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System Failure Halloween Game Part 1

If you love the survival horror genre of console games then this will be right up your dimly lit, zombie strewn street. Snatch and friends have created a very special interactive game that will run until the 17th of November. Please be aware that this is very gorey and is not for the squeamish. I have a high squeam factor and I found this quite icky in some places and very very tense and atmospheric!

When you land make sure you get your System Failure HUD package. You will need wear the HUD to be able to interact with everything and for it to register your progress and give you hints at what to do next by reading the green text that appears. It also registers any items you need to proceed. You also get the Lab coat and Employee Badge Lanyard shown below:

Bear in mind that this isnt a hunt, it is a game where you will have to interact with the background, read clues, finding codes and items that will help you proceed to the next part. Trust me you will need your eyes wide open along the way. As you move through the game you will also be looking for silver shield badges to purchase for L$0 .. these contain prizes donated by lots of generous designers.

My advice for you is… Interact with EVERYTHING, try to open things, read things, touch things and look EVERYWHERE! You never know what you might find or where you might find it! There are 60 or so hidden Shields to find.. I don’t think I found them all but I found a huge chunk of it! Please don’t ask me where specific things are because I really couldnt tell you their exact location as there are so many prizes and being involved in the game play is quite disorientating.

I will be doing this in a couple of parts as there are quite alot of things to show and I don’t want to hog the blog! I really hope you will give this a go as it is alot of fun! ALL of these items are found INSIDE the game as you move around the areas so there are no individual SLURLS to give.

.Nightmare Mesh Mouth by Gauze [Free / Colour Change]
.Haunted Tattoo by Gauze [Free / Pack of 3]
.Deco Halter Leopard Print Dress by :{MV}: [Free #2]
.Pretty Lies Mini by :{MV}: [Free #3]

.Samhain Dress by :{MV}: [Free #4]
.Memoirs Tunic in Sakura by :{MV}: [Free #1]
.Grunged Leggins by Goth1c0 [Free / #4 out of 8]

.I Need Coffee Long Tank by Goth1c0 [Free / #6 out of 8]
.Urbanus Blood Vial Necklace by Goth1c0 [Free / #7 out of 8]
.Dirty Tight Jeans by Goth1c0 [Free / #2 out of 8]
.Dirty Long Sleeved Tee in Green by Goth1c0 [Free / #5 out of 8 (other colours included)]
.Grunged Leggins by Goth1c0 [Free / #4 out of 8]

.Frank Bunny Costume by Fierce [Free]
.Sightless Nurse Costume by SAKIDE [Free in 3 parts]

.Idol Halloween Outfit by Sassy! [Free]
.Sugar Dress (Spoiled) by Sassy! [Free in 3 parts]
.”I stab at thee” Arm Dagger by Whims [Free]

These are some of the items available! Stay tuned for more from the System Failure Halloween Game soon!

…Tiana is also wearing…
.Sira Goth Skin by The Plastik [Not Free / L$50 for Fifty Linden Fridays]
.Aqua Gold Eyes by Umboshi [Not Free / L$10 at Legion Gatcha Event]
.Awake Hair by Magika [Not Free / L$250]
.Mary Janes in Black Licorice by R(S)W [Not Free / L$150]

Retro In Paris

retro snatch blog photo

Late night post from me to you all!

I had gotten a notice in the Fabulously Free In Sl inworld group that Sn@tch was having a 50%-70% off sale in store from April 26th to April 29th so I instantly ran in to check everything out. I was scanning through all the clothes and noticed the fishing outfit out at the moment. I was shocked on how you can fish for two outfits with only the one time fee of 100L required fishing pole. I didn’t show the other outfit off because I didn’t have time to, but I assure you its worth the one time fee of 100L. One of the outfits that I am wearing in the photo includes the top, mesh skirt, nylon tights, shoes, purse, and the underneath of the skirt. 100L for a full outfit that is just plain crazy!

Get to fishing!

Well I’m off to bed now huns. See you all tomorrow.



Goldie Is Wearing

Skin: MY UGLYDOROTHY – Dorothy Salmon Pack:(No Longer Available/ Store Is Closed For Updates)

Hair: Elikatira – [e] Only Essentials Pack:(84L/On Sale)

Mole: *Tori-Tastic* – Marilyn Mole 2:(5L)

Outfit: Sn@tch – Total Betty Outfit:(One Time 100L Fee For Fishing Pole/Free)

Nails: * RezIpsa Loc * @Shop Free*Style – Lady Bug Nails:(5L Per Try @ Shop Free*Style)


Snatch at The Cart Sale!

Hello everyone! My name is Trinket and I am so happy to be welcomed into the family of FabFree! I’ve had such fun with the team already and its only been my first day so I am really looking forwards to working more with them in the coming weeks!

I decided to show you the things you can buy from the Snatch Cart at the Cart Sale that is happening right at the moment on The Wash sim! All the items on the cart are priced at 10 Linden! Such an unbelievable deal and the clothing is amazing! Ivey Deschanel is such a talented designer and I’ve always loved her creations so Im really so happy to be showing them off on my very first post for FabFree!

From left to right here I am showing the Daywalker Outfit, then the PYT Outfit and the last picture shows the Idol Outfit! Each of these are 10L!

