bargains hiding around every corner!

And lastly… the Sass in the A:S:S… This is from the Midnight Mania at Sassy Kitty. I was wearing the boyshorts in all the other pictures above. Its all glittery and just gorgeous! Go slap the board and claim it!

Oh come on.. a chance for me to be in underwear again. You know Im gonna snatch it *laughs*

Other info

On Nao:
+ Elf Ears by Buried ( Dollarbie – past the Christmas tree and inside the store entrance on a table )
+ Pants by INDI Designs The current outfit jigsaw part upstairs
+ Fate II skin by Buried ( not free )
+ Danny Hair by Buried ( not free )

On Whisper:
+ Elf Ears by Buried ( Dollarbie – past the Christmas tree and inside the store entrance on a table )
+ Happy Holidays Elf Gift Skin by Curio ( join the Gala & Rita Design Announcement group and check the notices )
+ Fa(un)tasy Horns by Needful Things ( not free )
+ DDUC V2 Piercing by Skinpop ( not free )


One for the guys

My friend Nao told me about the freebies available at Gritty Kitty. All of these are great for girls and guys.. but I thought seeing as he told me, I would snag him to do some modelling for me.. eye candy for us girls and some ideas for you guys.. every one is a winner *winks*

He is wearing the Group Gift skin called Ewan from Belleza in these pictures. It costs 250L to join, but it is worth it as they do give out skins now and again for both females and males. You get 5 skin shades in this pack for the guys.

+ Set of t-shirts – 0L from Gritty Kitty
+ Ministry Hat & Hair – 0L from Gritty Kitty in a fatpack of hair colours



From left to right….

+ Waste Managment Shirt – 0L from Gritty Kitty
+ Gazzette Hair – 0L from Gritty Kitty and comes in a fatpack of hair colours

+ Exterminator Biff Shirt – 0L from Gritty Kitty
+ Nuclear Winter Hat & Hair – 0L from Gritty Kitty in various hair colours

+ Exterminator Biff Shirt – 0L from Gritty Kitty
+ Weapon X hair – 0L from Gritty Kitty

+ Pussy Liqour Trucker Shirt – 0L from Gritty Kitty
+ Skull Cap Hat & Hair – 0L from Gritty Kitty


+ Zombie Hat and Hair – 0L from Gritty Kitty


This next outfit and hairstyle are freebies from LAQ. Not new, but worth mentioning again.  They don’t allow point to point teleports so to find the hair and outfit, simply go up the stairs from the Subway area and turn right. Walk towards the hair section and the freebies will be there on the left hand wall just before you enter the hair section. The co-ordinates that might help you are 97, 64, 30.

+ Outfit 0L from LAQ
+ Hair 0L from LAQ
+ Bolts Sneakers are 40L and from House of Curios

+ Nao’s shape was created by me


So all in all – a cute guy for a little under 300L. The only expense being the 250L Group fee for Belleza and the 40L for the Sneakers from House of Curios. Nao has promised me he will let me know if he finds any more guy stuff!


Pop Culture Classics at the CWBTSLDS

More great items.. all 10L$ or less.. from Pop Culture Classics and the Back to School Day Sale at Car Wash.

Obsessive Cullen Disorder shirt, and Cullen Baseball League T-shirt

The designers are keeping us busy showing you these great items.. so many cool clothes and gadgets!

Twilight Addict shirt, and "Noobs, the other white meat" shirt

Note: I promise that NO noobs were harmed in the writing of this post.

PWNED! by a girl shirt, and I Reject Your Reality T-shirt

I Went Outside Once T-Shirt

..just so you can say you tried it!

Post by Shangreloo Kuhn

FabFree Jeans worn with Freebies by SSUS, InimitablyDesign & Pulli-Shop

Quickie: Cherlindrea Lamont pleased me – and all other members of Fabulously Free in SL group – with a huuuuge collection of “Free Jeans”. Thanks, Cher! 🙂  You get 18 colors! Join the FabFree group for free, go to notices, it´s the notice dated 9/29, subject “Free Jeans”. Save attachement, you are now prowd owner of free jeans in 18 colors by Cherlindrea Lamont.

Inimitably Design offers a new “Pick Rewards” gift. To receive the pretty, hoodied “Blue Caro Jacket” you must have Inimitably Design´s store in your profile picks. It will take about 24 – 48 hours before you will get this goodie by clicking the big sign in-store.

