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Dirty Work

In RL I am a t-shirt and jeans type of girl.  I’m most comfortable in casual than anything… with the exception of a comfy pair of PJs.  Today in SL I’ve been tping around checking designer stores and figured I’d wear jeans and a worn tee.  I went off to do the dirty work wearing the Zawezome t-shirt from the [arnadi] lucky board.  There is a male and female version of this shirt available.  The black jeans are some of my favorite and most worn from Cool Beans.  The Worker boots are in the lucky presents at Urban Warehouse.  There are three different colors and the letters change every five minutes for these boots.  The boots look amazing on men too and if you hop on over there you can help my SO win these.

For a more cutesy yet casual look the pink babydoll top is the January gift for Berries Inc. group members.  There is a L$250 one time enrollment fee to join the Berries Inc. VIP update group.  The Force Mohawk hair is a new release at EMO-tions.  There are several poses in the Di’s Opera ProPosers Hunt3 gift

If you haven’t already picked it up the Claudia hair in brown is the newest group gift for EMO-tions members.  The lace tops come in just about every color imaginable and is an open price at VA Creations.  Buy the shirts for L$0 and if you decide to keep the shirts pay the terminal the price you see fit.

Symphony Skins has these really awesome alpha lip open mouth effect layers.  These require a TPV or Viewer 2 to be worn.  When you wear them they hide parts of your lips for a nice effect that show teeth.  I am wearing the snarl layer.  Five different open mouth looks come in the pack for just a dollarbie!


*[arnadi]: Zawezome T-shirt (Lucky – L$0)

*Berries Inc.: Babydoll Top (Group – L$0)

*VA Creations: Lace Tops (Open Price – L$0)

*Cool Beans: Black Jeans (Group – L$0)

*Urban Warehouse/Coy:ott: Worker Boots (Lucky – L$0)

*EMO-tions: Force Mohawk (Not Free), Claudia Hair (Group – L$0)

*Symphony Skins: Alpha Lips (L$1)

*Exodi: Isolde Ice Skin (Gatcha – L$50)

*Di’s Opera: Poses (ProPoser Hunt3 – L$0)



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Jill’s Symphony

(Jill) RA-Purple with Flared Skirt

(Jill) RA-PurpleThe fall collection is starting to fill the *+*JILL*+* store and there is even a gift along the wall for group members.  The purple RA outfit includes the ribbed turtleneck sweater, two different collar styles, fishnet leggings, a straight skirt and a flared skirt.  Grab this gift and past group gifts from the upstairs loft area.  I’ve blogged the past gifts before, but if you’ve missed them pick them up while you’re at *+*JILL*+*!

The grey Starry Night flats are L$25 at Duh!.

The Prom Queen skin was given to the Symphony Skins update group today.  This Special Edition skin is only available for the Symphony Skins update group until September 30th.

The braided side ponytail is a past group gift for W&Y Hair group members.  If you missed this hairstyle when it was free for group members, you can purchase the hair for only L$100.

(Jill) Gray VG


*JILL: RA – Purple (Group – L$0)
Gyala ( 198/101/57 )

*Duh!: Starry Night Flats (L$25)
Katachi ( 216/70/22 )

*W&Y: Hair (L$100)
TSUKIJI ( 189/238/22 )

*Symphony Skins: Prom Queen Skins (Group – L$0)
Artisan ( 70/197/22 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0 – L$50)
Harlow ( 79/205/34 )



Aphrodite’s Symphony

AC Tank & Shorts Gift

Ms. Aphrodite Outlander just released new lace tank tops and the special hot pink Lace tank is free at AC Aphrodite Creations.   If you haven’t picked up the Sasy Chic heels, they are also on the counter at AC Aphrodite Creations.  The hot pink Sam long classy shorts are a gift to the Aphrodite Friends and Fashion group.  Check the group notices for these shorts.  I love how the lines are crisp and clean, matching up perfectly!  The magenta pumps are in the huge welcome gift when you join the Maitreya sub-o group.

AC Gift

Symphony Skins has a free pack of five skins at the Discover Your Skin Fair.  This limited Edition Pheonix skin comes in the Alto, Bariton, Contralto, Soprano, and Tenor skin tones.  The Discover Your Skin Fair is from August 12th to August 19th.

(Symphony Skins) Alto- Pheonix (2009 Limited Edition)(Symphony Skins)  Baritone- (2009 Limited Edition)

(Symphony Skins) Contralto- Pheonix (2009 Limited Edition)(Symphony Skins) Soprano- Pheonix (2009 Limited Edition)

(Symphony Skins) Tenor- Pheonix (2009 Limited Edition)


*AC Aphrodite Creations: Sasy Chic Heels (L$0)
Breakers dAlliez ( 244/9/24 )

*Maitreya: Pumps (Sub-o – L$0)
Maitreya Isle ( 224/215/24 )

*Symphony Skins: Skins (Discover Skin Fair – L$0)
UVogue ( 178/111/21 )

*Amacci: Adena Hair (L$0)
Amacci ( 208/93/22 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0 – L$50)
Harlow ( 79/205/34 )




Are You A Clothes Horse?

White - Wide sleeve Blouse (Tuli)

The pretty white wide sleeve blouse was given to TULI update group members yesterday.

