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City XY

Just off the shuttle, he steps off the platform and into the streets.

He is waiting.

For what no one yet knows, though the street lamps cast shadows on his face, playing at the look of longing set there.

Papers flutter in the wind, through the dark allies splashed with colourful signs. Nearby a telephone rings on the wall. He looks at it. It rings again. Does he dare lift it? Is this what he has been waiting for?

He picks it up, eagerly awaiting something, anything, to get him away from his dull life from beyond the wall.

A rat scuttles along the wall, not paying much mind to the soft whispers omitting from the receiver. There are things to do, food to find, in the vast maze of The City.

Hair-EMO-tions: Wild at Heart Hair (Instore Gift – L$0)
Hairbase-Arcavim: Crescent 75% (Gift at KMadd Freebie Center – L$0)
Eyes-Roly-Poly: Glass Eyes in Charcoal (Instore Gift – L$0)
Skin-Essences: David 2 (Instore Item – Not Free)
Goatee-EMO-tions: Darren chin goatee (Instore Gift – L$0)
Necklace-Deviant Designs: Serial Killer Necklace for the “Serial Killers” Hunt (Hunt Gift – L$0)
Finger Tape-Luck Inc: Finger Tapes (Instore Item – L$1)
Hoodie-Upper Man: Yellow Striped Hoodie (Instore Group Gift – L$0)
Pants-KamreK Creations: Black Pants (Instore Group Gift – L$0)
Boots-Edge Grafica: 31 Engineer Boots (The Marketplace Item – L$1)

Poses by Purple(Not Free), Sterling Artistry(Not Free), Static Beauty(L$1) and Di’s Opera(free for Pro Posers Hunt)
Location: Next South Sim for City of Doom RP


Night Rocker

The night is still.

Off in the distance you can hear the pitter patter of coming rain. You look to see, and there he is, waiting. How long he has been there, you do not know, but he seems patient enough. Then you catch the unearthly gleam of his eye. What happened to the other no one really knows, but it has never inhibited his abilities. He calls your name, and you have no choice but to go to him. The cherry scent of his imported cigarettes wafts in the air, making it thicker. You almost feel drowsy as you stumble into his arms. He lifts you up on his ride, and together you go off into the night. What adventures you have when you stop are yet to be known, but you know in your heart already that it’ll be something you will remember for all time. Clinging to his chest, you lay your head on his back, letting out a sigh.

If only it were forever night.

Hair-Black Maria: Maria in Black/Red 2 (Instore Gift – L$0)
Eyes-Repulse: Massacre Eyes in Red (Hunt Item – L$0) 
Eyemask-GxD: Eyepatch*2011*No.1 (Instore Group Gift – L$0)
Cig-GxD: Cigarette*2011* (Lucky Board – L$0)
Skin-Essences: David 2 skin in Face 2 (Instore Deal – L$10 for 24 hours-less then 12 hours at time of this post)
Tattoo-Endless Pain Tattoos: Maori Tattoo for the “Serial Killers” Hunt (Hunt Item – L$0)
Bracelet-Bubble: Urban Bracelet for the “A Depraved New Years” Hunt (Hunt Item – L$0)
Tank-no.07: Circus Tank (Instore Gift -L$0)
Pants-Miu: Bastard Oil jeans (Past Hunt Gift-No Longer Free-L$215)

Yesterday there seemed to be a bit of a male skin crazy. There were 2 designers to release new product, and for 24 hours offer skins for L$10, while another is having a clearance sale with skins for L$10 aswell(Renee showed you some of the female ones). Altho not free, I thought I’d add them to this post, since deals like these do not come often for men.

Essences was the first to offer a L$10 skin for 24 hours, so grab your guy and send him down, but you ladies go too, there is also a womens L$10 skin. You will find both at the front desk. You don’t have that long, so go go go!

Skin-Essences: David 2 skin in Face 2 (Instore Deal – L$10 for 24 hours-less then 12 hours at time of this post)
Eyes-Skin Within: Fiction Eyes (Instore Gift – L$0)

Aa Production was the next to offer a 24 hour deal, with 2 skins up for grabs for L$10. The nice thing about this offer is that the one tone is a darker tone, I don’t see many that are truly dark, but not tan, that are cheap. The other unique thing with this deal is that each pack comes with prim feet that match the tone, so if you like going to the beach shoeless, or running around the house nude, and would like some sculpted feet to match your skin, you need not look any further.

Skin-Aa Production: N’soah Skin (Instore Deal – L$10 for 24 hours-less then 12 hours at time of this post)
Eyes-Repulse: Zombie V2 Eyes in Tan for the “A Depraved New Years” Hunt (Hunt Item – L$0)

Skin-Aa Production: Damien Skin (Instore Deal – L$10 for 24 hours-less then 12 hours at time of this post)
Eyes-Skin Within: Fiction Eyes (Instore Gift – L$0)

Lastly Imagen is having a clearance sale. Skins and Jewelry are set for L$10, you will see red tags on the sales items. Also the Eyes are set to L$10, I think that is the regular price, cause there wasn’t a red tag, but still a good deal, as they look really nice. There are many mens skins, I just got the one, and a buttload of Womens skins. The clearance goes until Feb. 1st.

