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QUICKIE: Got into a green fur rush at OOKAMI NINGEN store

Ookami Ningen Harajuku Punk freeHurry – this item will only be available until 12 a.m. today and SL is a bit … uhm …. SL is not going very well today *grin*

So head over to Ookami Ningen`s store and grab your free Harajuku Punk in vibrant green! It´s located inside the store next the freebie cart (or whatever this is, it has 2 wheels and it is brown *g*). Touch the sign and if the SL-gods are in a good mood you will be able to receive this absolutely well done cute punky outfit. I´ve never heard before about Ookami Ningen and I have to say there is great great stuff! So touch the subscribe-o-matic next the entrance to be informed about new releases and freebies too, of course.

Click the subscribe sign to be added, click it again, go to History, choose option 1. And if the SL-gods are …. you know … you will receive a green parasol with a nice pose to wear it. There are more notices but I didn`t have the time to click it all.

Ookami Ningen parasol group giftOokami Ningen Harjuku

Sadly I cannot show you the cute little shamrock pillow, a dollarbie leaning against the freebie cart … I wasn´t able to buy it, SL denied it … pooooh! But I grabbed the freebie from this cart with a nice Posy Pose and a Knobori Wall Kite (not pictured, I´m not sure but I think it´s for decorating a wall?).

Check out Ookami Ningen´s store and don´t forget  to touch the subscribe-o-matic.


Ookami Ningen Posy PoseOokami Ningen Harajuku

Cher`s Relay For Life Skin (0 L)

FabulouslyFree in SL, Talisman 227/200/24

Jaiden Hair in ash brown (goldpot hunt 0 L)

CurlUpAndDyeSalon, Inari 34/223/400

Harajuku Punk in vibrant green (o L), Parasol with

pose (subscribe gift o L), KnoboriWallKite/PosyPose (0 L)

Ookami Ningen Mainstore, Dark Eden 126/196/31

SabrinaRetroCrimsonPumps, AligatressEyes (0 L)

TalismanJewelryApparelFun,Talisman 230/36/22 Fab Hazel

I´m getting green and greener thank LaynieWear/SYD and GaZoV Designs

SYD LaynieWear group gift PaddyGreenDeebaDress


LaynieWear/SYD Style Your Destiny is giving out to group members the Paddy Green Deeba Dress! Deeba comes with pants, top (several layers), skirt and stockings. I matched it with the white crappy robe belt (part of love.love.love freebies box, a bunch of freebies in a box still available for 1 Linden!). I like all the “Kanti Dresses” because they are so great to match with all other clothes.

Do a search in groups for the group called LaynieWear/SYD Update Group. (When I do a group search I use the phrase syd and it is the 3rd choice). Join this group. It is free to join. Go to the Notices. Sort the Notices by date. Go to the one dated 3/17/2008 with the subject Happy St.Patrick`s Day. Click Open/Save Attachment. You are now the proud owner of a box with Paddy Green Deeba Dress from LaynieWear/SYD. Find a place that allow build. Unpack your box. This item is only going to be available as long as it is in the notice archives.

That´s not enough, at LaynieWear/SYD`s store there is an adorable skin available for 1 Linden. It´s the Vampiress St. Paddy´s Day Skin, a soft green vampire-like skin. The skin is located at the groundfloor on the “New Releases” wall (a single picture above the Relay For Life Ads!)

Greta Gazov makes me happy by sending me two cute accessoires! Both items are available for free at GaZoV Designs store (don´t forget the hunt!). We have the lovely Paddy Flower and the sweet Paddy Parasol poofing a few shamrocks from time to time. Don´t miss these goodies!

Today´s the last chance for you to get your free shamrock pumps and purse from BABY MONKEY! And there is another BABY MONKEY store at Dindrane Elfor 221, 27, 31 now.

Gazov Designs free hairflower and parasol - 1 Linden Gothic Skin St.Paddy Syd/LaynieWearGazov free parasolSYD/Layniewear

Vampiress St. Paddy`s Skin (1 L)

Paddy Green Deeba Dress (group gift 0 L)

LaynieWear/SYDStyleYour Destiny,Granymyr 242/188/44

Paddy Hairflower & Paddy Parasol (0 L)

GaZoV Designs, Buncheong 222/227/21

Shamrock Pumps and Purse (0 L)

BABY MONKEY, Neuntoter 63/202/33

BABY MONKEY, Dindrane Elfor 221/27/31

Fab Hazel

Crappy robe belt, part of Freebie Box (1 L)

love.love.love., Mischief 144/172/24

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Quickie: Styled by GIZ`Z and TEKUTEKU

GIZ free WAVE DRESS GREEN subscribeWhat a precious tip on the hotline, thank you! Immediatly I tped over to GIZ`Z GIZMO`S and touched the subscribe-o-matic outside the store. ( Click it again, now you have to choose History, and then click the first notice dated Mar 11,08 – subject Here`s a gift to all of you. Click exit and be patient, you will receive the wonderful Wave Dress Green in a few minutes).

This dress isn´t only for St.Patrick´s Day, it can be worn all over the year whenever you are in a green mood. Wave Dress Green comes with pants, flexi skirt and top (with sleeves, no sleeves). It´s only available as a subscribe-o-matic group gift in green until St.Patrick`s Day. So better go now. You will love this dress with it´s nice detailed top and the swinging skirt.

GIZ free dress backGIZ dress detail SpecialHair2008 dollarbie TEKUTEKUU

The hairstyles are available as dollarbies at TEKUTEKU Hair. WD Special Hair 2008 comes in such a nice contrasting color for green dresses and it´s cute. Freebie Hair Mens comes in black and it goes great for girls too. Freebie Hair and Freebie Hair 2 are female styles in brown with pretty accessoires. What do I like best? Hard to make up my mind but I think it will be the male style.

TEKUTEKUU dollarbie hair

Cher´s IrishCream Skin/shamrock (0L)

FabulouslyFree in SL, Talisman 230/192/24

Evergreen eyes (5pack free eyes 0 L)

MKNoaomi, Quenloo 135/232/48

Wave Dress Green (subscribe gift 0 L)

GIZ`Z GIZMO`S, Anala 215/212/79

FreebieHair2 (1 L), FreebieHairMens (1L)

WDSpecialHair 2008 (1 L),FreebieHair (1L)

TEKUTEKU Hair, Shinjuku 71/157/22

Black Elise2 Heels (0L)

TESLAFlagship, Tesla 42/59/74

Fab Hazel