The awesome “Blummer Puffy” shorts are in the dollarbie gift from Clothes Horse.  This gift includes a shirt for blonde, brunette, and red head girls.  (I didn’t change my hair color, cause I only have brunette styles in my inventory!)  The shirts have different sayings on them lisk, “I may *be* a Dumb blonde, But I am not *that* Blonde!”, “If you want it done Properly, Ask A Brunette”, and “If you can’t Handle The heat, Don’t Date A Redhead!”.  The shorts come in blue, brown, and green.  (BTW, you may have to adjust the prim color for the perfect shade for your viewer).  OMG, be sure to check out the other clothes, I really like the detail put into the clothing!

The color changeable Wild Thing! Chuckerz are only L$10 on XStreet from Coquette.  There are so many color options for these essential sneakers!  You can buy them here:  https://uncensored.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=1623168 These sneakers will only be L$10 for a few more days, so hurry!  Oh and you can even purchase these sneakers for a friend!  One of my dearest friends bought these for me, since I am broke broke on XStreet…  in world too for that matter!

(CH) Blonde Dollarbie Shirt(CH) Brunette Dollarbie Shirt(CH) Redhead Dollarbie Shirt

The Mesmerized skin is one of the 18 skins hidden in the Symphony Skins hunt.  If you haven’t done this hunt, there are 18 total skins to find.  Three different makeups in Cognac, Mesmerized, and Showgirl.  Each one of these makeups has six skin tones to find in Presto, Vivace, Allegro, Moderato, Andante, and Largo.  The *SS* No.2 Series of skins retire on July 31st and the hunt will end on the same day!  You can see all the hidden skins on my post ‘Rosy Mood For A Symphony of Skins‘.

The KatLin ponytail hair style was in the gift from Here Comes Trouble at the Hair Fair.


*Clothes Horse: Kalista Skin (L$0)
Artisan ( 80/226/22 )

*Tuli: White Wide Sleeve Blouse (Group – L$0)
Journey ( 162/85/25 )

*Coquette.: Wild Thing!Chuckerz (XStreet – L$10)
Hope Springs ( 181/176/25 )

*Symphony Skin: Mesmerized Skin (Hunt – L$0)
Artisan ( 67/192/22 )

*Here Comes Trouble: KatLin Hair (Hair Fair – L$0)
Troubled City ( 130/128/28 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



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Rosy Mood For A Symphony of Skins!

Symphony Skins will be retiring the *SS* No.2 Series of skins on July 31st.  To orchestrate the retirement, the “Jazz Club” skin fatpack in all tones are out as hunt gifts.  There are three different makeups in Cognac, Mesmerized, and Showgirl.  Each one of these makeups has six skin tones to find in Presto, Vivace, Allegro, Moderato, Andante, and Largo.  Look for the not so hidden roses to find all 18 of these precious melodies!

The roses are hidden indoors, outdoors, around the garden out front, and even near bridges, so look everywhere!  Even if you aren’t a hunter, do this hunt!  It only took me 10 minutes to find them all!


Goodbye Rose #1 Presto- CognacGoodbye Rose #2 Vivace- CognacGoodbye Rose #3 Allegro- CognacGoodbye Rose #4 Moderato- CognacGoodbye Rose #5 Andante- CognacGoodbye Rose #6 Largo- Cognac


Goodbye Rose #7 Presto- MesmerizedGoodbye Rose #8 Vivace- MesmerizedGoodbye Rose #9 Allegro- MesmerizedGoodbye Rose #10 Moderato- MesmerizedGoodbye Rose #11 Andante- MesmerizedGoodbye Rose #12 Largo- Mesmerized


Goodbye Rose #13 Presto- ShowgirlGoodbye Rose #14 Vivace- ShowgirlGoodbye Rose #15 Allegro- ShowgirlGoodbye Rose #16 Moderato- ShowgirlGoodbye Rose #17 Andante- ShowgirlGoodbye Rose #18 Largo- Showgirl

Also, Symphony Skins is having a retirement sale on the *SS* No.2 skin line.  The sale will run until July 31st.  Get a fatpack of three skins for only L$250, or for L$1500 the entire mega pack.

The cutesy Honor pigtails, texture changeable Breeze hat hair, and Rock U updo are three styles ROSY MOOD submitted for Hair Fair 2009.  If you missed these hairstyles, they are now located at the main ROSY MOOD location.  The styles are L$120 for a pack of three colors or only L$250 for the nine colors fatpack!


*Symphony Skin: Cognac, Mesmerized, & Showgirl Skins (Hunt – L$0)
Artisan ( 67/192/22 )

*ROSY MOOD: Honor, Breeze, & Rock U Hair (Hair Fair – Not Free)
Alleni ( 133/238/39 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )



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Symphony Skins

Symphony Skins has three dollarbies set out for you to find. They’re not difficult to find, just think ‘make-up’.

symphony1Shown left to right:

  • Morticia  .:Gothic Tone:.
  • Allegro – Prelude
  • Allegro – Marilyn

Symphony Skins:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Forbidden%20Thorn/128/77/28

You can see more of these skins behind the cut. Just keep in mind that there be nude bodies back there, so if nudity offends you please don’t click the link below.


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