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The Little Mer Lord

Kotori - Lord Mer

He takes a swim to clear his mind. Ruling a kingdom is a task he wish he could leave to others….

I’ve donned the fins for a relaxing day in the beautiful blue depths of the undersea sims. The Mer Lord is the Supernatural Hunt 3 gift from Kotori. Along with the fins, you also receive the coiled arm bands and aquamarine star tattoos for your chest. Also included is a merman/maid AO to swim so gracefully in the water.

To go along with my mer look, I found the Talking Trident at Snowbound on the Steam 6 Hunt. Just touch the trident and it will talk in local chat. The Jerome Dark Silver Hair is a free find on Marketplace from Alli&Ali Designs.

Alli&Ali Designs - Jerome Hair Dark Silver, Snow Bound - Talking Trident

* Kotori – Lord Mer ($0L)
Supernatural Hunt 3

* Snow Bound – Talking Trident ($0L)
Steam 6 Hunt

* Alli&Ali Designs – Jerome Dark Silver Hair ($0L)


Skin of Bronze, Heart of Glass

Tamiron Forge - Nemo

By sea or by air, these Steampunk Joe’s are ready at a moments notice. Nemo by Tamiron Forge is outfitted in leather (possibly squid hide) from his hat to his boots.

The only thing keeping him alive is his Steampunk Animated Heart from Hudson Clothing Co. The squid may have taken his heart, but he got his hide.

Hudson's Clothing Co.  -Steampunk Animated Heart

Keeping the airship aloft is the Steampunk Engineer from Unzipped. He’s easy to spot with his goggled captain’s hat, scarf and jacket.

Unzipped - Steampunk Engineer Outfit

A near disaster in the engine room left him for dead, but with the Aether Heart from Timeless Curiosities he was back on the job in no time. His bronze features are the Christian Skin from Styles by Kira. It just goes to show you, even the toughest looking men have glass hearts.

Style by Kira - Christian Steampunk Bronze Skin, Timeless Curiosities - Aether Heart

Find these gifts and more on the Steam 6 Hunt.

* Tamiron Forge – Nemo ($0L)
Steam 6 Hunt

* Hudson Clothing Co. – Steampunk Animated Heart ($0L)
Steam 6 Hunt

* Unzipped – Steampunk Engineer Outfit ($0L)
Steam 6 Hunt

* Timeless Curiosities – Aether Heart ($0L)
Steam 6 Hunt

* Style by Kira – Christian Steampunk Bronze Skin ($0L)
Steam 6 Hunt

* Poses – Diesel Works
Not Free


Steam Safari


The Dark Continent team with life as my steamship heads deeper into unknown….

Destiny's Designs - Steampunk Gentleman's Outfit

Just because I’m in the jungle doesn’t mean I have to dress like a savage. The Steampunk Gentleman’s Outfit is the Steam 6 Hunt prize from Destiny’s Designs. This highly detailed suit will have lots uses from exploring the sub continent to attending a Victorian gala.

!~DD~! Steampunk Gentleman's Outfit

* Destiny’s Designs – Steampunk Gentleman’s Outfit ($0L)
Steam 6 Hunt

* In Her Shoes – Brown Leather Boots ($0L)

* Poses – Diesel Works
Not Free


Steam Voyager

Brain Circuit Inc. - Sea Voyager Outfit, Pop Tart & Urban Assault - Steamy Nautical Ramp Boots

I must be feeling nautical today….. or the very least getting my pirate on.  🙂 Here are a few more gifts from the Steam 6 Hunt. The Sea Voyager Outfit from Brain Circuit Inc. has some interesting details from the eye patch to the rolled map and telescope. The Steamy Nautical Ramp Boots are the hunt gift from Pop Tart & Urban Assault. The black knee-high boots are adorned with hooks, anchors and ships wheels. My friend flying around me is the Steampunk Raven from Raven’s Heart. The raven slowly flies in a circle wherever you place it. I attached it to myself so he wouldn’t fly away. 🙂


* Brain Circuit Inc. – Sea Voyager Outfit ($0L)
Steam 6 Hunt

* Pop Tart & Urban Assault – Steamy Nautical Ramp Boots ($0L)
Steam 6 Hunt

* Raven’s Heart – Steampunk Raven ($0L)
Steam 6 Hunt

* Poses – Long Awkward Pose
Not Free



Finding Captain Nemo

Cedar Bay Home Furnishings - Capt. Nemo's Pipe Organ

“I heard the distant strains of the organ, a sad harmony to an undefinable chant, the wail of a soul longing to break these earthly bonds. I listened with every sense, scarcely breathing; plunged, like Captain Nemo, in that musical ecstasy, which was drawing him in spirit to the end of life…. I reached the door of the saloon, and opened it gently. It was plunged in profound darkness. The strains of the organ sounded faintly. Captain Nemo was there. He did not see me. In the full light I do not think he would have noticed me, so entirely was he absorbed in the ecstasy.”

Lose yourself in musical ecstasy with your very own Captain Nemo’s Pipe Organ. This is the Steam 6 Hunt prize from Cedar Bay Home Furnishings. The organ plays music, avatar animation and a mirror that changes scenes.


And just don’t play the organ, play the part. Camilla’s has the Captain Nemo Uniform as gift for the hunt. The full uniform even includes a hat, boots and gloves. The Steam Porthole Textures are also a Steam 6 Hunt gift from USC Textures.

Camilla's - Captain Nemo Uniform

“I crept along the carpet, avoiding the slightest sound which might betray my presence. I was at least five minutes reaching the door, at the opposite side, opening into the library. I was going to open it, when a sigh from Captain Nemo nailed me to the spot. I knew that he was rising. I could even see him, for the light from the library came through to the saloon. He came towards me silently, with his arms crossed, gliding like a spectre rather than walking….”

* Camilla’s – Captain Nemo Uniform ($0L)
Steam 6 Hunt

* Cedar Bay Home Furnishings – Capt. Nemo’s Pipe Organ ($0L)
Steam 6 Hunt

* USC Textures – Steam Potholes Textures  ($0L)
Steam 6 Hunt

* Poses – Essential Soul
Not Free


God of Thunder

22769 - Thunder

“Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

Find your very own hammer and (the rest of the costume) on the Steam 6 Hunt at 22769 Casual Couture. The Thunder Costume is a tribute to everyone’s favorite Thunder God. The costume includes the leather tunic, pants, belt and the hammer. I found the Strapped Boots the other day on the Battle Fairy cart at The Wash Cart Sale and hoped I would find a good use for them. I had to find the perfect hair for this costume and I found what I was looking for at Calico Ingmann Creations. I purchased the Garik Dark Blonde Hair Pack for $200L. It comes with a color change hud that will let you choose from ten shades.


* 22769 –  Thunder Costume ($0L)
Steam 6 Hunt

* Battle Fairy – Strapped Boots ($10L)
The Wash Cart Sale

* Calico Ingmann Creations – Garik Hair ($200L)

* Poses – Embody Shapes & Poses
Not Free


Full STEAM Ahead

Top Katz Steam Outfit

It’s almost time for one of my favorite hunts. The Steam Hunt is now on its sixth cycle and I am excited to see the fantastical creations that have been made for this event. I’m previewing one of the gifts to be found along the path. Top Katz has made the Steam Outfit for the hunt. This red three-piece outfit will have you craving more from the Steam “6” Hunt. The Steam “6” Hunt runs from March 1st through March 31st.

* Top Katz – Steam Outfit ($0L)
Steam “6′ Hunt

* In Her Shoes – Red Leather Boots ($0L)

* Poses – Diesel Works
Not Free