Skin-Imagen: Ander Norte Tone in Stubble Face Option (Instore Deal – L$10 until Feb. 1st-more skins up for grabs here too)
Eyes-Skin Within: Guess Eyes (Instore Gift – L$0)

Hair in all headshots-Rock Candy: Skippy in Black (Gift at Savoir Hair Headquarters – L$0)

Poses by SHISEIDo(each L$1)
Location: Sick Sim, home of S.I.C. roleplay


The Brocade Beckons

I had the chance to meet a wonderful person in sl. While out doing The Seasons hunt, I noticed I had an IM. To my surprise it was someone commenting that they liked my avatar(I was wearing a suit, but still had the rest of the Devil outfit on). We got chatting, and then I managed to convince her to go on the rest of the hunt with me.

Well today she decided to show me some places with free items that she has enjoyed in the past, so here I am sharing her knowledge with you!

Lapointe & Bastchild has 2 freebie areas dedicated to bringing both males and females items to get them started on their way. Today I am wearing one of the newer items placed in the free area. It’s a brocade suit, that comes with 3 different coloured shirts. The boots are also a new offer, and they come in a white version aswell. I wanted to do something with this hair for a while now, and felt this was the right time to bring it out. It’s from Wasabi Pills, and you can pick it up at Savoir Hair Headquarters. The skin is from Trap, and there is a matching womens one in the pack too! I used some eyes I got at Shine, I figured I might as well tie in the colour of my eyebrows, and these flame eyes were perfect. All the male poses used in this post are from Be Real, and they are up for grabs too!


Hair-Wasabi Pills: Hedeon in Sapphire (Free at Savior Hair Headquarters – L$0)
Eyes-Shine: Covet Flame Eyes (Instore Gift – L$0)
Skin-Trap: Axel Skin (Instore Item – L$1)
Suit-Lapointe & Bastchild: Brocade Mystique Black Suit/Blue Shirt (Instore Gift – L$0)
Boots-Lapointe & Bastchild: Narcisse Boots (Instore Gift – L$0)

Poses by Be Real(Gift at KMadd Freebie Center)
Location: Pravda Couture Store in the church display


The Devil has lots of numbers, why the hell does he need yours?

Hi everyone!

So there was a bit of drama last week, some of you may know about it, some of you may not. Either way it doesn’t matter much. I do have to say in response to all of you that sent me notecards, RL came up, and I was across country for the week for work. It had nothing to do with the above said drama.

Altho the drama itself was very negative, it has allowed me to sit back and look at a few things I’d been doing differently on this blog, from my own blog.

I hope you enjoy the changes I will be implementing.

So here I am, The Devil, come to tempt you. I have done so with the whole Senior Team of FabFree, you know The Devil is a manwhore at heart? People don’t understand why I got the job here. I could yet again say it’s due to me being The Devil, oh wait, I guess I did just say it again. I’m so good that Renee, Whisper and Carson don’t even know why they accepted a noob like me on the team to begin with. There are rumors of how I got to the top, like with most professions. You don’t become the devil overnight. Could explain why I always seem to have my shirt off in these posts. You know, after my first post and all, that orange shirt, I’m told it’s best to keep them off, the viewers would rather see my nipples then that sort of shading again. But what do I know? Noob remember, ’cause that explains all. At least you can tell I’m clean(whilst wearing no shirt), and not that dirty guy sitting in the corner of that party, with some O Dur Toilet(yes I know it’s really Eau de Toilette, kkthanxbye).

The Devil is wearing:

Hair-Bryce Designs: Icarus in Ink (Instore Gift – L$0)
Horns-Tekeli-li: Efreet Horns (Instore Item – L$1)
Eyes-Birth: Demon Eyes (Inworld Group Gift – L$0)
Piercing-Dark Desires Custom Tattoos: Ankh Cross Lip Piercing (Hunt Item – L$0)
Skin-Birth: Demonskin (Inworld Group Gift – L$0)
Tattoo on Arms-NeoIcanadi: Elements Tattoo (The Marketplace Gift – L$0)
Tattoo on Chest-XWD Studio: Stay far from Me in medium tone (Part of a Gift at KMadd Freebie Center – L$0)
Wings-Material Squirrel: Mercure Galant Wings in Red (Lucky Board – L$0)
Dagger-Tekeli-li: Efreet Dagger (Instore Item – L$1)
Kilt-The Maniac: The Crusher (The Marketplace Deal – L$10)
Tights-Snatch: Goth Tights (Instore Gift – L$0)
Boots-In Her Shoes: Leather Boots in Deepest Red (Instore Gift – L$0)

Poses by Purple

Location: Devil’s Labrynth by MadPea