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Flying Cupcakes

Sometimes I dream of flying skull cupcakes…

SD Cake Tattoo

Nah just kidding. But I did want to show you this adorable skull cupcake tattoo from Sweet Darkness for 1L on the marketplace.

The Sea Hole Last Days

The outfit and wedges I am wearing are from The Sea Hole. Get your cute fannies down there if you have not because come May 31st you can no longer get those amazing creations. Everything is 50L right now! It is like Christmas and your birthday all rolled into one. haha

The Sea Hole Wedges


Clar is also wearing…

Top:: Lichtenstein Halter Top – Pineapple – The Sea Hole (50L til May 31st)

Shorts:: Tab Top Linen Shorts – Olive – The Sea Hole (50L til May 31st)

Shoes:: Flossy Wedges – Pineapple – The Sea Hole (50L til May 31st)

Eyes:: <<< np >>> Silent Eyes – Apple

(300L for 14 eye color pack – SO worth it for these amazing eyes!)

Bracelet:: Mariposa: Jewels: Augmentation Bronze – Crimson

Mariposa is gone but the creator has a new store called Amorous.

Skin::  :Curio: :GP: Sundust Frex [Dark] Cupid-Pure 2

Hair:: Magika [03] Later (NOT free)


More Flower Pedals Hunt

As promised, here are more goodies from the Flower Pedals Hunt. yay! It runs through May 10th. This is a super short hunt (29 places) that you could easily go through in an hour or so (depending on the lag and/or rl kittens attacking you for loves, etc). Some of the prizes are dollarbies and some are totally free.

Myrai Style

Tank top – Myrai Style – #20 – FPH

Myrai Style Tank + Top

Tank top + top long sleeve – Myrai Style – #20 – FPH

Needful Things

Flower Pot necklace – Needful Things – #10 – FPH

Chaos Fashion

Little dress – Chaos Fashion – #5 – FPH

Screen + Floor Lamp

Asian Pink Flower Floorlamp + Screen Asian Pink Flowers

Icarus Television – #13 Comin’ Home Hunt prize

(Running through May 31st.)

I found this while searching for the FPH prize and just had to share!

20.Five Mesh Tube + Pants

3 Flower Decal –  Icarus Television – #19 – FPH

Mesh Tube + Pants – 20. Five – #9 – FPH

GFD Mesh Blouse

Blossom Blue mesh blouse – GalaFashionDesign – #17 – FPH

Mesh Skull Top

This adorable Sugar Skull mesh t-shirt is a dollarbie. You can find it on the marketplace from Chelsie Market Supply Co.

Lavenda Chic Floral MiniSkirt

It went so well with the cute mesh Floral Belted Miniskirt from Lavendar Chic – #22 – FPH.

You have through Friday to snatch these goodies from the Flower Pedals Hunt.

Don’t miss out! 😀


Also worn…

Eyes::  ::UH:: GS eye (gift05-L)

Hair:: !lamb. Milk – Carrot Cakes Pack

Heels: !!!N-core COQUETTE Glitter Edition “Fatpack”

Skin:: .::Mother Goose’s::. Barbara(LB) – still on the lucky boards! 😉


JUJU´s Closet / Digit Darkes / Belleza / Dernier Cri

JuJu´s Closet offers a pretty Skulli Outfit (great texture) for free. I´m not sure but it could be a limited time offer! It´s an ad on the wall marked with a bow.

Digit Darkes is giving out wonderful Mary Janes (shown in gold, available also in silver) as a dollarbie offer (go instore to the lounge).

I´m wearing the lovely Female Gift Skin by Belleza. There´s also a male skin for free. Both gift boxes are sitting on a table next the entrance.

This time my hair is (not free) Jenna by Asuka Martin, designer and owner of Dernier Cri. All hairstyles comes with a color HUD. I discovered this store while reading lindenlifestyles.com, read the whole post here. It´s a wonderful review and you will be informed about this color-HUD-thing 🙂 in a better english than mine. No freebie (not yet) at Dernier Cri, but it´s worth to take a very very close look. Great hairstyles, cute outfits, shoes, even skins …. all welldone and affordable!



Big thank you to Jinger and shatteredshards for leaving great tips on our hotline: i-Candy and Evocative Free Design (Lapointe & Bastchild)! And same big thank you to Kryptonia Paperdoll (owner and designer of Splashing Doll Skins) for mentioning a pair of free “killer boots” by Crimson Shadow on her blog.

At your Crimson Shadow landingpoint (telehub!) you will see a subscribe-o-matic sign, when touching it you will receive a Skull Cane as a gift (and you will be informed about all Crimson Shadow news!). Then go into the store, go left and then into the first room to your right. Step in, cross the room, a red box is sitting on the ground next the wall. And in this box are your Crimson Corset Boots (3 sizes) by Crimson Shadow – a “must have”! It seems as I become a boot addict too ….

