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Ready for Dancing?

Paris Metro has a few hunt gifts to find right now.  The black Snow gown includes gloves and scarf.  This gown is the gift in the Christmastime Hunt at Paris Metro.  Find the B is for Bonfire hunt flame at Paris Metro for the black Feather Leather cocktail dress.  The gold Delphine pumps are the newest sub-o gift available for Shiny Things members in store.
World’s End Garden group members can hit the runway in this gorgeous Requiem gown and black La Rose hat.
The green chocolate Lilian dress is a dollarbie at Sinuous Shapes.  The floral cream Le lis blanc du Roi hat is another group gift at World’s End Garden.
The dusty rose SS0911 dress is a gift from Elemiah Design by the sofa.
The long green print 103 dress is L$2 at Quinert for a limited time.  The sapphire Ex-Stripper cocktail ring and necklace are in the lucky board at Ticky Tacky.  As a reminder, the Milla II hair in plum will be the EMO-tions group gift on Saturday.

*Paris Metro: Black Snow Dress (CHTH – L$0), Feather Leather Cocktail Dress (Bonfire – L$0)
Paris Academies ( 25/46/38 )

*World’s End Garden: Requiem (Group – L$0), La Rose Hat(Group – L$0)
Heaven Lake ( 69/120/21 )
*Sinuous Shapes: Green Lilian Dress (L$1)
Celebration ( 206/128/22 )

*Elemiah Design: SS0911 Dress (L$0)
Av Champs Elysees ( 46/188/702 )

*Quinert: 103 Dress (L$2)
Serene ( 92/188/22 )

*Shiny Things: Gold Delphine Pimps (SOM – L$0)
Shiny Falls ( 199/173/37 )

*Ticky Tacky: Ex-Stripper Jewelry Set (Lucky – L$0)
Gaylord ( 201/216/43 )

*EMO-tions: Milla II Hair Coming Saturday!!! (Group – L$0)
HAIR ONLY ( 125/131/23 )

*Exodi: Isolde #18 Skin (Lucky – L$0)
The Warehouse ( 165/170/23 )

*Glitterati: Poses (L$0 – L$50)
Glitterati ( 100/154/21 )



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Cafe Latte!

Sinuous Shapes is closing.  To say thanks to the Fabulously Free in SL group members the green Lilian dress was sent through the notices.  The square long necklace is from the three minute lucky board at Mezzo.

Latte is a new store to SL.  The cute brown Ribbon dress is a gift in the lucky board at Latte.  There is also a light beige knit sweater for Latte update group members.  The sweater comes in a short and long version.  The jewelry tights are a gift in black and brown at Latte.

The adorable Delora hair was sent to the Magika sub-o members in the black & white, blonde, brown, red, and colorful pack.  This hair has a hud option so the strand can be worn in the mouth or not.


*Sinuous Shapes: Green Lilian Dress (FF – L$0)
Celebration ( 189/132/22 )

*Latte: Ribbon Dress (Lucky – L$0)
TheLovers ( 5/176/22 )

*Mezzo: Square Long Necklace (Lucky – L$0)
Baleful ( 62/178/25 )

*MIEL: Ant Flats (Not Free)
Cupcake ( 232/210/37 )

*Magika: Delora Hair (SOM – L$0)
Magika Land ( 129/78/23 )

*Exodi: Isolde Skin (Not Free)
Exodi ( 169/133/29 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



Wrapped in Graffiti

I went to Graffitiwear yesterday and picked up the Pink Heart dress for only L$10.  The dress looks great with the pink flip flops and matching clutch purse was sent to the Hucci sub-o members yesterday.

Also at Graffitiwear, the rusty jean and leather jacket set is in the lucky chair.  I’ve had loads of compliments about the leopard print Lola boots from the Baby Monkey lucky chair.  Every part of the boots has an option to change the color!

The black Bar short sleeve button shirt is L$10 at Hell Bop for a limited time.  This shirt comes with options to wear for men too.  I decided to pair the shirt with the teal color high waist pattern skirt from HYPER CULTURE.  The skirt is the May gift for HYPER CULTURE sub-o members.  The Molly Flats are a group gift at Baby Monkey.  These flats have tons of options for the color.

There are two dollarbie skins at Lulita skins.  The Amanda skin has a very pouty look, don’t you think?

Also, other skins are only L$300 at Lulita skins.  Here’s a look at the Clementine, Eva, and Lourdes L$300 skins.  There are many other makeups to choose from.


