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SD Wears Vestige

SD Wears Group Gift - Vestige Exclusive

ChiChickie! Group Gift - September 2009The exclusive purple Vestige dress was sent to the SD Wears sub-o members this morning.

On the 13th Farah told us about the awesome group gifts at N-core.  The black stiletto heels are an in-store group gift at N-Core.  There are six gifts on the bottom floor, five on the second, and even a beautiful midnight mania prize in the hair area.

The silver Jenna hair was sent to the ChiChickie sub-o group yesterday.  This hair is great for a fantasy look.

Speaking of fantasy…  The Amelie skin isn’t free but is a fabulous new release from Skin Within.  The Amelie skins shown are from the fantasy makeup sets and have beautiful facial decor.  Thanks Ayesha!


*SD Wears: Vestige Dress (Sub-o – L$0)
Dubya City ( 20/150/26 )

*N-Core: Heels (Group – L$0)
Heels ( 119/116/26 )

*ChiChickie: Jenna Hair (Sub-o – L$0)
Hairspray 2 ( 41/174/52 )

*Skin Within: Amelie Skins (Not Free)
Skin Within ( 125/129/28 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Pretzel*Poses: poses (L$0 – L$50)
Sicily ( 246/201/22 )



Discord and The Skin Within

I’m not sure if Discord just got a Midnight Mania Board, or if it was there all along and I’ve just never seen it before.. but Discord has a Midnight Mania Board. Woot!

As with all Discord items, the prizes from the board are great, and (it being Discord and all) Midnight Mania normally reaches its target number.

The most recent prize was a cute purple baby doll dress. You can find the Midnight Mania Board in the new items area.

discordlcandmmAnd if you have totally missed the row of lucky chairs.. Discord has those too. I got the first two outfits shown above in the lucky chairs. They’re for guys.. but I love them.

The skin shown above is from Skin Within. Youcan see more behind the cut, but a reminder.. there are nude pics back there. Don’t click if full nudity offends you.

Discord:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Discord/20/21/523

Skin Within:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Skin%20Within/130/130/28

~ Shang

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Jaded? Be My… Happy VD

There is a beautiful red “Be My” gown at Damiani Fashion Design.  This gift includes the ruby heart necklace.  I wasn’t wearing the Damiani Fashion group tag when I picked this dollarbie up so I believe everyone can grab it… either way it’s worth a try!


For all the Evie’s Closet group members, make sure you get the February group gift.  This purple gown is stunning.  This gown will surely be a great addition to your wardrobe.  This group costs L$250 to join.  I’ve been a member since before the charges were applied, but it is well worth the group.  Every month members receive a beautiful gown.


If you’re a member of the Scarlia Inc. subscribe-o-matic, then you may have received this red heart and key necklace.  Be sure to join the sub-o to be eligable for future gifts.


happy-vd-shoesThe Valentine’s day group gift from Lemania Indigo Designs is this gorgous gown with the velvet black top and red satin skirt.  The Happy VD gown also includes a matching scarf and red satin pumps.  This gown should be available for a week.


jaded-shoesFeeling a bit green with envy that all your friends are out of SL dates tonight?  Well, don’t be blue, take off the pink and grab the dollarbie green Jaded gown from Lemania Indigo Designs.   This sequin gown also includes green pumps.


piedi-felici-flora-salmon-shoe-giftThe Salmon colored Flora heels are from Piedi Felici.  Piedi Felici translates into “happy feet”.  Piedi Felici is a new shoe company started by Skin Within.  Updates will be sent through the Skin Within subscribe-o-matic group.  If you are already in the Skin Within sub-o group you may have already gotten these heels.  Check out how perfect these heels match the lucky chair gift at Church of Luxe.  This Venus lingerie set can be worn with the babydoll or with the bra and panties alone.



*Damiani Fashion Design: Be My Gown (L$1)
Damiani ( 146/142/509 )

*Evie’s Closet: February  (Group – L$1)
Oubliette ( 191/190/40 )

*Scarlia Inc.: Heart & Key Necklace (Sub-o – L$0)
Tora 5 ( 76/178/24 )

*Lemania Indigo: Jaded (L$1), Happy VD Gown (Group – L$0)
S Crystal Springs ( 155/158/30 )

*Church of Luxe: Venus Babydoll (Lucky Chair – L$0)
Tableau ( 92/32/22 )

*Skin Within/Piedi Felici: Salmon Flora heels (Sub-o – L$0)
Skin Within ( 130/130/28 )

*Blowpop: Mellie3 Nekkid Skin (L$0)
Fuzzy ( 237/168/36 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (L$0)
MAI ( 125/103/22 )

*Striking Poses: poses (L$0-L$50)
Glenn ( 35/154/28 )



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~TL~ Gives Us a Reason to Celebrate

Tea Lane has set out a pretty dress with a Chinese flair just in time for the Chinese New year. You can pick it up for a mere 1 L$, and the texture on this is beautiful! This dress is so perfect for an evening out,  and I love the little keyhole detail at the neck.

27janThe hair shown with this dress is a dollarbie from Philotic Energy. PE has several dollarbie hairs available in the shop.  Skin is from Skin Within. I have to admit that I did not initially like this skin, but I am so glad I kept it because  it photographs so beautifully. Add Skin Within to your profile picks to be able to select from a number of free gifts. There are also welcome gifts for people new to SL, a mobvend, and a lucky chair.

After you pick up this yummy dress, don’t forget to check out Nooby Doo and Savoir Hair for more great deals, lucky chairs, and camp-for items.

Tea Lane:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Granymyr/246/190/42