Evocative Free Design by Lapointe&Bastchild offers such a wide range of clothes (gothic, casual, retro, lingerie ….) and also jewellery – it would go beyond the scope to show all the amazing creations (for men too!) in this post. To find a matching outfit for Crimson Corset Boots I grabbed only some of the gothic outfits and lingerie: Lace Red Corset+Panties, Gothic Ballgown Set, Forever Sheer Set, Bast Rouge Miniskirt Set FD, Brocade Allure Full Color Set (red, black,white, pink). There are so many options to wear the clothes, they are so well done and all are absolutely free! I´m sure I`ll come back to pick up some of the cute retro dresses at Evocative Free Designs! Oh, and jewellery, of course …. !

Another cute skirt that goes well with the Crimson Corset Boots is Cheapy Puffy Skirt . Also the Cheapy Plain Hoody with fur is great. Both dollarbie boxes are sitting on the ground inside i-Candy`s store.

Cher`s Red Goth Skin (0 L)

FabulouslyFree in SL, Talisman 230/192/24

Cheapy Puffy Skir,Cheapy Plain Hoody (1 L/each)Fab Hazel

i-Candy, Asmodeus 20/243/45

Gothic Ballgown Set, Lace Red Corset+Panties,

Bast Rouge Miniskirt SetFD, Brocde Allure Full

Color Set, Forever Sheer Set (0 L)

Evocative Free Designs (Lapointe & Bastchild)

Evocative 183/85/22

Crimson Corset Boots (0 L)

Crimson Shadow Rezzable 194/169/38



Fireflies Latex Bikini, Malinconia Bikini 1HCT (HERE COMES TROUBLE) has added new hairstyles to the 1-Linden-Wall. Fat-packs with lots ofs colors, big wigs, small wigs …… great styles at all! There are Seven, Star, Starlett, Cummie and Sophia (each pack 1 Linden). Many other styles for 1 Linden are still available.

Your landingpoint is outside! Be patient and wait until all has been rezzed. Then open your eyes, look around and you will see the entrance of HCT Hair Store. Step in, pass the hall and in the sales room turn to your left. There´s a big picture with all hairstyles for 1 Linden. (about the skin I`m wearing in these pics read further down).

HCT SophiaHCT StarlettHCT StarHCT SevenHCT CummieGoDutch/Coquette SkinMods tattoos
COQUETTE have been giving out a new groupgift O-Ring-Dress. It´s still in the archives.

Do a search in groups for the group called Coquette. (When I do a group search I use the phrase coquette and it is the 1st choice). Join this group. It is free to join. Go to the Notices. Sort the Notices by date. Go to the one dated 02/12/2008 with the subject Group Lovin`. Click Open Attachment. You are now the proud owner of a box with O-Ring-Pink-Dress from Coquette. Find a place that allow build. Unpack your box. This item is only going to be available as long as it is in the notice archives.


I´ve been visiting Go Dutch/COQUETTE´s mainstore and there I´ve found a pillar with a lot of Another Skin Mods for 1 Linden: CAS Mods! Series 1 (comes with angel tattoo and devil tattoo at the back, also without tattoo) with make-ups in Glimmer, Brite Eyes, Spring, Spring Icing. CASM Series II ModLips comes with Petite&Hippie Shape and various eye and lip makeups. Included are eybrows in blonde, dark blonde, dark brown, red brown, red and pink.

FIREFLIES has moved now in a bigger and better space – just around the corner from the old shop. And there are 2 new dollarbies (a bit more darkside! The tattoo ……… ouuuch, but I will show it!) Latex Skull Bikini and Stitches&Bandages Tattoo are in boxes sitting on the ground next the entrance.

MALINCONIA (swim for real with) offers a free Bikini 1. To get this freebie you have to wear the HUD.Quote to Malinconia notecard: If you subscribe to my Notices HUD you can receive this awesome special bikini for free.. just tp to my shop grab the hud , wear it and touch the page of the freebie to receive it!

Further details about this HUD read here! The subscribe sign for this HUD is pictured on the wall at your landingpoint. And when you turn around you will see a pillar with a small picture of a red swimsuit, it´s also free.

Fireflies dollarbie tattoo fullFireflies dollarbei tattoo detailMalinconia free red swimsuitCoquette O-Ring-Dress group gift


Seven, Star, Starlett, Cummie and Sophia Hair (1 L each)

HCT HERE COMES TROUBLE, Troubled City 40/15/25

CAS Mods! Series 1 Skin, CASM Series II ModLips Skin (1 L each)

O-Ring-Pink-Dress (group gift 0 L)

Fab Hazel

GoDutch/COQUETTE MainStore, Ciraco 98/215/124

Latex Skull Bikini and Stitches&Bandages Tattoo (1 L each)

FIREFLIES, La Reina 148/225/24

Red swimsuit (0 L), Bikini 1 (0 L)

MALINCONIA-swim for real with, Arias Requiem 40/217/306