*Graffitiwear: Pink Hearts Dress (L$10), Rusty Jeans & Jacket (Lucky – L$0)
Seyanforth ( 34/155/69 )

*Hell Bop: Bar Shirt (L$10)
The Wash ( 92/76/23 )

*HYPER CULTURE: High Waist Pattern Skirt (SOM – L$0)
Chery Beach ( 26/153/23 )

*Baby Monkey: Lola Boots (Lucky – L$0), Molly Flats (Group – L$0)
Dindrane Elfor ( 220/47/46 )

*Hucci: Pink/Gold Flip Flops & Clutch Purse (SOM – L$0)
Luck Inc 2 ( 51/209/22 )

*EMO-tions: Tanja Hair (L$0)
HAIR ONLY ( 125/131/23 )

*Lulita skins: Amanda Skin (L$1)
Celebration ( 190/128/22 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



FK Virtues

Shirt: FK Virtues – FK vs. DMC – subscribe
Pants: FK Virtues – Mens 23 Gray Jeans Capri – subscribe
DeeTalez – brown graffitti wool basecap – gift SAH #164
Sinuous Shapes: Manilla de lana (bracelete) – gift SAH #39
-Flavor! Designs: Locks – Sunburn – gift SAH #57
Shoes: DeeTalez – yellow chuckers – gift SAH #164

Yay! FabFree hit 8K!

and steadily growing (Last I looked the Fabulously Free in SL group was at 8200 members!!!).  Seriously, we just might be the fastest growing group in SL!  The Fabulous designers are talented and so very generous!  Thank you so much for everything!  So… want to see some of the gifties!!!

The FabFree Christmas Gift was sent to the Fabulously Free in SL group from Cilian’gel.  Click on the box and it quickly disappears!  There is a version for the men included as well!  The Fab Free 8000 skin was sent from Heartsick.  There are two different skin tones in Cassie (a lovely darker skin) and Illusion (the skin shown).  Each skin comes with a cleavage option and freckles!  Of course I’m wearing the freckles and cleavage!!!  The Heartsick gift also includes a male shape and a cute little petite female shape!

The Hell Bop “I may be FabFree, but I’m NOT cheap!” shirt is at HellBop for Fabulously Free in SL group members!  This shirt is in black and white and can be found at HellBop!

The green Celtic Mini skirt and plaid boots are from Entropy Designs in the Fabulously Free in SL group notices!

The Fabulous pale green jeans and shirts are from BabyMonkey!  There is a shirt included for each day. I’m showing you the Friday shirt above.  You might just see a new shirt every day!  The FabGreen lace trim pumps are from She’s So Unusual Shoes!

The FabFree giftie from Brickhouse Designs has a shirt for the women and one for the men!  I am showing the shirt for the ladies!  The front of the shirt reads…  lol well you see it!  The shirt spawned a huge discussion within the Fabulously Free in SL group!

From Sinuos Shapes this rust colored mid drift top was sent!  The front says “We Are Fab” and on the back it has “oin-Jay”!  I have to tell you why!  About a week ago, we had speak piglatin day in the Fabulously Free in SL group.  LOL we were all talking in pig-latin… well all, except the Fabulously Free in SL members who were utterly confused!

The pretty blue classy tank was sent to Fabulously Free in SL from RBZ Design.  The Xmas handbag was sent from The Freaky Beaver.

The red Bonsai garden tree were sent to Fabulously Free in SL from JULI’s – *AHD*.  The xmas hat was sent to the Fabulously Free in SL group from K2K.

There are soooo many Fabulously Free in SL gifts to show that we broke it down into dresses, men’s wear, furnature, and casual.


Other Items Shown:

*=ROGE=: Hair (Group – L$0)
JapanSeychellesLand ( 156/106/22 )

*MAI Body Shop: eyes (Group – L$0)
MAI ( 118/122/597 )

*Long Awkward Pose: poses (Not Free)
Festivale ( 89/85/29 )



*ariel and alison*

Who doesn’t love a skin sale…? I know I do… all Ariel and Alison skins at Sinuous Shapes are priced at 10L$/skin!

 Farah for FabFree


on the left the *Ariel* face and on the right the *Alison* face… click here for larger pic

Sinuous Shapes – Ariel & Alison skins – 10L$/ each (different make up styles/ freckles available)



xxx Farah


i love my job! xxx

a threesome again… a sweet adorable dress… a more different look…. and if u love a nice beautiful skin with natural makeup.. keep reading… enjoy ^^ xxx … just a reminder: who doesn’t want to spend the entire day searching for freebies?? I do!! I love my job! xxx


pic 1:

Farah for FabFree

AV Vlodovic – yellow lemon dress – oL (subscribogift)

skg shoes – bengal tiger open toe heels – 1L

other items shown in pics above: hair by maitreya, skin by cupcakes


Farah for FabFree

twee  – folky groupy dress – 1L; gabby glasses shades – 1L 

Lostwood – magical sword necklace – oL (freebie of the day!); star snack – 1L; legwarmers – oL >>> Thank you Sydd Sinister for telling me about this cute shop!! xxx much love ❤

other items shown in pics above: poses by Elisa; bangles and flats by chuculet(1l/each); hair by Tiny Bird, skin by cupcakes.

pic 3:

Farah for FabFree

 sugarcube at fashion mode  – pink house party dress – 1L

sinuous shapes – allessia rielle skins vip frekcles skin – oL (subscribo option 3 in history)

other items shown in pics above: hair by ETD, coquette heels by Kalnins


xxx Farah