Rowan Carroll, designer and owner of SSUS – She`s So Unusual Shoes, was so kind to drop me her cute, funny tees. Thanks again, Rowan! 🙂 Those tees are a group gift, so you have to join (for free) She`s So Unusual Update Group if you want to own them. There are 2 group gifts: one is dated 10/2, subject “Group Giftie”, you get “Will Camp For Shoes Shirt”. The other notice is dated 10/4, subject “Giftie resend”. Unpack the box, and you are prowd owner of “I Heart Shoes Shirt”, “Dare To Be Unusual Shirt” and “Shoe Sale Shirt”.  My favorite is the pink tee, just because .. it´s so unusual 🙂

And don´t forget: the Lucky Chair at She`s So Unusual Shoes store is updated with “Halloween Pumps”! You can take a look in advance at Rowan Carroll`s blog.

Last but not least, Marianas Pulli-Shop gives away a pretty “Pulli Orangina”.  You can wear it with or without the big collar. Just click the picture on the wall, buy it for 0 Linden, and enjoy 🙂

Skin by IMAGENHair by GLITTER HAIRBoots by (=CF=) are the same as in this post!


RELAY FOR LIFE Teddy Bear Hunt at AFO / SYD Style Your Destiny

Teagan Blackthorne (SYD Style Your Destiny), one of our generous designers, dropped me her dollarbies Mei Rainbow Calligraphy Dress as well as her Black Ballet Flats. Both items are available in her store (I think, the ballet flats are a FabFree group gift too … not sure). Ballet Flats I love in any case, and a black pair is great ! They goes with any skirt or pants … but best with the rainbow colored and funny “calligraphed” Kanti Dress. Thanks, Teagan!

Quickie: Wearing SYD`s Black Ballet Flats and her Mei Rainbow Calligraphy Dress I deciced to check out the Relay For Life Teddybear Hunt at AFO (again Teagan Blackthorne pointed this hunt out to us, thanks!).

There are 32 small teddy bears in white and pink scattered over the mall. Mama Bear is missing her children, so tp over and lend a helping hand! If you find a tiny teddy, click on it and buy it for 0 Linden. There are great items like hair and clothes to get. As usual I was in a hurry (sooo many hunts!) and I didn´t have time enough to found all teddies but I catched a few. And not to forget, also there are RFL vendors. I bought myself a cute Itty Bitty RFL teddiy (pink & white – 50 Linden, the pink one is sitting on my shoulder). Well, I found Blue Corset+Undies by Asri Falcone, Brown Linen Dress Top+Glitch Pants as well as a Blue Nina Coat by DawnShop. Further from GG`s Boutique a Black Tank Top (4 options to wear it), Bryan`s Luna Pants and Black+Brown Pants. The crazy hair Toxic Caramel comes from A&K Design.

This hunt is a 2 days event (not sure if it ends today!), so if you can spare some time, head over to the Relay For Life Teddy Bear Hunt at AFO and grab your teddies with amazing goodies from great designers before they are gone! Oh, and don´t forget to buy the sweet Itty Bitty RFL Teddy, it is for a good cause!

A few words about the skin I´m wearing. It´s Cher´s Flower Patch Skin, a FabFree group gift. First I want to say “Thank you, Cher!” You are always doing such a great work, also with Eloh Eliot´s skins, and you are always sharing it with “all people”. And second: this Flower Patch Skin was the first skin that made me squeal *grin* I´m usually not that nature of woman, but seeing this skin I made strange noises like “eeeeh, cuteeeee, weeeh, sweeeeet” and so on …. a bit painful …………. *coughs* However, I love this skin, now the “Flower Power Girl” I used to be ways ago is back again *smiles happily*

Cher`s FlowerPatch Skin (eeeeeh 🙂 group gift 0 L)

FabulouslyFree in SL, Talisman 230/192/24


RFL TeddyBear Hunt at AFO, Inizio 202/64/25

Mei Rainbow Calligraphy Dress,Black BalletFlats (1 L)

SYD Style Your Destiny, Granymyr 242/190/40

Toxic Caramel Hair (hunt item 0 L)Fab Hazel

A&K Design , Mephilo Tor 188/88/83

Blue Corset and Undies (hunt gift 0 L)

