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Hey, gimme some of that Somapop!

It’s 2am for me, and I can’t sleep. I thought of things I could do, such as drink some warm milk, take a nice shower with lavender-scented body wash, or maybe even count sheep. Then it dawned on me… get on SL and go on a hunt! Does it cure insomnia? Nah, but it’s a lot of fun and it passes the time 😀

A little bird told me that Somapop is having a hunt to celebrate the opening of their new sim. Score! I immediately scooted my pixels on over to see what I could find. The hunt runs until January 21, 2011. Now, for your viewing pleasure, I will show you a few of the goodies you too can acquire if you so desire. (I love rhyming, can you tell?)

Okay, so what you are looking for are pink “SP” initials. They are scattered throughout the stores and around the sim. Static Beauty has this adorable and girly Daisy skin as one of their gifts in the hunt. I love the pale pink lips and cute daisy tattoos on the cheek. There are also daisies on the back as well. If you look at my eyes, you’ll notice that I look like I got a great night sleep. You may think I’m wearing prim lashes, or perhaps an eyeliner tattoo layer, but I’m not! It’s all just part of the makeup on the skin. Isn’t that awesome? Well, I think it is. I *HATE* adjusting prim lashes! It’s just as annoying as trying to put false lashes on in real life.

Do you notice me? Do you want to be noticed? This Notice Me Strapless Trui (which as far as I can tell means sweater, but don’t quote me on that) is also in the hunt. It comes with a resize script so you can adjust it to fit your personal shape.

All right, now we move on to an outfit that you can bum around the grid in. If I’m being honest, the pants are a tad bit funky for me. At first, I thought that somehow my viewer was acting up because I couldn’t get the pants to fit right. Then I realized no, that’s just how they’re cut! If you enjoy unique clothing that sets you apart, these Somapop Cutted Jeans are for you! In addition to the jeans, you will also find this xtreme csy sweater and scarf. And that’s how it was spelled in my inventory, so that’s what I’m calling it here! 😀

I have not shown you everything that you can find in this hunt. I believe that it takes away an element of fun and surprise by doing so; however, I’ll let you take a gander at two last gifts you will find. The fake leather belt and As I Am ring are both from Diapop in the hunt. (**Note – no snakes were harmed in the making of this virtual accessory) Both add a nice flair to a casual outfit. 🙂

Okay darlings, I’m finally starting to feel a bit sleepy. Yay! Enjoy the hunt, and be sure to say a big thank you to any of the designers that you may come across. They put a lot of long hours and effort into making goodies for the rest of us! 😀

***The Lil Big Somapop Hunt – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sanctuary%20Isle/136/151/24


***Nail polish (Not free: $50L) Candy Nail Basic Nails – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Candy%20nail/197/152/33

*** Hair (Not free: 250L) Truth Hair – Nadine 2 – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Truth%20Hair/109/39/27

*** Shoes (Not free: $120L) Fri.Day – Basic.Flats – Pink – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Friday/107/119/32

*** Poses (Free gift in Somapop Hunt from Static Beauty)


*whois on your list?*

So you can grab this pain-in-the-eyes-red shirt with “on the naughty list” from a store called ‘sexy in pink’. So shouldn’t it be pink? Lol… it’s funny anyway! But the question is: On which list are you? Or even better.. what/who is on your list?! Also lost of greaaaatt other items from fabulous designers… read on! Enjoy xxx ^^

Farah for FabFree

Ka-Mi-Lian – lexie natural 6 skin – oL (groupgift in notices; owner is Kamilian Molko); join now, store will open tomorrow!

sexy in pink – red ‘on the naughty list’ tee – oL (behind stairs on costumerdesk)

other items shown: chichikie hair – pamela mocha – oL (was given in subscribo this week or last week).

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

Farah for FabFree

Somapop/ diapop – all clothing shown above – 1L/each (includes sweater, tanks, cardigan, shorts, pants  and socks also skull piercing, bracelets, bag and necklaces!). U can find the items among the regular vendors (mijn trui sweater, blue jeans and u being u shorts ; other items can be found in the little boxes with the somapop logo on them, which are 1L/each.)

other items shown: lamb – whoop dee doo hair ; yourskin &yourshape – kelly – ice skin; ubu – ubu drunks shoes.

*new [chuculet] fabian shape - 1L$*

Also for the first time a male shape at [chuculet]. I was drooling over Tarsis post about the Belleza skins earlier sooo the skin was my inspiration for this first male shape! Hope you like it!

[chuculet] fabian shape – 1L$ (mod/copy)

[chuculet] at a piece of candy Mall

[chuculet] at Taunt mall


xxx Farah