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*sweaters, dresses and sweaterdresses… oeh and flats and stats!*

Salire has the cutest dresses… showing you the 1L-ones, but i couldn’t resist buying the new releases too! These are the sweaterdresses.. and I loohoovee those.. the pink one would goo great with the pink boots Whisper blogged earlier! And great news is that nothing at salire is over 30L$! Keep reading for sweaters, flats and our skyhigh stats! Enjoy xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

salire – all dresses shown above – 1L

Farah for FabFree

salire – sweaterdresses – (Not free but 30L/each )

Farah for FabFree

curios – sweaters purple and green (subscribogift when you join, I clicked it twice)

m+m – flats with straps – oL (groupgift in store)

other items shown in all pics: yourskin & yourshape – michelle ice skin; ETD – Naomi black hair; chuculet – glassless glasses – 1L; jeans from Cilian’gel (old FabFree gift)

FabFree – best freebie blog of SL – and largest freebie group in SL !!!

.. our stats of yesterday… Whispers’ post on those amazing Stiletto Moody Heels hit 6,880 views!


Thank you Whisper for posting this blogpost , thank you to our loyal FabFree readers and thank you, thank you Stiletto Moody for the amazing heels gift!! xxx


xxx Farah


*help me convince Renee!*

Ohla! Ever since I joined FabFree I’ve been bugging Renee with lots of ideas to attract readers, members and so on. So everytime we had more members in our SL group, we we’re very happy, and started rewarding people for being in our group, appreciating them to have joined our group. The same thing happened when they had our FabFree HQ in their picks, and for joining our FabFree Flickr group! Soooooooooooooo last (but not least) are our true blog readers… I’ve been bugging Renee forever to have a FabFree-readers appreciation day… and well… it might get through! I am soo very thankfull for all of you, i’ve met a few of you inworld, and i’m soo happy i did! I love blogging and i’m happy  you like to read our blog. I am speaking for all our blog-writers when i say, that you are the ones we are blogging for! Soooooooooo do you want a fabfree-readers appreciation day? Help me convince Renee!!

blogstats 12


Reneeeeee… look at our stats!! Does this do the trick?! Like  over 100.000 of readers aproximatly in last months, and July isn’t over jet!!  

averages stats

Reneeeeee… that are like about 3000 – 4000 readers per day!!  


Sooo they deserve a fabfree-readers appreciation day, right?


xxx Farah