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March Into Spring

There is a hunt and discount MARCH INTO SPRING event at EMBODY Shapes and Poses with several designers participating.  There are little purple flowers scattered around the store for the MARCH INTO SPRING hunt.  Also check out the booths from participating designers for amazing deals and many under L$10 offers. So here are some of the hunt gifts and L$10 offers I found.

*TOTALLY rANDOM – Red Metamorphisis Gown (L$10)

*Petunia – Summer Blues Bangles (Hunt – L$0)

*22769 – Black & White Cocktail Skirt & Top (L$10)

*A.D.D. Andel – Rose Stripe Flats (Hunt – L$0)

*Sugar Mama’s Fashion Bakery – Sunkissed and Kissable Skin (Hunt – L$0)

*22769 – Cherry Blossom Dress (Hunt – L$0)

*SOMAPOP – Green Retro Leggings, Blue Vintage Top, Plum Top, & V-Neck Top

*Petunia – Hot Poppies Dress (L$10)

*tOTALLY rANDOM – Bittersweet Dress (Hunt – L$0)

*Ol’ Dirty Bastasds – Sunny Glasses (Hunt – L$0)

*diapop – Come Discover Me Bodysuit (Hunt – L$0)

*Eclectica – Dark Pink Flounce Brooch (Hunt – L$0)

*Embody Pose – Male, Female, & Couple Pose Packs (Hunt – L$0)


*March Into Spring Event (L$0 – L$10)

*EMO-tions: Ally Hair (Not Free)




Full of EMO-tions

EMO-tions has been rebuilt and to celebrate there is a huge sale.  All hairstyles starting with N and P are half price only at the VALHAL sim.  The Nasty, Poison, and Promise hairs are three of the half price styles, but there are many others to choose from so look for the red 50% off signs!

There’s also a new L$99 discount area at EMO-tions.  The Donna and Chantal hairs can be found in the discount area along with many more styles… I’m talking rows and rows of L$99 deals!

Don’t think for a second that all us on a budget were forgotten.  There is a huge freebie area at EMO-tions in the discount room!  All the hair shown below are either free or a dollarbie at EMO-tions.  There’s many styles for the men as well, including the Darren chin goatie which is ubber yummy!

All this hair goodness and I can’t pass up showing some other finds!  The Toasted Glam skin is one of four prizes in the gatcha at Sugar Mama’s Fashion Bakery.  It’s been really nice watching Sugar Mama’s Fashion Bakery skins evolve and I can’t wait to see what’s to come!  There’s also a gatcha for the men packed with four delicious skins!

The blue layered tank is the weekend dollarbie at Petunia.  I paired this shirt with the Enero skirt welcome gift from the MDL Fashion sub-o.  The striped stockings and gloves are a dollarbie at DCNY.  While at MDL Fashion I sat it out on the 20 minute camp chairs for the Cuadros Lila purple outfit and the orange Natural skirt set.

There is also a really cute top at MDL Fashion as the 1500 subscriber gift.  The jeans are from the L$50 fatpack at Allusions.  There are over 20 different jeans in this fatpack and each have different cuffs to choose from.

Check the back wall at MDL Fashion for more gifts and try your luck on the boards and chair!


*Petunia: Layered Tank (L$1)

*MDL Fashion: 1500 Member Gift (SOM – L$0), Enero skirt (SOM – L$0), Cuadros Lila & Natural Skirt Set (Camp – L$0)

*Allusions: Fatpack Jeans (L$50)

*DCNY: Striped Stockings & Gloves (L$1)

*Duh!: Sneaker Boots (L$25)

*Sugar Mama’s Fashion Bakery: Toasted Glam Skin (Gatcha – L$20)

*EMO-tions: Hair (Sale)

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)



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It’s cold as a Ducknipple!

There’s several hunts taking place at Ducknipple.  The plaid Oprah skirt and hoodie set are the gift in the Christmas Time Hunt.  The blue plaid Spek shirt is the Christmas Hunt gift, the blue Le Sweatere Turtleneck is the Fashion Autumn Hunt gift, and the orange Rolo sweater is the ZombiePopcorn gift at Ducknipple.

Ducknipple is also participating in the Happy Holidays Hunt with the Holli outfit.  Whisper blogged this one a few days ago, but I’m showing it again.  I love the collar necklace!!!

The Kylie bodice and bloreo are the newest group gift for Bliss Couture dolls.

The beautiful Sunkissed and Kissable skin and Branched outfit are dollarbies under the tree at Sugar Mama’s Fashion Bakery.  The Sweet Gingerbread House is on the midnight mania board at Sugar Mama’s Fashion Bakery.  Only 160 slaps needed to win the house or it can be purchased for L$399.


*Ducknipple: Oprah Outfit (CHTH – L$0), Spek Shirt (CH – L$0), Le Sweatere (FAH – L$0), Rolo sweater (ZombiePopcorn – L$0)
Ducknipple ( 102/129/24 )

*Fall Out: Pucketti Jeans (With Love Hunt – L$10)
FART ( 96/165/452 )

*Bliss Couture: Kylie Bodice & Bloreo (Group – L$0)
Gown ( 108/195/353 )

*Sugar Mama’s Fashion Bakery: Gingerbread House (MM – L$0), Sunkissed and Kissable Skin (L$1), Branched Outfit (L$1)
Lesten ( 121/39/93 )

*Duh!: Leather Sneakers (L$25)
Elliott ( 23/205/24 )

*EMO-tions: Dana Hair (Not Free)
HAIR ONLY ( 125/131/23 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$100)
Glitterati ( 100/154/21 )