Asri Falcone, Inizio 182/74/31

BrownLinenDressTop+GlitchPants (hunt item 0 L)

Blue Nina Coat (hunt item 0 L)

DawnShop, Red Marsh 78/47/31

Black+BrownPants,Bryan`s Luna Pants,

Black Tank Tops (hunt items, 0 L)

GG`s Boutique, Pyhrria 52/42/29



BABY MONKEY offers a dollarbie box with violet, yellow, indigo, blue, green, orange and red RAINBOW MICRO SKIRTS with re-sizing script! and a tintable thong, for a limited time only. Also, there is a box with bow trimmed pumps in classic black for 1 Linden. I don´t know how long this items will be there, so better hurry.

BEAUTY AVATAR has released a new skin line and gives away NEMESIS Natural Skin for 1 Linden. This skin is amazing, you can`t miss it, but I think it´s a dollarbie only for today. The dollarbie box is sitting on the lounge table.

IMPERIAL ELEGANCE offers the cute Neko Hair Blonde (comes with texture changing HUD for the hat, 26 colors!) and a lovely Rose Necklace (with resizing-script!) through the subscribe-o-matic. Cher told you in her post to subscribe, I hope you did so 🙂 If not – gow now, the group gifts are great!

Underthings (ladies) and Long Johns (men) have wonderful freebies for “underneath your clothes” 🙂 All freebies are pictured on the wall among the normal priced underwear. We have Ribbed Tanks (white/grey/black) and Ribbed Tank red (a single ad on the wall) for the ladies as well as Sexy Green (undies, hipster, bra). The tanks go great with Baby Monkey`s skirts. For guys there are Boys Undies in green (not shown) and Basic Briefs in black.

Nemesis Natural Skin (1 L, limited time!)

Beauty Avatar, Miami Island 126/251/21

NekoHair Blonde, RoseNecklace (group gift 0 L)

Imperial Elegance, Glenn 158/219/27

Hair Phoebe in smoke faded (1L, fatpack)

ETD, ETD Isle 194/192/31

RainbowMicroSkirts (1L),BowTrimmedPumps(1 L)

limited time offer!

Baby Monkey, Dindrane Elfor 221/27/31

Ribbed Tanks ( white/grey/black, 0 L)

Ribbed Tank red, Sexy Green (0 L)

Underthings, Satoo 234/157/70

Boys Undies green,BasicBriefs black (0 L)

Long Johns, Satoo 223/86/70
Fab Hazel

How to be lucky when SH*T HAPPENS

shit-tee-capris.jpgAll you need is a quickie TP to SH*T HAPPENS sale area! I don´t know how long the sale items will be there so you better go now.

I`ve grabbed one of the freebie boxes (Freebie Clothing) with tons of awesome stuff into it. It´s too much to show it all, sorry. You will get Polka Dot Dress, Strawberry Mint Dress, a pair of jeans, t-shirts, Lemon Lime Dress, Grape Lemonaide Dress, Fruit Punch Dress, Chocolat and Mustard Dress, Berries and Cream Dress, several Polka Dot Shirts as an extra ……. wow, great items to mix and match!


There are more freebies boxes with overlayers, bangles, tattos, eyes … check them out!

Another cute “mix and match thing” is the Suspender Tops pack. For 1 Linden you will get them in chocolate, lime green, midnight blue, off white, purple, sherbert, tan, strawberry pink, tealy blue, twizzler and yellow and a white ripped shirt on 2 layers for wearing underneath the suspender tops.


Next dollarbie I decided to make my own was the fresh colored and funny Punky Outfit. It comes with pants, top, tie and skirt.

Oooh, and the sweet jeans in dark fade (also 1 Linden, available in light fade too) with 3 options to wear: short, long or capris with cuffs.

More 1 Linden items are pictured on the wall (tintable argyle stockings, tees, tanks and so on).

And there are so many outfits (tons of dresses!, stockings, jackets …..) for just 5 or 10 or 20 Linden, you have to see it all. I couldn´t resist to buy one of the outfits (is it a male outfit? I think it´s unisex) because it´s so cute and quite my style. It´s called Mafia Pimp (20 Linden) and comes with pants, shirt, vest and hat.


