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Classic Steam

ezura has their hunt gift out for the Steam 3 Hunt. The STEAM 3 Male Gift Outfit, which Renee showed the women’s version earlier, is a classic black Victorian suit with a gold vest.

+ ezura + STEAM 3 Male Gift Outfit ChiChickie! (CC! for Men) Damian -

ChiChickie! is taking part in Hair Fair 3 one of the two styles they have for sale, with 75% proceeds going to Wigs For Kids, is the Damian Hair. I’ve always wanted a relaxed mane of curly hair.

*ezura STEAM 3 Male Gift Outfit -S3H- ($0L)
ezura, Vardimorg (178, 188, 80)

*ChiChickie! (CC! for Men) Damian – 4 style pack ($200L)
ChiChickie!, Hair Fair 3 (93, 176, 25)

*Poses, Glitterati, -Not Free-
Glitterati, Glitterati (128, 174, 22)


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Spiders and Steampunk

The September group gift at Wilson’s Designs is available. The Spider Tee Shirt and Blue Jeans makes a great carefree look.

Wison's Spider Tee Shirt and Blue jeans Group Gift-

Never Ever! is taking part in the Steam 3 Hunt. Their gift is the Steampunk Vest. While you are there, join the group and get the Men’s Necklace and Bracelet for just $1L. There is also a set for the ladies.

NE! Steampunk Vest -S3H- NE! Men's Necklace and Bracelet $1L

Another group freebie at Never Ever! is The Man, The Myth, The Legend T-shirt. I think I’ll be wearing this one for a while.

NE! Shirt group gift


*Wison’s Spider Tee Shirt and Blue Jeans -Group Gift- ($0L)
Wilson’s Designs for Men, Banquo (40, 200, 21)

*NE! Steampunk Vest -S3H- ($0L)
*NE! Men’s Necklace and Bracelet ($1L)
*NE! The Man The Myth… Shirt -Group Gift- ($0L)
Never Ever! , A New Beginning (210, 19, 21)

*IHS Black Sneakers ($0L)
In Her Shoes, Vignette (124, 101, 55)

*Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)


Limited Time Offer ..But Wait, There’s More!

I have two limited time offers to show you and a few other goodies I hope you like. Ema’s Secret has a male group gift out for just 24 hours. The Comfort Man Package comes with the collared jacket, shirt, jeans and even eyes.

-Ema's Secret- Comfort Man Package Group $1L

While at Ema’s Secret, grab the group joining gift, the Chic Man Brown Top .

-Ema's Secret- Chic Man Brown Top

At LnL, they are celebrating their growing membership and London made the group members a Personal Transport. This vehicle even has sound so you can hear the engine roar. This is available also for just 24 hours.

LnL Personal Transport Group Gift

One of my favorite shops, BlakOpal Designs is participating in the Steam 3 Hunt. The hunt gift is the Brown Waistcoat. Find the gear and get this cool gift.

BlakOpal Waistcoat Holly long Vest

*Ema’s Secret Comfort Man Package Group Gift ($1L)
*Ema’s Secret Chic Man Brown Top -Group Gift- ($0L)
Ema’s Secret, Charlestown (83, 209, 501)

*LnL Personal Transport -Group Gift- ($0L)
LnL Square, Borgatti (250, 58, 301)

*BlakOpal Waistcoat -S3H- ($0L)
BlakOpal Designs, BlakOpal (116, 103, 23)

*IHS Black Sneakers ($0L)
In Her Shoes, Vignette (124, 101, 55)

*Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)


True American Hero

It’s time for the Steam 3 Hunt and 22769 has reimagined one of my favorite comic book characters. The True American Hero Costume is an interpretation of Captain America with a Steampunk/Dieselpunk flavor.

22769 True American Hero Steam 3 Hunt

You might wonder why the shield isn’t round. The original shield wasn’t. It was more of a triangular shape. Captain America was the first superhero comic I bought as a kid so I was pleased when I opened up the hunt gift and put it on.


*And one last disclaimer.* 22769 casual couture/vintage does not claim any rights on the costume at all. All rights regarding Captain America, the Costume, the buckler and all related insignia remain with MARVEL comic books.

*22769 True American Hero Outfit -S3H- ($0L)
22769, Sunny Island (110, 31, 22)

*hoorenbeek Military Boots -ZPH- ($0L)
[ hoorenbeek ], JT World VI (126, 38, 22)

*Poses, Diesel Works -Not Free-
Diesel Works Animations, Brooklyn (131, 178, 502)