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Flavor Your Hair

While out doing the daily (it seems) hunt I came across a hair pack that you guys might like. Audacity put out a pack of their Jakob hair in 7 flavors. Yes I call them flavors because colors, tints etc. gets boring to say. The “flavors” are Copper, Henna, Night, Pepper, Sable, Tamale, and Vanilla. (Note that Vanilla is really a flavor).

Audacity Jacob

Then i got a tip from Renee that there was a fatpack of Bryce Designs hair that is on the Starlust Hunt at Anchor City. Look for the BIG Easter egg. These flavors are Midnight, Cappuccino (flavor again), Penny, Sand, Sienna, Buff, Bark, and Tuxedo.

Bryce Designs Richie

Flavor your head with these freebie hunt hairs.

*Audacity Jakob Hair Pack #140 MHOH ($0L)
Audacity, Zion (70, 150, 758)

*Bryce Designs Richie Hair Pack starlust hunt ($0L)
Bryce Designs, Tully (179, 134, 24)


*crazy bewbies babe*

As you might have noticed.. i’m totally in love with my new sandallettes… still can’t take them off… RL or SL… loolll… xxx. Big bewbs ahead.. don’t look if u can’t handle it… lol.. xxx

 Farah for FabFree

Salon Asri/AFO – Rene Fuschia Dress – 1L

Djunk – scarf and ‘sleazy’ bag – oL (3 colors scarfs; colorchange bag!)

other items shown: HOC industries – glasses female (50L); chuculet – sandallettes pila – 1L; exile – laynie hair; poses by elisa.

 Farah for FabFree

Djunk – funny hat,  big boobs (also in natural skin color), knee pads, hentai voodoo doll bag – oL/each (amazing!! more crazy funny amazing items!! all free!!)

other items shown: HOC industries – glasses female (50L); chuculet – sandallettes pila – 1L; shorts from starlust sim – used to be free; poses by elisa.

 Farah for FabFree

reale – cristallina dress pink – 0L (groupgift in notices)

other items shownchuculet – sandallettes pila – 1L; ModdG. – watermelon mouth (free from summer slice hunt/watermelon hunt); hairaccessory from halhina (old groupgift); skin – enchanted by cupcakes; hair from maitreya; poses by elisa.


xxx Farah


I <3 the Starlust!

Ok, there is something going on at the Starlust Motel and sim around it! I’ve been receiving notices like crazy these last days! Apparently the Starlustland is having a name change to Unicorn … Islands.  Sooo because of this name change it seems that there is a discussion going on at that sim…. join the group and check notices if u want to know more… for us it means: free tees. Pick your team! Pro or anti?

 Farah for FabFree

*anti-teams shirts (melatonin and stein) and protest sign, the boycut-boxers have a anti-unicorn-sing on the back.. really cute actually*

Farah for FabFree

*pro-team shirts (apatia and allegory)*

Farah for FabFree

*sparkle village unicors shirt (this is definitaly a pro-unicorn-shirt; eyes freebie from Hoot*

Farah for FabFree

*RC magnifiying glass with animations*


 Starlust – groupgifts in notices (‘I ❤ the Starlust’ group)

– poses by LAP 

– hair – Ursula Candy Melt – by Exile (groupgift) -> blogged by Renee earliere here

– skin by  On the Catwalk – Cherubic Skin Series – dark – 0l (lucky chair)

xxx Farah


Color your Pixel-Doll!


*hellowww kitty ^.^*

*me dancing at Sine Wave Island.. they have the best dance animations.. !!*



Skin – Anna – by PixelDolls – ol (groupgift)

Hair – Paige Black by [LCKY] – 0l (groupgift)

Hairclip – hair barettes by *Fishy Strawberry* – ol (groupgift)

Kitty – *108 Prims CAT ! *  NYANKO doll 01 pop (K) at Mon Amie – 1l

Necklace – 09 choker-cabochon(black) -by Edge Grafica  – ol (10 min. camping)

Legwarmers – by  edge grafica  – ol

Tshirt –  Miyavi Shirt by [LCKY] – ol (groupgift in notices)

Belt – studs belt by  Edge Grafica – ol (10 min. camping)

Shorts – Starlust Freebie Short from Tres Blah at the Starlust Motel – 1l

ShopppingBag – Mon Amie – 1l

Socks – skull pink – by Wave – 0l (groupgift)

Gloves – groupgift March by Wave – 0l (groupgift)

Eyes – by Mai Body Shop – ol

Eyelashes – total pack by Sky Everett (free)

Poses – LAP and Ange’s Free Photostudio

Silver Bangles and Earrings by me – Ruffian – 1l



xxx Farah