Vanilla Glitterati Pink/Silver Skin (actually 1 Linden !)

Kalon Skin Hair Shapes, Che Che 165/191/57

FreebieClothing Box (0 L), Suspender Tops Pack (1 L),

Darkfaded Jeans (1 L), Punky Outfit (1 L)

Mafia Pimp (not free, on sale actually 20 Linden)

SH*T Happens, Lions Shore 188/69/22

Ada pumps in white and snakeskin No 1 (o L)

ADA Store, Fontaine 39/104/50
Fab Hazel

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Magnolia,Rosemar,Marley & Trixie want BigBootyBigMoney at Whimsical Gbberish

Magnolia DressesRosemary Galbraith offers a freebie pack (12 skin tones) of the lovely Rosmar Creampuff skins at PopFuzz. The freebie is pictured on the wall next to your landingpoint.
MAGNOLIA gives out 2 charming dresses to groupmembers: Charbon Dress in black/white and Watercolor Dress (comes with belted and unbelted skirt).
Do a search in group for the group called Magnolia Update Group. I used the phrase magnolia and it was the 2nd choice. Join the group, it´s free to join. Wear your group tag and tp over to MAGNOLIA Boutique. Next the lounge chairs both dresses are pictured on the wall, touch them to receive your gifts. Also a freebie box is sitting on the ground with 2 nice tops: signature strapless top light purple and tintable (in one pic I tinted into an orange tone).
BLOOBERRY offers the cute Palermo Top as a “Welcome Gift” when you touch the subscribe-o-matic into the store. Just touch it to be added and you will receive your gift. There are a lot of noctices still in the history but I didn´t check out them.Palermo Top goes perfect with the nice jewellry from TRIXIE´S TREASURES. A giftbag containing Turquoise bracelet, earrings and necklace is located on a table almost in the middle of the store.
At Gbberish you will get a pretty top called Rose Vest with a cute bow on the back. It´s a small sign into the store between 2 boxes.
Sweet Marley offers for free the cute Green Daisy Strapless Top.
At Whimsical Creations (tip on the hotline, big thank you!) you will find a nice Bone&Leather Bracelet as well as a very very amazing French Country Dining Room. The furniture is so well done and the sit pose is so sweet ….. I decided to use the chair … it´s a bit improper because I live in a Tiki hut but I felt in love immediately when I sat on this chair the first time! The freebies are pictured on the wall left the entrance (also there was a house, I think … all things were rezzing sooo slow today) and I´ve seen newbie starter boxes too.
Poses used for the pics (except the sit pose!) are by BBBM BigBootyBigMoney (3 small pictures on the wall next to the dresses), each pose costs a linden: Marginal Bovine Pose, QQ Pose and SpaceBall Pose.
Well, that´s more than enough *grin* Enjoy!

Whimsical Bracelet - SweetMarley DaisyTopBlooberry free PalermoTopWhimsical free FenchCountryDiningRoomChairGbberish free Rose VestMagnolia free topsRosemar Skin, Trixie´s Turquoise jewellry

Creampuff Skin in twine (12pack 0 L)

ROSEMAR@PopFuzz, PopFuzz 59/127/35

Sandee hair in auburn (goldpot hunt 0 L) Fab Hazel

CurlUpAndDyeSalon, Inari 34/223/400

Turquoise bracelet,earrings, necklace (0 L)

TRIXIE´S TREASURES,The Big Apple 79/60/41

Bone&LeatherBracelet,FrenchCountryDiningRoom (0 L)

DarkMouse&WhimsicalCreations,Taber 89/214/664

RoseVest (0 L)

Gbberish, Knightsbridge 125/92/22

GreenDaisyStraplessTop (0 L)

Sweet Marley Boutique,ACTIV8 160/168/21

Palermo Top (0 L)

Blooberry, Blooberry 94/196/30

Charbon Dress, Watercolor Dress (group gifts 0 L)

Signature strapless top purple/tintable (0 L)

Magnolia Boutique, Brasil Curitiba 104/152/23

Poses:QQ, MarginalBovineBaby, SpaceBall (1 l each)

BBBM BigBootyBigMoney,Envy 109/77/22

Elise Heels 2 in black (0 L)

Tesla Flagship, Tesla 65/96/54