This outfit was my favourite. This one is called Just Peachy and is just so much fun. I’ve teamed it with the Paparazzi Sunglasses that are also from the Snatch Cart and the Caustic Sandals in Cocaine White by NV that are also available at the Cart Sale for 10L and in various colours.

This outfit is called Haylee and is just adorable. The best thing is the jade cross over sweater can be worn without the undershirt! I love outfits that layer like this as it offers so many more options to mix and match.

This outfit is called Little Bo. It half reminds me of flashdance with the knickers over the tights! The sweater would look so cute if paired with the capris of one of the other outfits too!

What is Free or under 10L
DayWalker Outfit – 10L
PYT Outfit – 10L
Idol Outfit – 10L
Just Peachy Outfit – 10L
Haylee Outfit – 10L
Little Bo Outfit – 10L
Paparazzi Glasses – 10L
All of these can be found at the Snatch Cart at The Cart Sale on The Wash Sim

Caustic Sandals in Cocaine White by NV – 10L

Marie 25000 Group Gift Hair by D!va
http://slurl.com/secondlife/CalanDiva/148/157/24 (found upstairs)

Not Free
Grace skin – Buff – Cool Melon – Atomic at The Dressing Room Blue – 70L

The Pictures were taken using the free photography booths at the MC Mall. There are a few different ones to choose from and I really recommend using them if you want somewhere to take some pictures as they have so many backgrounds and poses in the booths!



Snatching a heartbeat with you

Sn@tch has always been one of my favourite stores and Ivey Deschanel is one of my favourite creators in SL. Right from the early years of my time in SL I have been an avid customer of her store and I love to see what new things she comes up with. She is also one of the handful of designers I can count on to make things to fit my ample curves with very little adjusting!

There are heaps of bargains to be had there, from Lucky Chairs which are regularly restocked to Mobvends, Lucky Fortunes and even fishing! There is also an awesome bargain basement which has some of the older outfits for you to buy which still stand the test of time to today.

Gore Gore Girl – Free in Lucky Chair

Knick Knack – Free in Lucky Chair

Blue Light Special – 75L for fatpack

Check out the heaps of bargains to be had in the basement section of Snatch. Loads of outfits and seperates in fatpacks of colours from free to 75L. Here are a few for you to see.. there are heaps more!

Love Kills Slowly – 0L

Barefoot Jewell – 10L

Retro Crush – 25L

Libertine – 25L

Starchild 50L

Other Info
+ The Rack Pose set by Glitterati ( not free )
+ Violet Delight Skin by Heartsick @ The Wash ( 10L )
+ Glasses by HOC ( not free )
+ Elven Ears by Illusory ( not free )
+ Neve Hair by Truth ( not free )
+ Ballet Flats by Duh ( old hunt gift, not available )
+ TWLOHA Tattoos by Whisper Swansong
+ Poses by oOo Poses, Runway Agapee, Lovesick, Del May, Flowey, Marukin, Don’t Freak Out!, Fri.Day, Long Awkward Pose, Kuso, Persona, Glitteratti, Diesel Works, Striking Poses

The weekend has landed..

Heartsick have set out a new teaser skin in their store to celebrate St Patricks Day. It costs 50L and is made in the Illusion skin tone which is a nice, creamy pale-ish tone and it has a really yummy smokey green eyeshadow.

You get cleavage and freckle options aswell as a beautymark option, which I think is an adorable addition. If you remember the version one skins, they had cute little beautymarks over the chest and bottom. Well you have the option to have these or not on the new skins so every taste is catered for. They also have a set of 3 St Patrick Days Toppers for FREE, so don’t forget to snag those while you are in the store! They are adorable.

AQUA are having a Spring Break themed beach party tonight at 4pm – 7pm SLT at their main store and to celebrate they have released a new range of bikinis and matching Pareos (the little skirt you tie around your waist for those, like me, who didnt know) with one of the colours reduced for a special price of 10L and the others for half price for a limited time.

The Baby Blue Babes In Suits Bikini is on offer for 10L with the matching Pareos also available for 10L.. come along to the beach party and get ready for the coming warmer days! If you’d rather wear something a little less revealing, they have the Baby Blue Daring Deidra dress on offer for 1L!


Sn@tch have some new goodies in their Lucky Chairs. So grab your pals for a Lucky Chair party and grab all of these delicious outfits and more..

The “You Don’t Own Me” dress comes in a fatpack of 4 colours including this gorgeous Red colour.

The “Spiderbaby” Babydoll dress comes in a fatpack of four colours too. I love how rich this purple colour is though and the puffy sleeves are just so cute. The bracelet I am wearing in the picture is the Madonna Jade and Silver March group gift from DaneMarkZ. Just slap the subscribo and you will be rewarded! You get a double bracelet like the one I am wearing and also a single version.

This outfit is called “Devata” and the skirt is just divine.. which is just fitting really because the 6 gem coloured cropped tops you get with them portray a different Hindu God or Goddess on each one.

And if you are looking for some super comfortable flat shoes to complete your look, then you need these. The Black Snakeskin Ballet flats are the latest freebie from The Passion Pit.

The hair worn in all pictures is from free hair set found on the beach in glowing balls at Analog Dog